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What is Good Engagement Rate?


In 2002, he went back to his roots to work with web development agencies that were developing marketing departments to respond to the need for SEO. Matt was an early internet entrepreneur, creating an online real-state business in 1997. Eventually, he started his own marketing company, SiteLogic in 2006.

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FTC Sends Letter to Search Engines Regarding Paid Ads Versus Natural Search Results

Bill Hartzer

Originally, in 2002, the FTC revised its search engine guidance. After the 2002 Search Engine Letter was issued, search engines embraced the letter’s guidance and distinguished any paid search results or other advertising on their websites. Since then, however, we have observed a decline in compliance with the letter’s guidance.”


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#Selfie Is The Word Of The Year


Oxford found that “selfie” was first used in 2002 on an Australian online forum but gained popularity in 2012 after becoming an integral part of social media platforms like Instagram. One of my very few attempts to take a selfie with my best friend Allie.

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Bruce McIntyre on a mindful approach to #caregiving and #parkinsons. #mindfulsocial

Janet Fouts

He earned a Master of Divinity in 2002 and has led the Caregiver Fundamentals Project in Oklahoma City and served family caregivers as a church, business, and nonprofit leader. Bruce was also recognized as one of the first year’s recipients of the National Visionary Caregiving Award in 2018.

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Approaches To Owning Property

The Realtime Report

Despite being introduced in 2002, this new form of ownership hasn’t taken off the way many anticipated it would. This model has the advantage of giving leaseholders more influence, especially when it comes to shared operating expenditures or lease extensions. Commonhold.

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Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

It started in 2002. I arrived here in 2002, as the debris from the dot com crash was still being cleared away. Do I want to use Twitter to tell the world what Stephen Black ate for lunch or do I want to connect with an audience interested in art and creative writing? The answer is @BookMerah.

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Learning to Say…

Waxing UnLyrical

Based in Maryland with roots in New York, she’s been crafting effective marketing copy as a writer and polishing many forms of prose as an editor since 2002. Shakirah Dawud is the writer and editor behind Deliberate Ink. Clients in many fun sizes, industries, and locations reach her through the Web. You can also connect with her on Twitter.