Social Media Marketing For Health Insurance Industry

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Health Insurance marketing has always been perceived as a challenging subject. The key players in the health insurance industry have been dealing with prominent issues such as consumer trust and category education. At Iffort , we have created a presentation which covers 5 Must Do’s for Health Insurance Players on social media to ensure trust, seek attention and create impact! Social media health insurance health insurance marketing presentation

A Quick Explanation of Mortgage Protection Insurance


Often people get mortgage protection insurance confused with other forms of life insurance. It is important to understand what this type of insurance is, so you will know exactly how you and your family can benefit from it. The reason for having this type of insurance.

How Promotion Affects Engagement for Malaysian Insurance Brands


Insurance agents make a living out of their gift of the gab. The report generator was kind enough to give me a detailed analysis of what the top Insurance Brands in Malaysia were up to on Facebook during the month of July 2016.

Lost A Sock? Betabrand Has You Covered With Facebook-Powered Insurance Program

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The campaign – or “sock insurance” as the brand calls it – is a brilliant way to interact with consumers on Facebook, and a great customer service effort. .

Social Media Insurance: Do These Things Now Before Your Account is Hacked


About the Author: Ann is the social media junkie and blogger for , the free insurance resource. Social Media social media social media hacked social media insuranceEveryone fears being hacked online.

Social Pros 13 – Ryon Harms, Farmers Insurance

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This episode features Ryon Harms , the head of social media for Farmers Insurance. Jay : That is a really interesting point and I think a fantastic segue to bring in our special guest for this week, Mr. Ryon Harms, who’s the Director of Social Media for Farmers Insurance.

Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube | Sherrilynne Starkie

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Insurance, intellectual property, and more social media concerns


Insurance, intellectual property, and more social media concerns. Get a primer on three critical things that may need updating in your association: insurance coverages, terms of service, and electronic record keeping. We’re very pleased to announce our next SocialFish Think Tank webinar, presented by us SocialFish along with Leslie White , our awesome risk manager. This FREE webinar will take place on Wednesday June 29 at 2 pm ET.

Do You Have the Right Insurance for Your Social Media Activities?


The webinar offered good information but the insurance section was a little weak… so here are my thoughts. Back in June 2010 I wrote a post, Social Media, Liability and Insurance , offering a “quick and dirty” explanation of the social media insurance coverages needed by associations.

Quick tips on insurance coverage for social media


Insurance Coverage for Social Media. Does your association have the appropriate insurance coverages in place for you and your members interacting through social media? If you’re not sure, it’s time to have a conversation with the person responsible for your association’s insurance program. Your association already has insurance. Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance policies may include personal injury and/or publishers liability coverages.

Progressive Insurance PR Debacle – Why You Need a Social Audit

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Progressive Insurance found out this week why every company should do a social audit. When Kaitlynn Fisher died in a car accident in 2010 she had a policy with Progressive to protect her in case of an accident with an under insured driver.

Content Marketing for Regulated, Boring and Unsexy Industries

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It's even more challenging if your business is in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, financial, insurance or government. Insurance agents. Creating content that inspires, connects and converts is not an easy task.

Stop Listening to Social Media Gurus and Build Your Own Digital and Social Marketing Plan

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How much time have you spent the past 12 months watching videos, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, attending webinars, participating at live in person industry events with a goal of hoping to learn the path to success in the online world?

How to Create Exciting Social and Digital Content for Unsexy, Boring and Regulated Industries

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It's even more challenging if your business is in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, financial, insurance or government. Insurance agents. Creating content that inspires, connects and converts is not an easy task.

3 Reasons Your Boss Didn’t Approve Your Social Media Budget and Plan

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Ever feel as if your boss, c-suite and colleagues just don't “get it?” ” Do you have what you think is an amazing social media or digital marketing plan? However, you just can't seem to get the budget approval nor the buy-in you need to be successful?

Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media is Not Working in 2018 and How to Fix it

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Are you doing everything the “experts” tell you to do but still are not seeing measurable business results with your online marketing, social media and digital marketing efforts? Don't be too hard on yourself. There are many other business leaders who feel the same way.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved plus the C-Suite and Stakeholders on Board with Your Plan

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I got another note this week from a social marketing manager that was recently fired from their job for not delivering to expectations. Here’s the thing…. This person is GOOD. Like really good!

Social Media Report Card - Cigna


Social media is a great way for insurance providers to reach their prospective customers. Since insurance is a recurring investment, social media aids in consistent persuasion. Still skeptical about insurance brands being on social media?

Report 115

23 Tips to Build a Brand that is a Sweet Orange in a World of Bitter Apples

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How do you build a brand that is a sweet orange in an online social world of bitter apples? How do the brands that leave lasting imprints in your head do it? Why is that jingle you hear one time on the radio or TV in the morning stuck in your head all day?

Financial Services: How Securian’s Content-Centric Social Media Strategy Paid Off

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Social Media Case Studies financial services insurance Securian YoutubeA recent campaign by Securian Financial Group illustrates how social media can be a great tool for the financial services industry.

Salorix Launches AI-Powered Predictive Influencer Marketing And Social Media Management Platform

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To date, the company has defined the taxonomy for two industry verticals: automotive and insurance. The Fortune Global 100 companies are mentioned 5.6 million times a month , and that’s just on Twitter.

Esurance Tempts Super Bowl Fans With $1.5 Million Twitter Sweepstakes

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Social Media Campaigns Esurance insurance Super Bowl Super Bowl advertising Twitter contest Twitter sweepstakes Esurance found one way to get fans tweeting about their company — just offer them the chance to win $1.5 million.

3 Innovative Ways Healthcare B2B Companies Use Twitter in 2018


The B2B healthcare industry is going through a transformation in the way healthcare providers, insurers, and life science companies carry on their online communications.

B2B 116

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands. And The End Of Sucky Service

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This is great if you just want to hit a button to make your regular order, but this is terrifying if Chili''s shares this information (say with the insurance companies). Sure, it''s great to order your Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich and cold beer at the touch of a button, but it may be sad to watch your insurance premiums go up when that information is shared, and your insurer knows - down to the pint - how much you love the ale. insurance. insurance premiums.

Video: The Internet of You!

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Related posts: Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube. Finally, a video that reveals the power of social media and why it’s changing us all! Measuring influence online. What the hell is social media? PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Related articles.

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Micro Targeting your Online Media

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Let’s say you’re an auto insurance company. You want to target micro-segments where people think about buying auto insurance. We know that people buy auto insurance when they buy a car. But where else can we find people who intend to purchase insurance?

[NEW ICF Whitepaper] Are You Game? The Future of Consumer Engagement in Healthcare


What does all of this mean for healthcare insurers? Due to recent reform regulation, insurance companies must increasingly compete for the end-consumer’s business. Insurers must engage and retain these customers in innovative ways to remain competitive.

Top Twitter trends for 2011

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Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube. This infographic describes the top trends on Twitter last year. It’s a snapshot of popular and youth culture.

Trends 324

Top 10 Gandhi Jayanti Social Media Posts


IndiaFirst Life Insurance. India pays tribute to the father of the nation on the day of his birth, October 2nd. In recent times, brands have used events like this as an opportunity to showcase their views and thoughts on the occasion.

The Best and also the Worse Nursing-Home Alternatives in County, California

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A central justification by supporters of national flood insurance was it would facilitate the necessity to pass exclusive assistance laws after every flood catastrophe. These days, however, numerous experts consider flooding insurance may be privatized. Twentyone expired within the molasses flood in addition to a few horses and puppies captured within the streets.

Can Your Social Media Posts Negatively Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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It’s insurance that a company has that pays an employee wages if that employee gets injured on the job. But it’s important to keep in mind that the insurance company paying your claim and its lawyers are always on the lookout for workers compensation fraud, where an employee lies about how an injury occurred or the severity of their injury to collect a check without working. Social media connects more and more people every day.

Social Media as an Investigative Tool


Secura Insurance Companies is recruiting for a Social Media Claims Investigation Intern, whose basic responsibilities include: Utilize various social sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace to gather information for potential claims cases.

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The Truth About Content

Small Business Mavericks

For instance, let’s say you run an insurance company. Instead of producing boring, lame content about your insurance products and services and how useful they are (we all already understand the value of insurance), why not produce content that will be helpful to people who buy insurance (which is almost everyone)? Here are some types of content that an insurance company could produce that would be helpful: Highway driving safety tips.

Google Home Services Concierge: The Newest Experiment


They’re telling you that the concierge can connect you to a “trusted and experienced” plumber who is “background-checked & insured” – implying that the other plumbers you’ll find might not be. Another day, another weird experiment from Google.

Google 173

Obamacare And Social Media: 5 Must-Reads


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) health insurance exchanges have opened and social media is being used to both promote and debate the new law.

Building an SMB Cybersecurity Strategy From Scratch

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Get Cyber Coverage – SMBs need insurance to protect against common forms of risk. Working with cyber liability insurance carriers insulates SMBs from the financial consequences of an attack or incident. Asses cyber insurance coverage limits in the light of new threats.

Somebody that I used to know

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Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube. Chances are you’ve heard Gotye ‘s song a time or two. You might be aware of the hundreds of amateur covers that have sprung up on YouTube. Songwriter Gotye knows about them too.

Remix 354

[NEW ICF WHITE PAPER] The Three “E’s” of Healthcare Consumerism


This white paper delves into these critical success factors and gives providers, insurers, and life sciences companies a framework for evaluating and adjusting to an increasingly consumer-centric business model.

Self-care is not selfish. Tell a friend!

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Less than 8% of families have purchased long-term health care insurance, so many families are footing the expenses out of their own pockets. What do you think the term “caregiver” means? I’m learning that it means something different to everyone.

On the ROI of #compassion in the workplace. #MindfulSocial with Lisa Murfield

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Prior to joining the firm, Lisa provided organizations with human resource leadership in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, health care, insurance and a non-profit organization.

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Hot Association Marketing Jobs This Week – December 22


Vice President, Marketing , National Association of Federal Credit Unions – NAFCU is the leading trade association for America’s federally-insured credit unions. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board !

Interesting Marketing Trends of Small Businesses [Infographic]

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Bolt Insurance Agency compiled an interesting infographic that compiles research and data from Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, e-Dialog, ExactTarget, and the U.S. View the Small Business, Big Impact marketing infographic below: Via: Bolt Insurance.

What Professional Photographers Need to Know

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Invest in Business Insurance. Even if you’re just starting out with your photography career, you should be looking at business insurance for photographers. Having general liability insurance will cover any damages if your photography business is found liable for injury on your premises.