Facebook Develops New AI That Can Predict Future Process Steps, and Help Guide Activity

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The new process could have a wide range of applications, boosting Facebook's broader push into smart tech

YouTube Provides Insight on Updated Verification Process for Creators

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YouTube has provided an update on its process for channel verification


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Twitter Announces Broader Roll-Out of New Spaces Tab, Adds New Spaces Invite process

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The new tab, coming to all English-language users, is a significant step in boosting Spaces discovery

Twitter Outlines Changes to Image Posting Process, and Addressing Algorithmic Bias in Visual Previews

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Twitter has provided some new insight into how it changed its image display process in order to address concerns around bias

Twitter Hits Another Hiccup with Public Requests for Verification, Pauses Roll-Out of New Process

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Twitter's verification process remains problematic - but the question is, does it really matter for most users

Conflict Resolution Process Made Easy

The Realtime Report

Conflict Resolution Process Made Easy. How the Mediation Process Works? Create an Account – The first step in the mediation process is to register for an account with Purchase Guard. The dispute resolution process officially starts now.

Facebook Adds New Messaging Element into its Login with Facebook Process, Enhancing Audience Connection

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Facebook has added a new element into its login with Facebook process that will enable additional connection via messaging

Facebook Updates its Automated Alt Text Process to Identify More Objects Within Posted Images

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a significant update to its Automatic Alt Text process for posted images

Twitter Updates Tweet Creation Process in Ads Manager

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Twitter has updated the composer element of its Ads Manager, making it easier to see what your promoted tweets will look like before you launch your campaign

Pinterest Launches New Overview of its Ad Process to Help Simplify Paid Promotions

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Pinterest has published a new overview of its ad creation process to help brands maximize their Pin promotions

Snapchat Launches New, Streamlined Ad Creation Process

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Snapchat has launched a new, simplified ad creation process, making it easier to create quick Snap campaigns

Pinterest Launches new 'Dynamic Creative' Automated Ad Targeting and Creation Process

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Pinterest is launching a new, automated ad creation process, which will enable advertisers to better target the right audiences. But there could be a catch

Pinterest Provides New Overview of its Evolving Scam Detection and Deactivation Processes

Social Media Today

Pinterest has provided a new overview of its evolving spam and scam detection and deactivation processes

Twitter Reverts to Traditional Retweet Process After Switching it Up for the US Election

Social Media Today

Twitter will revert back to its regular retweet process after implementing a change in the lead-up to the US election

Google's Working on a New Process Which Would Convert Static Website Assets into Video Content

Social Media Today

Google is working on a new process that would build video content from your static website visuals and text

Twitter Tests New Sensitive Content Appeals Process as it Continues to Refine its Detection Efforts

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The option will ideally enable Twitter to continue refining its detection algorithms, while also catering for false positives

Facebook Outlines its Ad Review Process to Provide More Transparency on its System

Social Media Today

Facebook has provided an overview of how its ad review system works, providing more context for brands

System 169

Apple and Google Release Updated Details on COVID-19 Tracing Process

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Google and Apple have released a new FAQ on their coming COVID-19 tracing tool, which aims to help control future outbreaks by tracing potential infections

Credit Card Processing Assistance


Every business needs help managing its credit card processing and payment solutions. This means that every business must have some kind of credit card processing system that allows their customers to quickly make payments for all of their purchases. Don’t Forget About Online Processing. For many companies, only the brick and mortar store needs a credit card terminal or processing system. a trusted provider of credit card processing solutions for businesses.

YouTube Will Now Enable Creators to Add Midrolls, End Screens and Captions While Their Video is Processing

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YouTube will now enable creators to place add-on features while their video is processing, which could be a big time saver

Google Adds Streamlined YouTube Ad Creation Process, New Advice Tools for SMBs

Social Media Today

The new resources and options provide more ways for SMBs to maximize their digital advertising opportunities

Instagram Tests New Processes to Limit Potentially Offensive Comments

Social Media Today

Instagram is adding some new, automated warning prompts to deter people from posting potentially offensive remarks

YouTube Adds New Tools to Detect Copyright Violations and Block Them Within the Upload Process

Social Media Today

YouTube is adding a new option that will enable creators to block uploads of content that they've previously claimed on copyright grounds

Facebook Launches New Video Interview Series to Share More Insight into its Product Development Process

Social Media Today

Facebook has launched a new video series that will provide more insight into its product development process, along with coming features

What is Csrss.exe? Is It A Legit Process


Your Windows 10 operating system runs several processes, some of which are absolutely critical for the overall functionality of your PC, and it’s better not to disable or remove them. But, what if malware mimics one such process and enters your PC? Is It A Legitimate Process?

LinkedIn Launches Spotify Playlists for Career Development Processes

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LinkedIn has launched a new series of Spotify playlists to soundtrack your professional development

Purchase Guard: Conflict Resolution Process Made Easy

The Realtime Report

Purchase Guard: Conflict Resolution Process Made Easy. How the Mediation Process Works? Create an Account – The first step in the mediation process is to register for an account with Purchase Guard. The dispute resolution process officially starts now.

How to Create a Process That People Love to Follow

agora pulse

Are you using a process that works? Here’s a look at why you need a process, the benefits, and how to create a process everyone on your team will love. If you follow a process every time you schedule a tweet or publish a post on Facebook you will: Get the task done quicker.

LinkedIn Adds New 'Skills Path' Process to Facilitate Opportunities in Recruitment

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has added a new recruitment and training option called 'Skills Path' which enables employers to better qualify potential candidates

Shopify Expands its 'Shop Pay' In-Stream Payment Process to Facebook and Instagram Shops

Social Media Today

Facebook is adding Shopify Pay as a new payment option within Facebook and Instagram Shops

3 Tactics to Improve Your Social Media Process

Ignite Social Media

By expanding your own knowledge in the social media arena and working together with your co-workers, you can ensure that your brand’s social media processes will improve. So, here are three things that you can start implementing right away to enhance your social media process. If you’d like to learn about other ways to enhance and optimize your social media process reach out and let us know how we can help!

Twitter Is Looking to Re-Open its Account Verification Process, Seeks Feedback on New Guidelines

Social Media Today

Twitter says that it's looking to re-open account verification, but it's looking for community input into what its new guidelines should be

Facebook Releases Details of its New, Human-Like, Conversational Chatbot Process

Social Media Today

Facebook has outlined its advanced in conversational chatbots via its new Blender process

Twitter Outlines Advanced Processes to Protect Conversation Around Coronavirus

Social Media Today

Twitter has provided an update on the measures its taking to ensure its users are receiving accurate information about the spread of coronavirus

Instagram Looks to Crackdown on Bots with New Review and ID Process

Social Media Today

Instagram will now ask account owners to confirm their information when it detects potential bot activity in connection with their profile

Facebook Outlines New, Machine Learning Process to Improve the Accuracy of Community Standards Enforcement

Social Media Today

Facebook has rolled out a new system to help better identify community standards violations, which should improve the accuracy of its enforcement efforts

LinkedIn Outlines New Process to Detect and Hide Inappropriate InMail Messages

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has built a new system to detect harassment and unwanted advanced via its messaging platform

Snapchat Shares New Research into the Evolving Use of AR in the Product Discovery and Purchase Process

Social Media Today

Snapchat has shared some new insights into the rising adoption of AR tools in the eCommerce discovery and purchase process

LinkedIn Adds New Analytics Tools for Company Pages, New Process to Limit Page Follow Invites

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has rolled out a range of new tweaks, including new Follower analytics for company pages, a new audio option for pronunciation on user profiles, and a new limit on company page invites

How to Create a Brand Community: A Step-by-Step Process

Social Media Strategies Summit

Maybe it is an ongoing process and an infinite loop. In this section, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to create a brand community. Follow this process to create a successful community of loyal customers for your brand.