Facebook Launches 'Facebook Business Suite', an All-in-One Management Tool for Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook has launched a new platform to help small businesses manage their Facebook and Instagram presences from one app

The Future of Facebook: Three Trends Worth Watching

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A few recent announcements across the social media landscape recently led me to theorize the future direction that Facebook may take. Merging of Instagram Messages and Facebook Messenger. Earlier this month , Facebook began to integrate Messenger into Instagram chats.

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Facebook is Letting Some Users View Instagram Stories on Facebook

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Facebook has launched a new test which enables some users view Instagram Stories on Facebook

Facebook Launches 'Facebook Campus' to Facilitate Connection Among College Students

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Facebook has launched a new, dedicated space for college students called 'Facebook Campus'

Facebook Pixel Events: An Introduction

Jon Loomer

The Facebook pixel allows advertisers to better track, optimize, and target. To make the most of the pixel, you need to utilize Facebook pixel events on your website. This post is your introduction to Facebook pixel events. First: The Base Facebook Pixel Code.

Facebook Advertising 101: Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Getting Started

Pam Moore

SocialZoomFactor · Facebook Advertising 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting any Paid Social Media Ad. When done right, Facebook advertising can be one of the best paid media options available to businesses of all sizes today. You get confused when you logon to Facebook ad manager.

How to Cut Costs on Facebook by Exiting the “Learning Phase”

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With Twitter banning political ads and Google restricting them, a large share of digital political ad dollars will go to Facebook (source: eMarketer, January 2020). This increase in ad spend will likely result in an uptick in costs for those advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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Facebook relevance metrics are changing

Sherrilynne Starkie

If one thing is true of Facebook marketing, it’s that change is constant. Facebook is updating how it measures ad relevance, for example. Facebook is replacing this value score with three new relevance metrics. When used together, these new ad diagnostics will help businesses understand how to adjust Facebook ads to improve performance continually. Facebook’s Ad Manager provides an indication of an ad’s potential reach prior to rollout.

Is Facebook advertising worth it?

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Is Facebook advertising worth it? The numbers speak for themselves: about 3 million businesses are spending more than $30 billion on Facebook ads each year. Facebook ads are radically different from mainstream media and other digital platform ads. And they do this across multiple platforms and devices using their Facebook profile as the unifier. Facebook offers the opportunity to serve the most relevant ad to each user.

The Importance of the Facebook Pixel

Jon Loomer

The Facebook pixel isn’t new. And yet, I still hear from advertisers, publishers, and businesses who aren’t currently using the Facebook pixel — or aren’t using it to its full potential. Is the Facebook pixel needed? Again, thanks to the Facebook pixel.

5 Quick Steps to Remove Facebook Reviews

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Has your Facebook Page been the subject of unjustified reviews by former employees or competitors? Learn how to remove Facebook reviews from your Page with these 5 quick steps. The post 5 Quick Steps to Remove Facebook Reviews appeared first on Harp Interactive Blog.

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Facebook Announces 'Shops' for Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook has announced new 'Shop' sections, for both Facebook and Instagram, which will enable businesses to sell products direct from their profiles

Facebook Publishes New Guide for Video Creators

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Facebook has published a new guide for video creators, which includes a range of notes on how to engage your online community and maximize video response

Facebook Custom Conversions: The Ultimate Guide

Jon Loomer

You have the Facebook pixel. Do you know how to use Facebook Custom Conversions? The options that appear under Standard Events will rely on the events Facebook finds on your website. Personally, I have doubts about Facebook doing this automatically.

Where Is My Base Facebook Pixel Code?

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Facebook made a big update to Events Manager recently, and it’s resulted in plenty of confusion. Go here for the Facebook Pixel Event Generator. Learn the Facebook Pixel Basics. Register For Facebook Pixel Basics. Facebook Pixel Basics.

10 Power Tips to Create Facebook Content that Owns the News Feed Like a BOSS

Pam Moore

Facebook recently announced big changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm that impacts publishers, brands, celebrities and just about any business or human being who wants to conduct any type of business utilizing Facebook. Facebook wants your content to do more than just inspire and appease your audience. Marketers should not throw in the towel for Facebook marketing. If you built your business on rented Facebook land, shame on you.

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Facebook Website Custom Audiences: A Definitive Guide for Remarketing

Jon Loomer

The power of Facebook ads is found within the targeting. And targeting those who are closest to your business using Facebook website custom audiences is one of the best and most effective ways to do it. Those who have the most success with Facebook ads have mastered remarketing.

How to Share a Facebook Advertising Audience or Pixel

Jon Loomer

If you are a consultant, work for an agency, or ever need to advertise for others — or are a company working with someone who manages your Facebook ads — you may need to share a Facebook pixel or advertising audience. Learn More About the Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Outlines Coming Mental Health Support Tools

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With the impacts of COVID-19 wearing on many people, Facebook has outlined a range of new mental health resources that it's developing for its apps

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How to Unlock New Opportunities with Facebook Groups Using the Branded Content Tool

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Over 1 billion people use Facebook Groups, engaging in more personal or niche communities related to their interests. As Groups continue to grow, Facebook looks to identify ways in which brands can tap into these passionate communities to further drive advocacy and business goals.

Facebook’s fake news battle in Canada

Sherrilynne Starkie

Facebook Canada has launched a new fact-checking program aimed at helping combat fake news from spreading. . The initiative is a collaboration with Agence France-Presse (AFP) whose Canada-based fact-checkers will review news stories on Facebook in English and French and rate their accuracy.

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Create Facebook Pixel Events for Time Spent

Jon Loomer

In this post, I’m going to walk through how to create a custom Facebook pixel event based on time spent on your website (all pages or a section of your website). I’ll go through even more detail in my upcoming Facebook Pixel Masterclass (the first lesson is free).

How to Run Your First Facebook Live


Facebook Live is an interactive and fun way to increase engagement while speaking directly to your community — it’s a win-win for brands and audiences alike. In this guide, we’re covering everything from how to use Facebook Live on mobile and desktop, to how to create killer content for your audience. Table of Contents: Why Use Facebook Live for Business. How to Use Facebook Live for Business: A Step-by-step Guide. How to Repurpose Facebook Live Videos.

Facebook Adds New Organic Post Testing Option to Creator Studio

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Facebook is rolling out a new testing option for organic video uploads, in order to help Pages maximize video performance

Facebook 2018 News Feed Changes 101: What You Need to Know For Your Business

Pam Moore

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or too busy to do the double click, you likely know by now that Facebook recently announced some big changes to their news feed algorithm. These changes impact every business, brand and publisher using Facebook for business purposes. It is imperative you take the time to understand these changes if you plan to do any business marketing on Facebook in 2018. I also recently hosted a Facebook in 2018 webinar that goes even deeper.

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Facebook offers translation for Canadian Indigenous language

Sherrilynne Starkie

In 1993 the territory of Nunavut was established in Canada, and as part of the 2018 Nunavut Day celebrations, Facebook announced that it is opening Inuktut for translation so that the community can help translate Facebook into their language. . Done in partnership with Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) and Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit (IUT), now Inuktut speakers can use the Translate Facebook app to offer a proposed translation for the strings of words and phrases.

Facebook Ad Objectives

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Facebook offers several ad objectives to drive campaign performance. Within ads manager, Facebook requires advertisers to select an advertising objective. With traffic as your objective, you can create ads that send people to a destination on or off the Facebook platform. Facebook has shared research that clicks don’t necessarily lead to sales, including information about how “clicky” users are more expensive to target.

Facebook Marketing Webinar: Change the Way You Think About Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Pam Moore

Tired of spinning your social wheels trying to market your business on Facebook? This is a special Facebook live webinar event packed with actionable tips and strategies you can implement immediately. Free Facebook Training Webinar – Here is What you will learn: . 6 foundational pillars for success for Facebook marketing for business. How to use the latest Facebook features such as instant Messenger to increase customer happiness and sales.

The Power of Facebook Marketing in 2018 is Real. Are you Ready?

Pam Moore

Is your Facebook marketing strategy and business Page ready for 2018? billion monthly active users that Facebook proudly supports. residents use Facebook several times a day? On average, users access Facebook eight times per day. The power of Facebook for businesses big and small in 2018 is real. Register for my free webinar “Facebook Marketing in 2018: How to Conduct a 10-Point Facebook Page Audit” to ensure you are ready to stomp your competition!

Facebook Groups for Business in a Nutshell

Pam Moore

Facebook Groups provide a unique opportunity for brands of all sizes to build community, increase brand awareness, generate leads and even increase sales of products or services. You may be a member of a neighborhood or personal Facebook Group. Have you ever thought about how you can tap into the power of Facebook Groups to grow your business? Or maybe you have a Facebook business Group but it's not delivering any value for your business. When to use a Facebook Group.

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Don’t Listen to the Facebook Fear Mongers – What You Need to Know on Newsfeed Changes 2018 Webinar

Pam Moore

Do not get freaked out over the fear mongering “Facebook for business is doomed” posts! Yes, Facebook is making more changes to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm. I am hosting a free Facebook in 2018 Webinar training that will provide you in simple english what you need to know about marketing your business on Facebook in 2018 plus the details of the latest announcement from Facebook. This is the same trajectory Facebook has been on for years.

How to Use the Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool

Jon Loomer

Any business serious about conversion tracking and optimization needs the Facebook pixel installed on their website. That changes with the Facebook pixel Event Setup Tool. Learn more about how to master the Facebook pixel in my Facebook Pixel Masterclass video series.

Zuck’s facts about Facebook

Sherrilynne Starkie

Last week, the Wall Street Journal , arguably one of the highest profile news organizations in the world, published an article by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and not before time! After almost a year of bad press, multiple scandals and falling share prices, it’s well past time for a Facebook ‘Mea Culpa’. His Facebook Facts. And, he explains that the best way to achieve this is to give away Facebook for free to users while selling ads to fund it.

Facebook Provides Tips on How to Optimize Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

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Facebook has shared some new tips on how to make best use of Facebook Live as part of its internal experts video series

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How to Create Facebook Pixel Events and Parameters Manually

Jon Loomer

Facebook pixel events are critical for conversion tracking, optimization, and retargeting. If you don’t use the Initiate Checkout event, you can’t provide a value unless Facebook reads it from the page. Facebook may very well fix these issues.

Facebook Improves Ad Transparency

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Facebook will soon allow users to see more information in the “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” The update includes showing users whether they are part of a custom audience, and if so, who uploaded their data to Facebook to create the custom audience. Facebook Ad Transparency. It’s critical to make sure that any lists uploaded to Facebook are in accordance with the terms & conditions that the user agreed to. Facebook Custom Audience Updates.

Seven Ways To Use Facebook To Stay Connected During Times Of Crisis

SocMed Sean

Seven Ways To Use Facebook To Stay Connected During Times Of Crisis. Have you lost control of your Facebook account and need to contact their customer support? Here are tips on getting Facebook support to pay attention to your request. Seven Ways To Use Facebook To Stay Connected During Times Of Crisis. SocMedSean - Social.Media.Sean. Sean R. Nicholson.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads: Increase Engagement NOW

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If you’re looking to rapidly increase your Facebook ad engagement, it might be time to start looking into Facebook Instant Experience Ads for your brand. Paid Advertising Facebook facebook ads

Facebook Updates in Lieu of F8 2020

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Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, was supposed to be held next week but was canceled several months ago due to COVID-19. In place of Facebook’s biggest annual event, Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders will be doing a series of updates throughout the year. Facebook and COVID-19. The first part of Zuckerberg’s F8 video focused on what Facebook has been doing throughout COVID-19 to help people stay connected during this time period.

Facebook Launches New Education Stream for Community Managers

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Facebook has launched a new, free education stream focused on effective community management

Strategy Note: Facebook F8 2019

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This week, Facebook held its annual developers conference to announce the road map for their suite of products and platforms. The focus of the F8 announcements supported this statement and how Facebook is building a more privacy-focused social platform. Additionally, Facebook is rebuilding their infrastructure to support their privacy vision. You may have already noticed that your Facebook app looks different. Many of Facebook’s products are powered by AI.

Facebook Post Updates Coming Mid August

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Beginning August 19, your Facebook News Feed will look a little different. As a follow up to their announcements at F8 earlier this year, Facebook is making moves to give users a new design that’s “simpler, faster, more immersive and puts your communities at the center.” from Facebook )?. The post Facebook Post Updates Coming Mid August appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency.

Facebook Tests New Format for Separate Facebook Stories Discovery Page

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Facebook is testing out a new format for its Stories discovery page, which uses larger panels for selected stories