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What Should We Expect from the New MySpace?


Until 2008, MySpace was with its 76 million monthly unique users the most popular social network in the world and a pioneer of its kind. In short, as Facebook started to dominate the social media sphere, Myspace was quickly forgotten. In short, as Facebook started to dominate the social media sphere, Myspace was quickly forgotten.

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Myspace Integrates Facebook


Tweet Until now, the integration between Myspace and Facebook has been limited. Myspace has got a brand new design and now enables their users to Connect with Facebook to transfer likes and interests. You will be able to sync your Myspace account with Twitter and Youtube besides Facebook, so that your updates will automatically sync.

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Wait, Facebook is MySpace?

Janet Fouts

On Twitter today Myspace is trending, not because it’s about Myspace but because people are suggesting Facebook is doomed to the same fate as Myspace. That’s even more true in a social network whose users are often less web savvy and thrown by major UI changes as well as concerned about privacy issues.

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MySpace: The OSINT Left Behind For Collection

Forbes Social Media

MySpace is sometimes referred to as the "Forgotten Social Network." Users abandoning it in favor of other platforms does not mean that it is immune to information gathering. This article is a survey of what could be found.

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The Case For Myspace

Twist Image

In the end, the buying and selling of Myspace will be a positive business move for News Corp. In June 2006, Myspace became the most popular online social networking site in the United States. Did Facebook's success and the changing landscape of Myspace make it an undesirable business moving forward for News Corp.?

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Forget Facebook and MySpace – Wall Street Journal Shares Your Information Too

Stay N' Alive

Next, they created, then deleted, then re-created a MySpace story about the same thing that MySpace is doing for their users. Facebook and MySpace also do this in various capacities, also optional (gender is required on Facebook though). So how is this different than Facebook and MySpace? Information volunteered by you.

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How I Network on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn Â?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The Irony: MySpace Okay, so in my previous paragraph, I mention that you should be an early adopter of social networks. However, I joined MySpace in 2006 to network with individuals who refused to use Facebook and to return to my liberal ways of accepting a lot more friend requests than I normally would. > click.

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