How To Use Video For Virtual Event Marketing

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The post How To Use Video For Virtual Event Marketing appeared first on The Social Media Hat. Virtual Event Strategist Podcast Virtual Events Live Video Video Virtual Event Marketing Virtual Event Plan Virtual Event Strategy

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Video Content Marketing 

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You’re probably here because you’re looking for ways to spice up your brand with the best video content, right? A well-made commercial, promotional, or social media video can help reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. Tips for Creating Successful Video Content.

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Twitter Leans into Emerging Video Trends with New Video Showcase Elements

Social Media Today

Twitter's not going 'full TikTok' like Meta, but it is trying to lean into the latest video consumption trends

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Instagram Confirms that Videos Under 60 Seconds in Stories will No Longer Be Split into Segments

Social Media Today

Instagram continues to merge its video options

Video 169

Tips for Posting TikTok Videos to Your Instagram Account

SocMed Sean

Having trouble sharing your TikTok videos to Instagram? The post Tips for Posting TikTok Videos to Your Instagram Account appeared first on SocMedSean - Social Media Sean. Here are a few tips detailing how to do it and how to overcome some common issues.

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6 Easy Canva Video Ideas to Catch Attention (+ Templates)

Socially Sorted

Looking for easy Canva video ideas that stop the scroll and catch attention? In this post, I share 5 Canva video ideas that are super easy to edit for your industry and audience. Video is everywhere and we are constantly being expected to create video for social media.

YouTube Adds New Vertical Video Conversion Elements as it Leans into Short Form Video

Social Media Today

With short form video on the rise, YouTube's looking to incoorporate more options to align with the viewing shift

A TikTok Overview of Liked Videos and How They Work

SocMed Sean

Here are some tips to help you find your likes, evaluate the popularity of other TikTok videos, and learn a little more about how to add or a remove a like from a video. The post A TikTok Overview of Liked Videos and How They Work appeared first on SocMedSean - Social Media Sean.

8 Downright Awesome Reasons to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Harp Interactive

Categories: Video Marketing Tags: video marketing , visual marketing Marketers have clearly acknowledged that visual marketing is all the rage! Video Marketing video marketing visual marketingVisuals are key to capturing attention online. Just take a quick scroll through your social media sites and judge the balance of images to text. Pretty image heavy, right?) But what happens when you add even more dimensions to your marketing materials?

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Meta Publishes New Video Planning Guide for Marketers

Social Media Today

The 31-page guide provides a range of helpful insights and notes on how to maximize your Facebook video strategy

The Evolution of the Tasty Video

Ignite Social Media

Within the last year, you may have noticed an explosion of recipe videos appearing on your Facebook News Feed. The short, simple videos that we drool over on a daily basis started with Tasty , a production of BuzzFeed Video. With 64 million page likes and counting, Tasty sees consistently high levels of engagement on each one of its videos, which are viewed millions of times and boast thousands of comments. Are you a fan of the Tasty video phenomenon?

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Instagram Expands Video Remix Option to All Videos, Not Just Reels Clips

Social Media Today

The expansion will provide much more capacity for creative responses to Instagram video clips

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TikTok Shares Marketing Tips and Advice in New Video Overview

Social Media Today

This new video explainer, hosted by Francis Bourgeois, will help Looking to get a better handle on TikTok?

WhatsApp Launches ‘Call Links’ to Better Facilitate Group Audio and Video Chats

Social Media Today

The option will make it easier to invite people into your group audio and video calls on WhatsApp

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Meta Provides New Insights Into How its Video Distribution Algorithms Work

Social Media Today

If you're posting videos to Facebook or Instagram, you need to read this

Meta is Depreciating its Video 'Premieres' Option on Facebook

Social Media Today

Premieres enabled users to broadcast pre-recorded videos in a similar presentation format to Live

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Instagram Will Now Feed All Video Uploads into Reels, Adds New Creative Tools for Reels Content

Social Media Today

All Reels, all video, everywhere

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Video Content Tips for Facebook

The Realtime Report

Video Content Tips for Facebook. One of the most engaging forms of content on social media is the video clip. With how potentially lucrative video content on Facebook is, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are trying to get in on the act.

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5 Fun Short Video Tools to Help You Dive into Video

Socially Sorted

It's a great time to be searching for short video tools (or that latest short video app). The post 5 Fun Short Video Tools to Help You Dive into Video appeared first on Socially Sorted. Social Video Tools Visual Content video Visual Marketing

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How to Use Pinterest Video – Create Video Pins Now!

Socially Sorted

Want to create Pinterest Video? Yes, you can upload video pins directly to Pinterest so that they catch attention on the Pinterest feed. The post How to Use Pinterest Video – Create Video Pins Now! Pinterest Social Media Strategy Social Video Visual Content video Video MarketingThis post will get you started. In this post, I’ll share what you should create and how to share them. Girl eating popsicle by. // Read More.

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5 Cool Video Effects to Create Engaging Video

Socially Sorted

Ready to take your videos from. // Read More. The post 5 Cool Video Effects to Create Engaging Video appeared first on Socially Sorted. Social Media Strategy Social Video Visual Content video Video Editing Video Marketing

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Five steps to viral video success

Sherrilynne Starkie

Want your video to go viral, but not sure how? Make it like this… Related posts: Video: the Internet of you! Viral Videos. Viral videos inspired most popular Halloween costumes. Looking Deeper at Viral Videos. Featured Headline Marketing YouTube Content marketing preflight Viral video Virgin America Follow these five easy steps: 1. Make it entertaining. Make it informative. Make it funny. Make it useful.

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Reddit Tests New TikTok-Like Video Feed as it Looks to Expand its Video Options

Social Media Today

Reddit's looking for more ways to capitalize on the rise in video consumption in the app

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Beginner Video Editing for Non-Designers (Make Pro-Quality Videos)

Socially Sorted

Want some tips for beginner video editing for social video? In this post, we share the main challenges for beginners when it comes to video editing for social media, and how to use simple hacks and strategies to edit videos like a pro – even if you are a non-designer. // Read More. The post Beginner Video Editing for Non-Designers (Make Pro-Quality Videos) appeared first on Socially Sorted.

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Reddit Acquires Video Creation App Dubsmash to Boost its Video Offerings

Social Media Today

Reddit has acquired interactive video app Dubsmash to help further its push into video

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Facebook's Removing Profile Videos from Next Month

Social Media Today

The looping, 7-second video profile clips will be no more as of February 7th

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How to Leverage Marketing Videos to Increase Social Media ROI


Video has proved to be an effective asset to effectively communicate with customers, increase sales, and increase brand awareness. In fact, video is nowadays an important part of an overall digital marketing strategy, as well as growth and sales campaigns.

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Facebook Publishes New Guide for Video Creators

Social Media Today

Facebook has published a new guide for video creators, which includes a range of notes on how to engage your online community and maximize video response

#455: How to Plan Your Next Program Video Shoot

Amy Porterfield

You’ve listened to your pump-up song on full blast, and you’re ready to record your course videos. The post #455: How to Plan Your Next Program Video Shoot appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert.

Learn How To Merge Videos On iPhone Like a Pro In a Day!


It might seem a complicated job to edit or merge videos on iPhone. Trimming, changing settings or even merging videos on iPhone is an easy job. So, practically there is nothing to worry about editing videos. Steps to edit videos on iPhone like a pro.

Audience Network Rewarded Video Placement and Inflated ThruPlay Numbers

Jon Loomer

In the case of ThruPlay numbers, it’s likely due to the Audience Network Rewarded Video placement. What is Audience Network Rewarded Video? ThruPlay is a metric used for measuring Facebook video engagement. I used a 20-second video to promote a podcast episode.

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Best Practices for Mobile-First Social Video

Ignite Social Media

One way to do that is with mobile-first video. What’s mobile-first video? It is classified as video created and edited with handheld devices in mind. Make the most of social feeds and Stories by formatting videos in a 1:1 ratio­–at the very least–4:5 or 16:9 for certain other placements. In fact, 79% of video viewers report that vertical video formats are more engaging. Videos under sixty seconds are a must for most social placements.

Instagram Launches Live Test of Longer Videos in Stories

Social Media Today

Some users are now able to post 60-second videos in Stories, without them being split up into 15-second segments

Video 171

Video Captions Made Easy – 3 Video Caption Tools

Socially Sorted

If you’re creating video content, then you need to use video captions and video caption tools. In this post, I share 3 awesome video caption tools you can use to create engaging videos, easily and quickly. The post Video Captions Made Easy – 3 Video Caption Tools appeared first on Socially Sorted. Social Media IGTV Instagram Instagram Stories Social Video video Video Marketing YouTube

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How to Download YouTube Videos (7 Methods)


Do you want to download YouTube videos but can’t figure out how? Or, perhaps you’re a marketer or content creator looking to download and use an existing YouTube video. Whatever the reason, downloading a video from YouTube is actually pretty easy to do.

The Secrets of Unboxing Videos

Convince & Convert

Social selling of consumer products often includes sharable “unboxing video experiences” posted by influential reviewers and fans. They range widely in production values, but the secret is not just in the video. However, not all social selling videos are about the product, per se.

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Video Marketing Done Right: 5 Brands That Set an Example in Creating Viral Videos

Visually SM

From videos of goats making human sounds to soldiers seeing their babies for the first time , we all love a heartwarming or simply hilarious story. Marketing professionals are well aware of the power of viral videos and use the same techniques to sell their brand.

TikTok Shares New Guidance for Brands in Video Series

Social Media Today

Some handy notes to help you get started on TikTok for your business

Video 136

Instagram Tests Longer Videos in Stories, New Stories-to-Reels Links, as Part of Broader Video Integration

Social Media Today

Instagram continues to move away from its photo-sharing app roots, with more changes to consolidate its video options

Video 169

Facebook Watchbait: Misleading and Sensational Videos Will Be Down-Ranked

Jon Loomer

Facebook has announced that videos using “watchbait” will be penalized and receive less news feed distribution. “Watchbait” is a made-up word to describe shady tactics used by marketers to game the news feed algorithm — and user engagement — with videos.

Video 124