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Top Video Marketing Trends of 2024

Social Media Strategies Summit

Video is no longer optional for marketing teams, with 91% of businesses using it as a marketing tool and 88% describing video as an important part of their marketing strategy. Of those that don’t currently use video, two-thirds plan to start in 2024. But video isn’t a silver bullet. Let’s get into it.

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Video View Remarketing is Mostly Worthless

Jon Loomer

Now there are exceptions, but let me explain… A common strategy is to use video ads to create a funnel. You create one ad set optimized for ThruPlay to promote a video. You create a custom audience of the people who watched that video. Do you run video remarketing ads? They may not care about it at all.

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How To Build A Great Video Studio On A Budget

The Social Media Hat

Being on camera and delivering outstanding audio and video content is no longer optional The post How To Build A Great Video Studio On A Budget appeared first on The Social Media Hat.

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Videos Transformed My Website

Jon Loomer

Now, you’re here because you already know about how I’m using short-form videos with custom post types. Sharing videos in this format was never my plan. When I first started recording short-form videos , they only lived on each social platform (the logical solution). When blogging, I’d steal from these videos.

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Do Video Views Count as Engagements in Social Media?

Ignite Social Media

If your question is, “ Do video views count as engagements in social media marketing?” The industry standard is to count video views as engagements. Now, if your question is, “ Should video views count as engagements in social media marketing?” ” the answer is simple and clear. Our answer is YES.

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WhatsApp Expands Video Group Chats to 32 Participants

Social Media Today

New updates for your video chats.

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Use Soft Hooks for Your Videos

Jon Loomer

The first few seconds of your video are important. You can’t neglect that intro or people will quickly abandon your videos. If every video starts with an aggressive hook, you’re going to stop sticking around. I get it already, I’m not going to believe the hack at the end of the video that you totally won’t underdeliver.

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