Everything You Need to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm

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There’s really only one way to say this: THERE IS NO NEW INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM Seriously. In case you weren’t aware of this obviously true statement: Instagram and Facebook are NOT the same thing. Yes, Facebook owns Instagram.

Instagram Introduces New Business Profiles


Instagram is rocking it so this is great news! With a Business Profile and its new features, Instagram can work even better for your business and help you stand out, get insights and find new customers. You can select a target audience or allow Instagram to suggest targeting for you.

19 Noteworthy Stats About Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Marketing

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As noted in a previous post here on social networking statistics , Instagram is now the third-largest social network (with 800 million users), behind only Facebook and YouTube. Eight Instagram Marketing Stats. 59% of Instagram users in the U.S. Instagram Business Blog ).

Where to Put Your Instagram Hashtags

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The age old debate as long as Instagram has been around: where should you put your Instagram hashtags? The post Where to Put Your Instagram Hashtags appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

Which Types of Content Perform Best on Instagram?

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Instagram is no exception. But, how do you know what will perform best on Instagram? The post Which Types of Content Perform Best on Instagram? We all wanna do our best and put our best foot forward on social media.

Use Hashtags to Find Your Target Audience on Instagram

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If you’ve used Instagram for more than 5 minutes, you know how prevalent hashtags are on the platform. And as a non-hashtag lover, I was one of those who hated the all-consuming use of these hashtags on Instagram.

Facebook vs Instagram: What Brands Need To Know About These Social Superheroes


Though Facebook and Instagram have both reached hero status, they have very different superpowers. Compare that to Instagram’s rear-view reach of a mere 800 million active monthly users. Comparatively, Instagram only draws 15% of its active users from this population.

15 Tips to Dominate Instagram

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Categories: Content Marketing , Social Media Marketing Tags: Instagram , Instagram Best Practices , Instagram tips , social media , Social Media Marketing Instagram is a powerful marketing tool in our increasingly visual-oriented world.

Which Instagram Metrics Really Matter?

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Instead, to care or not to care is the question when it comes to Instagram metrics. The post Which Instagram Metrics Really Matter? Instagram analytics instagram instagram analytics instagram for business instagram marketing instagram strategy instagram success social media social media marketingTo be or not to be… that is not the question today.

Instagram's Testing 'Nametag' Codes to Promote Accounts

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Instagram is reportedly testing a new 'Nametags' feature to more easily connect users to a chosen Instagram presence

Why Yes, We Offer Instagram Direct Publishing

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I have tons of space for an elaborate intro, but let me cut to the chase because I’m so unbelievably excited: Instagram direct publishing is now available on Agorapulse. You can now use your favorite social media management tool to post directly to Instagram.

Instagram Case Study: Vanilla and Bean

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Some accounts just “get” Instagram. And so, this is the perfect account for another Instagram case study. If you go check out her account, you’ll notice… The post Instagram Case Study: Vanilla and Bean appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

Increase Instagram Engagement With These 6 Tips


In order to get the most out of your Instagram account, you must create content that leads to higher engagement. Increase Instagram engagement with these six techniques. 6 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement: 1. Instagram Stories.

Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2016

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Anyone who uses Instagram for more than a few seconds has their favorite Instagram accounts. There are millions of people (over 600 million, actually) who are… The post Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2016 appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

How and When to Archive Instagram Posts

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Earlier this year, Instagram introduced a feature called “Archive” which allows you to hide Instagram posts from your gallery, but not actually delete them. I’ll be the first to admit that when the ability to archive Instagram posts rolled out, I was like, “why?” The post How and When to Archive Instagram Posts appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

Expert Q&A – All about Instagram

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This week’s Simply Smart Social Expert Q&A was all about learning to us Instagram to find new followers, strengthen your brand and build your business. The post Expert Q&A – All about Instagram appeared first on Gemma Went. Expert Q&As Social Media expert Q&A Instagram simply smart social visual content

How to Use Instagram on Your Desktop

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Which can make managing Instagram moderately frustrating. Since Instagram was designed as a smartphone app, they have inherently made it smartphone friendly and desktop not-so-friendly.

Instagram's Working on a New Q and A Sticker Option for Instagram Stories

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Instagram's working on a new sticker type for Stories which would enable users to ask questions of their audience, with the responses kept private

Instagram Stories- Is It For You?

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Instagram just released an update that appears to be taking on Snapchat for the hearts and minds of the 18-34 year old market in the US. Introducing Instagram Stories from Instagram What […]. mindful social Social Media in Action Instagram snapchat

Why Am I Losing Instagram Followers?

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It feels great to launch an Instagram account, start posting, and watch the follower count go up—“they like me, they really like me!” People value your content enough to want to follow you so more of what you’re posting will show up in their Instagram feeds.

Best Instagram for Android Pics


Android Apps Tech & Gadgets android instagram android instagram pics best instagram android pics brace yourself the instagram pics are coming instagram android banner instagram android google play instagram for android instagram for android phone instagram for android pics team android instagra

How to Find Your Best Followers on Instagram

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You see, there are a lot of different ways people interact with your social media profiles: they may be lurkers, they may be big brand advocates, they may be… The post How to Find Your Best Followers on Instagram appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

Creative Ways to Use Instagram Albums for Your Business

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There are some updates on Instagram that I get more excited about than others. And when I heard that Instagram was introducing albums (or carousels, or galleries… they haven’t really gotten an official name), I about lost my mind!

Debunking 4 Common Instagram Myths

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The post Debunking 4 Common Instagram Myths appeared first on Jenn's Trends. Instagram instagram instagram for business instagram hashtags instagram marketing instagram stories instagram strategy instagram success social media social media marketingUnfortunately, all too often, something gets said in a popular publication and it gains viral steam across the blogosphere.

What the Facebook and Instagram API Changes Mean for You

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Our newest freakout du jour comes in the aftermath of Facebook and Instagram restricting third-party tool use of their APIs. Because of these few bad apples, these Facebook and Instagram API changes are saying this to ALL third-party tools. Instagram API Changes.

API 90

Measure & Increase Instagram Engagement

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Instagram continues to evolve as one of the most predominant social media apps for customer interactions and engagement. Just over a one-year period, Instagram saw more than 500,000 advertisers use the network to grow business. What Is Instagram Engagement?

How to Get More Quality Followers on Instagram

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Not because it’s not a valid topic, but because I’ve hidden this message in other blog posts to avoid the hustle of finding more followers on Instagram. The post How to Get More Quality Followers on Instagram appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

How to Build a Brand on Instagram

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Want to learn how to take advantage of Instagram and build your brand with it? Instagram is one of the most exciting and hottest social media platforms right now. A year ago, I decided to take Instagram more seriously. What do you want to accomplish using Instagram?

How to Use Instagram Live Like a Pro

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In case you missed the Instagram update that sent the social media managers jumping around like kids at Christmas, Instagram is now providing users the ability to broadcast live video! Instagram Live is being rolled out first to US users and then other users in the coming months.

Instagram Adds 'Focus' Mode for Selfies, Mention Stickers for iOS

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Instagram is adding a new tool to make your selfies look better, and a new mentions sticker option

Instagram and the news

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Instagram-logo (Photo credit: JAMoutinho ( almost photographer )). In 2013, David Guttenfelder, the AP ’s chief Asia photographer, became one of the first foreign photographers allowed to work in North Korea, and he uses Instagram to capture and publish intimate images.

Instagram Analytics: What to Measure to Grow Your Instagram

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I’ve spend the past few months testing the top tools for Instagram analytics. If you’re interested in growing your Instagram account, you’ll learn what the top features are for these tools and which tools will work best for you.

My Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2017

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And that means it’s time for me to share with you my favorite Instagram accounts this […]. The post My Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2017 appeared first on Jenn's Trends. Instagram instagram instagram accounts instagram for business instagram marketing instagram strategy instagram success social media social media marketing

10 Instagram Photographers Worth Following

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Today, we’d like to share ten Instagram photographers who we think are most definitely worth following. Together, the two make for one of the cutest, and one of our favorite, dynamic Instagram duos. Hey there!

How to Incorporate TBT Into Your Instagram Strategy

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If you’ve spent more than a day on Instagram, chances are you have seen, or know about, #TBT. Really, it’s just a fun way to embrace more photos… The post How to Incorporate TBT Into Your Instagram Strategy appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

What You Really Need to Know About Instagram Pods

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Oh, when people come up with a *great* idea and then force it upon others with no real understanding of the process… which is exactly what Instagram pods are! You may have wondered if these Instagram pods are useful. You may be in an Instagram pod (or a […].

4 Ways to Effectively Use Instagram Polls

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If you have ever used stickers on Instagram stories, you know how many options there are. Remember when Instagram released selfie stickers and geostickers ? Instagram hasn’t stopped there. Recently, the company launched a new interactive sticker called Instagram Polls.

7 Easy Ways To Improve Instagram Engagement with Visuals

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Struggling to improve Instagram engagement? Here are 7 visual strategies to boost your reach and engagement on Instagram. If you are wondering how to get more eyeballs on your posts (and improve Instagram engagement) then listen. // Read More.

The Five Best Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tools

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Greater use of visual communication has in turn made Instagram and Pinterest two of the fastest-growing social networks. Here are a handful of the best tools for growing your brand’s following and monitoring your results on Instagram and Pinterest. 5) Layout from Instagram.

[Cool Infographic Friday] Influencer Marketing on Instagram


I like this one because it’s a good reminder that the most effective influencers, for Instagram in this case, are the “micro influencers” -the “advocates” – people with smaller audiences but deeper relationships.