Instagram Reels: What Brands Should Know

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What is Instagram Reels? Social media giant Instagram recently rolled out its newest feature: Reels. Instagram is testing multiple placements of the Reels feed within the app interface. Find out how to get your brand ready for Instagram Reels.

How to Get Your First 1000 Followers for Instagram


Getting your first 1000 followers on Instagram is a big milestone. As more brands join Instagram, engaging users and enticing them to hit the follow button requires more work — but it isn’t impossible! Why Instagram is important for growing your bottom line.

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5 Facts About the Instagram Algorithm


Ready to separate fact from fiction for the Instagram algorithm ? In a series of Instagram Stories from the @creators account, Instagram walked viewers through the most common questions regarding the algorithm. Find out How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2021 in this blog post.

Instagram ads are growing

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The Motley Fool is reporting that Instagram ads are now a significant source of revenue for Facebook, generating an estimated 20 per cent of the company’s total in 2019. These are heavily weighted toward Instagram. Here’s why Instagram ads work: Intent. Are you using Instagram #ads as part of your communications? The post Instagram ads are growing appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. Instagram Social Media Instagram ads social media advertising

8 Instagram Features Perfect for Small Businesses


While they might not always be obvious, there are tons of great Instagram features for small businesses that can help you grow online. Discover our top 8 Instagram features for small businesses in this blog post. Why Use Instagram for Business? . Instagram Live.

Introducing Instagram Reels: Instagram’s Answer to TikTok?


Introducing Instagram Reels: a new way to record 15-second clips set to music on Instagram. Almost everyone is comparing Instagram Reels to TikTok! So what is Instagram Reels, and how does it line up against TikTok? Find out everything you need to know in this blog post: What is Instagram Reels? Instagram Reels is a brand new way to create fun and engaging video content from Instagram Stories. Instagram via TechCrunch.

How to Find the Right Instagram Influencers for Your Brand

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But what’s the right way to find Instagram influencers for your business or clients? Let’s look at effective ways to connect with Instagram influencers and strategies for forging successful partnerships on social media. Why Partner With Instagram Influencers.

The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories for Brand Marketers

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It’s no question that Instagram Stories have become a major component of every brand’s social media marketing strategy. Since launching in 2016, this singular feature of Instagram not only garners the attention of over 500 million users every day but 25% of Millennials and Gen Z users leverage Stories for product consideration, making it a very powerful business tool for brand marketers to leverage. At the core of Instagram Stories’ 1.7

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

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How can social media managers do their Instagram scheduling better in less time? But you first need to know this crucial fact: Yes, you can schedule and publish posts to Instagram from your desktop or mobile device, but you can only enable Instagram direct publishing for business accounts.

Social Shopping: How Instagram is Changing the Way We Shop


Almost overnight, Instagram made a shift into the e-commerce space — but how is it changing the way we shop? Every month, 130 million people tap on an Instagram shopping post, while Instagram Checkout is now available for all eligible businesses and creators in the US.

Facebook Merges Messenger With Instagram DMs


Instagram DMs just got a big facelift thanks to a new integration with Facebook Messenger! According to a new announcement , Instagram is in the process of rolling out an update to Instagram DMs by introducing “a new Messenger experience” on the app.

5 Stock Photo Websites That Are Perfect for Instagram


Planning, shooting, and editing photography for Instagram can take a lot of time (and money!). Read on to discover our top 5 stock photo websites for finding awesome royalty-free images and videos to use on your Instagram account: Why Use Stock Photos for Instagram.

How Brands Are (Already!) Going Viral With Instagram Reels


While it may still be rolling out globally, there’s already a handful of awesome brands on Instagram Reels that have started to reap some serious rewards. In this blog post, we’re showcasing 9 brands on Instagram Reels and sharing how they use the feature to grow their business!

4 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram’s Pinned Comments


Hello Instagram pinned comments, goodbye trolls. Aimed at tackling negative or offensive interactions on the platform, Instagram’s pinned comments feature helps you moderate posts and combat misinformation or bullying. What is the Instagram Pinned Comments Feature?

How to Sell on Instagram: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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Instagram can be one of the most powerful tools for selling products and services—if you know how to stand out from the crowd. These tips will show you how to sell on Instagram successfully. Did you know that as this writing, Instagram has over one billion active monthly users?

Google and Instagram Provide Insight into Thanksgiving Food Trends

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Google and Instagram have shared some insights into food trends around Thanksgiving, based on user activity

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15 Instagram Reels Ideas to Post Today


In need of some Instagram Reels ideas? To spark some inspiration, we’re sharing 15 Instagram Reels ideas you can use for your brand or business right now! Why Post to Instagram Reels. Reels are a new way to engage with your current Instagram community and reach a wider audience.

Instagram launches @shop profile

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Instagram launched a new @shop account to curate shoppable posts earlier this week. This is another step Instagram is taking in building its e-commerce capacities. The post Instagram launches @shop profile appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. Instagram Social Media @shop ecommerceContent featured on this account will be 100 per cent community-trends driven and is supposed to be as a real-time indicator of what’s new and cool.

Instagram SEO: 6 Ways to Increase Your Discoverability


Brushing up your Instagram SEO skills can give your reach, discoverability, and engagement on Instagram a serious boost. . The fact is that many of the techniques you use to optimize your SEO on the web can be applied to improve your content and profile’s discovery on Instagram! .

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How to Automatically Add Subtitles to Your Instagram Posts


Your Instagram profile should be an inclusive space and one where your community can come together without barriers. And one of the best ways to create an inclusive community is to add captions to your Instagram Stories and videos. View this post on Instagram.

Instagram Expands 'Guides' Content Display Option to All Users

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Instagram is expanding its 'Guides' profile display format to all users

NEW: Host a Personal Fundraiser on Instagram!


There’s a new way to fundraise on Instagram and it’s perfect for creators and small businesses! . Instagram’s latest feature is a response to the rise of fundraisers to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. What is Instagram’s New Fundraising Feature? Have you heard?

How to Get More From Instagram (Without More Work!)


Looking for some Instagram for business tips that help you save time, grow your following, and make sales? We’ve got you covered with quick and easy ways to make your Instagram strategy work harder for you and your business — without adding anything to your to-do list! Here’s our top Instagram for business tips so you can plan, manage, and post without stress: Instagram for Business Tips #1: Post When Your Audience is Most Active . View this post on Instagram.

Instagram Adds Keyword Search in Addition to Profiles and Tags

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Instagram is changing how search works on its platform, by adding the ability to search via keyword, not just profiles and hashtags

Instagram announced new designs in Explore

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Instagram is introducing new designs in Explore to improve the discovery experience. These changes are a boon to brands looking to build Instagram as a direct sales channel. The post Instagram announced new designs in Explore appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. Instagram Social MediaThe new navigation bar features shortcuts to IGTV and Shopping followed by topic channels tailored to the user’s interests, such as Food, Art and Travel.

New From Instagram: IGTV Shopping


Instagram has announced yet another way to shop on the app: IGTV Shopping! Every month, 130 million people tap on a shoppable Instagram post, so it’s no surprise the platform is rolling out it’s shopping services to IGTV. IGTV Shopping is the latest way to discover and purchase products directly within Instagram. Instagram Shopping is already available for feed posts, Instagram Stories , and Instagram Live , with plans to test shopping for Instagram Reels this year.

Instagram Publishes New Guides on How to Set-Up and Maximize Instagram Shops

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As we head into the holiday shopping period, Instagram has launched a new set of guides on how to utilize Instagram shops

Instagram Co-Watching: Browse Instagram with Friends Over Video Chat


To help people stay connected, Instagram has launched a new media sharing feature called Co-Watching. . According to Instagram’s announcement , the new feature allows you to browse your Instagram account (feed, liked photos, etc.) The feature comes alongside several other COVID-19 updates, including a new “Stay Home” sticker and a wider rollout of Instagram’s donation sticker. . Here’s everything you need to know about Co-Watching on Instagram: .

9 Exciting Instagram Features Coming in 2020


A flurry of new features is coming to Instagram in 2020, including Facebook Shops, IGTV Ads, Instagram Live shopping, and so much more! Plus, Instagram is finally letting creators earn money from the content they share on IGTV — a longtime requested feature from Instagram’s creator community. Keep reading to learn more about all the new and exciting Instagram features coming in 2020: Table of Contents. Instagram Shop. Badges on Instagram Live.

Fast Food Companies on Instagram

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Since naturally it needs to decided now, time to go onto Instagram to see who could lure me to their fast food restaurant based upon their feed. Using QSR’s list from 2018 for inspiration, I even looked at those that aren’t local to our Michigan office and here were my favorites based upon their social presence on Instagram. Guess I know where I’m going next time I visit our North Carolina office because the photos of their food on Instagram.

How to Get Your Brand Ready for the Launch of Instagram Reels

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Instagram Reels, the New TikTok? TikTok has had a myriad of security concerns since launching, and the announcement of Instagram Reels has many marketers wondering if it will be enough to replace the viral video app. How to Use Instagram Reels.

Everything You Need to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm

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There’s really only one way to say this: THERE IS NO NEW INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM Seriously. In case you weren’t aware of this obviously true statement: Instagram and Facebook are NOT the same thing. Yes, Facebook owns Instagram. The post Everything You Need to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm appeared first on Jenn's Trends. What happened in January 2018 was an update to the Facebook algorithm.

Instagram Introduces New Business Profiles


Instagram is rocking it so this is great news! With a Business Profile and its new features, Instagram can work even better for your business and help you stand out, get insights and find new customers. That’s why I recommend using Instagram and changing your personal profile to a business profile today to get more leverage for your business. Select the Page you’d like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram. Instagram counted 77.6

5 Ways to Use the Instagram DM Me Sticker


There’s a new cool kid on the block and it’s called the Instagram DM Me sticker. . Instagram’s latest sticker release is a new way to engage with your community, have meaningful conversations in direct messages, share important information, and gather feedback. . Here’s a step-by-step guide, along with 5 strategic tips for using the Instagram DM Me sticker for your business: Table of Contents: . What is the Instagram DM Me Sticker? How to Manage Your Instagram DMs.

Instagram Adds Live Donations Feature for Fundraising via Instagram Live

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Instagram has added a new option which will enable users to conduct fundraisers via Instagram Live

Instagram Launches Updated UI for Standalone Threads App

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Instagram has announced a new update for its standalone Threads app

How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your B2B Website

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A lot of B2B marketers make the mistake of thinking their brand has no place on Instagram. What people fail to realize is that Instagram is a rich resource for potential views and sales—that is, if one knows how to read the numbers and play the game. To date, Instagram has now reached a billion monthly users , with as many as 25 million accounts being business profiles , and up to 80% of all platform users reportedly following at least one business account.

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Everything You Need to Know About New Instagram Live Badges


Instagram Live badges are the latest feature release aimed at helping influencers make money. In a nutshell, think of badges as “tips” for your favorite Instagram influencers during a Live stream, but there’s opportunity for them to be so much more. We’re jumping into the details and sharing everything we know about Instagram Live badges: What Are Instagram Live Badges? . And now this feature is coming to Instagram! How Do Instagram Live Badges Work? .

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How to Use Instagram Live Shopping to Drive Sales


Instagram Live Shopping is about to change the way we shop online. . We’re covering everything you need to know about Instagram Live Shopping, and how you can start using it for your brand or business: . What is Instagram Live Shopping? Who Can Use Instagram Live Shopping?

How to Design On-Brand Instagram Stories

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Curating an Instagram aesthetic that stops users in their tracks is #goals for any brand, but with the rise of Instagram stories, having a recognizable look and feel that extends beyond your channel is more important than ever. Read on to discover how to design on-brand Instagram Stories that’ll engage your audience and keep them from swiping on past. Step One to Creating on-brand Instagram Stories: Create a Branding Kit. Looking to wow with a full Instagram strategy?

How to Download Instagram Highlights?


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to express yourself with means of stories and highlights. Instagram highlights are present on your Instagram profile page to connect with the world be it for professional means or personal use.

Instagram fact checking comes to Canada

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Earlier this year Instagram introduced fact-checking in the US to help identify, review and label false information. The program means that Instagram’s partners are independently assessing information to reduce the distribution of fake news. When content has been rated as false, Instagram reduces its distribution by removing it from Explore and hashtag pages. Instagram users can use the “False Information” feedback option to flag fake news for review by fact checkers.

9 Brands Driving Meaningful Change on Instagram


In this blog post, we’ll spotlight 9 mission-focused brands, how they use Instagram to help drive meaningful change, and what you can learn from them: Why Brands Should Support Social Causes on Social Media. View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram.