How to Earn Higher-Quality Engagement and Why It Matters

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So naturally, you’d think the more engagement you get on a post, the better. It turns out that one key factor in converting social followers to loyal fans is the quality of engagement, not quantity. Why You Should Care About Engagement Quality .

What is Good Engagement Rate?


Matt even shares what his magic formula is to turn social activity into dollars for the business, and hint: it’s not by looking at engagement rate. Why looking at social media engagement rate is actually a disservice to proving your value as a social media manager.


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LinkedIn Adds New Event Engagement Options, Simplified 'Repost' Process

Social Media Today

LinkedIn's rolling out some new engagement options

How to Maintain Audience Engagement after a Successful Virtual Event

The Social Media Hat

The post How to Maintain Audience Engagement after a Successful Virtual Event appeared first on The Social Media Hat. Virtual Events Engagement Virtual Event PlanningKeep the buzz around your virtual event, and your brand, going!

Influencer Engagement: Finding a Fit

Waxing UnLyrical

With a YouTube video, Instagram post and tweet, the total engagement reached more than 216,000 people, and had nearly 2,000 engagements and more than 61,000 impressions. Take, for instance, three of our most recent engagements, with mission- first messaging: Cammie Scott , a self-care, wellness and beauty expert teamed up with us on our #BringGoodHome campaign to style her friends and shop. Her content had more than 39,000 views and more than two million engagements.

Leveraging Social Data for Better Engagement


In this episode of Radically Transparent, Oktopost veteran and host, Jennifer Gutman, takes on a solo episode to explore the power of social engagement data and how marketers can gain a 360-degree view of their customers using social engagement data.

Data 81

Steps To Take When Your Twitter Engagement Is Dropping?

SocMed Sean

Watching your Twitter engagement drop can be a painful thing. Don't just accept it, though, learn how to evaluate your content and find ways to engage your Twitter followers. The post Steps To Take When Your Twitter Engagement Is Dropping?

Instagram Adds Stories Likes to Provide Insight on Viewer Engagement

Social Media Today

The option provides a low-touch way to engage with Stories, which could have a big impact

Report Shows that Snapchat Users are More Mentally Engaged with Snap Ads

Social Media Today

The research shows how Snapchat users mentally engage when using the app

TikTok Adds Live-Stream Intros to Better Facilitate Engagement

Social Media Today

The option adds another way to communicate what your live-stream is about, and invite engagement

LinkedIn Looks to Make 'Repost' a Default Post Engagement Option

Social Media Today

LinkedIn's looking to put more emphasis on re-posting, as opposed to sharing with your own comments

Meta Adds ‘Community Chats’ on Messenger as it Searches for New Ways to Prop Up Falling Engagement

Social Media Today

Meta seems to be trying everything to boost in-app engagement

Facebook Tests New 'Community Awards' to Encourage Engagement in Groups

Social Media Today

Facebook's looking to encourage more positive group interactions, while also modeling ideal engagement behavior

Groups 164

Twitter Adds Hashtag Discovery to Communities to Help Improve Engagement

Social Media Today

The option will help Communities members find more relevant discussions

YouTube Tests New Channel Content Personalization to Help Maximize Viewer Engagement

Social Media Today

YouTube's looking to help improve channel engagement with personalized content displays

Twitter Adds WhatsApp and LinkedIn Sharing Buttons to Facilitate Broader Tweet Engagement

Social Media Today

The options may help Twitter better track tweet engagement off-platform

Reddit Highlights Key Engagement Trends and Brand Opportunities in the App

Social Media Today

The report looks at how redditors engage, and the value they get from Reddit communities

Get Engaged at Work – #MindfulSocial with Carson Tate

Janet Fouts

How do we get re-engaged in the workplace ourselves and enjoy better relationships and a happier team? Make It Work she reveals why you don’t have to rely on your company, your coworkers, your boss, or anything other than yourself for your professional fulfillment and engagement.

Facebook Adds Group Effects for Messenger, Providing New Engagement Options

Social Media Today

Group effects provide another engagement opportunity within Messenger video chats

Groups 134

Ways to Better Engage with your Social Media Followers

Ignite Social Media

A lot has changed in social media in the nine years since that book was written, but one thing certainly has not: engaging with your fans matters. Here are five ways to better engage with your social media followers. Before we can engage with fans, we need to know a few things about them, like: What do they like (other than our brand)? Once you have a better understanding of who your audience is, your chances of garnering meaningful engagement will be much higher.

Meta Adds New Account Switching and Cross-App Alert Tools as it Looks to Maximize Engagement

Social Media Today

The new cross-app alerts will get more people tapping across to stay up to date with the latest

Facebook Expands Engagement Alerts for Groups, Adds New Alert Options

Social Media Today

Facebook has expanded access to its engagement alerts for groups, providing more ways for admins to stay on top of group engagement

Groups 171

Brands are Driving Higher Reach and Engagement by Posting Instagram Reels

Social Media Today

The data shows that brands that embrace Instagram Reels are seeing significant benefits

Data 131

Google Launches New 'Related Search for Content' Ads to Help Improve On-Site Engagement

Social Media Today

The new, privacy-friendly ad option provides another way to increase engagement on your site

Why the Best Lead Scoring Models Incorporate Social Engagement Data


But using social engagement data in your lead scoring model can make it easier to spot the potential prospects your sales teams should be focusing on. Why there’s more to lead scoring than demographics, interest, and buying stage; and where social engagement data plays a critical role.

Twitter Shares New Insights into Gen Z Usage and Engagement

Social Media Today

The insights underline the importance of engaging younger audiences with interactive, responsive campaigns

YouTube’s Experimenting with New Search and Engagement Insights to Help Guide Your Content Strategy

Social Media Today

The new data points will provide more insight into what your audience is looking for in the app

Best-in-Class Tactics for Social Media Engagement

Ignite Social Media

When it comes to your organic content strategy (paid media as well) engaging your existing community is likely your core focus. However, how do you generate engagement without always “asking” for engagement? This technique is simple, fun, and engaging!

Class 149

28 Daily Hashtags for Better Engagement [CHEATSHEET]


When used well, they can also boost your reach and engagement. We’ll take you through how and when to use each of them to maximize your engagement. People like to engage with other people, not typically with brands.

How to Become Civically Engaged

The Realtime Report

How to Become Civically Engaged. Being civically engaged means that you are an active participant in your local community. True civic engagement starts with educating yourself on local political developments.

Carousels: The One-Way Ticket to Higher Engagement?


Caitlin Doyle, Social Media Manager at Demandbase shares her tips for higher engagement. If you’ve spent anytime scrolling a Demandbase feed, you’ve seen their fun, fresh, and engaging social presence. LinkedIn’s carousels might be your one-way ticket to higher engagement!

5 Social Media Video Tips to Get More Engagement


Discover our top 5 video tips to get more engagement and connect with your audience: The Importance of Video on Social Media . Because video content is typically more attention-grabbing (and engaging) than a static photo.

Engagement Is The New Real-Time


However this coveted marketing phenomenon now has a new competitor that is ready to steal the ‘audience engagement thunder’ in 2014. We’ve taken a closer look at the new darling of social marketing – here are our insights on real-time engagement. Real-time marketing vs. real-time engagement. Real-time engagement levitates real-time marketing. Crew recently exhibited a good example of real-time engagement.

Instagram Launches 'Add Yours' Sticker to Facilitate More Engagement in Stories

Social Media Today

Instagram continues its process of replication as it seeks to maintain engagement

How to Craft Responses: Reactive Engagement 101

Ignite Social Media

As a brand, reactive social engagement is one of the best ways to make an impression and develop a relationship with your audience. Always Engage. Ultimately, putting the time in to understand your brand and the community will help grow your reactive social engagement. The post How to Craft Responses: Reactive Engagement 101 appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency.

Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences: Target Those Who Interact

Jon Loomer

You can run ads to reach those who have engaged with your Facebook page content. To do this, you first need to create Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences. What Page Engagement Audiences Are. People who engaged with any post or ad. Facebook Page Engagement Basics.

The Power of Social Engagement


This is a summary of our latest webinar “From the Experts: The Power of Social Engagement”, hosted with our good friend and partner, Jamie Lewis, Director of Business Development at Marketo Engage , an Adobe Company. How Can I Benefit from Social Engagement Data?

Instagram's Testing Likes on Stories, Providing Another Engagement Option

Social Media Today

The option would provide a simple way to respond to Stories content, without clogging the creators' inbox

Facebook Tests New Stories-Like Notifications Bubbles to Boost Engagement

Social Media Today

The option provides another way to stay up to date with the latest Facebook posts from specific connections

LinkedIn Launches its Own Polls Option to Facilitate More Engagement

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has added its own, native polls option, providing another way to gather feedback, and boost engagement