Will Clubhouse be the Next Apple?

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But as the example of Apple shows, there are also reason to question those reasons. Given the Apple tagline “Think Different,” it’s no surprise Clubhouse launched first as an iPhone app. And Apples were more expensive. The post Will Clubhouse be the Next Apple?

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Will Apple's AR Glasses be Released in 2021?

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Reports are speculating that Apple's long-awaited AR glasses will be made available to the public this year

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Facebook Provides Advice to Help Advertisers Prepare for Apple's iOS 14.5 Update

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With Apple confirming that its controversial IDFA update is being rolled out from next week, Facebook has sent out a reminder to advertisers

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Apple Officially Launches New App Tracking Permissions as Part of iOS 14.5

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Apple has officially launched the latest version of iOS, which includes its controversial new App Tracking Transparency prompts

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Apple Says its Updated, Opt-In Prompts for User Data Tracking on iOS will Come into Effect from Next Week

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Apple's controversial IDFA update is set to come into effect early next week, as per Apple's latest announcement

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TikTok Outlines Ad Campaign Changes and Impacts Due to Apple's IDFA Update

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With Apple rolling out its new ATT data tracking prompts in all apps from next week, TikTok has outlined a range of changes to its ad offerings

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Apple and Google Release Updated Details on COVID-19 Tracing Process

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Google and Apple have released a new FAQ on their coming COVID-19 tracing tool, which aims to help control future outbreaks by tracing potential infections

Facebook Announces Webinars to Explain the Potential Impacts of Apple's Coming IDFA Changes

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Facebook has announced a series of webinars to explain the various potential impacts of Apple's coming changes to app data tracking

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Report Suggests Facebook and Snapchat Will be Most Impacted by Apple's IDFA Changes

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With Apple set to introduce new, explicit warnings on data-tracking by each app, a new report suggests that Facebook and Snapchat will be most impacted

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Facebook Launches Next Stage of Campaign Against Apple's Upcoming Data Tracking Changes

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Facebook has re-upped its push against Apple's coming changes to in-app data tracking, which will make all data gathering opt-in

Facebook Goes on the Offensive Against Apple Over Coming Changes to In-App Data Tracking

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Facebook has launched a major campaign criticising Apple's coming changes to IDFA, saying that they will severely impact SMBs

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Facebook Looks to Add Pressure to Apple and Further Emphasize Concerns Around App Store Policies

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Facebook says that Apple recently rejected its proposal to add a notification in its app about Apple taking a 30% cut of funds raised by live events

Apple’s Upcoming iOS 14.5 – Highlights and Features


For months now Apple has been working on the next iOS update. Apple’s Upcoming iOS 14.5 – Highlights: Last year with the announcement of the iPhone 12, iOS 14 was launched and just after that, a series of upgrades every month with bug fixes and new features were released.

Apple Event Fails To Ignite Apple Stock

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With CEO Tim Cook himself showing off the new products you might expect Apple investors to show some appreciation. Investing /investing Money /money Investing /investing Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media investing

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Instagram Warns of Major Impacts to Ad Targeting as a Result of Apple's iOS 14 Update

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Instagram chief Adam Mosseri says that Apple's proposed IDFA changes will have a significant impact on ad targeting, while he's also provided some thoughts on the TikTok takeover talks

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Apple Publishes Listing of Most Popular Apps for 2019

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Apple has published its listing of the most downloaded apps on the App Store in 2019

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Is Apple Walking Down The Same Path As Google?


In a support document published last week by Apple, the company confirms the discontinuation of its iCloud Documents and Data service. First thing first, Apple says the merger will not impact the storage capacity used by files stored in iCloud.

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Apple and Google Provide New Overview of How the COVID-19 'Exposure Notification' API Will Function

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Apple and Google have published new information about their COVID-19 tracing API, including new examples of how it will look

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Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple Face Difficult Questions from House Judiciary Committee

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The CEOs of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple all fronted a House Judiciary Committee in the US, and some key questions about their business practices

Snapchat Announces AR Support for Apple's New LiDAR Capability for iPhone 12

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Snapchat will be among the first companies to utilize Apple's new LiDAR vision mapping technology built into the iPhone 12

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How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Will Impact Facebook Advertising

Ignite Social Media

Apple’s coming policy updates require App Store apps to ask iOS 14 users for permission to track their activity through apps and websites. The post How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Will Impact Facebook Advertising appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency.

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Check Out The Ways to Download Apps on Apple TV


Just like your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, Apple TV is another transformational device Apple has ever produced. In order to keep you engaged enough, Apple has brought literally everything in your Apple TV so you won’t have to look around for other alternatives.

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My Apple Watch Review: 5 Reasons It Works

Jason Yormark

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Apple products. However with the Apple Watch, I actually held back longer than usual for a few reasons. There are a plenty of Apple Watch reviews out there, most of them favorable, and plenty of ones saying it’s not worth it. The Apple Watch is not without it’s short comings of course. Also, the Apple watch is heavily dependent on your iPhone currently. Apple Technology

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How To Install Apple HomePod Software Updates


Apple HomePod is a smart speaker that is popular worldwide for its amazing sound and features. This makes it easy and handy to know when your Apple’s HomePod or HomePod Mini updates are lined up. This way Home all will check with Apple servers for any latest or new updates.

Facebook Launches New App for Apple Watch to Help Stay in Touch With Close Connections

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Facebook's experimental NPE team has released another new app, this time specifically for the Apple Watch

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Apple Grants Temporary Waiver of its 30% Fee on Funds Raised Through Facebook's New Paid Events Option

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Facebook and Apple have reached an agreement that will enable event organizers to take 100% of the money they raise through paid Facebook events

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Apple Reveals the Most Downloaded iPhone Apps of 2018

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Apple has revealed its list of the most downloaded apps for 2018, which is largely as most would expect

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Facebook Launches New, SMB-Focused Ad Campaign to Counter Apple's Coming IDFA Change

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Facebook has launched a new campaign to encourage people not to limit in-app data tracking

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Apple and Google to Team Up on Data Sharing to Help Contain COVID-19 - The Pros and Cons

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Google and Apple will provide access to a new process that will enable tracking of their combined networks to help contain the spread of COVID-19

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Facebook Announces New App Login Parameters to Assist with Transition to Apple's IDFA Update

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Facebook has announced new login options within its SDK to ensure app developers can continue to gather user data in light of the coming IDFA changes

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How to Fix The “Apple Arcade Not Working” Issue


Almost every game you love to play or explore just out of curiosity, Apple Arcade is the platform for you. Apple introduced the Apple Arcade feature to the public with the iOS 13 update that was compatible on iPhone, iPad, & Mac as well. Apple ID Issue.

How to Create an Apple ID Recovery Key: iOS 14


No matter how much we criticize Apple for not really innovating their products in the past few years, the security segment is undoubtedly top notch. With every new iOS version or minute updates, Apple makes sure that users’ security isn’t being compromised. &

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Best Apps to Create Custom Apple Watch Faces in 2021


Amazingly popular all over the world, the tech giant Apple isn’t known for providing customization to the users. From Macbook to iPhone & Apple Watch , every one of those products come with solid control over specifications. Best Apps to Create & Set Custom Apple Watch Faces.

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Upcoming Apple Products


Tags: Apple Apple iPad iPhone 4 iPhone Apps appe releases new ipad apple announces new ipad apple announces the new ipad apple iphone Apple's iPad iPad ipad launch iPhone iphone 4 new ipad new iphone

How To Fix Apple Watch Not Tracking Steps Correctly


Apple has been known for its finesse and quality products. While iPhones and Mac machines are widely used by people, the most trending Apple gadget nowadays are Apple Watches. One of the most popular features of Apple Watches are their tracking abilities.

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Apple Explicitly Targets Facebook In Privacy Announcement

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Remember Facebook's newspaper ads about Apple in December? This is not a coincidence. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Social Media /social-media Innovation Consumertech

Hacker Finds Huge Apple Security Hole; Apple Pays $100,000 Bug Bounty

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This Apple security hole was wide enough to drive a Mac truck through. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Social Media /social-media Editors' Pick editors-pick Innovation Consumertech

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Top 5 Apple Maps Fail Photos


1: “Siri, where is the nearest Apple Store?” iPhone Apps Tech & Gadgets apple maps fail apple maps fail photos apple maps troll face fry apple maps futurama apple maps siri troll face troll face siri#5: Happy Little Clouds. +. =. #4: 4: Major Landmarks are in Wrong Locations. #3: 3: Welcome to the Twilight Zone. #2: 2: Dude, Where’s my Campus? #1: ” Crowdsourced post via Quora.

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Apple Magic Mouse Review

Jason Yormark

jasonyormark.com Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Apple , Computer Hardware / Apple Magic Mouse Review | Subcribe via RSS Apple Magic Mouse Review November 8th, 2009 Posted in Apple , Computer Hardware Tweet Share It’s no secret I have formed a deep, passionate love for all things Apple over the past 6 months. My latest love is the new Apple Magic Mouse. But when you decide to go Apple, you know you are going to pay more.

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New Research Provides Further Insight into the Potential Impact of Apple's Coming IDFA Update

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A new report from Apps Flyer suggests that the impacts of the upcoming IDFA prompt on iOS won't be as bad as anticipated