TikTok Provides an Overview of its Analytics Tools

Social Media Today

TikTok has provided a new overview of its analytics tools to help businesses and creators make the most of their TikTok clips

TikTok Provides New Video Overview of How to Set Up a TikTok Ad Campaign

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This new video overview provides a complete rundown of the basic process Looking to set up your first TikTok ad campaign?


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Facebook Provides New Overview of How its Ad System Works

Social Media Today

Facebook has provided a new overview of how its ad system works as part of its "Good Questions, Real Answers" series

An Overview of Effective Live-Streaming for Nonprofit Organizations

Social Media Today

With live video consumption on the rise, and in-person events off the cards, here's an overview of how nonprofits can make best use of live-streaming for their fundraising efforts

Snapchat Provides an Overview of its New Video Conversion Tool

Social Media Today

Snapchat has provided an overview of its handy new video conversion tool, which enables you to edit your video content into Snapchat's preferred vertical presentation format

Facebook Provides New Creator Studio Overview and Tips

Social Media Today

Facebook has published a new, updated overview of its Creator Studio app, including its Instagram publishing tools

Facebook Provides an Overview of Content That it Looks to Exclude From its Recommendation Surfaces

Social Media Today

Facebook has provided some new insight into which Pages and posts it looks to exclude from its recommendation surfaces, like its 'Pages You May Like' and 'Suggested For You' listings

An Overview of Your Advertising Options on YouTube

Social Media Today

YouTube is a digital superpower important for brands and marketers. This post looks at the various ad options that YouTube provides

The importance of context in data ingestion strategy development: A quick overview


At present, there is an urgent need to support real-time data ingestion, especially when it comes down to technically demanding devices such as IoT.

YouTube's Working on a New Analytics Overview Summary to Help Creators Maximize Performance

Social Media Today

YouTube's working on a new video analytics display to help creators better understand where their views are coming from, and how to maximize performance

Apple and Google Provide New Overview of How the COVID-19 'Exposure Notification' API Will Function

Social Media Today

Apple and Google have published new information about their COVID-19 tracing API, including new examples of how it will look

An Overview of TikTok Ads [Infographic]

Social Media Today

As TikTok gradually develops and rolls out its self-serve ad platform, the short-form video app has provided a new overview of its ad tools

Snapchat Launches 'Solutions in a Snap' Ad Overview Series

Social Media Today

Snapchat has launched a new video series to help educate advertisers on the range of ad options it has available, and how to use them to best effect

An Overview of The Workers Comp Claim Process

The Realtime Report

An Overview of The Workers Comp Claim Process. The average worker’s comp claim paid out over $40,000 in 2016. Millions of these cases happen every year. After an injury at work, you have a limited time to file a claim. Each state differs, but the deadlines for filing a claim are always short. Understanding the workers comp claim process can help you get the assistance you need. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the process. What is Workers Comp?

Social Media Promotions: An Overview Of Sweepstakes


Sweepstakes: An Overview. Video: Social Media Promotions: An Overview Of Sweepstakes. Last weekend I was a guest lecturer at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. courtesy of my great friend Shashi Bellamkonda – better known as the Social Media Swami or @shashib. Shashi asked me to take a page out of our social media promotions playbook and record a video for the class to watch on sweepstakes. Below are two of the takeaways: Every Community Wants Growth.

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri Provides an Overview of His Vision for the Platform

Social Media Today

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has reflected on his first year in the role, and what he sees as the future for the platform

Overview of Twitter Ads [Prices, Screenshots, Terms]


Here is an overview of Twitter Ads for small business owners. Overview of Twitter Ads. Business & Marketing Social Media overview of twitter ads price of twitter ads prices of twitter ads screenshots of twitter ads terms of twitter ads twitter ads twitter ads terms twitter american express twitter small business twitter small business owners twitter with american express

An Essential Overview of the Chinese Social Media Landscape in 2019

Social Media Today

China is not only the world’s largest social media market, but it also boasts an incredibly rich and diverse online landscape

Facebook Releases New Overview of Content Removals, Fake Profiles and Enforcements

Social Media Today

Facebook has this week published its latest Community Standards report, showcasing its improvements in detecting and removing offensive and illegal content

LinkedIn Publishes New Overview of How Nonprofits Can Make Best Use of the Platform [Infographic]

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has shared a new set of tips for nonprofits looking to use its platform to maximize their messaging

Twitter Provides a New Overview of 'State-Backed' Information Operations on its Platform

Social Media Today

Twitter has outlined a new set of examples of attempted, 'state-backed' manipulation of tweets for political purposes, further underlining the scope of the problem

An Overview of Bulletin Board Focus Groups


Here is an overview of bulletin board focus groups and their advantages and disadvantages. Bulletin boards focus groups (also known as BBFGs) are extended online discussions that take over 3 to 5 days, or more. BBFGs may have between 18 to 25 participants per group and develop in an asynchronous, threaded, self-paced fashion. . Methodology of Bulletin Board Focus Groups.

LinkedIn Provides an Overview of Content and Engagement Trends Related to COVID-19 [Infographic]

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has provided an overview of how the evolving COVID-19 discussion has dominated its platform in recent weeks, along with some of the key business themes emerging from that

An Overview of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Koka Sexton

The post An Overview of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle appeared first on Koka Sexton Have you thought about making a career change? Perhaps you find yourself stuck to the 9 to 5 lifestyle, chained to a desk in an office cubicle. Maybe you’ve wondered if there’s a life outside of the office. Did you know that many have embraced a location independent lifestyle — one that’s exciting, fresh and life-changing? Wouldn’t you like to travel the world while making enough money to enjoy each day?

TikTok Shares New Overview of 'Unique Opportunities for Brands' on its Platform [Infographic]

Social Media Today

TikTok has shared a new collection of notes on how brands can utilize its platform to best effect

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Turns Five - An Overview of the App's History [Infographic]

Social Media Today

LinkedIn's Sales Navigator platform is five years old - here's a look at how the app has developed over time

YouTube Adds New Hashtag Showcase Pages to Assist in Content Discovery

Social Media Today

YouTube has added new hashtag showcase pages, which provide full-page overviews of videos which have included specific hashtags

Lobbyist Registration Requirements—a brief overview


This is the latest guest post on transparency and other global issues affecting associations from Steven Worth of Plexus Consulting. ——————-.

Snapchat Shares Top AR Campaigns of 2020

Social Media Today

Snapchat has shared an overview of some of the top AR campaigns on the platform in 2020

Snapchat Partners with Google for Immersive 'Year in Search' AR Experience

Social Media Today

Google has launched a new Snapchat AR Lens which provides an interactive spin on its Year in Search trends overview

Google Shares Insights into the Top Search Queries of 2020

Social Media Today

Google has provided an overview of the year in search for 2020, outlining the most searched queries of the year

Executive Overview of Social Media for the C's

Bare Feet Studios

roxannedarling December 4, 2009 at 5:01 pm Executive Overview of Social Media for the C’s: I had an opportunity to speak with the &#822.

10 Social Media Trends That Every Marketer Should Know in 2021 [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Stay in touch with the key social media trends of the coming year with this overview

Pinterest Releases New Data on Key Trends Heading into the Last Quarter of 2020

Social Media Today

Pinterest has released a new overview of key content trends as we head into the last months of 2020

Facebook's Testing an Instagram Content Calendar in its Creator Studio Tool

Social Media Today

Facebook's testing a new feature in its Creator Studio dashboard which would provide an overview of your Instagram post activity

Aloha Summit Links: Overview of Online Video

Bare Feet Studios

Facebook Offers New, Free Training Sessions on Groups for Business, Messenger and More

Social Media Today

Facebook continues its program of free business education lessons with new overviews of groups, Messenger and more

8 Typography Design Trends for a Modern Business Website in 2021 [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Get some inspiration for your campaigns and design with this overview of rising typography trends

Four Steps To Optimize A News Release For Google News

Waxing UnLyrical

This isn’t another overview post about how to search engine optimize a news release. Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Four Steps To Optimize A News Release For Google News November 15th, 2010 Tweet Guest post by Erica Holt Please stop yawning Don’t worry. You can read all about that here , here , and here.

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Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings to Help Users Better Understand Their Options

Social Media Today

Twitter has rolled out a new update to its privacy and safety settings, including new video overviews of how to utilize the various options