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2023 Average Engagement Rates for 13 Industries [STATS]


average performance stats for a social platform or industry), it’s difficult to make sense of raw data. In this post, we’ve rounded up average social media engagement rates from 13 top industries to give you a better understanding of where you stand. You can create engaging social content even if your industry has a boring reputation.

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B2B influencers are PR’s ticket to industry dominance


By leveraging the power of influencers and combining it with strategic PR initiatives, B2B marketers can effectively reach their target audience and position themselves as industry leaders.

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Four Social Media Networking Tips for Every Industry

Webbiquity SMM

Is your industry or field of interest highly visual, like photography or fitness? You can either search for specific people within your industry, or you can search for subjects within your field. Maybe you’re looking to connect with someone really important in your industry. Go Where Your People Are.

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Creating Compelling Social Content in the Finance Industry


Kristina Thomas goes Behind the Post to share her strategy for creating compelling social content in the finance industry. Kristina leads an award-winning global team and reveals the delicacies and challenges of managing a social strategy in the finance industry.

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Business Venture Ideas: 9 Surprising Industrial Hemp Uses

The Realtime Report

Business Venture Ideas: 9 Surprising Industrial Hemp Uses. Experts project that the global market for industrial hemp will reach a massive $41.78 There are many factors that account for the skyrocketing demand of industrial hemp in recent years, including its increasing use in a wide variety of applications. billion in 2018.

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#579: Must-Know Online Marketing Industry Updates & Trends For 2023

Amy Porterfield

The Top 7 Digital Marketing Updates & Trends To Be Aware Of The State Of The Digital Course Industry & What You Can Expect In The Next Year Holy smokes, things in the digital marketing world are moving fast.

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Salud! How agencies are working with the drinks industry to reach a new generation of consumers


Whether you like to sip something sparkling or make it Irish, the drinks industry has been busy innovating over the last few years, as consumer appetites change. Is there anything better on a scorching summer day than an ice-cold beverage?

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