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Twitter: Gnip 2.0 APIs Now Generally Available

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New data and enrichments: Take advantage of new URL metadata and a more powerful Klout enrichment to create new product experiences. Hashtags Historical PowerTrack Klout Metadata PowerTrack Queries Quoted Tweets URLsTwitter announced earlier this week that the updated (2.0) versions of its Gnip application-programming interfaces are now generally available. Gnip product manager Adam Tornes said in a blog post that the 1.0 versions of the Gnip APIs will sunset Dec. 1, adding that brands and agencies making the move to 2.0 Tornes also detailed the new functionality in Gnip 2.0:

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Everyone’s a curator now…

The Way of the Web

Digital Culture Digital Publishing Lifestreaming Media social networks user generated content Writing content curation self publishing social media user metadataAnd I’m struck by the way in which my own experiences are changing, even at a family event. All totally normal. Consolidated B-24M Liberator Second World War American Bomber. Except here’s the change.

5 Essential SEO Tips For Magento Ecommerce Stores

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Rely on Metadata Metadata helps streamline search results, thus it is a good idea to update the default metadata that’s set for your Magento store. Do not use the same metadata for all pages. Thus the metadata description for your homepage will not be a relevant one for any specific product page. Competition on the online world is increasing every day.

Stop Your Smartphone From Telling Burglars Where You Live

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Because today’s smartphones are preinstalled with GPS technology (that power your maps and Foursquare apps so you always know where you are), that technology is also added in the form of metadata that is attached to every photo or video your device records. Photo by Pieter Vieu. Used with permission. No joke. Cheers to JO Social Branding for the reminder.

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APOSDLE learn@work - Triple-I

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Workshop on Contextualized Attention Metadata: Profiling and Modelling User Activities - Call for Papers. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications: Metadata for Semantic and Social Applications. Sitemap. Search: Top menu. Overview. Workplan. Results. Events. Publications. Partners. Weblog. Contact. APOSDLE learn@work. -->. Right menu. CAMA 2008. link].

Fluency of Culture, Not Language, Is Key to Winning Big in Global Online Markets

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The company replaced this English-language Open Graph metadata with Arabic content. Guest post by Charles Whiteman. The smartest companies are always looking to reach untapped markets. These days, most are finding success by engaging new global consumers through digital channels. Marketers can face challenges during such expansions, however. They also need cultural fluency. On Social Media.

#HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms

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Enter ; the site bills itself as “the first social media search engine that gives users a way to gather information on any metadata tags (#hashtags) from popular social networks.” Are hashtags part of your brand’s marketing plan? Hashtags work on multiple social networks – but until recently there was no easy way to search them on all of these platforms.

The One Tip That Took My Blog To New Levels. Stop Caring.

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After culling through old posts, looking at my analytics , analyzing keywords and metadata, and looking at my various social sharing processes , I was a bit surprised at the nugget I drew from all of it. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and as I look back over those years, I’m amazed at how much I have learned. Stop caring. Stop caring. I was frustrated. And my blog grew.

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5 Must Haves for Every Good Blog Post


This is interesting because it not only indicates that you should be thinking about how this content will be accessed on multiple platforms but also alludes to the importance proper metadata inclusion. Make sure you read about the importance of metadata and SEO. Here are their responses. Engaging Title/Headline. Clearly this belongs at the top of the list. Original Content. Relax.

Are you designing for findability?


Twitter whitepaper pdf – they added metadata to help it come up in search, and it worked (despite it being a pdf – eww.) Whoe LOC team helps add metadata to online docs #uxredux. Jill MacNeice – Design for Findability: metadata, metrics and collaboration on Of all the sessions, one in particular was the most fascinating to me. uxredux.

8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


Take the time to add additional metadata such as locations and people’s full names–not “Shawna and Bob talk”–so you can track images down for re-use in the future. Amy DeLouise is a video director-producer who specializes in telling real people stories that help nonprofits and companies tell their brand story. 1 – Tell a Story. 2 – Be Brief, With Exceptions.

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Audio 360: Facebook Brings Spatial Audio to 360-Degree Videos

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The Encoder will automatically add the metadata needed to share the 360 video on Facebook. Facebook is bringing 360-degree audio to its 360-degree videos. ” Audio 360 was launched Friday for 360 videos on News Feed in Facebook’s flagship iOS and Android applications, Chrome on desktop and Samsung Gear VR , bringing spatial surround sound to those videos. Fuerza Imprevista.

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Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #314

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Using Metadata To Find Paul Revere - Kieran Healey. "I metadata. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: . I came across this post while looking into other data science stuff. It's interesting, because it shows how simple facts (like membership in known groups) can tell us a lot about people -- in this case, that Paul Revere was plotting against the British. But it's brilliant, because the writer stays in character. Hugh for Alistair).

Three Words That Will Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

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So, to crunch your photos simply download the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin and let it strip out all the useless metadata that is stored in each image file that bloats the file size and slows down your pages. Images…we all love them. Whether it’s funny #FAIL photos, pictures of our family or maybe photos of our favorite recipe or vacation spot, we love to share them with others.

Content Curation: Are You Doing it Right?

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Blogger Clinton Forry says the distinction between aggregation and curation is that aggregation is automated and gathers records based on metadata or keywords. Today’s guest post is written by Susan Young. Content curation is the hot ticket item in social media and business these days. It is a big time business. Author Steven Rosenbaum writes in Curation Nation. They fact-check.

Storify Your Stories…Or Maybe Don’t


Unlike some sites where the original poster gets lost through re-blog after re-blog (I’m looking at you WeHeartIt and Tumblr) Storify keeps the metadata of whatever you’ve chosen to embed into your story so attribution never gets lost. Which is where Storify comes in to simplify the process. Lucky for us, they made a video which simplifies the process. uphill. both ways.

Pinterest for Business: How to Get Started & Be Successful

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Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement. To enable Rich Pins, you need to add some metadata to your site. Second you will use the rich pins validator to make sure your metadata is correct and then apply for rich pins. Should you be using Pinterest for business? It can still work wonders. Convert now.”. Place.

Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

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Here they are in a nutshell: Metadata Flow Content Sectioning Content Heading Content Phrasing Content Embedded Content Interactive Content All of these types of content are in current use, of course, but HTML 5 provides definitions for them and specific protocols for deploying them within the HTML code. About Us What’s a Maverick? In that regard, it’s a huge step up from HTML 4.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] How PRISM could work (maybe)


PRISM probably is NOT: A blanket ingestion of all data flowing to/from the provider (although there are indications that much of the metadata is collected via other programs). By Ashkan Soltani , an “independent researcher and consultant focused on privacy, security, and behavioral economics.” ” READ THE FULL EXPLANATION HERE. chats, VOIP sessions, login events).

Is Twitter Media Studio Twitter’s Best Kept Secret?

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Add Metadata to your videos and images, this adds a description below your media when you Tweet it. You can add metadata to your media without Tweeting. To do this, click on a photo or video, this allows you to add metadata and save it for use later on. Twitter Media Studio is a dashboard for uploading, managing and scheduling media tweets. But appearances are deceptive.

[Cool Social Tools] IssueLab: To Unlock PDF Jail, Share What You Know


Of course the trick to managing this data is to do more than just collect it, but instead to systematically and accurately augment it with layers of metadata – like publishing date, funder, publishing organization, geographic focus, and other descriptors – making it both more discoverable and usable. ———— Pity the poor PDF. photo credit ).

Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely

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The link to the RSS in the profile page metadata (ie. The link to the RSS in the profile page metadata (ie. Last year I shared how Twitter was moving more and more towards a closed, less-standards oriented model of sharing content as they upgraded their design to bring more people to the website. Two things were removed in #NewTwitter: 1. the element in the ). (2) link].

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Five Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

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Use photos and graphics whenever possible, and include your keywords in the alt text and metadata. This week our guest posts focus on the latest trends in SEO. Today: Local search by Monia Raymond. . Every day, more companies learn a bit more about SEO,and every day, competition for website traffic increases. Today, we’ll expand on its numerous benefits to help with local search.

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Internet Marketing and SEO Analyst Job Opening

Bill Hartzer

Experience with onsite search a plus, including knowledge of conventions and infrastructure such as structured metadata, taxonomy, content optimization and late-generation software solutions. CS Creative is seeking an Internet Marketing Analyst, to work client-side with a leading technology company based in Dallas. This position will be responsible for keyword research, optimizing and coding various pages in HTML. The role involves working closely with the MarCom department and product line managers. It is a full-time contract position for 6-12 months with a possibility to extend.

How to Create Unpublished Facebook Posts

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If you don’t provide it, Facebook will attempt to pull it from your website’s metadata. More than three years ago now, I wrote an article about how to create a dark or unpublished Facebook post. Well, that post is outdated, so it’s time to freshen it up. Let’s take a closer look at the value of unpublished Facebook posts and how you can create them. Carousel. Photo.

6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Blog


Use Snappy Social Metadata . It’s really important that you include OpenGraph tags in the metadata of all your posts. This is a guest contribution from Will Nicholls. It was a little over two years ago when I first went online and bought my blog’s domain name. Before You Begin. All of the things I’m going to mention are what I’ve only implemented relatively recently. The result?

How to Promote Your Content Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

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Incidentally, it’s a good idea to add Twitter Card and Facebook OGP metadata to that page. At the same time, get your metadata right so you look good when shared on social networks – use OGP tags for Facebook and Twitter Card metadata. Content marketing evangelists have spoken – “Create great content that appeals to your customers and you’ll profit.”. Blog(s). Conclusion.

Content Curation versus Content Aggregation

The people in charge would have noted that the above velvet Mr. T metadata indicated it was a painting, an original, from the 20th century, and possibly placed it next to the Van Gogh or Mondrian. There are contextual cues that no amount of keywords or metadata can surface. skip to main | skip to sidebar Content-ment New media, old media, and the spaces in between. Content strategy.

10 Tips to Optimize Your Presence on Pinterest

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By setting one up, the pin will show metadata providing pinners with a more in-depth experience and helping to improve engagement. It’s hard to deny the power of Pinterest. Because it’s about so much more than posting pretty pictures, isn’t it? Pinterest is an influential visual search engine… and, as such, this means you can optimize it for your own gain. It’s just common sense, right?

This Week in Social Media – 6/12/2013

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Now, most of this is purported to be more innocuous metadata, such as frequency of calls, numbers dialed, countries, etc. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry. These are those links. If you have additional links, sources or ideas that might be helpful, I''d encourage you to add some via a comment below or tag me in Google+. Think email is dead? Think again. versus 22.2% Mobile.

Working with Social Media Data: Content

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Finally, most content sources include hidden metadata, such as topic tags and author information, that adds context and clues for analysis. Before you can analyze, you need data. In thinking of what you can do with social media data, I find it helpful to think about three buckets of social media data : content, activity, and people data. Let's talk about content. What do you do with that?

Exploring the World of Blockchain Transactions

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One of them could also be a regulator who could look in to see the metadata and validate what’s happening.”. Those of you who have been following my recent posts about digital currencies may remember my recent discussion with Alex Tapscott, founder and CEO of Northwest Passage Ventures. Here, Alex discusses the different forms that a blockchain can take. Watch for it!

Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

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My years in social marketing tell me that, yes, we need to infuse our content with SEO goodness, with keywords and structured data and optimized metadata. Guest Post by J.D. Lasica. Regular WUL readers know that Shonali (a friend and former colleague at ) showcases guest posts about how to build, engage and sustain an online community, among other things. Lots of case studies and lots of stories of success and failure. Today I’m here not with a success story, but with a quick back story and a set of assumptions. First, the back story. Assumption 1: Create content.

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags

According to the official source : Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. Hashtags are getting more and more popular (despite the fact some people are against them wishing their Twitter stream to be metadata-free and “as human a form of communication as possible&# ). Where can I find what hashtags people are using?

How to Optimize Your Content for Authorship Success


Metadata on Twitter. Twitter Cards enable you to attach media to Tweets that link your content: It’s social’s all-important metadata. This is a guest contribution from Jaclyn Freeman. Who are you? Don’t fret – this isn’t philosophy class and no, we’re not trying to steal your identity. But how, you ask? Through digital authorship. AuthorRank – Myth or Legend? General

So You Want Traffic? This Is NOT Gonna Help


You stuff your metadata with keywords. This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba. Is your blog traffic THIS empty? Photo by Jason Hines ). Traffic. It is the key to every blog. Bloggers need traffic, no matter for whatever reason they are blogging. Every blog needs just more and more eyeballs. Traffic means sales, popularity, promotion and everything else a blogger needs. Let me explain. Bloggin

5 Basics to Having Your Post go Viral


Have you checked the metadata? The longer I blog, the more I hear of bloggers trying to go viral. I’m sure on top of posting consistently, using social media strategically, and generally providing interesting, useful, and inspiring content on the internet, it would be a little help if that content was seen by as many people as possible. Going viral wouldn’t hurt, right? General

Optimise Your Blog with Google Search Console: A Treasure Trove of Traffic


Other information is included, such as how often your site is updated, metadata, and information about videos and images. By ProBlogger SEO Expert Jim Stewart of StewArt Media. Hence in 2015 it was renamed Google Search Console. So for those new to Google Search Console, what is it? Google Search Console offers in-depth knowledge about your website. You will then have to verify your site.

How to Improve your SEO by Speeding up Your WordPress Website


Over time that database can get crowded with old, repetitive post revisions, spammed or unapproved comments, duplicated and orphaned metadata, and other useless and unwanted crap. This is a guest contribution from Tracey Jones. Have you been reading up on all those facts about how sites with slower page load times (more than 3 seconds) have higher bounce rates? Ready. Check Hosting.

Lessons Learned with Amazon, iBooks and Lulu

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At first, it was something to do with the metadata, the margins, and the table of contents, but would you be able to glean that from a message like this? Good news! Exodus is finally available in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as electronically via the iTunes store. If you want, read Ralph Rivera’s review here. CreateSpace versus Lulu. Thus the problem. The ringer?