Snapchat Launches 'Dynamic Travel Ads' to Help Travel Marketers Reach Interested Audiences

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The ads will look to highlight more relevant travel destinations and options to Snap users

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What Are Some Ideas for A Travel or Vacation Blog?

SocMed Sean

The very word “travel” brings to mind a host of thoughts: Mystery. And in many cases, travel can provide all those experiences and more. This may be why travel blogging has become incredibly popular in recent years. What does it mean to create a travel or vacation blog?

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Pinterest Provides Tips for Travel Brands Amid Early Signs of Travel Recovery

Social Media Today

Pinterest has shared a new set of tips for travel marketers looking for opportunities amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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6 Budget Saving Business Travel Tips

The Realtime Report

6 Budget Saving Business Travel Tips. Love it or hate it, there’s a certain amount of travel that’s inevitable for certain careers. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, one thing’s for sure: when you travel for work, you want to save money!

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Walking the Content Road Less Traveled

Waxing UnLyrical

Ready to make some magic by walking the content road less traveled? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Walking the Content Road Less Traveled. Content Marketing Personal content strategy creativity in content road less traveledHey, Content Strategist! Yes, you. I’m talking to you. What if, instead of doing what every single content marketing guru told you to do (“Do more!” ” “Be everywhere!” ” “Jump on the bandwagon!”),

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Pinterest Shares New Insights into Emerging Travel Trends as People Look Beyond the Pandemic

Social Media Today

Travel searches are on the rise among Pinners, which could present significant new opportunities for marketers

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Pinterest Shares New Insights into Emerging Travel Trends and Interest Ramps Up Among Pinners

Social Media Today

Pinterest has shared some new insights into its evolving travel audience, as the end of the pandemic increasingly comes into view

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How To Get Travel Influencers To Visit Your City


It’s warming up and influencers are making travel plans for the spring and summer. Use these tips to entice travel influencers to visit your city for more exposure. The post How To Get Travel Influencers To Visit Your City appeared first on Social Media Marketing Agency | Firebelly Marketing. The best way to go about this is to make a solid compensation package to offer to influencers based on their following, social media channels they are […].

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Making the Perfect App for Travelers

The Realtime Report

Making the Perfect App for Travelers. People love traveling and seeing the wonders of the world. Travel apps help in solving all issues. Let us tell you what to consider when trying to come up with a great service for travelers. Travel Needs Checklist.

Traveling to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Here’s how traveling can make you more visible on social media: New connections. As soon as you travel to a new destination, you can start networking straight away. Spend time talking to locals and fellow travelers. Not everyone gets to travel as much as they’d like to, if at all. Your travels are the best chance they have of making their dreams come true. A social media post about traveling is different from a travel website. Travel purchases.

Career Opportunities In Travel And Tourism

The Realtime Report

Career Opportunities In Travel And Tourism. Globalization has not only reduced the distances between different countries, it has also promoted the concept of travelling for pleasure.

Twitter Shares New Insights into Evolving Travel Trends [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Travel is back on the cards, and Twitter users are increasingly tweeting about their plans

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4 Kids, 2 Businesses, and 1 Year Abroad: How I Manage Work, Finances, and Travel

Buffer Marketing

Travel has always been a fundamental part of my life. So during the pandemic, being stuck at home while still promoting travel inspiration to my customers felt surreal.   In general, this turned out to be true, even considering how travel costs have increased in recent months.

7 Travel Influencers you should be following on Social Media

Ignite Social Media

From pictures of national landmarks to exotic locations, I think we can all agree that with the age of social media that travel inspiration is all around us. There’s a plethora of travel influencers that offer a breathtaking perspective of places we may want to add to our bucket lists. Dave and Deb have been sharing their travels with the aim of helping others achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. These two combine two of my favorite things, travel and food.

Social Media and Travel

Social Media Marketing

It means that more of us are doing things on the web (or mobile web, as the case may be) while we're on the go, and there are certain things those of us in the digital world look for when we travel - at least with regard to infrastructure. JetBlue made a name for itself in the social media space after a difficult travel situation thanks to severe winter weather in 2007. Then again, a number of airports have recognized that passengers travel with gadgets and need places to charge.

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#MeasurePR Memory (August 2018): Travel and Tourism Edition

Waxing UnLyrical

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity in the travel and tourism industry! Cait DeBaun leads communications for Project Time Off , a travel industry initiative to motivate Americans to take vacation and see the country. A2: Why people do and DO NOT travel/vacation is important to understand first, then we can talk to them intelligently #measurepr. So we look at how and why people book travel. Metrics to gauge whether a travel app is taking off.

46 Travel Tools to Optimize Your Next Vacation

Convince & Convert

As we bathe in the memory of friends, family and BBQ over this week’s Memorial Day holiday, our minds are now tuned up and ready to hit our favorite travel season – summer. While there are literally thousands of online tools and apps to help you plan the perfect retreat, here’s my top 46 list I hope will make your travel season one that’s effortless, fun and filled with great memories. Tripit - Keep all of your travel plans in one spot.

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4 Apps For the World Traveler


Next Spring I will be traveling to Sydney, Australia to study abroad for 5 months. The app will take all travel confirmation emails and organize it for you. For many of these apps you use for traveling you are obviously going to want wi-fi so you don’t get charged with major fines from your cell phone company. While most trips for people only last a couple weeks, it is still helpful to know some apps that can get you through your trip whether long or short.

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Cheap Summer Travel: 23 Best Places To Go Now

Forbes Social Media

Travel experts share the cheapest places to travel this summer

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling : 1. When and Where: Meetups of this group take place in and around London a few times each month, often close to airports and other travel-based locations for ease of access for those unfamiliar with the city. San Francisco World Travelers.

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5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling : 1. When and Where: Meetups of this group take place in and around London a few times each month, often close to airports and other travel-based locations for ease of access for those unfamiliar with the city. San Francisco World Travelers.

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How the Travel Industry is Recovering in 2021 with Influencers


Travel and tourism took a major hit in 2020. Over 2020, the travel industry lost approximately 1.3 A report published in May 2020 even estimated the loss of over 100 million jobs in the travel industry (as per the World Travel and Tourism Council).

Business Travelers Increasingly Vulnerable To Data Theft

The Realtime Report

Business Travelers Increasingly Vulnerable To Data Theft. trillion in 2019 to $6 trillion by 2021, one area of particular concern is information security while traveling on business. It is now standard practice for employees to access company information via mobile devices including laptops, smart phones and tablets, while traveling, or to take sensitive documents with them. Business travelers are also far more likely to connect to insecure Wi-Fi networks while traveling.

Travel, Tweets, Trends – Social Media Runs Rampant in Adventure Travel

Convince & Convert

I’ll write more about those issues soon, but today let’s turn our attention to an industry where social media is thriving like Cher’s plastic surgeon: Adventure Travel! If you want to mountain bike down an active volcano while holding a cobra in one hand and an ancient druid sculpture in the other, there’s likely a trip for you within the adventure travel industry. The Travel, Tweets, & Trends Report.

The Erstwhile Culture Of Travel

Forbes Social Media

This article analyses the effects of technology on travel culture today to include medical tourism and everyday life events as now marketed as "experiences" through online travel sites and apps

Facebook Updates Travel Ads to Help Airlines Reach More Prospective Customers

Social Media Today

Facebook has updated its Travel Ads offering with a new airline specific addition to help target prospective passengers

Travel Essentials for PR Pros, Or: What’s In Your Wallet?

Waxing UnLyrical

we’re approaching the height of summer vacations and travel. we’re approaching the height of summer vacations and travel (unless you’re in the “other” hemisphere,” in which case you’re shivering your timbers off, and Jamie Garantziotis is going to have to take care of you). These “things” are what I’ve found to be travel essentials for the PR pro on the go, and I figured the info might be useful to you.

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7 Marketing Ideas For Hospitality Brands During A Travel Lull


Travel and hospitality brands have faced one of the biggest challenges yet: 2020. After years of growth, fueled by influencers and social media, the travel industry has taken a significant hit.

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals: The Best Travel Sales

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Top travel bargains for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, from Caribbean hotels to European cruises

Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, “Version Cuisine”, Causing A Buzz In France

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Travel /travel Lifestyle /lifestyle Travel /travel Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media lifestyle lifestyleA French version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean has been trending on social media, replacing the English words with French food words.

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A Large Majority Of Travelers, Including Baby Boomers, Are Cool With Digital Travel Technology. But Younger Travelers Crave Even More

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“The opportunities are really endless as to how the travel experience can be improved” through the addition and refinement of new digital capabilities

Baby Boomer Travelers: What Marketers Need to Know [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Older travelers are a key tourism market, and newer trends are facilitating evolving motivations, and potential outreach options

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Facebook's Privacy Seems To Be Traveling Away

Forbes Social Media

The traveling friends feature in Facebook has not been heavily publicized and it is allowing user's travel patterns and schedules be passed to their friends list. This could create less than ideal situations and potentially endanger the user

#LoveCapeTown Campaign Shakes Up “Fam” Trip With Crowdsourced Tips for Travel Bloggers

The Realtime Report

Cape Town Tourism’s most recent marketing initiative used a clever combination of travel blogging, crowdsourcing and social media to draw attention to the city, ranked 23rd among the top 25 travel destinations worldwide in TripAdvisor’s 2012 list of Traveler’s Choice Destinations. This year, as part of its larger “iAmbassador” campaign, Cape Town Tourism invited four international travel bloggers for a stay in Cape Town.

Powerful Storytelling Secrets from National Geographic Travel – Lindsay Smith [SSM028]

Buffer Social

With more than 25,000,000 adoring fans across social media, National Geographic Travel is a poster child for the power of storytelling in marketing. This is the approach that National Geographic Travel takes to every one of their stories. And Lindsay Smith , Producer at National Geographic Travel, helps to shape and tell that story. You’ll also learn some cool things like: How Nat Geo Travel curates all of their amazing photography on Instagram.

#385: Is A Blog Valuable To Your Business? With Glo Atanmo

Amy Porterfield

Online Business Online Marketing female travel blog podcast travel blog travel blog websites travel blogging travel blogging for beginnersGlo Atanmo tells all about creating a passion led business and a blog that adds value to her business.

Pinterest Travel Trends 2018 [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Pinterest has released a new infographic which outlines key travel-related trends on the platform

Top 5 Up-and-Coming Travel and Food Influencers


Food and travel are blossoming as digitally native millennials prioritize experiences over belongings. Learn how these up-and-coming travel and food influencers built niche communities of followers who are passionate about experiences and see what marketers stand to learn from their success. . With a growing Instagram community of 23.6K, Jen continues to travel the world dispensing clean water to in-need communities and gain unique cultural experiences.

Business Travel For Success (And Less Stress)

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This the question I get asked the most when it comes to my extensive (and often frenetic) business travel pace. Once I break it down, most people realize that life (and business travel) can be a lot less complicated and stressful if you plan, and seek out the advice from others who have paved the way (and paid the price). I sat down with my old friend, Bryan Eisenberg , who recently started a show called, Business Travel Hacks , to discuss everything. business travel.

Ranked: The 17 Worst Travel Annoyances On A Plane

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A survey of the worst travel habits on a plane. Plus a look at trains and automobiles, too