Smart Phone Cleaner Review: Cleanup and Speed up your iphone


From sending texts to checking emails to clicking pictures, we are glued to our phones throughout the day and beyond. After that, your phone’s performance slowly degrades in terms of speed, response time, battery life , storage space, etc. Download Smart Phone Cleaner app.

3 Key Features to Blog from a Smart Phone


However, after watching the launch of the Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint on August 2010, it made me rethink about the 3 key features that I would need to blog from a smart phone more often. My iPhone 3G blogging experience made it very clear that to properly blog from a smart phone you must have a full-slide out QWERTY keyboard. Having Flash 10x support as in the Samsung Epic 4G would make me also blog more often from a smart phone.


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Forget Generational Stereotypes, Baby Boomers Are Just As Addicted To Smart Phones

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The average American consumes more than 12 hours a day in smart phones, computers and televisions. But it was a surprise to learn that Baby Boomers are not much different, using phones the same amount and having the same effects Taking a toll on young adults and babies mental and physical health.

We Have Smart Homes and Smart Phones – What About Smart Blogs?


From simple things like automatic doors at the grocery store to the elaborate functions on our phones, automation makes life as we know it possible. As it turns out, many tools exist that can help you automate your blogging life and transform your plain old blog into a smart blog. It’s time to move beyond smart phones, and even smart houses, and embrace smart blog technology. We Have Smart Homes and Smart Phones – What About Smart Blogs?

Google Wallet: Pick Up the Check in a New Way

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The next time that someone asks if you would like to pay with cash, credit or check, just pull out your smart phone. Google is developing a new feature called Google Wallet , which will allow users to charge virtually any transaction to a credit card by using a smart phone. Just tap your phone on the reader and your phone sends payment, and, at some merchants, offers and loyalty information.


Social Media with Romona

Android Google Google Pixel Grow With Google android help android pixel empty google pixel trash google photos google pixel help google pixel photos google pixel trash is full how to empty google pixel trash my google pixel trash is full smart phone smartphone your trash is fullRead to stay up-to-date on the best practices of social media marketing, email marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and personal branding.

Is your business easy to find for local and mobile searchers.

Saying It Social

I promptly pulled out my smart phone, went to Google and typed merely “Italian deli&# – not having to add a geographic modifier because the GPS on my phone was enabled and would automatically pull local business listings based on my current location. Because it was late, I was only interested in the results that returned with a phone number so that I could call and make sure the establishment was still open.

B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box

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consumers own smart phones. cell phone users owned a smart phone. While execution is more urgent for consumer marketers, B2B marketers need to at least start thinking strategically about topics like apps, QR codes, and how their content appears on smart phones. Marketing Research Social Media Marketing b2b marketing statistics b2b trade magazines cost per lead Google vs. Facebook HubSpot mobile email QR codes smart phones The Marketing Data Box

Going Mobile is More than a Trend

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Mobile 105

The Royal Wedding – There's an App for That!

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Five for Friday 7.23

Jeff Esposito

After three years, I finally succumbed to the pressure to get a smart phone. Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Five for Friday 7.23 Written on July 23, 2010 by Espo in Five for Friday I must be getting old. My weeks are running into one another. I like it but not addicted, yet; had a great conversation about monitoring services with Jason Mollica and am happy to say that I will officially have my wife back full-time after she takes the bar next week.

Youtube Tuesday: Pink Ponies


I know they said the party went viral, but we would have loved to have seen digital cameras, Flips, laptops and smart phones out on the table for easy updates and sharing! Beautiful example of what might happen if an ad agency planned a little girl’s birthday party. Video URL: [link] ].

Moms And Dads - Let Your Videos Roll

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Thanks to our smart phones, we have the power to capture videos anytime, anywhere. But most of those are transitory, frequently disposable micro-moments in time. Earlier camcorder technology motivated us to take much longer and much more impactful videos and family home movies. Videos of our souls

The 10 Key Mobile Trends for 2011


The cross-channel customer is also a multi-device consumer and smart phones play an increasing role in communication, networking, social media usage and entertainment. Or that more people own a smart phone than use Facebook? The consumer smart phone boom will continue to put increasing pressure on 3G networks. For example, you can try on fashions from your PC or smart phone. More than your phone number may come up.

Mobile 188

Future of Social Media?


Smart phones lets us share real time events and connect with other people anywhere, anytime. We have seen many signs that digital solutions improves our ability to interact online in real time, and technology that lets us walk around and catch the moments as they happen without hunting for our smart phone in our bag or pocket, may just be the next step in social media. Do you think we will see the next generation of smart technology taking form in something like this?

Mobilizing Millennials For Social Good: 6 Takeaways From MCON13


Make your website smart phone compatible or you’ll be left in the dust. They are opinionated, digitally creative and read the news just like you (but they are doing so from a tablet or smart phone). This is a guest post from Chelsea Tuttle – a Ball State University public relations graduate, a Millennial and a MCON13 attendee.

Mobile 142

Top five: New features tools and services from the ‘Big Three’ (plus Pinterest)

Sherrilynne Starkie

Now Pinterest is introducing its own version to help users jump easily to boards by using their smart phone cameras. I’m bringing back the weekly top five that was such a popular feature on this blog many years ago. Each week, I’ll highlight the five most important social media news stories of the week (according to me!). This week we have new innovations from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. REPORT. Sherrilynne Starkie. Owner. items . followers . votes . views.

TwittFaced is now available on Kindle, Nook, and iBook!

Josh S Peters

For all you lovers of digital media, Twittfaced can now be read on almost any smart phone or ebook/digital book reading device. Now available on Amazon, Nook, and Apple iBooks. TwittFaced is now available on Kindle, Nook, and iBook! To get your digital copy of Twittfaced just click on one of the links below. Kindle. Nook . iBooks (search for it in the app / iTunes bookstore). For you old-school paper lovers, use one of these links to get a hardcopy. Amazon. Barnes and Noble.

Twitter’s Innovative Use of Responsive Web Design

Bill Hartzer

Responsive web design is where a website uses the same web design, but literally “changes” in a way that it looks good in any sized web browser–even on a tablet or smart phone. For example, the mobile version on my iPhone on Safari (not the app) looks like this: Responsive web design is important, as visitors are using smaller and smaller screens than we used before, such as smart phones and tablets.

How to Make Android Phone Faster: 8 Easy Hacks to Try!


Your phone’s performance starts wearing out, and you may encounter several issues, including slowdown. Wondering how to speed up Android phone? Let’s get started and see how you can enhance your phone’s speed and performance by trying a few hacks. Download Smart Phone Cleaner .

Path: the sequel

Sherrilynne Starkie

That was until last week’s relaunch which repositions the platform as a ‘smart journal’ for use on smart phones. Well over a year ago a new social network, Path, was launched. It was positioned as ‘personal network’ and friends were limited to just 50, a number based on the psychology theories that 150 is the maximum number of social relationships any human can handle.

Top Marketing Trends for 2013


Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors, tablets to mobile smart phones. With the astounding growth of mobile platforms and the incredible speed with which smart phones and tablet devices are being adopted, a responsive website is key to your online business success.

Trends 218

Losing the stress in the hospitality biz

Janet Fouts

You can view it on any internet device, from your smart-phone to a desktop. Nobody who has ever worked in the hospitality industry is oblivious to the stress and fatigue that comes with the territory. Long hours on our feet, demanding and challenging work situations can add up to sleepless nights and wondering why we do this! It’s common to turn to maladaptive behaviors like drugs, alcohol, overloading on late-night video games and simply not practicing self-care.

Class 91

4 Useful Windows Phone Apps


Windows Phone 8 has the backing of Microsoft. As such, Windows 8 users and adopters may be assured that there will be Windows phone apps available for their consumption now and long into the future. Their Windows Phone 8 is unique. 4 th & Mayor brings the fun and convenience of the Foursquare app to the Windows Phone environment. Foursquare delivers content about your local area, like restaurants, coffee shops, bars and much more to your smart phone.

Social Card Playing Online

The Realtime Report

Over the years, card game players in India have raised their skills and they have switched from just playing simple solitaire on their personal computer and smart phones to multiplayer games online. The best thing today is that people who enjoy playing this game can easily play Indian Rummy on their personal computers, laptops and also on their smart phones. All one needs to do is to simply download the app on their phones to enjoy the game.

Mental Calculation: Make Your Kids Bright With Strong Base on Mathematics

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Access to Math App The age of smart phone and gadgets could not stop children handing the Android smart phones. They use such phones for online games. The smart phone will also show you the percentage of installation completed. Mathematics is an important subject in schools and colleges. Some students are very good in calculations. They have either inherited it from their ancestors or had utilized their brain while solving arithmetic sums.

Mobile Is Here – Are You Ready for Mobile Marketing?


70% of American consumers want to receive offers on their smart phones. 74% of mobile users read email on smart phones or tablets. OK, we know that mobile Internet usage is rising exponentially, and clearly, it is no fad, its here to stay. Smartphones and tablets are becoming a paramount marketing consideration, and skyrocketing mobile use has critical implications for business. Mobile marketing should definately be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.

Mobile 187

4 Android Apps for American League Central Division Fans


Those interested in the outcome of the annual melee will want to have one or more of these apps loaded on their Android phone to assure that they can figure out what went wrong or what went right this year with their favorite team. What is great about this app is that you can store your info and White Sox gems right in your smart phone. Detroit Tigers on has many thoughtful features like tailoring videos to match your specific smart phone model.

Mobile Commerce On The Rise… Fast

Dave Fleet

According to the company, 20 per cent of US consumers have purchased something from a retailer using their cell phone. If nothing else, it would seem to indicate that the ever-increasing prevalence of smart phones is having a very noticeable impact. Other statistics from the study: Have you ever purchased something from a retailer using your cell phone? 27% Said no, but that they would purchase something from their cell phone eventually.

Mobile 253

Top 30 Diwali Social Media Posts


Panasonic Smart Phones. Diwali is the festival of lights. If you want your Diwali campaign to really spark engagement, you need all the ideas you can get. To help you with some inspiration we’ve put together this list of successful social media content around Diwali by brands in 2017 using Unmetric Discover – the world’s largest branded content catalog that helps you explore over 1 Billion pieces of branded content by more than 100,000 major brands.

Top 21 Pongal social media posts


Panasonic Smart Phones. The four-day celebration of Pongal, which marks the beginning of the harvest season in India, is a great opportunity for brands in India to kick off the year with creative social media campaigns.

What are Digital Assets and Why You Should Create them

Your Escape From 9 to 5

Hell, we should be able to create some digital products using our smart phones these days. What are Digital Assets? A Digital Asset is any form of content or media with the right to use it – as defined by The right to use it, is key here, as only the holder of the rights to use can monetize the digital asset. Examples of Digital Assets.

Make Your Website Mobile Web Ready

Small Business Mavericks

If you look back just 15 years, you would never have thought that you could do all the things you can do with smart phones. You certainly never thought you could access the Internet from your cell phone, right? Now, technology allows you to do all kinds of things from smart phones or iPhones. This in turn will make your site faster, which is what you need for it to be accessible to cell phones. More users are using their voice option on the phone.

Five Social Media Haters We Love To Hate


These are the five social media haters you will frequently encounter whenever you pull out your smart phone and start sending a tweet. They still think social media, the Internet, computers, and smart phones are a fad. Social media haters are familiar to those of us who do social media on a regular basis.

4 Must-Download Windows Phone Apps


Now here they come, hat in hand, begging us to adopt Windows Phone 8. Check out these 4 must-download Windows Phone apps. Metro Tube is the way to go if you want to interface with You Tube on your Windows Smart Phone running Windows Phone 7.5 So support the good vibes and download it for the best in You Tube results when using Windows Phone. You can also take notes as audio files or as pictures from your smart phone’s camera.

4 Web Browsers for Android Devices


Nowadays with smart phones all the rage, it is time to think about which browser we really want on our Android mobile computing device. That can allow you access to some of the inevitable content that falls through the cracks when paring down apps for the requisite portability of the Android based smart phone. In the old days it was Microsoft Explorer or the highway. Then there was Netscape, then the pandemonium of still other web browsers.

Why The Cloud is Business Critical in 2020

The Realtime Report

As your customers become increasingly more expectant that you can solve their pain points electronically, instantly and via the smart phones, tablets and other connected devices that are increasingly populating the digital business ecosphere, you need to be ready for that demand.

4 Internet Radio Apps for Android Devices


Make sure you have your cell phone data plan up to snuff, because audio can demand a lot of your mobile resources. Download one or more of these apps to turn your smart phone into a radio. The app brings thousands of live radio stations from all over the world right to your smart phone or tablet. In the old days, if you lived in a small town, you were lucky if you had two or three stations to choose from. Now the problem may just be way too many stations!

Welcome to the Participation Age: Is Your Digital Brand Ready?

Pam Moore

Smart marketers have understood these behaviors are at the core of business and relationships for decades. Did you know that 90% of smart phone owners have their mobile device in arms reach 100% of the time? You are the media. Yes you.

Average Number of Twitter Followers is 208 Infographic

Your Escape From 9 to 5

Twitter is big for markers, especially for digital marketers. How big is Twitter? Well, Twitter is the 4 th largest social network behind Facebook, Google+ and Instagram in terms of user volume. Twitter is also the 3 rd largest social media traffic driver behind Facebook and Pinterest.