4 Reasons to Use Chatbots in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry


Coming in various forms such as mobile applications, website-based applications, Facebook Messenger, and telecommunication, chatbots are redefining the way pharmaceutical and healthcare companies interact and engage with their clients. Their ability to mimic human conversations through text and auditory means can prove beneficial to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Healthcare Asia Pacific Digital trend Interview Trends Pharmaceutical Industry Health Digital Health

Incorporating Modern Competitive Intelligence Tactics for Pharmaceutical Companies


The global pharmaceutical industry in itself is highly competitive, driven by a constant need to innovate and discover new drugs. Healthcare Competitive Intelligence social media intelligence Pharmacovigilance Pharmaceutical Industry PV Industry Report CI Health United States HealthTechProducing and manufacturing drugs and medical devices is an expensive business to be a part of.


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Consumer Insights and Trends for Pharmaceutical Brands in Asia Pacific


Similar to other industries, the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector is saturated with consumer insights and trends. Healthcare Asia Pacific Digital trend Social Media Marketing Trends Pharmaceutical Industry Health Insights Digital HealthIn the age of social media, consumers often express their sentiments and concerns online, and openly discuss hotly debated topics at a given time.

How Pharmaceutical Brands in APAC and the US are Building Their Brand Reputation on Social Media


While this is often the result of complex regulations, pharmaceutical companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance of building a positive brand image on social media. Healthcare Asia Pacific Brand Reputation Digital trend Social Media Marketing Trends Pharmaceutical Industry Health United States Digital HealthSocial media has become the cornerstone of most brand development and customer engagement strategies.

Competitive Benchmarking Tactics for the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Age of Social Media? | Q&A with Yann Guilain, Digimind


Nowhere is competitive benchmarking more important than in the global pharmaceutical industry, where the process for developing and releasing a new drug is complex, high-risk, and requires significant effort and resources. Too often, the process of conducting a competitive analysis for pharmaceutical companies is siloed and focused primarily on internal processes. Bonus: Download our guide on competitive benchmarking tactics for pharmaceutical companies.

Competitive Benchmarking Tactics for the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Age of Social Media? | Q&A with Yann Guilain, Digimind


Nowhere is competitive benchmarking more important than in the global pharmaceutical industry, where the process for developing and releasing a new drug is complex, high-risk, and requires significant effort and resources. Too often, the process of conducting a competitive analysis for pharmaceutical companies is siloed and focused primarily on internal processes. Bonus: Download our guide on competitive benchmarking tactics for pharmaceutical companies.

How Brands in the Pharmaceutical Industry Stack Up


Social media has been established as one of the key channels of the modern day marketing mix. However, for some industries like Pharma, the number of regulations around publishing content makes maintaining a solid social media presence complex. We’ve tracked the trends in the pharma industry and best practices for social content publishers. In this piece, we specifically look at metrics, content, and campaigns of 15 brands.

American Healthcare Affordability and the Top Concerns of Social Media


Healthcare Competitive Intelligence social media intelligence Pharmacovigilance Pharmaceutical Industry PV Industry Report CI Health United States Affordable Healthcare

Bridging Gaps in Pharmacovigilance with Social Media Intelligence


With digital advancements regularly occurring, we often miss trends that are right in front of us due to a lack of attention.The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is no exception to this. Competitive Intelligence social media intelligence Pharmacovigilance Pharmaceutical Industry PVIn the digital age, information is continuously at your fingertips and easily accessible to the majority of the world.

Indispensable guide to all of the world's pharmaceutical companies.

Stay N' Alive

Indispensable guide to all of the world's pharmaceutical companies.

Stay N' Alive

Engaging Customers in a Regulated Industry with Social Chatbots in Asia Pacific | Q&A with Bruce Li, MSD


Healthcare Asia Pacific Digital trend Interview Trends Pharmaceutical Industry Health Digital HealthBruce Li. Asia Pacific Digital Lead for Vaccines, MSD. A digital specialist with over 12 years’ experience in digital strategy and brand management, ranging from banking, advertising, and healthcare in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Bruce has made significant successes in his digital and social media transformation roles across the businesses and people he has worked with.

5 Things Social Listening Data Can Tell Us About Zika

Talkwalker SM

Social media has changed the way information about global or local health crises spreads and it is in the process of changing how pharmaceutical companies are using this information to gather more insights about their products and customers. The virus has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the pharmaceutical industry over the course of the last months. Since then, there have been almost 40,000 mentions of the term in connection with the top pharmaceutical companies.

Data 62

#MyPillStory & the Anti-Baby App: Why Pharma Can’t Afford to Ignore Women’s Health on Social

Talkwalker SM

Such data can help various departments within pharmaceutical companies to improve their products. For pharmaceutical companies, insights like these are a must-have when it comes to getting to know what their customers’ issues are. SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS contraceptive pill crisis monitoring demographics hashtag tracking healthcare influencers natural cycles pharma pharmaceuticals side effects social listening social media the pill women's health

Making A Career Change to Healthcare

The Realtime Report

There’s never been a better time to start a pharmaceutical business. Pharmaceutical distribution is essentially being the middle-man between drug manufacturers and retail. Even if you have experience of working in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s always a good idea to get impartial advice as you begin to build your business. How much do you need to start a pharmaceutical distributor business without cutting corners? Making A Career Change to Healthcare.

5 Industries Regulated by the FDA

The Realtime Report

Obviously, pharmaceutical drugs can be incredibly dangerous and can do great public harm if they do not conform to the highest standards–the 1960s-era thalidomide tragedy is evidence of that. 5 Industries Regulated by the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the U.S.

3 Things You Can Learn From Daryl Katz

The Realtime Report

After Katz graduated from law school, he decided to come full circle by investing in the pharmaceutical industry. Katz’s business empire began with the pharmaceutical business, but he chose not to define himself by only one industry. One reason is that he foresaw a shift in the winds of the pharmaceutical business. 3 Things You Can Learn From Daryl Katz.

Data Loggers and Environmental Monitoring: 5 Things to Know

The Realtime Report

The food and beverage industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, are two industries in this category. Monitoring temperature in the pharmaceutical industry is a hot topic in 2021 with the very specific, very cold environmental requirements for the COVID-19 vaccines.

Data 91

On the ROI of #compassion in the workplace. #MindfulSocial with Lisa Murfield

Janet Fouts

Prior to joining the firm, Lisa provided organizations with human resource leadership in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, health care, insurance and a non-profit organization. When something happens to an employee outside of work, how that company responds is representative of the company culture.

ROI 93

How the Recent Surge in Pharma Deals is Dominating Media Headlines

Convince & Convert

” Unsurprisingly, yesterday was dubbed as Super Thursday in pharmaceutical dealmaking — we then decided to uncover more insights from the acquisitions, while comparing the two side-by-side. Abbott Laboratories Buys St. Jude Medical. Yesterday, it was announced that Abbott Labs would acquire St. Jude Medical in a $25 billion deal to expand heart device research and business.

Outsourcing Medical Package Testing


The necessity of specific equipment for proper testing is also an issue, and it is not usually cost effective for a medical or pharmaceutical firm to invest in this type of equipment. One example of this type of company that provides package testing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry is TEN-E. The design of medical packaging can be difficult, but equally difficult is the testing that needs to be done to insure quality, safety and adherence to government regulations.

How Social Media Has Become a Tool For Clinical Research

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

There are a few companies in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry that have seen success using social media as a major part of their patient recruitment strategy: PatientsLikeMe – This is a large online community for people with serious medical conditions. Its online data-sharing platform has proven to be quite efficient at improving patient recruitment for pharmaceutical companies they have partnered with.

Best Practices for Using Social Media Listening to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategies Summit

Pharmaceutical brand Tylenol did exactly that when it discovered headaches are a common complaint in members of a sizable niche: knitting. Want to know why social media listening should absolutely, 100% be part of your marketing plans right now? Well, let me give you an example.

5 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Ace Social Listening in 2019

Waxing UnLyrical

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Guest Post by Amos Onwukwe. Big business bureaucracy stifles B2C communication. Small businesses on the other hand, are like the local government, they’re closer to consumers. However, most SMBs haven’t a clue how they can profit from this proximity which gets even better with social media via social listening. 2018 SBA reports show there are 30.2 million SMBs in the US , 90% of which analysts say fail. One of the reasons for this is brand deafness.

17 Tweetchats for Social Media, Marketing and PR folks

Direct Marketing Observations

14) #Socpharm Weekly chat on pharmaceutical marketing and social media. Yesterday I threw out a tweet about 125 twitter chats worth checking out on Google Docs. I thought I might condense it a bit and focus not only on Tweetchats that I was familiar with, but also those that would benefit the Social Media, Marketing and PR folks out there, and which also had solid participation as well. If I have left any out, please drop me a line and include it in the comments section.

How the Internet Enables Marketing’s Story Villains

Convince & Convert

Last week, the collective ire of the web was heaped upon Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, not only for his decision to raise the price of a 62 year-old pill from $13.50 Every good story needs a good villain. If that’s the case, the Internet is the world’s best story—and one that never ends.

Startup Must-Haves You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Realtime Report

If you don’t have a robust system for worker’s compensation and worker’s comp PBM for pharmaceuticals, you absolutely must get one in place. Startup Must-Haves You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Protecting Investments With A Diversification Strategy

The Realtime Report

In 2020, keep an eye on stocks in the biotechnology, technology, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical. Protecting Investments With A Diversification Strategy.

Diva Marketing Talks Pharma + FDA + Social Media With Fard Johnmar and Steve Woodruff

Diva Marketing Blog

On today's Diva Marketing Talks Fard Johnmar , Envision Solutions and Steve Woodruff , Impactiviti , join me to explore how social media impacts healthcare, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. He has developed and implemented programs for numerous major global and domestic pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits, medical associations and government organizations. Diva Marketing Talks i s a live, internet radio (BlogTalkRadio) show. 30 minutes. 2 maybe 3 guests.

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Social Media “Expert”, “Guru” or “Wizard”

SocMed Sean

If you operate in a regulated industry such as pharmaceutical, tobacco, alcohol, finance, insurance, or a host of others… it would be a good idea to find a professional who has significant experience in your industry and understands any limitations or restrictions. Just ask anyone in the pharmaceutical industry how they could possibly engage in drug marketing on Twitter.

A Day in The Life Of: The Role and Responsibilities of a Medical Records Technician

The Realtime Report

You can work for pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and insurance companies. A Day in The Life Of: The Role and Responsibilities. of a Medical Records Technician. Are you considering a position in the medical field, but aren’t sure which route to take?

Never, Ever Post These Things on Social Media

agora pulse

Pharmaceutical companies. Social media content can be a wonderful way to build relationships , but like in any form of communication, some things are better left unsaid. The wrong message can cost money, lose business for you, or even have legal implications. Avoid the following type of content in your social media channels. Social Media Content You Don’t Have Legal Right to Use.

What Went Wrong With the Digital Death Campaign

Social and Logical

I had no idea that on the very same day, it all ended when Stewart Rahr, a pharmaceutical executive handed over $500,000 at the request of the celebs enabling them to jump back on Twitter. Yesterday, I wrote a post about the celebrity Digital Death campaign that was intended to raise money for AIDS relief in India and Africa.

Best Free Medicine Reminder Apps For Android in 2021


Add the information such as which medicine is prescribed by which doctor along with the pharmaceutical it was brought from. In today’s busy lifestyle, we often forget to take care of ourselves. This can affect our health adversely, especially when we are on some kind of medication.

Content Tagging For Better Social Media Analytics

Talkwalker SM

In the past, a brand from the pharmaceutical industry for example would see most posts talking about drugs, illness and treatments typically tagged as negative. What is rule based tagging ? Put simply, this is a new Talkwalker feature that will help you improve the quality of your social listening. You will be able to define a specific action you would like to be applied on all new, or even past results.

Help Me Find My Next Job?

Ari Herzog

I’ve applied to several job vacancies over the past week including social media manager at a national retail chain, government affairs director at a pharmaceutical firm, marketing and communications coordinator for an urban affairs organization, communications manager for a health care advocacy organization, and chief of staff to a university president.

How Consumers use Social Media During Purchase

Proactive Report

OTC pharmaceuticals. I can see the home care products and OTC pharmaceuticals. Are you still wondering just how to integrate social media into your marketing mix? “While marketers understand the importance of managing their brands online, there’s still uncertainty as to the proper weight to put behind digital media channels, especially social media, to optimize return on investment,” says Chip Lister, Managing Director of Radius GMR.

What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Gets Rejected

Webbiquity SMM

Medical and pharmaceutical companies can’t advertise products requiring prescriptions to acquire. Guest post by Pierre-Lou Dominjon. Many factors go into creating Facebook Ads: headlines, copy, images, offers, targeting, bidding and more all have to be considered. Once you’ve assembled and created your ad, you still have to check it against Facebook’s guidelines and rulebook. If you add a landing page, the fun and chaos increase even further. Image credit: Revinate.

5 Things Companies Do That Ruin Storytelling Success

Convince & Convert

I see this too often, especially in industries that have lots of jargon, such as high-tech, financial services, medical, pharmaceutical, etc. I am optimistic about the next phase of storytelling bringing the industry to a better place—although I do have a bone to pick with how some organizations knowingly (or unwittingly) get in their own way. Here are five things companies do that can impede storytelling success. Don’t make me turn this storytelling van around, kids!

The Role of Community in Modern Branding


A recent Harris poll shows that fewer than 20 percent of consumers feel a sense of trust when it comes to companies in the financial, pharmaceutical, and health insurance industries. The idea of community has become a major focus of brands in many verticals. While. traditional methods of marketing still have their place, community-building is now a. critical part of any holistic branding strategy. This element is all about building an identity.

Career Advice for Writers: How to Become a Copywriter

Writtent Blog

Nurses could find work writing about health care or medical devices, and former chemists could become marketers for pharmaceutical companies. Image source. So, you’re thinking of a career as a professional copywriter. You’re dreaming of a life where you’re paid to be creative. Perhaps you’re a marketing enthusiast, or maybe you’d just like to work from home in your pajamas. Regardless, one thing is abundantly clear to those of us “on the other side.”

Marketing Thought Leader: Monu Kalsi – VP, Head of Digital @ Zurich North America

Cody Ward

Innovative and product driven executive with more than 17 years of progressively responsible general management and hands-on global experience across startups, global consulting organizations, agencies, and large multinational corporations in Financial Services, Insurance, Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and Energy verticals. Monu Kalsi. VP, Head of Digital @ Zurich North America.

This can be done as part of the before mentioned buy-sell agreement.

Writtent Blog

This latter point relates to the fact that US Government statements have suggested that they intend to negotiate for US pharmaceutical companies to charge higher prices for medicines sold to the NHS as part of any UK-US free trade agreement. Allowing big business and pharmaceutical companies to behave as they see fit would drive costs for new drugs well beyond the NHSs ability to afford them, threatening our health, safety and national security ( [link] ).

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