Social media and health care reform

Sherrilynne Starkie

In the era of health care reform, hospitals need to figure out how to do more and more, with less. Social media can play an important role in patient care, patient support, health research, education, training, advocacy, and more.

Third Tuesday Ottawa: social media in health care

Sherrilynne Starkie

The sold out Third Tuesday event this week in Ottawa saw the city’s social media crowd fill the room at Maxwells on Elgin Street to learn about social media and health care. Health care catching up in engaging consumers on social media (

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Should We Expect Health Care Professionals To Post And Tweet?

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Often absent from the online conversation, however, is the voice of the health care professional. Additionally, with the legal liability of disclosing patient information social media is probably a daunting challenge to most health care professionals.

Why #PatientsAreNotFaking Began And What It Says About Health Care

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A video on social media got quite a reaction, which exposed a bigger problem

Health Care Needs Digital Marketing

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Leveraging their site’s rich content shares the knowledge and expertise of a reputable medical organization with the consumer looking for accurate information about the health problem they are suddenly interested in. “We know that the consumer experience today starts online. Consumers check out symptoms, providers, and treatments, often before even seeing a provider, and in fact, a significant amount of consumers self-diagnose.

An Interview with Advocate Health Care: Case Study #StoriesOfTheGirls

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Advocate Health Care launched a unique program to bring attention to breast cancer prevention, treatment and support. About Advocate Health Care. Advocate Health Care is the largest health system in Illinois and one of the largest health care providers in the Midwest.

How To Kill Relationships With A Slap In The Face

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I don’t care how famous you are. I don’t care how powerful you are… or think you might be. I don’t care which boards you sit on. Im very, very careful about verbal agreements. all make mistakes sure, but be big enough and care enough to admit

Importance of Social Media Training in Healthcare Industry

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Group of 18 to 24 year old are 2 xs more likely to use social media for health-related discussions than the group of 45 to 54 years. 60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients.

Cartoon of the day

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5 Ways to Deal with Seasonal Dips in Search Engine Traffic

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Major stories that emerge (such as Michael Jackson or the health care debate ) can bring large spikes in search traffic, but it’s common to see the numbers drop after May and not pick up again until September.

Crowdsourcing Our Health – Using Social Media to Educate and Unite.

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Development Social Media Crowdsourcing Our Health – Using Social Media to Educate and Unite the Public Mon, Mar 23, 2009 Social Media “Social media on the Internet are empowering, engaging, and educating consumers and providers in health care. Health 2.0

Cartoon of the day

Jeff Esposito

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11 Things Health Leaders Need To Know About Social Media & Marketing

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Marketing of technology and public health have great disparities, but also that leadership in health care are not executing on their brands, social media or marketing. hospital identity and health branding are paramount for success in a community. But in the U.S., Here are crazy social media stats. NASDAQ:AMZN NYSE:TWTR NASDAQ:FB

Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication

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Here are three social media obstacles health care providers face and the underlying opportunities each present. Obstacle: Understandably, many health care professionals may avoid using social media for fear of violating regulations like HIPPA. News Health article.

Obamacare And Social Media: 5 Must-Reads


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) health insurance exchanges have opened and social media is being used to both promote and debate the new law. GetCovered Obamacare Square: Health Care Tries to Go Viral.

Associations Respond to the 2016 Election Results


At the same time, we acknowledge we must work with the new administration to address pressing issues of the day, including justice reforms, racial and gender inequality, access to health care for all, and helping more Americans achieve economic self-sufficiency and stability.

Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication [Redux]

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and will be particularly interesting to you if you work at the intersection of health care and social media. Here are three social media obstacles health care providers face and the underlying opportunities each present. News Health article.

Branding You: using social media to find a job

Sherrilynne Starkie

Related posts: Social media in health care. The CPRS Ottawa /Gatineau Student Program recently invited me to speak to a group of recent public relations and communications graduates.

Putting your best foot forward in PR

Sherrilynne Starkie

Related posts: Social media and health care reform. As recent Ottawa PR graduates are making the transition from student to professional, CPRS Ottawa/Gatineau is helping them with the search for full-time jobs, summer gigs and upcoming fieldwork experiences.

4 Reasons to Use Chatbots in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry


This is because the service allows for personal, one-on-one conversations with customers, patients, and health care providers (HCPs). Healthcare Asia Pacific Digital trend Interview Trends Pharmaceutical Industry Health Digital Health

Social media news: Top 5 feat. LinkedIn’s Top Voices

Sherrilynne Starkie

The top five must-know social media news stories of the week feature a Google’s new app for small businesses, LinkedIn’s Top Voices list, Facebook welcoming in French regulators, Pinterest’s UX improvements and Instagram’s new time tracking feature.

A 12 Word Social Media Policy


The biggest risk in health care social media is not participating in the conversation. Simply putting “find me on Facebook” or “follow me on Twitter” badges on your website does not equate with health care social media. Errors will occur no matter how careful you are.

17 Tweetchats for Social Media, Marketing and PR folks

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6) #Hcsm The Health Care Communication & Social Media community hosts a weekly Twitter conversation about communication and marketing practices by Health Care organizations, including use of social media.

Capio Partners- Are they harassing you?


Capio Partners LLC is one of the largest health care debt collectors in the US. They claim to deal with more than 300 health care providers and have been able to service more than $20 billion in a couple of years.

Corporate America steps up to deal with #COVID-19

Janet Fouts

You might be wondering how companies are taking care of their people during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are a few of the many companies who have stepped up to care for and protect their teams, customers and vendors.

Retail 130

ePatient 2015: Healthcare Associations, Are You Ready?


So last year, I approached one of the smartest people I know in the healthcare space – a digital health care futurist and researcher named Fard Johnmar who runs his own health innovation consultancy called Enspektos.

Countdown to Give2TheMaxDay


“Founded in 1968, MobileMed’s mission is to provide quality health care to the uninsured, low income, working poor and homeless in Montgomery County. All struggle with the reality of a community whose need for quality health care exceeds its capacity to deliver.”

Awesome Association Jobs This Week – February 2


Market Research Program Director , American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) – The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is the premier not-for-profit organization for women’s health care.

On the ROI of #compassion in the workplace. #MindfulSocial with Lisa Murfield

Janet Fouts

Is today’s corporate culture mature enough to respond with compassion and care when employees are in need? When something happens to an employee outside of work, how that company responds is representative of the company culture.

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Self-care is not selfish. Tell a friend!

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From a skinned knee and the flu to cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart attack and chronic illnesses, we will either provide care or need it ourselves. 44 Million Americans are caring for one or more family members at home or in care facilities.

Social Media Marketing During COVID-19: March 30 Update

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On the other hand, truly benevolent giveaways (Crocs is giving away 10,000 pairs of shoes per day to health care workers, including free shipping) will go over well.

On Youth, Age, and Community Service

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“Tell Me More” was on, and I caught part of the conversation on President Obama’s proposal to regulate home health care workers. This is not a political post, nor is it one on home health care.

CVS Sets Example For Social Media Strategy

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“As a health care company, it’s time for us to take a stand and to put our customers, colleagues and patients on a path to better health,” the company said on their Facebook page. On Feb.

Three ways to stretch your marketing budget


Liz Scherer is a digital communications strategist specializing in health & wellness, nonprofits, regulated industries and agriculture. In her spare time, Liz mentors health start-ups at 1776 DC and Village Capital and is active in the D.C. This is a guest post by Liz Scherer.

Creating Great-Performing Social Media Content - Tips for Share-Friendly Posts

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Think about the difference between these these headlines: 32% of People Need Better Health Care - Are You One of Them? Vs. We Asked 1000 People About Health Care - You Won't Believe What They Said. 32% of People Need Better Health Care - Are You One of Them?

Career Starts and Changes: Make it Count


Consider Health Care. If you’re looking for a great field to get into, you might want to take a look at the health care industry. As baby boomers get older, they’re going to need a lot of medical care in the coming years.

Adapting to More Digital and Social Ways of Being in a Time of Crisis


Social platforms offer critical infrastructure, helping government agencies, hospitals, and health care organizations coordinate fast responses and speedy citizen engagement. On top of the devastating health crisis, businesses face a looming recession. We expect regular briefings from elected officials and public-health agencies—and we ought to expect regular briefings from tech infrastructure as well.”. Take health care, for example.

How to Survive this Crisis

Proactive Report

Ulan Nutritional Systems launched a nutrition coaching course for health care practitioners that can be delivered via online meetings. Coronavirus is having a significant effect on many businesses.

Is Your Online Community Changing with the Times?


Two associations way ahead of the open community curve is the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).

Monday Roundup: Overcoming Obstacles

Waxing UnLyrical

In this WUL classic, Rachael Seda explores three social media obstacles health care providers face and the underlying opportunities each present. It’s still cold here. What about where you’re at? Hmmph. Image: Siddharth Sharma via Flickr, CC 2.0.