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IBM Social Computing Guidelines

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IBM Social Computing Guidelines. In the spring of 2005, IBMers used a wiki to create a set of guidelines for all IBMers who wanted to blog. These guidelines aimed to provide helpful, practical advice—and also to protect both IBM bloggers and IBM itself, as the company sought to embrace the blogosphere. So we turned to IBMers again to re-examine our guidelines and determine what needed to be modified. The effort has broadened the scope of the existing guidelines to include all forms of social computing. IBM Social Computing Guidelines: Executive Summary.

How to Create Facebook House Rules or Community Guidelines

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Blog Facebook How To Policy Social Media Marketing Facebook community guidelines Facebook house rules how to set up Facebook Community Guidelines How to set up Facebook House RulesDoes your Facebook Page have Rules or is it a free-for-all?

SEO Guidelines for Sponsored Content and Partner Links

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However in any implementation it is important to comply with search engine guidelines to avoid negative repercussions for SEO. How do publishers ensure that sponsored content complies with Google’s guidelines? Related posts: Google JavaScript Changes Put Publishers in Violation of Sponsored Link Guidelines. Sponsored Content Compliance. What About Partner Links?

Influencers! Must read > New Facebook guidelines for branded content

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An influencer must have a verified Facebook page and tag the marketer's page in any post that mentions a third party brand, product, or sponsor. Facebook Social Media Networks Social Media Tips and Tricks Content Marketing Facebook ads influencer outreach

FTC Guidelines and Disclosure for PR Agencies

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In 2009, when the FTC revised their guidelines for online endorsements and testimonials, there was a lot of discussion on how this affected PR agencies and brands when working with bloggers. In compliance with FTC guidelines, it is an Arment Dietrich policy to add “(client)” at the end of any communication we conduct on behalf of them. To marketers.

Best Business Social Media and Blogging Guidelines

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Social Media policies and guidelines are vital for every business and employee. Rather than relying on the efforts of a small group of individuals to monitor, engage, interact and report on all activity across the plethora of social networks, blogs, wikis, forums and other locations, a good social media policy or set of guidelines means that the workload can be shared, and the responses can be crafted by those in the best position to respond with the right knowledge on a subject. List of Social Media Guidelines and Policies: Company Name Document Name Link.

Another Word on Social Media Guidelines


Good social media guidelines and training gives your employees and members clear direction on how to embrace social media as a way to achieve your mission. The guidelines should not control their behavior but teach them how to maximize the benefits of this new medium. The popularity and wide spread use of social media is creating opportunities and challenges for associations.

Is Today Tonight Breaking Facebook Competition Guidelines?

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Facebook Page Competition Guidelines T&Cs. These Promotion Guidelines, along with the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities , the Ad Guidelines , the Platform Policies and all other applicable Facebook policies, govern your communication about or administration of any contest , competition, sweepstakes or other similar offering (each, a promotion) using Facebook.

There is Nothing About Negative SEO in Google Webmaster Guidelines

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There is nothing about Negative SEO in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. After a review of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, from what I can tell, there are no actual references to the practice of Negative SEO. After all, it doesn’t violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Are you surprised? Well, I am, and I am not. It isn’t mentioned there, anywhere.

Enterprise: List of 40 Social Media Staff Guidelines

This list also includes policies called; Staff blogging policies, enterprise social network guidelines, Employee Blogging Policies, Staff engagement in online communities, and so on. Not surprising - it goes a long way to protect the company from fallout if/when staff do ignore the social media guidelines in place. . Behavioural and Etiquette Guidelines for Organisation.

Meeting Google’s Quality Guidelines: Will Google EAT Your Content?


Google’s Updated Quality Guidelines . This past November, Google released their Quality Rater Guidelines so that businesses, marketers, content writers, and SEO experts could get an idea of exactly what the search engine giant was looking for when it came to quality content. The newly released version of Google’s quality guidelines is chock full of information. Authority.

How to Comply with FTC Guidelines

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To expand on yesterday’s post on how brands are balancing good marketing with lawful compliance , I interviewed a brand who emphasizes ethical marketing and double checks that all of their blogger outreach complies with FTC Guidelines. According to the FTC, the brand is the responsible party for ensuring that the FTC Guidelines are followed. company.

Guidelines for Working with Guest Bloggers

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Chris-Tia Tgin Donaldson asks Gini Dietrich on the Arment Dietrich Facebook question of the week, “What are your guidelines for working with guest bloggers? What are your guidelines? Blog Social Media Arment Dietrich chris-tia tgin donaldson facebook question of the week gini dietrich guest blogger guidelines guest bloggingDo you still invite them to write?

Google: Watermarks in Google Shopping Images Violates Guidelines

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A merchant who participates in Google Shopping has received a warning from Google that the images they are using in their Google Shopping feed violate their guidelines because watermarks are included. In the warning message, Google provides specific examples of the inappropriate images, and I have posted one of the images above. Examples of products with inappropriate images.

Your Digital Tattoo: Guidelines On What (And What Not) To Tweet


Here’s the three basic guidelines. Editorial Note: this is neither a condemnation or an endorsement of the @veevee example used here. Social media has become a digital tattoo. What kind of tattoo do you have? Are you concerned about what people are seeing and can find? I call it the MBJ Rule : Mama : don’t tweet it if you wouldn’t say it in front of your mama. Basic.

What every social media marketer should know about the 2013 FTC guidelines


Great video by Andy Sernovitz on the FTC Rules. We all need to watch this asap. Notes below are from the Vimeo notes. Social Media Ethics Briefing: Staying Out of Trouble — presented by Andy Sernovitz from on Vimeo. In his BlogWell New York ethics briefing,’s CEO, Andy Sernovitz, shared his recommendations on how to stay safe and ethical in social media.

3 guidelines to empower your local marketing

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I was reading a recent issue of Forbes India where they enlightened readers on the FDI and one of the statements caught my eye. That statement was by a FMCG/Retail executive who stated that consumers’ tastes and preferences vary every few hundred kilometers. Infact there is a sea-change of difference between consumers of Pune and. Digital Insight

Using Google AdSense Hurts Mobile User Experience, Violates Google’s Own Guidelines

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Adding Google AdSense to your website hurts the mobile user experience on your website and violates Google’s own suggested guidelines. Feel free to run the test on my site and other sites that have Google AdSense on them, they violate Google’s own guidelines:

Google Irrelevant Keywords Section In Quality Guidelines

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Google added the “Irrelevant keywords” section to the sidebar of the Google Quality Guidelines. I believe this is an attempt specifically to “work” the mention of phone numbers into the guidelines. There has been a big problem with the websites that lists thousands (millions) of phone numbers in an attempt to get traffic. Our custom cigar humidors are handmade.

Guidelines for Successful Targeting Through Social Media


Tweet Most businesses however big or small, now have a presence on different social media channels as suggested by their strategists and they also run campaigns to gain traction on their profiles. But actually, a successful social media strategy is one which makes your customers visit your page at least once when they access Facebook or look out for your updates on Twitter. attract? engage?

Did you write any social media policies or guidelines in 2011?


Laid out guidelines for how to clearly separate or inter-mix personal and professional social media presences. Idealware is working on creating a Social Media Policy Workbook to be released in April at NTEN’s 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference. To support the Workbook content (and to highlight in an upcoming NTEN:Change article) they are hoping to profile a number of different organizations who are dealing with tough social media policy issues. They need examples of orgs who have: Created a privacy policy, especially for an organization that needs to be HIPAA compliant. Thank

Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo

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Guidelines for Timeline Cover Photo. Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo. The Timeline design will be coming to Facebook Pages on March 30th. For now, admins can preview the design and publish it for public view if they’d like. But, don’t get too excited because it wouldn’t be Facebook without some rules on how you can utilize it. faceboo

Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo

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Guidelines for Timeline Cover Photo. Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo. The Timeline design will be coming to Facebook Pages on March 30th. For now, admins can preview the design and publish it for public view if they’d like. But, don’t get too excited because it wouldn’t be Facebook without some rules on how you can utilize it. faceboo

The FTC and Social Media: You Have to Disclose

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The FTC Guidelines Are Clear. But the FTC guidelines are very clear: In any advertising medium (and they consider social media advertising), you must disclose your relationship with (c), #client, #sponsored, or similar identifier. But it’s my job, as the leader, to be sure my team is educated on the constant changes and ebb and flow of the guidelines. By Gini Dietrich.

Google Adds Report Spam, Paid Links, Malware Page to Quality Guidelines Navigation

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In the past 24 hours, Google appears to have added a new page as a part of their quality guidelines: a page that explains how to report spam, paid links, malware, and other problems. Previously this page was not a part of their quality guidelines located here. The Report Spam, Paid Links, Malware, and Other page has several sections: Spam. Paid Links. Copyright Issues. Malware.

Branded Content: 6 Things To Remember before Publishing


And as mentioned before always have the playbook within reach to check if you are aligned with the guidelines. We all know that tight deadlines and a busy everyday life at the office can make you compromise or perhaps skip double-checking. Therefore, as a little help to content marketeers, we have made a small checklist. By following this you will hopefully avoid too many major mistakes.

Why You Need a Social Media Policy in Your Organization


Having a Social Media Policy or so-called “How to Safely Use Social Media Guidelines” will help your business or brand in the following way: Employees will gain knowledge on which kind of content that is allowed and not least valuable for your business to be shared. Facebook Guidelines Social Media Tips ambassadors brand employees guidelines social media policyis lost.

Dark Social – We Only See The Tip of The Social Media Iceberg


Community Management Content Marketing Facebook Guidelines I forgot to categorize Infographic Marketing & Communication Mindjumpers Research/Study Social Media Social Media Marketing Tips A recent report from Radium One shed some light on the concept of “Dark Social”. A dominant but seldom discussed force in online sharing. What is Dark Social? Challenge. Short URLs.

How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing [Report]


Guidelines Marketing & Communication Report Tips Advice content marketing goals Jonas Klit Nielsen objectives seven-step approach Skyword white paperA few days ago, the content production platform Skyword released a white paper on how to kick-start your content marketing. The seven-step approach to delivering success. it’s not possible to plan the actual strategy.

Report 123

A 10-Step Approach to Launching Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Launching your first influencer marketing campaign and don't know where to start? Fear not, Evan Asano has a 10-step approach to help you launch a successful influencer marketing campaign. The post A 10-Step Approach to Launching Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign appeared first on Spin Sucks.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

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As it happens, lots of organizations publish their social media guidelines online, ready for you to review and use yourself. Social Media Policies and Guidelines. Online Communications Guidelines. Editorial Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines. Community Guidelines. Guidelines for Student Blogging. Corporate Blogging Policies and Guidelines. Social Computing Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines. IOC Blogging Guidelines. Creating social media guidelines for your employees. Source.

How to Use Pinterest And The New Rich Pins Features


Guidelines Marketing & Communication Pinterest Social Network Branding how to Marketing online presence platform rich pins storytelling visual communication Pinterest is one of those platforms that has now become established among prime players such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In that sense Pinterest serves as a form of visual bookmarking. Creating a presence. Rich Pins.

Top Reasons Case Studies Make Good Marketing

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case studies of people “just like us” successfully using a product/service/process prove the value of that product/service/process for “us” Case Study Guidelines. Small Business Internet Marketing case studies case study guidelines credibility story marketing Everybody loves a story — and a case study tells a story. We are seeing a rise in the use of case studies for marketing for several reasons: case studies can be shorter than white papers and easier to read. case studies are flexible so they can be a blog post or one of many formats.

Your 16-Point Content Publishing Checklist

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Make sure you know guidelines before you check any boxes so you are in line with the site’s SEO and taxonomy best practices. Content Marketing blog guidelines blog strategy content marketing content optimization content strategy content writing writing tips I love checklists. They break down very detailed processes into actionable, step-by-step items. Then test it!

List of Rules to Remember When Engaging in Social Media


Do you have any guidelines to make them acquainted with a social media presence? Make a plan and guidelines for your employees. When the social media team has become acquainted with the policies and guidelines for fostering performance and governance, the next step is ready to be taken. Solis’ best practices for developing policies and guidelines. Think before posting.

List 71

How to structure glocal communication on Social Media


Which guidelines are relevant and significant for your brand? Best Practise Cases Brands Community Management Engagement Facebook Guest Post Guidelines Marketing & Communication Research/Study Social Media Strategy Social Network g glocalization guest blogger how to local content strategic communication The following is a guest blog by Sandie Vieten, a freelance webdesigner and brand creator, who recently graduated from the IT University in Copenhagen. Today we are happy to share her thoughts on Digital Glocalization, based on her master thesis in the field. . Findings.

SEMPO Caught Violating Google Webmaster Guidelines for Advertorials

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SEMPO, The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization , is taking advantage of text links in advertorials, clearly a violation Google Webmaster Guidelines for link schemes. As professional SEOs who are paid to know these guidelines and advise others, we should hold SEMPO and its Board of Directors to higher standards. There is no proper disclosure. Marketing

How to handle a shitstorm – before, during and after


Content Marketing Facebook Guidelines Marketing & Communication Social Media Social Media PR Social Media Strategy Social Responsibility Tips Twitter brand communication change in communication communication strategy crisis communication Danish Mother Seeking Jane Jordan-Meier shitstorm social media marketing Here’s how your company should act before, during and after a social shitstorm.

Social Media Trends, Prospects, and Challenges in India


Our ever-growing global network of Local Social Media Managers around the world helps us ensure contextually relevant content through social listening, content production and response management. India is a mobile first country where 41% of total mobile users are active on social media. And it remains the fastest growing market for social networks in the world. Personalized Content is the Key.

Facebook Advertising Policies in a Nutshell – Get Your Ad Approved

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Yes, Facebook has what may seem like a ton of rules and guidelines if you are new to them. However, the truth is that as a marketer or business owner it is up to you understand the Facebook advertising policies and guidelines. Facebook is not going to force you to read the guidelines. Targeting guidelines and restrictions. Guidelines for lead advertising. iTunes.