YouTube Best Practices

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YouTube is one of the more unique social media platforms. Moreover, YouTube is a key channel for brands given its SEO benefits as a Google company, and 96% of 18-24-year-olds and half of internet users over 75 using it. There it is – your quick-start guide for YouTube.

The Biggest YouTube Marketing Mistakes That Too Many Brands Make

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YouTube presents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses … but only when done right. Avoid these eight common YouTube marketing mistakes. YouTube is a little different than most other social media networking sites. YouTube marketing can be extraordinarily effective.

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Best YouTube Name Generator


Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist, have a large cookbook, or want to showcase your technical knowledge with computers, YouTube is a great opportunity for your business to bloom. Fortunately for you, we compiled a compelling list of the best YouTube name generators you can find online.

How to Create a YouTube Channel on a Budget


Ready to create a YouTube channel that brings your community together, drives engagement, and supports your business goals? With the right strategy, YouTube can be a powerful tool to help you connect with your audience and build brand loyalty. . Manage Your Videos with YouTube Studio.

Best YouTube Documentaries


Many people love watching documentaries, and if you’re one of them, you’ll be surprised at how many there are on YouTube. YouTube’s documentary rabbit hole hosts a great variety of documentaries that bring incredible value to their watchers. Benefits of watching Youtube documentaries.

Top Five: The night that YouTube went dark

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This week’s must-know social media news includes the YouTube outage, a religious stance on women and social media, Coke’s misstep in New Zealand, Snapchat’s new original programming and Google’s shopping insights. The night that YouTube went dark.

7 best YouTube analytics tools


As the world’s second most popular search engine, YouTube plays a massive role for businesses looking to reach as wide an audience as possible. For some brands in the media industry, they even follow a YouTube-first policy.

How to Write YouTube Descriptions That Capture Attention

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Capture more YouTube views and clicks by crafting well-written YouTube descriptions. When brands create YouTube videos, they typically go all-in on the videos. Let’s take a look at some tactics to create YouTube descriptions that snag attention and get more clicks.

YouTube Launches YouTube Stories, Limited to Prominent Creators Only

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YouTube has launched its own variation of the popular Stories format, though it won't be available to all users at this stage

Best YouTube to MP3 Converter


Don’t worry, we picked some of the best YouTube to MP3 converters and wrote a thorough review of each one of them. Converting YouTube videos to MP3 formats can sound like extremely difficult task, but it’s not. Top 10 YouTube to MP3 converters. 4K YouTube to MP3.

YouTube Collaborations: Working Together on Youtube Brings Success


One of the oldest, and most successful, ways to get more subscribers for you channel is through YouTube collaborations. People have been doing this since the very beginning of YouTube, and […].

Is YouTube Unsubscribing from Influencers?

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Last month, YouTube officially rolled out its new Partner Program monetization policy, sparking a large debate across social media. One YouTuber impacted, Carrie Crista, was quoted saying , “YouTube seems to have forgotten who made the platform what it is.

8 of the Best YouTube SEO Tools

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If you want to maximize your YouTube performance, you need to align with user search behaviors, in order for your content to be found. These tools and tips will help

How to Run YouTube Ad Campaigns That Convert

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Many businesses flock to Facebook and Instagram for their video ad campaigns, but YouTube Ads is a powerhouse brands shouldn’t ignore. YouTube Ad campaigns are created and processed through the Google AdWords powerhouse system. Why Should I Run YouTube Ads?

New Tool Shows Tags for Any YouTube Video to Help Improve Your YouTube SEO

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This new Chrome extension reveals the tags used in any YouTube video, which could help you find more relevant tags for your content

YouTube Subscriber Strategies for Nonprofits


All three will succeed or fail at video marketing based on their ability to get YouTube subscribers. Subscribers on YouTube are like fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. A camera, the passion of those you work with, and YouTube is all you need. By Matthew Yeoman.

YouTube Launches New, Dedicated Fashion and Style Content Hub

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YouTube has launched a new content hub dedicated specifically to fashion and style content

YouTube Adds New 'Creator Liason' to Improve Relationships With Creators

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YouTube is continuing to advance its efforts to improve relationships with creators

Using YouTube for B2B


YouTube reigns over online video sharing. With the ability to transform a mere Canadian child – Justin Bieber – into a worldwide household name, YouTube carries sizable clout in the modern world. YouTube will even help you to generate new leads.

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YouTube Pledges to Address Creator Concerns Around Monetization and Distribution

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has provided the YouTube creator community with an update to her work on addressing platform concerns

YouTube for Nonprofits Program


Came across this nice video presentation by our buddies over at See3 Communications, all about Youtube for Nonprofits, when doing research for a client. YouTube for Nonprofits from See3 Communications. See also the full YouTube Nonprofit Playbook for more on using YouTube.

YouTube Will Remove its In-App Messaging Option Next Month

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YouTube is removing its chat feature in order to increase its focus on other forms of sharing in the app

Follow This Recipe for YouTube Videos Your Audience Will Love

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Before you create a YouTube video, make sure you have the right structure, so you hit your goal and capture your audience’s attention. YouTube marketing requires a lot of creativity and organization. Does your YouTube content feel scattered, too? YouTube

YouTube Will Roll Out Abbreviated Subscriber Counts in September

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YouTube is rolling out an updated public subscriber count display which will show an abbreviated figure, and may impact creators

Influencing History On YouTube

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There is the old saying that "history is written by the winners," but on YouTube a new generation of history "influencers" are sharing the stories from all sides.

YouTube Channel Keywords: Help your Audience Find You


Keywords play an important role when it comes to making your videos searchable on YouTube. Read on to get a better understanding of what YouTube channel keywords are and how to effectively use them. How YouTube channel keywords work YouTube channel keywords […].

YouTube Expands Super Chat Creator Payment Option to More Regions

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YouTube is expanding access to its Super Chat live-stream tipping option, providing another revenue opportunity for creators

YouTube's Adding New Still Image Ads

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YouTube is adding a new option for non-video advertisers on the platform

Using YouTube for B2B


YouTube reigns over online video sharing. With the ability to transform a mere Canadian child – Justin Bieber – into a worldwide household name, YouTube carries sizable clout in the modern world. And despite YouTube’s reputation for being a generator of hilarious posts, it possesses serious marketing potential that is often overlooked for B2B companies. Perhaps your company has overlooked YouTube, thinking it irrelevant in meeting your specific objectives.

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4 Steps to Help Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

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Looking to maximize your YouTube marketing efforts? Here are four key strategy tips

YouTube Outlines its Improving Efforts to Remove Inappropriate Content

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YouTube has provided an update on its ongoing improvements in removing inappropriate content, which has seen views on such uploads reduced by 80

YouTube Updates Content ID Claim Policies to Better Protect Creators

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After months of complaints from creators, YouTube is updating its Content ID policy, which has seen many claims for minor infringements

Influicity Introduces YouTube Influencer Marketplace

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Influicity is set to unveil a “first-to-market” platform that allows marketers to efficiently search and connect with YouTube influencers. Realtime Tools influencer marketing Influicity marketing campaign Youtube YouTube influencer

Content Analysis App BuzzSumo Adds YouTube Insights

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Content analytics app BuzzSumo has added another element to its impressive toolset

YouTube Faces New Questions Over its Algorithm-Selected Content Recommendations

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YouTube has come under renewed scrutiny over claims that its system recommends videos of underage children to pedophile groups

YouTube is Working on a TikTok-Like Tool to Fend Off Rising Video Competition

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YouTubs is reportedly developing its own TikTok-like tool, as the short-form video app continues to gain momentum amid the COVID-19 lockdowns

1 Million YouTube Views: How Much YouTube Pays for this Milestone


Every online marketer will tell you how important amassing views on YouTube is to make it big on the site. Many put ‘the magic number’ for each video at 1 million YouTube views. The post 1 Million YouTube Views: How Much YouTube Pays for this Milestone appeared first on Devumi.

YouTube Amplifies Monetization Options for Creators

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At VidCon, the platform touted that its Super Chats feature generates more than $400 in revenue per minute for some streams

How to Build an Email list from Your YouTube Subscribers

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Adding YouTube subscribers is great, but building your owned email list can be even more beneficial

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How to Use YouTube for Brand Building in 6 Easy Steps

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YouTube can be a fantastic tool for creating brand awareness … if you know how to best use it. But YouTube, in particular, can be your secret brand-building weapon when you wield it correctly. Why YouTube Is So Valuable for Brand Building.