YouTube Best Practices

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YouTube is one of the more unique social media platforms. Moreover, YouTube is a key channel for brands given its SEO benefits as a Google company, and 96% of 18-24-year-olds and half of internet users over 75 using it. There it is – your quick-start guide for YouTube.

YouTube Launches 'How YouTube Works' Explainer Platform to Share Information on Platform Policies

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YouTube has launched a new hub of information on its various platform policies, and how they're implemented

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YouTube Explains Some Common Algorithm and Video Distribution Queries

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YouTube has posted a new video explaining some common questions about how its algorithm works and highlights user content

YouTube is Renaming its FameBit Influencer Marketplace to 'BrandConnect'

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YouTube is updating its brand/influencer connection options to help facilitate more effective influencer marketing deals

Best YouTube Name Generator


Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist, have a large cookbook, or want to showcase your technical knowledge with computers, YouTube is a great opportunity for your business to bloom. Fortunately for you, we compiled a compelling list of the best YouTube name generators you can find online.

YouTube Tests New Shoppable Product Ads, Launches "Video Action" Campaigns

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YouTube is rolling out two new ad types in order to help marketers capitalize on the rise of online video

Google Adds Auto-Generated 'Smart Replies' to YouTube Studio

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Google is adding its auto-generated 'Smart Replies', which provide quick response options based on machine learning, to YouTube Studio to help creators engage with their communities

Top Five: The night that YouTube went dark

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This week’s must-know social media news includes the YouTube outage, a religious stance on women and social media, Coke’s misstep in New Zealand, Snapchat’s new original programming and Google’s shopping insights. The night that YouTube went dark.

YouTube Rolls Out Video Chapters to All Creators

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After testing them with selected users over the last month, YouTube is now officially launching its new chapters segmentation display for video clips

The Biggest YouTube Marketing Mistakes That Too Many Brands Make

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YouTube presents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses … but only when done right. Avoid these eight common YouTube marketing mistakes. YouTube is a little different than most other social media networking sites. YouTube marketing can be extraordinarily effective.

YouTube's Adding More Ads, with Mid-Roll Breaks Available in Shorter Videos

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YouTube will make 8-minute videos eligible for mid-roll ads, while also adding mid-roll ad breaks to more videos

New Tool Shows Tags for Any YouTube Video to Help Improve Your YouTube SEO

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This new Chrome extension reveals the tags used in any YouTube video, which could help you find more relevant tags for your content

YouTube Adds New RPM Metric to Help Creators Better Understand Monetization Performance

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YouTube's adding a new metric to provide more transparency over how much money creators are making from their videos

YouTube Adds New Comment Filters in YouTube Studio

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YouTube has added a new set of comment filters to make it easier for creators to maximize their interactions

YouTube Ramps Up Action to Remove COVID-19 Misinformation

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YouTube is toughening its stance on COVID-19 misinformation, implementing a ban on all content that contradicts official health authrority advice

YouTube Launches YouTube Stories, Limited to Prominent Creators Only

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YouTube has launched its own variation of the popular Stories format, though it won't be available to all users at this stage

YouTube Moves to Restrict Videos About COVID-19/5G Conspiracy Theory

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YouTube says that it will restrict videos which promote a fringe conspiracy theory that 5G towers help to spread COVID-19

YouTube Is Working on a New Option to Enable Publishers to Sell Subscriptions via Their YouTube Channels

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YouTube is reportedly working on a new option that would enable publishers to more easily promote subscriptions to their publications via the video platform

YouTube Announces #CampYouTube to Keep Kids Engaged, New Learning Toolkits for Creators

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YouTube is looking to provide some new education and entertainment options for the summer break

8 Things to Know Before You Publish Your First YouTube Video


Looking for some game-changing YouTube tips for your first video? Whether you’re a business, entrepreneur, influencer, or content creator, YouTube is a huge platform for reaching new audiences and expediting your growth. It’s important to know how to optimize your YouTube videos too!

YouTube Launches New 'Analytics for Artists' to Provide More Insight for Musicians

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YouTube has launched a new 'Analytics for Artists' dashboard which will help musicians better understand how their content is used across the platform

YouTube 101: What Every Smart Social Media Manager Needs to Know

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Need a little guidance (maybe even a refresh) on YouTube? This YouTube 101 guide can help you brush up on YouTube know-how. A surprising number either forget about YouTube or think the platform is not for them. YouTube Channel Optimization . YouTube Influencers.


Social Media with Romona

I have been trying to decide whether to cancel my YouTube TV membership for about a year now because I just simply don’t watch TV… Read more. The post YOUTUBE TV PRICE INCREASE: HOW TO CANCEL YOUR YOUTUBE TV MEMBERSHIP (+ WHERE TO FIND & WATCH FREE MOVIES) appeared first on Social Media Workshops | Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia | Social Media How To's with Romona.

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How to Create a YouTube Channel on a Budget


Ready to create a YouTube channel that brings your community together, drives engagement, and supports your business goals? With the right strategy, YouTube can be a powerful tool to help you connect with your audience and build brand loyalty. . Manage Your Videos with YouTube Studio.

How To Make A YouTube Banner

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Subscribe to my YouTube Channel How to make a YouTube banner without Photoshop for free.

YouTube Collaborations: Working Together on Youtube Brings Success


One of the oldest, and most successful, ways to get more subscribers for you channel is through YouTube collaborations. People have been doing this since the very beginning of YouTube, and […].

YouTube Moves to the Testing Phase for its TikTok-Like 'Shorts' Option

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YouTube is moving to the next stage of testing with its TikTok like 'Shorts' option

YouTube Showcases Top Ad Campaigns as Part of its 2020 NewFronts Presentation

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YouTube has showcased some of the best examples of advertising on its platform as part of its 2020 NewFronts event

Here’s how B2B companies can use YouTube marketing


YouTube is a great platform for brands that want to showcase their expertise and take advantage of the opportunity to rank their video content

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YouTube's Working on a New Analytics Overview Summary to Help Creators Maximize Performance

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YouTube's working on a new video analytics display to help creators better understand where their views are coming from, and how to maximize performance

Best YouTube to MP3 Converter


Don’t worry, we picked some of the best YouTube to MP3 converters and wrote a thorough review of each one of them. Converting YouTube videos to MP3 formats can sound like extremely difficult task, but it’s not. Top 10 YouTube to MP3 converters. 4K YouTube to MP3.

[Fixed] YouTube Black Screen Problem


When we wish to check the latest trending video or check a product review or want to learn new cuisine the very first place we visit is YouTube. In our article we have discussed all these easy to implement tweaks in detail that will help to fix black screen problem on YouTube.

How to Fix YouTube TV not Working?


Being the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube has a lot to offer when it comes to video content. People love YouTube not only because of the quality of content it has to offer, but you can find video content on any topic under the sun (literally) on this streaming platform.

YouTube Subscriber Strategies for Nonprofits


All three will succeed or fail at video marketing based on their ability to get YouTube subscribers. Subscribers on YouTube are like fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. A camera, the passion of those you work with, and YouTube is all you need. By Matthew Yeoman.

8 of the Best YouTube SEO Tools

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If you want to maximize your YouTube performance, you need to align with user search behaviors, in order for your content to be found. These tools and tips will help

YouTube Announces $100 Million Fund to Amplify the Voices of Black Creators and Artists

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YouTube CEO Suan Wojcikci has announced a new $100 million find for black creators, along with various other initiatives to help address racial inequality

Is YouTube Unsubscribing from Influencers?

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Last month, YouTube officially rolled out its new Partner Program monetization policy, sparking a large debate across social media. One YouTuber impacted, Carrie Crista, was quoted saying , “YouTube seems to have forgotten who made the platform what it is.

Content Analysis App BuzzSumo Adds YouTube Insights

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Content analytics app BuzzSumo has added another element to its impressive toolset

How to Write YouTube Descriptions That Capture Attention

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Capture more YouTube views and clicks by crafting well-written YouTube descriptions. When brands create YouTube videos, they typically go all-in on the videos. Let’s take a look at some tactics to create YouTube descriptions that snag attention and get more clicks.

Using YouTube for B2B


YouTube reigns over online video sharing. With the ability to transform a mere Canadian child – Justin Bieber – into a worldwide household name, YouTube carries sizable clout in the modern world. YouTube will even help you to generate new leads.

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YouTube Ads New options for Marketers Looking to Reach Viewers Watching on Home TV Screens

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YouTube is adding two new options to help advertisers tap into evolving connected TV viewing trends

YouTube Adds New 'Creator Liason' to Improve Relationships With Creators

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YouTube is continuing to advance its efforts to improve relationships with creators

YouTube for Nonprofits Program


Came across this nice video presentation by our buddies over at See3 Communications, all about Youtube for Nonprofits, when doing research for a client. YouTube for Nonprofits from See3 Communications. See also the full YouTube Nonprofit Playbook for more on using YouTube.