Sun.Mar 29, 2020

Jessie Sims: Becoming Bigger Than Your Fears

Sometimes your worst fear becomes a reality. What will you do in that instant? It’s probably something you’ve had nightmares about happening, waking up sweating, and sighing with relief when you realize it was only a dream. And what could this worst fear possibly be?

How To Configure Proxy Server On Android


If you have an Android device (the probability of which is very likely), you are in for a treat. That’s because you can easily configure Android proxy settings for servers. This means you can actually configure an Android proxy for each Wi-Fi network that you see on your device. You heard us right!

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Reducing the Organizational Silo Mindset

Organizational leaders typically choose to ignore the silo mindset or aren’t even aware it exists. Despite all efforts of the effective Six Sigma program, it seems this silo mindset is one that needs a different approach.

#WFH Compatible: Why We Need a Movement


You can’t ignore the growing prominence of working remotely in today’s Covid-19 landscape. The fact that a once emerging trend to work from home (WFH) has become mainstream, in a matter of days, is downright unbelievable.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Tabulate Your Entire Book Collection in One Place With Booktrack


Reading books is a habit that very few people adopt and once they do, they can’t resist themselves whenever they see book collections. Though the tech is at its peak, a lot of us still believe in reading physical books rather than digital versions of it.

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OK Google, It’s Over Now! How To Deactivate Google Assistant?


There is no doubt that Google Assistant has always been the coolest and most helpful product in the entire Google suite. But sometimes, this amazing tool becomes overbearing and that time the only thing that hits my mind is, ‘Deactivate Google Assistant’.

Social Media - To be Up To Date Always Check On The Date

Social Media Network Marketing

To be Up To Date Always Check On The Date

Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles For Free In 2020!


Movies are the best way to kill stress, boredom and drive the dreariness away. There are various kinds of exotic movies that are available in the market which we are eagerly waiting to watch but due to language barrier we are unable to proceed further. .

Sites 55