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Best Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree


Are you in your last few months of high school and can’t afford to go to college? You may be worried about what you’re going to do after you graduate because everyone always talks about the importance of tertiary education and how it’s the stepping-stone to a great life.

10 Ways Marketers Can Supercharge their LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Maximize your use of LinkedIn's Lead Gen forms ad option with these tips

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Five Actionable Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website in 2020

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Mathew Jade. Generating unique and compelling content is important, but it’s not all you need to drive more traffic to your website. Posting on social media helps, but for most B2B enterprises, search remains the largest driver of website traffic.

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[INSTATIPS] Steps for Creating Better Instagram Photos And Growing Your Following

SocMed Sean

SocMedSean - Social.Media.Sean. INSTATIPS] Steps for Creating Better Instagram Photos And Growing Your Following. Ever wondered how to edit your photos like an Instagram pro? Want to grow your Instagram following by creating amazing photos? Here are some great tips on how to succeed on Instagram.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

2019 Instagram Updates Marketers Should Know [Infographic]

Social Media Today

A round up of the most important features launched this year to keep in mind while planning your 2020 strategy

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Facebook Ads Automatic Translation Feature

Jon Loomer

If you have a universal audience, it may be a good idea to create ads in multiple languages to reach your potential customer in their native language. This process just became a lot easier with Facebook’s new automatic translation feature. Let’s walk through how you can utilize it, too.

Why Digital Marketing Professionals Shouldn’t Neglect Cyber Security

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Andy Beohar. No industry today is immune from cybersecurity risk. While a digital marketing agency may not appear to be a high-risk enterprise, it’s as much in peril as any other company. Image credit: tookapic on Pixabay.

Plan a Virtual Summit and Generate Thousands of Leads (While Staying Sane)

agora pulse

Want to plan a virtual summit but worry about the stress and time involved? These tips can help you plan without losing your mind … and help you gain thousands of leads. I never used to get the appeal of webinars.

Social Media Predictions For 2020, According to 3 Experts

Social Media Today

From TikTok to IGTV, what's trending with social influencers in 2020

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Work Atmosphere: 5 Key Ways to Maintain a Positive Work Environment

The Realtime Report

Work Atmosphere: 5 Key Ways to Maintain a Positive Work Environment. Noticing a few moans and groans around the office? Unfortunately, employee dissatisfaction can spread throughout the entire company. In fact, it can even impact your business success down the road.

Black Friday: Who Cares?


Seriously…we want to know who cares. In order for us to find out, we dove into an audience report to understand the affinities behind the champions of Black Friday. Turkey, football,… Read More >>>.

Facebook Ads Edits that Trigger the Learning Phase

Jon Loomer

Your Facebook ads campaign is working great. It’s profitable. Then, you decide to make an edit. Your ad set re-enters the learning phase, and everything goes to hell. I’ve been there. It’s frustrating. And when it happens, I’m so mad at myself for making the change.

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How Does Agorapulse Compare to Facebook Creator Studio?

agora pulse

You’ve heard about Facebook Creator Studio and now wonder why you should pay for a third-party social media management tool. We’ve got answers (and more) to that question.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Last month on social: A lot like Christmas, but also memes and travel


November is the month of Christmas decor put up a little early and a whole lot of Mariah Carey and Micheal Bublé everywhere. Brands too piped in with Christmas-themed posts, contests, and giveaways.

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Managing Brand Reputation in an Online World


Last month Meltwater Canada hosted a client event in Montreal, during which communication professionals had the opportunity to hear from industry experts on the topic of managing brand reputation in… Read More >>>.

How To Know When Bankruptcy Is The Right Decision

Bankruptcy is a form of legal protection provided to individuals who find their financial situation has become so poor they can no longer meet their debt payment obligations.

Facebook Ads and the Importance of Traffic

Jon Loomer

The typical advertiser has one primary set of goals with their Facebook ads: Generate the most conversions at the lowest cost. This tunnel vision neglects the importance of traffic. You build campaign after campaign driving people to a sales page. You target interests and lookalike audiences.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

A Beginners Guide to Using TikTok to Market Your Small Business [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Are you planning to add TikTok into your digital marketing toolkit in 2020? Check out these insights and tips

What’s Trending with Millennials on Social Media

Ignite Social Media

Most the of the time, brands are looking to target a certain subset of individuals on social. When it comes to millennials, brands have to be strategic as they differ from other generations and groups of people. Below we breakdown what’s trending with millennials on social media.

Top 8 Content Calendar Platforms


One of the hardest things about B2B marketing is that you’re trying to reach an audience that has customers of their own to market to and is reading the same blogs, following the same trends, and trying the same new approaches you are.

How To Tell If An Industry Is Ready For Disruption

Industry Disruption is when a smaller company, with less market share and resources, is able to make a successful challenge against a larger, more established, company is a particular market or niche.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Create Facebook Split Test with Ad Set Duplication

Jon Loomer

Want a quick way to split test different audiences with your Facebook ads? A new feature will help you. Note that this is different from Facebook’s primary built-in split testing feature.

Does Big Tech Have Too Much Power? [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Should the major tech giants be broken up to reduce their market power? Here's an overview of the case against big tech

4 Examples of Great Social Media Content and What You Can Learn From Them

Ignite Social Media

If one thing is guaranteed when it comes to social media, it’s that content on the feed will never be in short supply. In just one day, users will scroll through 300 feet of content on social media – that’s enough content to span the height of the Statue of Liberty.

Say What You Mean- #mindfulSocial with @orenjaysofer

Janet Fouts

This week’s guest on Mindful Social is Oren Jay Sofer.

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Video Made for Just £100 Grows Fans of a Welsh Hardware Store


How do small local shops compete with large chain stores and online sellers? They build fans by creating a personal connection with the local community. That’s exactly what Hafod Hardware in Rhayader, Powys, Wales has done with their holiday video produced for just £100.

[PRODUCT UPDATE] New features before the year comes to an end.


Time for a new product update! Our team has been working extremely hard during the latest weeks to implement a whole new series of improvements based on our customer’s feedback. New Features Audiense News

The Winners and Losers of Black Friday 2019

Social Media Today

Mobile kicked in more than its fair share this year, and that was good news for some brick-and-mortar retailers

How to Use Social Media for Small Business: 11 Simple Tips


Nearly three-quarters of American adults use social media—making it a critical part of any business strategy. Indeed, social media is one of the best ways to connect with people who already love your brand. It’s also important for reaching those who haven’t heard of your business yet.