Google Adds New Video Editing Features to Google Photos

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Google has added some new video editing features to Google Photos which could help in your content creation efforts

Google Adds New AR 'Try-On' Ads within Google Shopping

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Google is testing out its own version of AR 'Try-on' ads within Google Shopping listings

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Changes to Google News

Sherrilynne Starkie

Google is now using machine learning to group top media stories in Google Search and has implemented carousels to improve search relevance and make news easy to access. When there are multiple stories related to a search, Google is organizing the results by story. Have you experienced this enhanced Google News Search? The post Changes to Google News appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. Media Google News Google Search

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Top Five: Google is shuttering G+

Sherrilynne Starkie

Top stories this week include Facebook’s crackdown, Google’s continuing investment in quality news, another new Instagram feature, the final throes of Google’s G+ and how all emoji are being treated equal on Twitter. Google supports quality news publishers in digital transformation. Google is shuttering G+. Google has announced that it’s shutting down its G+ social network because hardly anyone is using it.

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Google Lifts Political Ad Ban Following Pause After Capitol Siege

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Google will allow political ad campaigns on its platforms once again, following a pause in the wake of last month's Capitol siege

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Google Launches Updated Google Analytics, Including Improved Reporting and Data Tracking Options

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Google has launched an updated version of Google Analytics, which will make it easier for users to pinpoint key data trends

Google Removes Commission Fees for 'Buy on Google' Product Listings

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With online shopping on the rise, Google's looking to ensure it doesn't lose out to the increase of on-platform buying options on social networks

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Google Adds New Predicted Audience Action Tools into Google Analytics

Social Media Today

Google has added some new predictive tools into Google Analytics to help marketers target audience segments based on their likely actions

Google Adds New Options to Edit Your Google My Business Profile Direct from Search and Maps

Social Media Today

Google is adding some new ways to update your Google My Business profile direct from search and maps

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Google Provides Official End Date for Google+

Social Media Today

Google has outlined the official timeline for the closure of Google+, giving users time to download any content they might want to keep

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#ThursdayThoughts with Google selfie searches

Sherrilynne Starkie

Google introduces celebrity selfie searches. Marketing Google selfieNow when searching for news about Will Ferrell, or any of a couple of dozen other celebrities, you’ll find a short video clip of him answering frequently asked questions.

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Google Adds Short-Form Video Carousel in Selected Search Results

Social Media Today

Google is looking to align with the short-form video trend by adding TikTok and Reels video results for certain search queries

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Google Expands Free Google Shopping Listings, Adds New Tools to Assist SMBs

Social Media Today

Google is making its Google Shopping product listings available for free in Europe, while it's also expanding its tools for SMBs to assist in their recovery from COVID-19

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Google and Instagram Provide Insight into Thanksgiving Food Trends

Social Media Today

Google and Instagram have shared some insights into food trends around Thanksgiving, based on user activity

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Google Keep will get you organized

Sherrilynne Starkie

Google Keep is a nifty little free app that can help lift a content marketing effort to the next level. Google Keep Screenshot (Photo credit: Schockwellenreiter). It’s an easy-to-use note taking tool that syncs with Google Drive, so updates and additions are kept current, in the cloud and ready to access. Being Google, its search function is excellent too. Being Google, Keep is available for Android. Related posts: Improvements to Google+.

Google Publishes New Guide to Evolving Shopping Behaviors in 2020

Social Media Today

Google has published a new guide to help marketers maximize their promotional efforts this holiday season

7 best Google Alerts alternatives


If you care about your online presence, you need a Google Alert alternative. This is a list of such tools

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Google Shares Insights into the Top Search Queries of 2020

Social Media Today

Google has provided an overview of the year in search for 2020, outlining the most searched queries of the year


Social Media with Romona

NEWS FLASH: If you have a Google My Business Listing, you should be posting to it regularly just like you do your Facebook Business… Read more. The post HOW TO CREATE A GOOGLE MY BUSINESS POST: HOW DO I MAKE A GOOGLE POST? Read to stay up-to-date on the best practices of social media marketing, email marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and personal branding.

Google Publishes New Guide on Linking Google Ads and Google Analytics

Social Media Today

Google has released a new guide which outlines the benefits of linking your Google Ads and Google Analytics info to improve your ad targeting

Google Announces New Shopping Ads on Google Images

Social Media Today

Google is launching some new ad options to help brands reach users who are searching via Google Images

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Google Adds New Listing Details to Streamline In-Store Purchases

Social Media Today

Google has added some new features to its listings for local stores and products to improve the shopping process

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Want to own Google Page One?

Sherrilynne Starkie

If you want to own Google Page One for your key search terms, I’ve shared my secrets in this recent webinar for my friends at Agility PR, the software and services company for public relations professionals. The post Want to own Google Page One? A lot of marketers put considerable time into creating content and growing their social media following. They spend budgets on digital ads for promotion and yet, they continue to be disappointed with the results.

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Google Will Live Stream its Upcoming Google Marketing Live Event

Social Media Today

Google has announced that for the first time it will live-stream its upcoming Google Marketing Live event, offering a range of new insights and tips

Google Makes Google Shopping Listings Available for Free as It Seeks to Expand Its eCommerce Stake

Social Media Today

Google is making its Google Shopping listings available free of charge, which will give its eCommerce ambitions a significant boost

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Google Adds New 'Offers' Section to Google Business Profiles

Social Media Today

Google is adding a new option to Google My Business listings which will enable brands to showcase offers within search results

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If you are using the Google My Business App, hopefully, you are also receiving reviews. The post HOW TO RESPOND TO YOUR FIRST GOOGLE REVIEW: A GOOGLE MY BUSINESS REVIEWS TUTORIAL appeared first on Social Media Workshops | Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia | Social Media How To's with Romona. Read to stay up-to-date on the best practices of social media marketing, email marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and personal branding.

Google’s new privacy policy

Sherrilynne Starkie

Most Gmail users will have received at least one message from Google this week (I received ten) explaining the company’s new privacy policy. But this unified approach seems inevitable considering Google ubiquity across the Web. For those who’ve not had the time to look at the detail of what Google’s new privacy policy means to them, here’s a short video explanation. How Google Instant paid off.

Google Adds New Fact Check Labels to Google Image Search Results

Social Media Today

Google is adding fact check markers to Google Image search results as another means to help reduce the spread of misinformation

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Google's Adding New Contextual Data Panels to All Search Results to Inform Users of Site Info

Social Media Today

Google's adding new contextual info to search results to provide more transparency and insight into pages before you click

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Top Five: Google Analytics introduces new ‘Audiences’ report

Sherrilynne Starkie

Top Five: Google Analytics introduces new 'Audiences' report. Google Analytics Introduces New 'Audiences' Report. Google is rolling out a new report in Analytics which analyzes a website’s custom audiences. Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Social Media Uncategorized Facebook Lists Google Analytics Instagram Stories LinkedIn Salary Insights SnapChat Analytics REPORT. Sherrilynne Starkie. Owner. items . followers . votes . views.

US Justice Department Files Complaint Against Google Over Monopoly Tactics

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The US Justice Department has files complaint against Google for violating antitrust laws through its dominance of search

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Google Adds New 'Follow' Feature for Businesses in Google Maps

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Google has added a new option which enables users to follow businesses on Google Maps and get updates for coming events

Google Adds New Knowledge Panel Insights to Google Image Results for Added Context

Social Media Today

Google is adding new Knowledge Panel information listings to Google Images results, helping to provide more context about visual entries

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Using Google Trends to Identify Social Media Opportunities

Jon Loomer

We can use Google search data (via Google Trends) to identify social media opportunities – especially related to advertising. To help make this process easier, we’ve developed a dashboard that captures and compiles a variety of search data — all based on Google Trends.

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SEO Writing: confira as 14 dicas para criar conteúdos otimizados para o Google

Visually SM

Para os algoritmos de search engines e classificadores de relevância do Google, quanto mais informações correspondentes às intenções de pesquisa do usuário estiverem presentes na página indexada ou divulgada pelo anunciante, mais bem classificada ela ficará.

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Google is Considering its Own Update to Data Tracking on Android in the Wake of Apple's IDFA Change

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Google is considering an update to the way in which it collects user data on Android devices

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Google Webmaster Tools Moves Twitter Account

Bill Hartzer

Google Webmaster Tools, now called Google Search Console (for several years), has moved their Twitter account from @googlewmc to @googlesearchc. I’m looking forward to a better, easier to use Google Search Central.

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Google Outlines New Deal to Pay French Publishers for Use of Their Content

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Google has announced a new deal to share revenue with French publishers while avoiding more complex regulation on the same

Google Adds New Search Listing Options to Help Businesses Highlight Updated Service Offerings

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Google is adding some more Google My Business profile display options to better align with evolving shopping behaviors amid COVID-19

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