Activism Through Blogging

Ari Herzog

Activism is defined as “a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue.” My activism is not limited to blogging. Whether you choose to engage in activism or not is up to you.

Social Media Needs Local Activation!


Key Points for Local Market Activation on Social Media for International Brands. The following post is part of the Mindjumpers Network series.

Instagram Now Has a Billion Monthly Active Users

Social Media Today

Instagram has announced that it has crossed the billion active user threshold

Instagram Adds Active Status Notifiers to Fuel Real-Time Connection

Social Media Today

Instagram has added new active status notifiers which will let users know when their connections are active in the app

Instagram Stories Now Has 400 Million Daily Active Users

Social Media Today

Instagram Stories is now up to 400 million daily users, bolstering Facebook's dominance of the Stories format

Pinterest Improves Related Pin Recommendations, Increasing Engagement and Activity

Social Media Today

Pinterest is improving its content recommendation tools, which has already seen the platform boost engagement rates

WhatsApp Hits 500 Million Active Users

The Realtime Report

Mobile messaging service WhatsApp just topped 500 million active users , according to the company’s blog post yesterday. Users are sending 700 million photos and 100 million videos, every single day. WhatsApp’s growth has been fastest in Brazil, Mexico, India and Russia.

New Structure of Global Facebook Pages: Focus on Local Activation


A Global Page needs local activation. Facebook launching this new structure of Global Pages is in my opinion yet another sign of how significant and up-coming it is for international brands to do local market activation based on one global social media strategy.

Social Activism and Social Media


Social networks are undoubtedly the perfect platform for social activism and the promotion of good causes. Google+ will be hosting Hangouts starting October 10 th to discuss safe activity on social media, among other topics. What kinds of social activism have you participated in?

The Importance of Local Activation on Social Media: India


The response was overwhelming, with fans of the film getting involved in the activity, giving Sonam Kapoor further exposure and the public the tools to promote the film. The Importance of Local Activation on Social Media: West Africa/Nigeria.

Facebook Adds Activity Dashboards in Facebook and Instagram to Help Users Track Time Spent

Social Media Today

Facebook has added new activity dashboards to both Facebook and Instagram t help users track the time they spend in each app

Online Ad Metrics & the Google Activate Initiative

Cody Ward

Recently Google proposes new metrics for online advertising called the Google Activate Initiative, that I believe falls somewhere in between CPM and CPC. Launching on the Google Display Network Reserve platform, the metric called “Active View” will be an enhanced impression.

Enduring 2016 Team Building Activities


Creating an inspiring, and productive work culture requires more incentives than a generous salary. This… Read More.

Don’t Mistake Activity for Effectiveness in Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

Don’t mistake your social media activity for social media effectiveness. The world of the content marketer/social media marketer is changing. I had mentioned in a previous post how it resets every day.

Why Data Should Inform Creative Production and Activation

Social Media Today

As consumer attention becomes fragmented and distributed among numerous social media channels, creative production must be customized for each channel. To hook and retain a viewer’s attention, content should be created with a social-first mindset

Should Your Brand Be Active on Memorial Day?

Ignite Social Media

3) Want to Promote Memorial Day Activities? As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of fun activities that happen on Memorial Day weekend, and if your brand has ties to them (food, drinks, grills, etc.), The post Should Your Brand Be Active on Memorial Day?

Social Networking Stats: Instagram Has 90 Million Active Monthly Users, #RLTM Scoreboard

The Realtime Report

Facebook: 1 billion active users. Qzone: 599 million monthly active users. LinkedIn: 200 million active users. Google Plus: 135 million monthly active users. Instagram Has 90 Million Active Monthly Users. The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week.

Facebook Messenger Tops 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook Messenger surpassed a significant milestone, topping 1 billion monthly active users Wednesday. Readers: What are your thoughts on the news that Facebook Messenger now has more than 1 billion monthly active users?

5 Offline Activities That Can Impact SEO

Small Business Mavericks

Here are five specific offline activities that have the potential to impact your search engine optimization. SEO doesn’t all have to be about your online activity. In today’s interconnected and integrated world, small- and medium-sized businesses can’t think in binary terms (i.e. online vs. offline). Instead, you’ve got to think about ways you can make all of your marketing pay off both for offline business and your online business brand.

Does Social Media Activism work? Social Media for Awareness Raising #metoo

Laurel Papworth

social media activism Facebook Harvey Weinstein NonprofitWill the Harvey Weinstein issue raise awareness or bury us in memes? Social media and in particular Facebook & Twitter raising awareness of issues that womens’ nonprofits have being trying to direct attention to FOREVER.

135 Million Users Are Active in Google+ Stream

The Realtime Report

Out of the 500 million users that have signed up for Google+, 235 million are “active across Google” (aka +1′ing apps in Google Play, hanging out in Gmail, connecting with friends in Search), and 135 million are active just in the Google+ stream.

Key Points for Local Market Activation on Social Media for International Brands


Practical things such as knowing which devices are most dominated to get people to access Internet as well as laws on how to legally do business online are also essential to have an understanding of when activating local markets.

Facebook Tests Displaying Active Comment Threads Alongside Messages

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook is testing an alternative to notifications for users who want to keep track of comment threads on posts.

3 Ways Seasonal Brands Stay Active in the Off-Season

Ignite Social Media

Well, hopefully today we can shed some light on a few tips to help brands stay active in the off season. Need some additional help with figuring out how to keep you brand active in the off-season months?

Why Your CEO Should Be Active On Social Media [Study]


CEO activity on social networks also appears to influence employees’ faith in their company. As evident form the survey results, there is a pressing need for CEOs to be active in social media. At Mindjumpers, our CEO Jonas Klit Nielsen is an active blogger as well as tweeter.

How To Align Social Media With Marketing Activities


So here’s a short checklist of how you can use social media to compliment your marketing activities.

The Most Popular and Active News Brands on Instagram

Adam Sherk

Now that Instagram web profiles have been around for a few months I thought I’d check in on the participation and activity of major news brands. If I’ve left out any particularly active media outlets please let me know.

Monitor Your Brand’s Instagram Activity with New Reporting Tool


In my blog post How to Boost Your Number of Followers on Instagram , I wrote about the importance of monitoring your activity on photo-sharing application Instagram at the same level as you monitor your other social media presences.

Social Networking Stats: Active Usage Drops For Facebook and Twitter, #RLTM Scoreboard

The Realtime Report

billion monthly active users. Twitter: 255 million monthly active users. Qzone: 599 million monthly active users. Google Plus: 343 million monthly active users. Active Usage Drops For Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn and Twitter’s active usage dropped 3%.

How to Use LinkedIn Messaging to Connect With Active Prospects


The post How to Use LinkedIn Messaging to Connect With Active Prospects appeared first on Devumi.

Social Media Calls For Pro-Active And Re-Active Actions

Social Media Network Marketing

What this goes to say is that you need a plan that is pro-active along with a plan that is re-active. We have an active Social Media community at my Facebook Business Page. When on Social Media you need to have a plan of action. A plan that has directional steps for two paths: one which guides you on the road ahead and the other which helps out when you meet with hurdles on that road.

Your Most Important Marketing Activity Today

Small Business Mavericks

Do you know what your most important marketing activity is today? Does that mean it’s the most important online marketing activity? The most important marketing activity for you today is that activity which propels you closer to your business goals and takes your business to the next level. Is it blogging, pay-per-click marketing, social media , or something else? This is a topic that is often debated among Internet marketers.

Find and Activate Influencers With Insightpool

Convince & Convert

Chris Hackney talks about Insightpool, the influencer marketing tool that will transform how your brand connects with authentic advocates. Social Media Strategy

Activate Run-Ons with WIFM

Geoff Livingston

Activate verb tense, parse run-ons into multiple sentences, and add the what’s in it for me (WIFM) factor. Activate past and presented tense verbs wherever possible. Activate your language. Active verbs make business writing more enjoyable. Image by Mad African!

Insights activation: why social data is key in the pre-campaign phase [with a practical example]


In most of our articles about consumer insights , we talk about one of the key elements when working with social data which is the activation of these insights. But … what does activate them really mean?

Social networking: most popular online activity worldwide.

Sherrilynne Starkie

85% of Facebook’s 955M Active Users Are “Creating Content”

The Realtime Report

Now with 955 million monthly active users ( half of them accessing Facebook via mobile ), Facebook’s Head of Audience Insights Robert D’Onofrio says that around 85% of those users are creating some form of content ( AdAge ). Monthly active users on Facebook are defined as anyone who has visited Facebook via its website or mobile site, or clicked on a Facebook share button from another (third-party) site within the past month. How engaged is Facebook’s user base?

Reviewing 30 Days of Livefyre Activity

Ari Herzog

If you are inspired to add a comment with your thoughts, please visit Reviewing 30 Days of Livefyre Activity in your browser. Reviewing blog analytics since July 25 when Livefyre was installed here , you will notice a steady count of visitors. Your fine eye may notice a slight decline in readers which is likely due to a mere 12 articles published here over the past month. Weekly visitor metrics from every Monday elaborate: June 20: 408. June 27: 516. July 4: 338. July 11: 430.

Proceed with Caution When Being Active on Social Media Sites

Saying It Social

Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials Proceed with Caution When Being Active on Social Media Sites Being active on social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is a great way to build business relationships.

Facebook Extends Dynamic Ads Targeting to Users’ Web Activity

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook extended the targeting capabilities of its dynamic ads to users’ web activity. Online furniture retailer Wayfair has been testing the ability to target dynamic ads based on users’ web activity, and director of marketing Jessica Jacobs told Johnson: We can automatically reach a huge audience with personalized recommendations from our catalog of more than 7 million products.