Microsoft’s new logo

Sherrilynne Starkie

For the first time in 25 years, Microsoft, one of the world’s most pervasive brands has revealed a new logo. According to Mircosoft’s blog this represents a new era for Microsoft, so a logo should evolve to visually accentuate this new beginning. Microsoft’s New Logo.

Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office Word


In the world of technology where Microsoft’s products dominate the market, it’s extremely hard to find suitable software to edit text or write compelling papers you can later use for personal and commercial purposes. Top 10 Free Microsoft Office Word Alternatives.

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Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer Replacement

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Microsoft officially announced today at Build 2015 the new Windows 10 browser would be called Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge will be a clean, minimalistic browser with little to no icons or menus to slow page speed.

Laying Off Microsoft

Jason Yormark

There was no question really when Microsoft offered. I put in four amazing years with Microsoft Advertising and made life long friends in the process. I never imagined Microsoft would lay anyone off, but the economy had other plans. It wasn’t fair to me or Microsoft.

Microsoft Adds AI-Powered Auto Captions for Skype Calls

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Microsoft has announced new auto-generated captions for Skype, another advance for audio recognition

Microsoft Leads Effort to Take Down Massive Malware Network

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Microsoft says it has taken action against the Necurs botnet network, one of the world's largest criminal botnet systems

Microsoft to Launch Microsoft Sway

Bill Hartzer

Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new site or service called Sway. Right now there’s no word from Microsoft officially about what this new product, service, or website will be. Registrant Organization: Microsoft Corporation. Admin Organization: Microsoft Corporation.

Me & Microsoft: Round 2

Jason Yormark

While I was certainly impacted from a financial perspective along with the worry of what’s next, I actually felt more disappointed that they were letting someone go that had done quite well up to that point and had been a huge advocate for many things Microsoft.

Me & Microsoft: Round 2

Jason Yormark

While I was certainly impacted from a financial perspective along with the worry of what’s next, I actually felt more disappointed that they were letting someone go that had done quite well up to that point and had been a huge advocate for many things Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Stocks Faces Even Steeper Declines

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Microsoft's stock has fallen by a staggering 27% from its peak on February 10, but that may only be the start

LinkedIn Engagement Continues to Rise, According to Parent Company Microsoft's Latest Update

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LinkedIn engagement continues to rise, according to the latest insights from parent company Microsoft

Microsoft Sitcom Coming? Microsoft Registers MicroSitcom Domains

Bill Hartzer

Microsoft Corporation just registered two interesting domain names: Certainly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an upcoming sitcom related to Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Future in Digital Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Over the weekend I got to meet with Romi Mahajan the World Wide Director of the Digital Marketing Platform Group at Microsoft. I was really surprised and excited to learn that Microsoft is taking the Digital Marketing place very seriously since they are one of the largest players in the space!

LinkedIn Engagement Continues to Rise, as Per Microsoft's Latest Performance Report

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LinkedIn's parent company Microsoft has reported that LinkedIn engagement has continued to rise in the most recent quarter

LinkedIn Adds Microsoft's Machine Learning Tools to Improve Content Detection Process

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LinkedIn is adding in Microsoft's machine learning tools to boost its capacity to detect potentially offensive content

10 Company and Product Branding Tips from Microsoft

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» Social Media Case Studies brand awareness corporate social media microsoft product branding skype social media branding social media magic social media strategy xbox At Rival IQ, we see tens of thousands of companies, products, and people come through our system.

Microsoft Working on Project Madeira

Bill Hartzer

Even though there are some results in Google based on Microsoft and the fact that Madeira is a region in Portugal. But, based on a significant amount of domain names registered by Microsoft in the past few days, it looks like they’re working on something:

Microsoft’s Expensive Stock May Still Climb Higher

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Microsoft Corp.’s s stock is trading at the upper end of its historical PE

Microsoft Reports that LinkedIn is Seeing 'Record Levels of Engagement'

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LinkedIn has reported that engagement on the platform is at record levels as a result of feed improvements

Microsoft Registers 43 Microsoft Surface Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

In the past 24 hours, Microsoft has registered 43 new domain names–all related to their new Microsoft Surface tablet. All in all, Microsoft registered 47 new domain names in the past 24 hours, three of them were cloud-related and one was related to Microsoft “flight” Here is the list of Microsoft Surface domain names, which includes some typos, that Microsoft registered:

Microsoft’s Massive Stock Gains May Be Far From Over

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Despite Microsoft's significant gains over the past year, options traders are betting the shares rise almost 9% more over the next few months

Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom And Even Google Duo Are Where You Work Now

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Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Duo - all will be your master now The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has pushed us all to working online.

Microsoft Files DMCA Takedown Request, Claims Microsoft is Infringing on Copyright

Bill Hartzer

Microsoft filed a DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) request with Google. Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft filed a DMCA takedown request last week with Google, asking Google to remove and from the Google index.

Romi Mahajan leaves Microsoft to Join Metavana as CMO

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Long time friend and well respected CMO buddy of mine Romi Mahajan is leaving Microsoft to join Metavana. Related posts: Microsoft’s Future in Digital Marketing Over the weekend I got to meet with Romi. Marketing Sincere Marketing Social Media Social Networking Metavana Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Break Out May Send Shares Surging Higher

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Microsoft's stock is breaking out following last week's results; now, the stock may surge even higher

Amazon, Capital One, Microsoft, AI, Surveillance, Broadband & Break Ups

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Over the past year I’ve written about broadband access, loving/hating Amazon, the Capital One data breach, civilian surveillance, Microsoft, AI and the technology oligarchy, and over the past month or so all seven hit the headlines somewhere.

Microsoft Buys 26 Contosoyams Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

Microsoft is up to something. I’m not sure what, but I am really curious as to why Microsoft recently registered 26 domain names at once: all related to the word contosoyams.

Microsoft and LinkedIn Resume Assistant Changes How you Job Hunt


Microsoft and LinkedIn are giving you a hand in building that resume with the new LinkedIn Resume Assistant tool for Microsoft Word, and a host of other updates. The post Microsoft and LinkedIn Resume Assistant Changes How you Job Hunt appeared first on Devumi.

Microsoft’s Stock May Be Getting Ready For A 2020 Bull Run

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Microsoft's strong stock performance of 2019 may carry over into 2020

Microsoft’s Stock May Rise By As Much As 12% Following Results

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Microsoft's stock may break out and rise by as much as 12% following results

The Microsoft Surface's Beauty is Only "Surface Deep"

Stay N' Alive

As a long-time Microsoft fan (my first computers were all PCs), and with all my excitement about Windows 8, I was very excited about the Microsoft Surface. It is by far Microsoft's most beautiful device and operating system to date. Microsoft Office tends to lag.

LinkedIn and Microsoft Announce New Windows 10 App

Myrland Marketing

Today came the first noticeable result of Microsoft’s 2016 $26.2 This morning, LinkedIn and Microsoft announced they are rolling out an app for LinkedIn for use by Windows 10 customers. All Posts LinkedIn Social Media Microsoft's Acquisition of LinkedIn New LinkedIn App

Microsoft Launches So.Cl Social Media Network

Bill Hartzer

So.Cl (pronounced “social”) is a social sharing network currently in beta that was launched December 4, 2012 as an experiment by Microsoft FUSE Labs to provide a social media platform for students to share content with others.

Microsoft’s Stock May Jump As Much As 9% Following Its Quarterly Results

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Microsoft's quarterly results are quickly approaching, and traders are betting that the shares rise sharply in the weeks that follow

Microsoft Fails to Renew Engyro Domain Name

Bill Hartzer

Microsoft failed to renew the domain name recently when it came up for renewal. Here are other domain names that Microsoft did not renew on April 7, 2014: I especially like these domain names, which I am surprised that Microsoft failed to renews.

Microsoft Advertising: Insights Podcast

Jason Yormark

Apple vs Microsoft: Tablet Market Clash between iPad and Windows 8


Microsoft has already previewed its ARM compatible Windows 8 and a dedicated app store called the Windows Store for it. But when it comes to Windows 8, iPad may be grounded on the fact that Microsoft’s firmware is more enterprise friendlier and innovative.

Microsoft Small Business SMB Deal Hub Coming?

Bill Hartzer

Microsoft may be getting ready to launch a “Small Business Deal” hub if their plans correspond with the domain names that they recently purchased. We already know that Microsoft has a Business Hub at [link] but they may be getting ready to offer SMBs a deal hub.

Microsoft Will Be Bigger Than Apple, Amazon & Google (But Not Walmart)

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Microsoft can become the largest technology company in the world -- even bigger than Amazon, Apple and Google -- by dominating the converging consumer/corporate product/service market while building on its already ubiquitous technology infrastructure

Censorship Comes For The Desktop: How Microsoft Has Infused 'Values' Into Windows And Office

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Even Microsoft actually encodes a number of acceptable content rules into the terms of service governing the use of its Office suite and the Microsoft Account required by default to log into Windows itself