Microsoft’s new logo

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For the first time in 25 years, Microsoft, one of the world’s most pervasive brands has revealed a new logo. According to Mircosoft’s blog this represents a new era for Microsoft, so a logo should evolve to visually accentuate this new beginning. Microsoft got its font design wrong in two ways. Microsoft’s New Logo. Microsoft: New logo marks ‘new beginning’ for company. Microsoft reveals simpler new logo.

Laying Off Microsoft

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There was no question really when Microsoft offered. I put in four amazing years with Microsoft Advertising and made life long friends in the process. I never imagined Microsoft would lay anyone off, but the economy had other plans. It wasn’t fair to me or Microsoft.

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Do More in Microsoft Dynamics with Oktopost


Today, we’re happy to announce our integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Similar to our Salesforce integration, Oktopost is sending engagement data collected from social channels to Microsoft Dynamics and appending it to your leads and contacts.

Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer Replacement

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Microsoft officially announced today at Build 2015 the new Windows 10 browser would be called Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge will be a clean, minimalistic browser with little to no icons or menus to slow page speed. It will also incorporate Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana. Many users have switched to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome by now, but this latest announcement is a hopeful sign for the future of Microsoft’s web browser capabilities.

Here’s How to Add New Fonts to Microsoft Word


Not something that you have every once in a while, but one that needs your attention is using your choice of fonts while working on Microsoft Word. & With that note, let’s check how to add & use the downloaded fonts on Microsoft Word: Download & Install New Font on Computer.

Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office Word


In the world of technology where Microsoft’s products dominate the market, it’s extremely hard to find suitable software to edit text or write compelling papers you can later use for personal and commercial purposes. Fortunately, we searched, found and tested the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office Word you can use today. People can now write and read documents, manage spreadsheets, email and much more to oppose Microsoft’s premium tools. Support for Microsoft formats.

Me & Microsoft: Round 2

Jason Yormark

While I was certainly impacted from a financial perspective along with the worry of what’s next, I actually felt more disappointed that they were letting someone go that had done quite well up to that point and had been a huge advocate for many things Microsoft.

How To Download And Update Microsoft Bluetooth Driver?


Let us discuss methods on how to download and update Microsoft Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 10. Steps On How To Download And Update Microsoft Bluetooth Driver In Windows 10. The Final Word On How To Download And Update Microsoft Bluetooth Driver.

TikTok Valued at Around $30 Billion, as Microsoft Evaluates Takeover Offer

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Microsoft is working through various elements of a possible buy-out of TikTok, which could be an incredible difficult process within the six-week deadline

Microsoft Taps into the Popularity of Snapchat Lenses for Major New Xbox Campaign

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Microsoft has launched a major new AR campaign on Snapchat to promote its coming Xbox Series X titles

Microsoft Announces Shutdown of Mixer Gaming Platform, Merges Mixer Users into Facebook Gaming

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Microsoft has announced that it will shutter its Mixer gaming platform, and merge Mixer into Facebook Gaming

LinkedIn Engagement Continues to Rise, According to Parent Company Microsoft's Latest Update

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LinkedIn engagement continues to rise, according to the latest insights from parent company Microsoft

Microsoft Mulls Purchase of TikTok as US Government Appears Set to Order Divestment from ByteDance

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Microsoft is reportedly considering purchasing short-form video app TikTok, as the US Government considers imposing new regulations on its operating capacity

LinkedIn Engagement Continues to Rise, According to Latest Update from Microsoft

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Microsoft has reported that active LinkedIn sessions grew by 24% over the last quarter

Microsoft to Launch Microsoft Sway

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Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new site or service called Sway. Right now there’s no word from Microsoft officially about what this new product, service, or website will be. But based on the number of domain names that have been purchased recently by Microsoft and their private acquisition of the domain name leads me to believe that Sway is launching soon. Registrant Organization: Microsoft Corporation. Admin Organization: Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft Adds AI-Powered Auto Captions for Skype Calls

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Microsoft has announced new auto-generated captions for Skype, another advance for audio recognition

Microsoft’s Future in Digital Marketing

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Over the weekend I got to meet with Romi Mahajan the World Wide Director of the Digital Marketing Platform Group at Microsoft. I was really surprised and excited to learn that Microsoft is taking the Digital Marketing place very seriously since they are one of the largest players in the space!

Microsoft’s Stock May Fall Another 10%

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Microsoft's stock has fallen about 11% since peaking on September 2, but that may only be the beginning. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media Innovation Social Media

How Microsoft Universal Print Cloud Printing Will Help Admins


Microsoft has introduced a new innovative cloud printing option that does not require any printing servers to wok with. Here go with the all about Microsoft universal print cloud printing. All About Microsoft Universal Print Cloud Printing. The universal print is the latest printing technology introduced by Microsoft. With this innovative modernization, you will be able to use cloud print ready printers through the Microsoft office cloud. Microsoft 365 E5/A5.

Microsoft Leads Effort to Take Down Massive Malware Network

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Microsoft says it has taken action against the Necurs botnet network, one of the world's largest criminal botnet systems

Microsoft’s Plasma Bot: Another Tool to Help COVID-19 Patients


Amid the probable COVID-19 outbreak solutions, Microsoft comes up with something called “ Plasma Bot ”. Microsoft’s Plasma Bot Initiative. The tech giant Microsoft has planned to help the probable COVID-19 sick patients with the help of already recovered patients.

Want To Update Microsoft Office Apps On Mac And Windows? Here’s How


Are you a consistent user of Microsoft Office? Microsoft Office is a multi-utility application available across all operating systems. The one important thing that we all need to make sure of is to keep all our Microsoft Office Apps updated. This time we are here to help you on how to update Microsoft Office apps on Windows and Mac. How To Update Microsoft Office Apps (Windows and Mac). Part A: Automatically Update Microsoft Office Apps.

How To Change Background In Microsoft Teams During Meetings?


Microsoft Teams is one of the best alternatives to Zoom but can only be used as a business application. Enjoy imagining yourself digitally out of home by changing the background in Microsoft Teams during video chats. Wondering how to change background in Microsoft Teams? How To Change Background In Microsoft Teams? If your version is outdated, update it using the following steps: Open Microsoft Teams. Here’s how to change background in Microsoft Teams: 1.

LinkedIn Engagement Continues to Rise, as Per Microsoft's Latest Performance Report

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LinkedIn's parent company Microsoft has reported that LinkedIn engagement has continued to rise in the most recent quarter

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Microsoft Account


How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Microsoft Account: Now that we know the advantages of Two-Factor Authentication on your online accounts the next step is to learn how to enable Two-Factor Authentication on different accounts. This article will cover the steps to enable Two-Factor Authentication on Microsoft Account. According to the recent study, almost 99% of all the Microsoft accounts that are hacked lacked 2FA.

Microsoft Sitcom Coming? Microsoft Registers MicroSitcom Domains

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Microsoft Corporation just registered two interesting domain names: Certainly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an upcoming sitcom related to Microsoft. A Google search for “micrositcom” doesn’t really bring up anything interesting or related to Microsoft. As you might know by now, one of the things that I follow on a regular basis is the domain names that companies register.

Facing Issues With Teams? Here’s How To Update Microsoft Teams On Windows 10


As an avid Teams user, I many times face difficulty while opening or using Microsoft Teams. Why it happens is a big question but the solution to this sometimes is to update your Microsoft Teams app. However, Microsoft Teams get auto updates but when it couldn’t, you can use the manual methods to update Microsoft Teams. Here’s how you can update Microsoft Teams manually on Windows 10. How To Update Microsoft Teams On Windows 10.

Team 62

Add or Remove Child Member on Microsoft Family Account


Microsoft has come up with solutions to such concerns and created Microsoft Family Accounts where you can add or remove child members for Microsoft and keep a close eye on their daily activities. Here in this article, you will explore more benefits of Microsoft Family Account and tips on how you can set up and manage such accounts. What is Microsoft Family Account? Setup a Microsoft Family Account. Setting up a Microsoft Family Account is easy!

How To Use Microsoft’s New Office App On Android And iOS


Microsoft Office has always been a wonder suite for all professional beings. Be it a document, a spreadsheet or a presentation, you can keep everything handy with this all new Microsoft Office App. What Features Does This New Microsoft Office App Offers?

How to Fix Microsoft Word Spell Check Not Working


What if on some fine day, the feature stops working and you have no idea about how to resolve Microsoft Word spell check not working. The methods described below works for version 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 of MS Word and Microsoft Word 365. Check the Spelling and Grammar Settings: If Microsoft Word spell check is not working it might be possible that the settings meant for doing the job may have been altered. How To Change Background In Microsoft Teams During Meetings?

LinkedIn Adds Microsoft's Machine Learning Tools to Improve Content Detection Process

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LinkedIn is adding in Microsoft's machine learning tools to boost its capacity to detect potentially offensive content

Use Microsoft Teams Like A Pro With These Tips And Tricks


Why use Microsoft Teams when there are countless other related platforms? One reason is that it comes from Microsoft, the originator of some of the most prolific apps which we use in our day to day life. Best Microsoft Teams Tips And Tricks.

Microsoft Windows 20 Operating System! Are We Hearing This Right?


January 14, 2020 was the day when Microsoft had announced to stop providing support for the Windows 7 operating system. That means the only standing player in the field from Microsoft was Windows 10 that’s been running successfully. Since Windows 10 has constantly been a victim of issues & bugs, the operating system version cannot be considered as one of the popular OS’ versions Microsoft offers. Microsoft About New Windows OS Version.

Microsoft’s Stock Faces A Sharp Reversal

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Microsoft's stock is running into some technical trouble that may result in shares falling. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media Innovation Social Media

Family Safety App From Microsoft for Android & iOS


Microsoft is again all set to help you with one of the most common issues faced by parents these days, cell phone usage. So in order to keep the digital and overall physical safety, Microsoft has come to our rescue. Microsoft’s Family Safety App. With the tagline of “Protect your family in the physical and digital worlds with Microsoft Family Safety”, Microsoft announced the app in the month of March only. – Microsoft Team (march 2020).

TikTok Takeover Update: Twitter Looking for a Way In, Microsoft Facing Staff Backlash

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As negotiations continue in the potential sell-off of TikTok, various new considerations are emerging

Dismissing Microsoft Edge As A Redecorated Internet Explorer? Think Again!


Yet, there are many who refrain from installing Microsoft Edge or even consider it as a browser option since they think that Edge is just a redecorated Internet Explorer. To begin with, the difference between Microsoft Edge and internet explorer is day and night. Another difference between Microsoft Edge and internet explorer is that while the latter looms around for legacy and compatibility purposes, Microsoft Edge is one of the most installed popular modern web browsers. .

Microsoft Registers 43 Microsoft Surface Domain Names

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In the past 24 hours, Microsoft has registered 43 new domain names–all related to their new Microsoft Surface tablet. All in all, Microsoft registered 47 new domain names in the past 24 hours, three of them were cloud-related and one was related to Microsoft “flight” Here is the list of Microsoft Surface domain names, which includes some typos, that Microsoft registered:

Microsoft Reports that LinkedIn is Seeing 'Record Levels of Engagement'

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LinkedIn has reported that engagement on the platform is at record levels as a result of feed improvements

Microsoft’s Stock May Be Heading For An 11% Drop

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Microsoft shares have soared in 2020 by nearly 44%, leading someone to hedge against a reversal of fortune.

Microsoft’s News Scrolling Bar is Ready For You


Recently, Microsoft announced the Microsoft 365 suite, the quarantine app Houseparty & whatnot. Now, the latest announcement with Microsoft has given us nostalgia. The new news scrolling bar from Microsoft will be embedded with latest news from all over the world. Still in beta testing, the Microsoft scrolling News Bar can be accessed from here. Microsoft’s Windows News Bar works just like the Windows Taskbar.

10 Company and Product Branding Tips from Microsoft

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» Social Media Case Studies brand awareness corporate social media microsoft product branding skype social media branding social media magic social media strategy xbox At Rival IQ, we see tens of thousands of companies, products, and people come through our system. This gives me a unique view of what organizations are doing not only for their digital strategy but also with their overall brand marketing.

Microsoft Working on Project Madeira

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Based on domain name registrations by Microsoft in the past few days, Microsoft appears to be working on a project called “Microsoft Madeira” It could also be called “Project Madeira” I haven’t seen anything related to this yet based on a Google search: Even though there are some results in Google based on Microsoft and the fact that Madeira is a region in Portugal.