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Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office Word


Fortunately, we searched, found and tested the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office Word you can use today. As more features emerge on Microsoft’s text and spreadsheet management tools, many companies want to compete with it by releasing free software available to everyone. Top 10 Free Microsoft Office Word Alternatives.

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Top programming Languages In High Demand At Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other MNCs


Google , Microsoft, and Facebook are the biggest and most well-known tech companies in the world. Today we are listing the ones essential if you are aiming to get a job at Google, Microsoft or Facebook. . Swift is a business programming language invented by Apple in 2014 to compete with Microsoft. Javascript.


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Apple vs Microsoft: Tablet Market Clash between iPad and Windows 8


Microsoft has already previewed its ARM compatible Windows 8 and a dedicated app store called the Windows Store for it. But the open source firmware enjoys a clear edge over iPad in escalating popularity. As per reports, Microsoft has tied up with a number of OEMs including the Asian giants like Asus, Huawei, ZTE and Acer.

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Azure: Unveiling the Power of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform


Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft. Azure services also include cloud enterprise solutions not only from Microsoft but also from other developers. Here we offer a more in-depth overview of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure: What is it? Microsoft Azure: What is it?

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7 Linux Alternatives to Common Windows Business Applications


If you read user opinions, Microsoft Windows is losing popularity and favour quickly and users are seeking out alternatives to the software giant’s operating system thanks to their inclusion of adverts and system-wide tracking software. It fully supports all the Microsoft Office file types and can read and edit them interchangeably.

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Microsoft Office vs Libre Office (Full Comparison)


Microsoft Office has been a go to tool for most of us for decades now. Though the Microsoft Office Suite came into being in 2000, separate applications like MS Word have been around since the 1980s. Microsoft has set the benchmark for the way office suites should be and all the companies have to meet the standards set by it.

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Now Might Be the Time to Switch from Internet Explorer

The Social Media Incubator

Just recently, for instance, USA Today reported that Microsoft issued a security upgrade for Internet Explorer. The problem is, Microsoft fixes one security issue only to be confronted with another one in just a few weeks. It’s a never-ending cycle for Microsoft and Internet Explorer. Which Web Browser Should You Use?

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