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How to Avoid Content Marketing Fatigue

Geoff Livingston

Instead, build a repository of evergreen content to avoid fatigue, much like you would grow a savings account in case of hard times. A repository allows you to change direction mid stream to meet a news cycle. Knowing I was getting tired towards the end of the year, I used repository posts so I could coast through December and recharge. How to Build a Repository. Brutal?

Why An ERP Performs Better In The Cloud

The Realtime Report

Since an ERP is basically a repository for all your company’s data, the security of the system is a paramount concern. Why An ERP Performs Better In The Cloud. There are so many ERP (enterprise resource planning) options currently on the market that it’s easy for enterprises to find one perfectly suited to their unique requirements. Here’s why: Management Is Handled For You.

The One Tip That Took My Blog To New Levels. Stop Caring.

SocMed Sean

So I stopped caring about what others wanted and I just started using it as a repository for my thoughts. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and as I look back over those years, I’m amazed at how much I have learned. Stop caring. Stop caring. I was more worried about writing what I thought others wanted to hear, that I didn’t write what I wanted to write. And grew.

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How Flickr and Google Help Us Remember

Ari Herzog

The Smithsonian Institution, the New York Public Library, the National Library of Ireland, the NYC Center for Jewish History, and the Stockholm Transport Museum are among worldwide cultural institutions that make up The Commons — a repository of photographs enabling anyone to visit and learn the culture of who we are. They knew the duo were Titanic orphans. The LOC now has that data.

How are Fans Using Facebook Reactions?


We tapped into our repository of Brand data to see how things stand now, almost five months later. There was a great deal of excitement following Facebook’s proposal to revamp the Like button towards the end of last year. With the introduction of Facebook Reactions (‘love’, ‘haha, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ and ‘wow’), Brands could know how their Fans felt about their Posts.

Instagram Video Highlights YouTube Weaknesses

Geoff Livingston

Instead, YouTube has become a gigantic content repository, favoring professional and amateur short movies, generally 30 seconds to five minutes long. As a result, YouTube may become the Flickr of video social networks , the largest repository for higher quality content, but lacking the social interaction (and page views) of its lesser brethren. Geoff Livingston on Google+.

5 Visual Content Curation Ideas to Ramp Up Your Blog and Social Strategy

Waxing UnLyrical

Source reusable images from image repositories like Pexels and Pixabay. Guest Post by Jessica Davis. What do you feel when you see the visual on this post? Imagine recreating this visual verbally! I wouldn’t be satisfied with the result unless it was penned down in Dylan style – with so much said in just a few words. What if design is not your discipline? It doesn’t have to.

Driving Long-Term B2B Growth with an Omni-Channel Presence

Webbiquity SMM

But unlike with an ad hoc strategy, an omni-channel approach integrates the information customer support receives in a single repository that everyone in the company can access. Guest post by Robert C. Johnson. 68% of B2B buyers now purchase goods online via their phone or tablet (and soon maybe their Apple watch). Image credit: i-SCOOP. Robert C.

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How to Build a Content Calendar (Plus a Free Template for 2014)

Convince & Convert

In the worksheet named “Content Repository” in our downloadable template you have space to enter all your content ideas and assign authors before transferring them to the content calendar proper. This meetings can be used to schedule the publishing content from your repository with realistic time frames and to support social media activity, email newsletter inclusions, etc.

How to Make Social Media Less of a Time Suck

Spin Sucks

Create a repository. Today’s guest post is written by Yvette Pistorio. . Because of the fast pace of social media, we are constantly bombarded with distractions from one social network or another. I recently asked on our Facebook page, “If you had only 20 minutes a day to spend on social media, what would you focus on?” ” Some of the answers I received…. Twitter.

Make Your Website Living with These Five Elements

Spin Sucks

As you create publicity, you will organically grow your media room as an enduring repository. By Willy Gissen. If you last updated your website a few years ago, you should reevaluate your company needs because business sites have been evolving as rapidly as other technological and social media platforms. The following five items should be used for every website. Responsive Design. Slideshow.

Facebook Debuts Several Ad Products, New Features at Cannes Lions

SocialTimes Facebook

The Creative Hub will also provide inspiration with an easy-to-navigate repository of case studies and great content. Facebook used the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France this week to take the wraps off several new advertising-related products and features. Advertisers can now share their Canvases with stakeholders to simplify the review process.

9 Reasons Why Hilton’s Social Media Strategy Succeeds

Simply Measured

This helps build an engaged community, motivating followers to post share-worthy content and building the brand’s repository of great content to share with their audience simultaneously. A Google search for the word “hotel” turns up 2,990,000,000 results in 0.76 seconds. The top three results in the search page are ads from, Expedia, and Kayak. And…. “17% Use the Right Platform.

6 Must-Have Social Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

Convince & Convert

And with the thousands of plugins out there in the WordPress repository, finding the right ones for your site can be a ridiculously time-consuming (and headache-inducing) feat. Jess Ostroff is Managing Editor at Convince & Convert , and also runs the virtual social media assistant agency Don’t Panic Management. Digg Digg. Digg Digg with a floating left implementation. Hello Bar.

A/B Testing: The Staggering Success of Presidential Optimization and How to Do It Yourself

Simply Measured

If you’re in the process of developing a landing page – if you don’t already have one you want to test – Unbounce includes a wide variety of proven templates, as well as a deep repository of articles and recommended partners to guide you along the way. In the early morning hours of September 24th, 2015, Kyle Rush sent a simple Tweet. Odds are you haven’t heard of Kyle Rush. Wrong.

Creating a Hub for your Social Media Presences


It’s essential to have a hub for your social media presences, an online repository that provides information about your organization and where can people interact with you. The emergence of social media as a powerful tool for networking cannot be denied. Ranging from Facebook to Instagram to Digg, people can meet peers with similar interests and grow their businesses.

Blame Email, Not Web, For Lost Productivity

Ari Herzog

Users also spend an average of 2-1/2 hours per week trying to find the documents they need in multiple local, corporate and cloud repositories. The problem is exacerbated by the use of email attachments instead of posting documents to a central repository where they can be easily located. The conclusion of a recent As if this is news. employees who took it? Productivity

Here’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media

Convince & Convert

Further, many content repositories have rich social media overlays (the new G+ fueled comments on YouTube, for example) In no way will content marketing overtake social media in any corner of the universe with the possible exception of professional marketers. Image from What is the difference between content marketing and social media? tweet this ). tweet this ). question.

5 Tips For Managing The Email Deluge

Dave Fleet

Unfortunately, that leads to your inbox becoming a repository for difficult email, not a true inbox. Ever find yourself thinking, “I need more email&# ? Ever feel disappointed because you don’t get enough in your inbox? I didn’t think so. Personally, I get between 200-300 emails a day, as many of you likely also do. Read once. I know I have. Avoid “reply all&#.

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How Benelli Races Ahead of the Competition on Social Media


Note: As Indian Motorcycles is a recent addition to our brand repository, we haven't tracked the Promotion statistics for the brand). At some point in our lives, we’ve all flirted with the idea of getting on a bike and going where the road takes us. Then you smell the coffee and start working on a social media report on Bikes. Why is Benelli so engaging? Let’s see what this is about.

How the Pin Collective Could Reinvent Pinterest for Brands

Ignite Social Media

At first glance, Pinterest is essentially a digital scrapbook, a repository of things people would like to either have or do—a collection of curated odds and ends, inspirational quotes and ideas. Perhaps this is why Pinterest recently announced the Pin Collective, it’s latest attempt to break into the advertising industry. Less Time, More Content. The result? Save Worthy Stuff.

Brands: It’s not enough to be liked

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Yet some brands are terribly underutilizing these pages, making them basically brochureware repositories — essentially inviting customers in but not engaging them or giving them an incentive to return. Imagine a company that has upscale retail locations around the United States receiving tens of thousands of customer visits. What’s the point of the storefront? But only 0.2

25 Questions I Ask About B2B Content Marketing

Convince & Convert

Are you using platforms like Captora to accelerate and extend your search-friendly content repository? Here are 25 of the questions I’ve been asking to B2B companies about content marketing. Maybe some of these will make you think about your own content marketing program and opportunities to expand, enhance, and optimize it. views. items. 25 Questions I Ask About B2B Content Marketing.

ECM in the Cloud: A “CYA” for Press Agents

Waxing UnLyrical

But wait, before you start lumping cloud-based ECM with other digital repositories like Google Drive and Dropbox, let me explain further. Guest Post by Jeff Frankel. The cloud has changed everything, far more than merely how we communicate. It’s altered how we function on a day-to-day basis: our productivity, interactions, and the way we get information. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Can You Trust Anything Mashable Says

Convince & Convert

Strategically, this is a very interesting move by Mashable, as it continues to position the site as a content repository - not unlike Reddit – and one where companies can publish theoretically innovative presumably meme-filled content to the digerati who lap up everything Mashable as if contained the cure to cancer. Social Media Controversies Addressed, Fresh Each Week.

Your Brand Is A Learning Space

Twist Image

Leveraging a website as a simple repository for this information is not the answer, either. How much more content does the world really need? Laugh at that line as much as you want, but when I published my first business book, Six Pixels of Separation , back in 2009, I wrote about this newly-formed idea that "content is media" (a concept that I was blogging and speaking about long before the first book was even published). Sure, the world had advertorial content back then, but it was nothing like the media landscape of today. We're seeing it everywhere. There's an opportunity here.

How ‘Google AMP’ & ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ Integration With WordPress Will Transform The Internet?


You can download the plugin from GitHub repository. A decade back, it just used to be about keywords, keywords, and keywords. Simply stuff the keywords all around the page and you’re good to go online. But then suddenly, various important parameters start making buzzes. And one fine day, everyone started talking about the speed. The website speed , we are talking about! What is ‘Google AMP’?

How to Increase Your Content Visibility in Google Knowledge Graph

Convince & Convert acts as a secondary repository for Wikipedia and Wikisource that records statements and their sources, which in turn helps in reflecting the diversity of information available and ensuring that it is verified. As a digital marketing expert, I inevitably find myself struggling to keep up with the happenings around the world. I wonder about the enormity of the human mind.

15 Battle Test Content Marketing Tricks to Maximize Traffic

Writtent Blog

When it comes to social media networks as data repositories, Facebook is filled with everyone’s interests, product habits, education, work history, friendships, and more. Are you sick and tired of the same old content marketing tricks that just don’t seem to increase your traffic? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Expert Content. Help Your Customers Be Better at What They Do.

Join us for an #IBM #SWFChat w/@mnburgess @jaferrar @KimWhitler @ProfessorGary @MainCane83 #HR #SocBiz

Blue Focus Marketing

Such a move demonstrates LinkedIn’s growing commitment to be not merely a repository for resumes and professional connections, but a hub for social learning and thought leadership center as well. We are excited to be participating in an upcoming IBM Twitter #SWFChat on Tuesday, April 28, from 1–2 p.m. Professor Kimberly A. Professor Gary R. Want to follow along? FOR EWORD by David C.

Personal knowledge management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The idea is individuals use their blogs to capture ideas, opinions or thoughts and this voicing will encourage cognitive diversity, promote free exchanges away from a centralized policed knowledge repository that is additional to ordinary work. Knowledge Harvesting - software tools that automatically collect appropriate knowledge residing on subject matter experts hard drives rather than waiting for it to be contributed to central repositories. Personal knowledge management. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. January 2007). Contents. 7 References.

Social Media Is CRM

Social Media Network Marketing

Unlike traditional CRM, which creates vast internal databases of clients and prospects, social networking sites are external repositories of direct communication and indirect comments about businesses, products, people, experiences and an array of customer sentiment. Social Media lends itself to Customer Relation Management. Infact Social Media enables CRM to increase the brand and customer connect, get interactive and be more receptive. Thus increasing the brand awareness, creating a positive brand perspective and thereby encouraging loyalty. This then leads to more sell and up sell.

12 Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat Right Now


Carly is a productivity ninja and her blog Smaggle is a useful repository for tips to help you kick ass at life in general. You’ve heard it everywhere – Snapchat is making a comeback and if you’re not on it, you’re missing the boat. Well, I’d agree with all of those! But I still think you should give it a try. Stalk away! Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess.

3 Smart Thought Leadership Tips for Entrepreneurs

Waxing UnLyrical

I recommend that you start building a repository of posts before you start pitching so you can be ready to submit them as soon as you get the green light. Guest Post by Molly Borchers. Here’s a harsh truth: anyone who tells you “build it and they will come” is full of crap. Sorry, Field of Dreams. I’m not saying anything new here. Doesn’t sound half bad, right? Guest post to peer blogs.

Social Media Outreach for Beginners

Sprout Social

Alltop is a huge repository of content from around the web for almost any topic you can think of. Social media outreach is one of the best ways to form new relationships, increase engagement and get more eyes on your content. Executing a successful outreach campaign can be difficult, tedious and even frustrating sometimes. What is Social Media Outreach? It’s spam. 4S23bzPh3e. Join in!

The New Competition: For-Profit Communities with Deep Pockets


GitHub’s gigantic code repository allows developers to get helpful code contributions, track changes and collaborate on projects. Reposted with permission from the Avectra Blog. After going down that rabbit hole, I saw this headline from the Washington Post : “Large companies need to disrupt themselves or be disrupted.”. Message received. Loud and clear. And neither can you. That’s not all.

Instagram Does the Two Step - And Steps In It

Social Media Marketing

there seemed to be a bright future for this repository of images. And just like that, the photo sharing app market is up for grabs. It didn't seem possible just eight short months ago when Facebook announced that it was acquiring the fledgling hipster photo sharing app for $1 billion. So what happened? It was the photo sharing site of choice. Backed by Yahoo!, This was misstep #1. For now.

Build Backlinks – 14 Easy Ways

Convince & Convert

Large content repositories like this and Hubpages (below) may have been devalued somewhat in Google’s most recent “Panda&# overhaul of its algorithm. Google optimization is based on the premise that the more people that like to your website, the more valuable it must be and the higher ranking it deserves in search results. But what constitutes popularity online? You have. Reddit.

Test Drive of Google Drive

Shift Digital

First a little back story, one of the ways we utilize Google Apps internally is a document and file repository allowing all of our staff the ability to save documents to Google Drive instead of their local machine. The Shift Digital Team has been using Google Drive for about a week now and so far we’re loving it! Image previews of documents and images. a month. a month.

PR Measurement – What to Measure

Proactive Report

Make it a repository of all your content: news, bios, video, images, product information, fact sheets and social accounts. Yesterday I was the guest on the #measurepr Twitter chat. Here are the questions and answers, with some expanded content. What outputs, outtakes and outcomes must you measure, and how can you tie them to the bottom line? Outtake : What will the audience take away?