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Worst Blogs Online & Why Technorati Likes Them


And any blog, good or bad, has the same chance of making it onto the Technorati Top 100. Unfortunately, Technorati doesn’t actually judge the socially redeeming value of a blog; it only gauges popularity, so dumb blogs make it onto the list all the time. Share this on Technorati. Conclusion. Share this on LinkedIn.

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How to Claim Your Blog with Technorati

Ari Herzog

After 20 minutes of scratching my head and several automated email messages telling me I was unsuccessfully claiming my blog with Technorati (one of the larger blog registries out there), I learned the secret. Now you know what I know. -- Ari Herzog thanks you for reading How to Claim Your Blog with Technorati on his blog.


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Does your brand take bloggers seriously?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Technorati is not the voice of blogging authority that it once was, but each year the advertising network publishes a report that is required reading for internet marketers. The Technorati study shows that when it comes to community size, 54 per cent of consumers agree that the smaller the community the greater the influence.

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How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 Written by Glen, this post has 62 Comments It’s no secret that one-man blogs can make a lot of money. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

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5 Strategies to Build a Network of Bloggers and Journalists

Waxing UnLyrical

Find directories ( , technorati ). Blogging Business Career Communication Community Building Guest Posts Networking Social Media Twitter 12 Palms Recovery Center blogging build a network Followerwonk pitching Public Relations technorati Twellow' Type “inurl” or “allintext” queries in Google.

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Twittorati Features Tweets Everyone Already Knows About


Technorati ’s new Twittorati (launched July 7, and not last week as some sites are reporting ) will feature tweets from what Technorati thinks are the top 100 bloggers. I wish Technorati the best with this. And I hope they keep indexing my Technorati tags correctly. I appreciate it.

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How Content Curation Can Be Your Winning Strategy

Writtent Blog

Some ways you might dig deeper to find the golden nuggets include: use other search engines such as Technorati (for blogs), YouTube (for videos), and iTunes (for podcasts) browse content curation platforms like Blekko and Storify search link-sharing sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Delicious Be creative about how you find the best resources.