Curation is Not Aggregation


While it’s not as pure and noble as content creation, it’s more than aggregation. Are you a curator or an aggregator? Aggregation is an amassing of content. Just like little kids who collect rocks, grabbing at every rock and pebble they can find, aggregators find any and all pieces of content that relate to their chosen subject. An aggregator will get books about airplanes. An aggregator will gather Merlots of any kind, or even just “reds.”

Content Aggregation: The Future of (B2B and Consumer) Media?

Webbiquity SMM

Instead, successful media will become aggregators and editors of content, rather than creators. Online content aggregation is as old as the Internet itself, beginning with AOL. Technology to “scrape&# websites and republish content (legally or not) has also been around for some time, but until recently, doing content aggregation well required either a massive investment in infrastructure (like Moreover ) or a unworkable level of manual effort.


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On hardwork, Shorts Cuts and Aggregating in Digital

Direct Marketing Observations

In the world of digital, there exists the potential to aggregate your activities and consolidate your digital streams so as not to duplicate work. Do you ever hear anyone after a huge win, a major client victory or a momentous occasion within an organization say the following? Without the short cuts and the corners we cut, we would have never made it…”.

How to Create a Latest Posts Portfolio Page with WP RSS Aggregator


The plugin you will need is WP RSS Aggregator. Once you have added all of your feeds, you will create a new page on your WordPress website and add in the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode where you want your latest posts to be displayed. If you want more advanced features, such as thumbnails, categories, and keyword filtering, you can purchase add-ons for the plugin on the main WP RSS Aggregator site.

Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Opinion , Social Media > Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators by Tamar Weinberg on September 23, 2009 Share This is a guest post from Josh Schnell, founder of and web developer. They’ve aggregated the entire Internet into what’s cool and what’s not so cool.

The Wrap, Newser and Content Aggregation: How Much Attribution is.

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Wrap, Newser and Content Aggregation: How Much Attribution is Enough? To me the real question is: when one site aggregates another’s content, how much attribution is enough? The value and legitimacy of content aggregation is a topic for another post; I think most would agree that curation serves a more useful purpose than aggregation.

Professional-Strength Social Media Aggregators - The Net-Savvy.

Net-Savvy Executive

Tip: Facebook Ads Reporting Window

Jon Loomer

Understanding Aggregated Event Measurement. Aggregated Event Measurement allows Facebook to receive such a user’s highest-ranking event during the attribution window.

Report 128

The Problem with Unranked Event Custom Facebook Ads Reporting

Jon Loomer

A quick refresher on Aggregated Event Measurement, ranked and unranked events, related to iOS 14+ changes… When an iOS user opts out of tracking, only that user’s highest-ranked event will be reported (no change to reporting for an iOS user who opts-in).

How to Use Value Optimization for Facebook Ads

Jon Loomer

What about Aggregated Event Measurement? What About Aggregated Event Measurement? You will need to determine whether you want to turn Value Optimization on for the Purchase event when ranking events in Aggregated Event Measurement (in response to iOS 14). Not all sales are equal.

How To 135

Facebook Ads Performance Related to iOS 14

Jon Loomer

Aggregated Event Measurement and Performance. When iOS 14+ changes went into effect, the primary focus was on Aggregated Event Measurement. Facebook Marketing Tutorials Facebook Ads How To Facebook Advertising Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement Facebook Attribution Setting iOS 14

Elimination of the 72-Hour Pause for Facebook Ad Set Optimization

Jon Loomer

Heading up to the launch of Aggregated Event Measurement and the enforcement of other changes related to iOS 14, one of the biggest things we heard repeated was that we needed to give thought to ranking our eight pixel events because changing them would be problematic.

Campaign Optimization Using Non-Prioritized Facebook Events

Jon Loomer

One of the biggest Facebook advertiser complaints related to iOS 14 changes and Aggregated Event Measurement is the limitation to eight events per website for optimization purposes. As you know, AEM means reporting for users who opted out of tracking will be delayed and aggregated.

How to Optimize for a Client’s Configured Facebook Events

Jon Loomer

Now that we’re in the world of iOS 14 , Aggregated Event Measurement, and the 8-event limit , one of the biggest issues I’ve heard from consultants and agencies is an inability to access and optimize for a client’s configured Facebook events.

Where Are My Client’s Hidden Facebook Events?

Jon Loomer

Facebook Marketing Tutorials Facebook Ads How To Facebook Advertising Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement Facebook Custom Conversions Facebook Pixel iOS 14

Content Aggregation and Everything Else You Need to Know About it

Social Media Marketing

Here comes the role of Content Aggregation At this time of trouble for a business, the Content aggregation has emerged as a genie from the lamp. Content Aggregation - The Definition. Content aggregation is predominantly about garnering the content from digital sources on a pre-specified relevant topic. But what are Content aggregators? There are diverse benefits of content aggregation for your business, and we have listed a few below.

How to Share Facebook Custom Conversions

Jon Loomer

And it becomes even more important with iOS 14 and Aggregated Event Measurement. Facebook Marketing Tutorials Facebook Ads How To Facebook Advertising Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement Facebook Business Manager Facebook Custom Conversions iOS 14

Facebook Reader a welcome feature

Sherrilynne Starkie

Facebook Featured Headline Social Media Facebook Reader Google Reader News aggregator Google will soon shelve Reader and this has created a lot of panicky online noise from ardent fans. However, I am largely unconcerned. I have had a Reader account for several years now, but hadn’t really ever used it. I did, at one time, make use of an RSS reader called BlogBridge. I liked that it had the ability to search through feeds to find specific content.

gazeMetrix: Monitor Your Visual Brand Mentions Based on Image Recognition


With all the various monitoring and social data aggregations tools combined, brands are increasingly able to collect true insights. This obliges brands to put in a lot of human efforts in filtering through all the data collected by aggregation tools. Big Data Instagram Social Media PR Visual content analytics brand mentions data aggregation gazematrix insights monitoring photo sharing share of gaze share of voice Social Data social PR VenueSeen visual brand mentions

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Sony Builds Interactive Social Media Hub For 2014 World Cup

The Realtime Report

With an exponential rise in the use of social media platforms between the 2010 World Cup and today, One Stadium Live provides a unique venue to aggregate the increasing amount of conversations soccer fans are having across the world. Social Media Campaigns Facebook Google Isobar One Stadium Live Online forum soccer social media Social Media aggregation Sony Twitter World Cup

Tips on How PR Pros Can Create Social Media Success


Get acquainted with news aggregation services. Therefore, it can be a good idea to use a blog aggregation tool such as Netvibes to create a dashboard of relevant content sources. Social Media Tips blog connected conversation delicious Mashable Netvibes news aggregation services PR pros social news backgrounder success

Should Your Social Networks Mingle?

Direct Marketing Observations

A lot of the apps and web services that come across the desk lately have to do with consolidation and aggregation. In fact, back in April there was a pretty good post in Social Media Today on 7 social media aggregation tools that you should use that caught my eye. There’s an assumption that we need consolidation and aggregation. Consolidation yes aggregation maybe. Tags: Social Networks marc meyer social media social media aggregation

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

Webbiquity SMM

This works much like the highlighting feature in Kindle…it acts more like a news curator than a compiler — and there are plenty of aggregator apps out there — but it’s a fast way to check out what others are reading, too. A personalized news aggregator. Aggregate content from a wide range of web sources (news and blogs) based on keyword searches, filter results to remove duplicates and by date/time ranges, and deliver dynamic news feeds on web pages.

Can Big Data Help You Make a Genuine Emotional Connection?

The Social Media Hat

How data and social media aggregation help you understand and connect with your customer on a more intimate level

New Features Added to B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer

Webbiquity SMM

The intent of the sites is to aggregate and make it easy to find great content. Business Blogging Social Media Marketing Ambal Balakrishnan b2b marketing zone Brian Carroll content aggregation content curation Gini Dietrich Harry Hoover Paul Dunay social media informer social signals Tony KarrerSeveral great new features were recently added to the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer by co-founder Tony Karrer.

B2B 141

We Interrupt This Lifecast: Syndication Overload (Part 2)


This week, however, I want to talk about those who aggregate content from all over the web and syndicate it through their Twitter streams. They were simply aggregating content from around the web and pushing it through their Twitter stream.

Social Media Content for Business


The SMI is an aggregation site for content about social media. Aggregation sites like SMI makes it easier to locate content. Technorati Tags: news aggregator , smi , Social Media , social media blog , social media informer , social media resource. Tags: Social Media news aggregator smi social media blog social media informer social media resource Tweet. Mindjumpers Blog has been featured on the Social Media Informer (SMI).

Best B2B Marketing and Sales Strategy Guides and Insights of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Social media, content aggregation and curation , user-generated content and other developments have dramatically changed the B2B buying cycle over the past few years. Marketers need to think like publishers not only to improve their company’s visibility in search (which is where 93% of B2B buying cycles now start ) but also to address the differing information needs of buying team members, at different stages during the decision process.

B2B 162

How AI-driven customer personalization is driving the top line


AI is enabling the world’s largest brands and retailers to aggregate disparate customer data so they can better understand their consumer base, enhance their user experience online and offline and… Read More >>>. Blog AI & Innovation

5 New Business Books That You Should Read (But Probably Never Heard Of)

Twist Image

" Being a human aggregator is the key to growing an existing business or starting a new one. aggregator. There is a lot of great business book reading happening right now. Three of the bigger (and more well-known) business book authors within my tool shed of interest have (or are about to release) brand new books.

Socialized Joins Social Media Informer August 25 Launch


I was asked to participate in this week's launch of this new site which looks to have a great strategy for aggregating and distributing social If you're a regular reader of this blog and you're very observant, you may have noticed the Social Media Informer badge on my right sidebar.

Badge 158

Social Media Definitions: KPIs and Other Valuable Terms to Know

Ignite Social Media

Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM): Also called cost per mille, the aggregate cost for one thousand impressions, calculated by dividing the amount spent by the number of impressions and then multiplying by 1000. Cost-Per-Click (CPC): The aggregate cost of each click within a campaign.

CPA 141

Facebook Advertising Audiences and iOS 14

Jon Loomer

Limited Reporting: Aggregated Event Measurement. For this segment of users, Aggregated Event Measurement comes into play, resulting in partial event reporting. Due to Aggregated Event Measurement, only the highest priority event will be reported for a single visit.

How To Engage On Sites Using Facebook’s New Commenting Plugin

Dave Fleet

Company-related conversation aggregated on employee Facebook profile. Lost opportunity to aggregate relevant conversation and to activate advocates on page. Aggregated conversations provide additional content for Facebook pages. Conversations aggregated on company page may not be positive in tone. Lost opportunity to aggregate relevant conversation and to activate advocates on page.

TikTok For Business: Make your Brand Stand Out

Sherrilynne Starkie

Invite people to participate by creating videos around a brand hashtag campaign and their content will aggregate on the hashtag challenge page. If you want to reach youth demographics, you need to be on TikTok. This social media app allows users to shoot and post 60 second videos.

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Facebook Ads and the Impact of iOS 14

Jon Loomer

Aggregated: Details from lift measurement and demographic breakdowns will be unavailable. That’s when Aggregated Event Measurement comes into play. Data will be restricted, aggregated, and delayed in this case as well. Aggregated Event Management.

SMSsummit Speaker Interview with Sarah Barnes of Harvey Mudd College

Social Media Strategies Summit

We use social media aggregation software to compose, schedule, and publish posts. Sarah Barnes has more than 20 years of experience as a writer and editor for print and digital communications.

6 Ways to Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Convince & Convert

In Instagram Posts: When you put hashtags in the captions of your Instagram images, the images will appear in the public aggregation of those hashtags (assuming your profile is public). The Bad News: When you place hashtags in your Instagram Story, your images or video will not always be accepted into the hashtag aggregation—yes, even if your profile is set to public. The aggregation of these hashtagged Stories depends on engagement and the quality of the image or video posted.

TikTok For Business: Make your Brand Stand Out

Sherrilynne Starkie

Invite people to participate by creating videos around a brand hashtag campaign and their content will aggregate on the hashtag challenge page. If you want to reach youth demographics, you need to be on TikTok. This social media app allows users to shoot and post 60 second videos.

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Digimind and El País Partner to Monitor Online Public Discourse about the 2017 Catalan Elections


Digimind recently partnered with Prisa, a global Spanish and Portuguese media group and the official public opinion aggregator for the Catalan elections to be held on December 21st. Social media has undoubtedly become a preferred means for individuals to express their opinions, especially when it comes to matters of public interest.