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Seven Skills Every Social Media Manager Needs

Webbiquity SMM

Whether you’re an aspiring social media manager looking to grow your skill set, or a marketing leader seeking an experienced professional for your team, below are seven essential skills for social media managers to contribute to your company’s success. Build upon your networking skills. build a strong brand identity.

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Social Gaming Platform Teaches Kids Essential Social and Emotional Skills

The Realtime Report

Social Gaming Platform Teaches Kids Essential Social and Emotional Skills. To best prepare children for the challenges they will face in life, it is essential that they not only learn facts and figures, but that they also develop strong social and emotional skills.

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Crucial Skills for Today’s Workplace

Janet Fouts

The basic skills of emotional intelligence center on understanding and management of one’s emotions as well as recognizing those of others. Listening is a crucial skill for all of us, especially leaders. Self-awareness and self-management There will be stress and that can bring up an array of emotions. Which do you want to work for?

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6 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed in 2021

Sherrilynne Starkie

It looks like the WFH trend will continue throughout 2021 so here’s my top six content marketing skills you’ll need to succeed in 2021. The post 6 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed in 2021 appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. And, that means rapid upskilling for most in-house marketing communications teams.

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Science-Based Emotion Regulation Skills You Need to Know.

Janet Fouts

With a little energy directed at our emotion regulation skills, we manage our emotions with healthier strategies and feel better about ourselves and our relationships with others. Here are some skills to focus on: Self-awareness. Self-awareness is most definitely an emotion regulation skill. Ready to get started? Reappraisal.

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The Number One Skill of a Meta Advertiser

Jon Loomer

The post The Number One Skill of a Meta Advertiser appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital. Check it out below… Your Turn I encourage you to be curious. Worry less about what others are doing and experiment often. What do you think? Are you a natural experimenter? Let me know in the comments below!

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How To Develop Effective Communication Skills In An AI-Driven Workplace


With more and more workplaces adopting AI technology to streamline their processes, it has become essential for both employers and employees to develop effective communication skills to thrive in an AI-driven workplace.   Here are just two reasons why an AI cannot replace effective human communication skills: 1.

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