Facebook Publishes New Guide for Instagram Creators

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Facebook has put together a new listing of key tips to help creators maximize their use of Instagram

New Facebook Video Publishing Options You Need to Know

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That’s because Facebook video publishing is a great way to make visual content, get more engagement with your users, and have some fun, too. Once you have uploaded your video and created your subtitles , you will be faced with many publishing options. Publish Now.

Snapchat Publishes New Research on Gen Z, and How Brands Can Connect with Them

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Snapchat has published two new reports on the habits, behaviors and key social media usage trends among Generation Z users

Facebook Publishes New Infographic on Digital Banking Trends [Infographic]

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Facebook has published a new infographic which looks at changing approaches to money management in the digital age

Snapchat Publishes New Report on the Evolution of Video Consumption

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Snapchat has published a new report which looks at how video consumption behavior is changing, and how its app is catering to the trend

Snapchat Publishes New Guide to Major Events and How Brands Can Tap into Them

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Snapchat has published a new guide to all the major events of the year, and how brands can tap into each to maximize their campaigns

LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on What to Post on the Platform [Infographic]

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LinkedIn has launched a new guide which aims to answer the most commonly asked questions about publishing on LinkedIn

Twitter Publishes New Guide to Summer Events in the UK [Infographic]

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Twitter has published a new listing of summertime events Looking to plan out your Twitter strategy for the UK summer?

Should Publishers Use Facebook's 'Breaking News' Label?

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Facebook has been slowly rolling out its 'Breaking News' label to more publishers - but does it actually help improve reach

6 Rules of Thumb for Successful Brand Publishing

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The Internet has made brand publishing ubiquitous. In the words of Mark Ragan , CEO of Ragan Communications, “If we tell our stories the right way, we have the ability to become legitimate publishers in our own right.”. And in today’s hyper connected world, everyone’s a publisher.

Snapchat Publishes New Report on Optimal Ad Frequency to Drive Recall and Action

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Snapchat has published a new research report which looks at how many times consumers need to see ad content before being inspired to take action

Publishing Is A Relationship


Publishing is a relationship. Let me get a little deep on you.

Facebook Expands Subscriptions to Help Publishers Retain Audience

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Facebook is expanding its subscription program in order to provide another way for publishers to build and retain their audiences on the platform

Facebook Publishes New Report on How Instagram Drives Shopping Behavior

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Facebook has published a new report which highlights the potential of Instagram to drive products discovery and purchase behavior

Are You Ready to Step Up to Power Publishing?

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I wrote a juicy ebook titled Master the Five Pillars of Power Publishing for the startup PowerPost and really want to share it with you. Paul agreed to an interview with me to help shed light on how brands must address the new demands of publishing online at scale.

Link Building Tactics for Publishers

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When it comes to link building publishers have a significant advantage because editorial content, be it hard news or evergreen content, lends itself naturally to linking and sharing. So what link building tactics are most effective for publishers?

Facebook Publishes New Report on the Brand Potential of Stories

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With Facebook looking to further align itself with Stories, the platform has released a new report which examines how Stories can benefit businesses

Facebook Publishes New Report on Emerging Gaming Behaviors and Opportunities [Infographic]

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Facebook recently commissioned a new report into emerging gaming behaviors, and how marketers can use them in related promotions

Snapchat Publishes New Insights into Generation Z [Infographic]

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Snapchat has published a new infographic which looks at how Generation Z spends its spare time - and how advertisers can reach them

Your 16-Point Content Publishing Checklist

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The same goes for publishing content. With so many moving parts that take place even before you press “Publish,” a checklist can seriously come in handy. We’ve all had those cringe-worthy moments when we see a typo or two in a blog we just published.

Facebook Publishes New Report on What Instagram Users Expect from Brands

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Facebook's published a new research report which looks at what users, specifically, are looking for from brands on Instagram

Cross-publishing Tips to Make Your Content Creation Process Easier

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This doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch for every platform: you can cross-publish. Cross-publishing refers to the concept of creating content once and then simply customizing it for each platform according to the unique best practices for content creation in that space.

LinkedIn Publishes Employee Advocacy Program Checklist

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LinkedIn has published a new listing of employee advocacy program essentials to help get your strategy on track

7 Great Reasons to Get Really Excited About Bulk Publishing

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You might have an unwarranted fear of bulk publishing on social media. But for social media managers who aren’t yet on board with bulk publishing, it’s easy to dream up worst-case scenarios. Once you have the hang of bulk publishing, you can queue up to 100 tweets in a single upload.

Facebook Publishes New Report on Evolving Multi-Screening Behaviors

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Facebook's latest report looks at evolving media consumption habits, and how TV and social are often used in tandem

Content Creation? Curation? Focus on Publishing Instead


But the one thing that we’ve both agreed on is the importance of publishing of our content, regardless of where it came from. Publishing is the overall approach of content and conversation. It’s more than just publishing a post to your blog, or uploading a video to YouTube.

8 Tips On Developing A Social Publishing Approach For Brands


A social publishing approach is the cradle-to-grave, beginning to end approach for audience-based content development, distribution, and measurement. 8 tips on developing a social publishing approach for brands.

LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How B2B Brands Can make Best Use of Video

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LinkedIn has created a new guide to help B2B marketers create better, more effective video content

How Much Search and Social Media Traffic Do Publishers Get?

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On average, what percentage of referral traffic to publishers comes from search, social media, links and direct navigation? To get an idea of where things currently stand, I pulled 2013 referral data for a selection of 52 magazine and content sites, all well-known brands from major publishers.

Google Publishes New Guide on Linking Google Ads and Google Analytics

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Google has released a new guide which outlines the benefits of linking your Google Ads and Google Analytics info to improve your ad targeting

Mobile Visits Account for 40% of All Traffic for Publishers

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Mobile is an important and growing traffic source for all publishers, but just how much traffic does it represent? Related posts: How Much Search and Social Media Traffic Do Publishers Get? Publishing

The future of publishing?


What could these ideas mean for association publishing? I know some associations (including ASAE) are actively thinking about how to publish content for tablets. Think about this in terms of the future of publishing (or the “future of the book&# , per IDEO).

Branded Content: 6 Things To Remember before Publishing


Whenever you publish content it should be relevant for both your audience and your own business perspectives. Always ask yourself if this specific piece of content is relevant enough to publish. You are hopefully already publishing a lot of content in different formats.

Facebook Publishes New Data on Mobile Gamers and In-Game Spending [Infographic]

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Facebook has published a new report on what motivates mobile gamers to download and spend in-game

Snapchat Launches New Program Which Will Enable Publishers to Source User-Generated Content

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Snapchat is launching a new initiative which will enable media publishers to create stories from user-submitted Snaps

Facebook Publishes New Report on the Growing Benefits of Messaging for Business

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Facebook has published a new report which looks at the increasing value of messaging as a complimentary communications channel for business

The Future of Association Publishing


Thanks to Association Media & Publishing for this interesting video. Do you have any thoughts about the future of publishing? You know we do. photo credit ). Content Strategy

The Finally-Gonna Do It Guide to LinkedIn Publishing

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If you have been waiting around to start using LinkedIn Publishing because you didn’t know where to start, here are tips to get you started and help you make the most out of your Publishing Content. Why Use LinkedIn Publishing. Getting Started with LinkedIn Publishing.

How To Publish Instagram Stories From Desktop

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Ever wish you could send a great graphic to Instagram from your desktop for your story? Perhaps a series of graphics? Here's how

LinkedIn Reaches 610 Million Members, Publishes New eBook on Social Media Management Tips

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LinkedIn has released a new guide to effective social media management, with a focus on LinkedIn marketing

eBook 171

Facebook Opens Up Audience Network SDK to All Developers and Publishers

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Facebook is opening up its Audience Network beta access to all publishers, enabling users to get a first look at new features

Amazon Get Serious About Book Publishing


However, Jeff Bezos and his team believe that the book publishing industry can still make money, but not by running business as usual. Getting Serious About Book Publishing. Kirshbaum has been hard at work in signing up authors for Amazon Publishing.

How to Use Niche Publishers to Drive Revenue

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Rather than focus on sites that provide general traffic, go after niche publishers and targeted verticals. While it may be more time-consuming on the front end, you’ll find that working with individual publishers will pay off in the long run.