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7 examples of influencer marketing campaigns

Sprout Social

And we’ll cover 10 examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns to inspire your own strategy. Let’s explore some examples of different types of influencer marketing campaigns. These can vary as well, but affiliate marketing programs and sponsored posts are common examples of influencer-led advertising.

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10 Great Examples of User-Generated Content in Higher Education

Social Media Strategies Summit

Examples include campus tours and day-in-the-life videos. 10 Top User-Generated Content Examples Okay, so we know what user-generated content means and understand where you can find it. Now, let’s look at 10 UGC marketing examples from the higher ed world. User-generated content is the perfect solution.

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Example: How to Use Custom Metrics in Facebook Ads Manager

Jon Loomer

I want to take a second look at custom metrics today and provide two specific examples of how I use them. Before we get to a couple of examples, let’s dig a little deeper into why custom metrics are important. A Share, for example, can lead to many more people seeing your post. What Are Custom Metrics?

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How to Build a Social Listening Strategy [4 Real Examples]


For example, say you’re using social listening to identify priority customer engagements. 4 real social listening strategy examples Now that you understand the theory, let’s take a look at four social listening strategy examples. Some social listening data requires (at least) daily check-in.

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Instagram Marketing for B2B Companies: Eight Best Examples to Follow

Webbiquity SMM

If you’re considering using Instagram marketing for business promotion, check out these eight inspiring examples of B2B companies killing it on the platform in various creative ways. Instagram Marketing for B2B Companies: The Eight Best Examples to Follow. Take Grey Advertising Agency, for example.

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9 Inspiring Examples of Higher Education Institutions on Social Media

Social Media Strategies Summit

This whole campaign is a fantastic example of thought leadership on social media. Want a simple example of how universities can tap into current events to boost brand awareness? Sticking with the humor theme is this next example from the University of Michigan. Image source. University of California Los Angeles.

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10 Examples of Brands Hopping on Social Media Trends (That Worked)

Social Media Strategies Summit

The internet is littered with examples of brands receiving backlash after failing to read the room. This article will focus on the second camp, sharing 10 of our favorite examples of brands that used trending subjects to generate social engagement. Or when Burger King UK tweeted, “ Women belong in the kitchen ”?

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