10 Inspiring Examples of Amazing Brand Communities

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With that in mind, in this article, we’re going to take a look at 10 of our favorite brand community examples and the insights we can learn from them: 1. Kinaxis differs slightly from most of this article’s other brand community examples.

Example: How to Use Custom Metrics in Facebook Ads Manager

Jon Loomer

I want to take a second look at custom metrics today and provide two specific examples of how I use them. Before we get to a couple of examples, let’s dig a little deeper into why custom metrics are important. A Share, for example, can lead to many more people seeing your post.


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10 Great Examples of TikTok Content for Higher Education

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Check out these ten examples of TikTok content for higher education: 1. A great example of this is the University of Kentucky ’s post about its annual Ping Pong Ball Drop : @universityofky Did you catch a ball today Wildcats?

Behavioural Segmentation: Definition, Types, & Examples


When you’re trying to resonate with hundreds of thousands of people with varying needs and preferences, marketing segmentation is a must. This allows you to deliver messages and experiences that are highly relevant to different types of customers.

Personal Vision Statement Examples

Dave Fleet

Among different kinds of article, lots of people always fall short of notions with reference to writing a persuasive or argumentative article. When it comes to different kinds of documents you must be aware that merely what the assignment is about. You will find only two significant issues that essays require. Be a successful article author. Next, in convincing article creating, you’ve got to have decent kind.

4 Examples of Great Social Media Content and What You Can Learn From Them

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To jumpstart your creativity, here are four social media examples of great content and what you can learn from them. This is a great example from Disney of utilizing a mobile-first ad unit on Pinterest in a disruptive way. The above example from Ulta Beauty is just one of them.

10 Examples of Brands Leading the Way with NFTs

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The post 10 Examples of Brands Leading the Way with NFTs appeared first on Social Media Strategies Summit Blog A year-and-a-half ago, no one had ever heard the phrase “non-fungible token.”. It’s fair to say things have changed somewhat since then.

New App Churns Out Customizable Examples of Viral LinkedIn Posts

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Looking to come up with viral think pieces for LinkedIn

Six Examples of Great Community Management

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We’ve compiled some examples of great community management to recognize some of their hard work! The post Six Examples of Great Community Management appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. Community Management Social Media Examples community management great community management social media examplesThere’s a lot that goes into community management.

10 of the Best Examples of Brands Using Instagram Reels

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With that in mind, in this article, we’re going to highlight ten real-world examples of brands using Instagram Reels to reach new audiences, engage existing customers, generate leads, and drive sales. How to Use Reels for Instagram: 10 Real-World Examples.

17 Epic Content Marketing Examples to Boost Your Brand

Sociallyin Insider Blog

17 EPIC CONTENT MARKETING EXAMPLES TO BOOST YOUR BRAND. What are Content Marketing Examples? How Using Multiple Content Marketing Examples Can Boost Your Brand Name. What We Can Learn from Content Marketing Examples Successful Brands Use.

6 Examples Of Great Storytelling On Social Media


Storytelling is one of the most valuable tools any marketer has. For centuries, human beings have been influenced by stories, and the emotional impact they have on the way we think and feel.

SaaS marketing: 5 brilliant examples from tech companies


This post shows you some examples of how SaaS companies rocked specific marketing strategies, attracted millions of users, and became famous in their respective niche.

17 Best Examples of B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Whether it’s among B2C consumers or B2B audiences, there’s one universal truth – people trust influencers. So it’s no surprise that influencer marketing is booming among B2B companies. Audience Intelligence

9 Inspiring Examples of Higher Education Institutions on Social Media

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This whole campaign is a fantastic example of thought leadership on social media. Want a simple example of how universities can tap into current events to boost brand awareness? Sticking with the humor theme is this next example from the University of Michigan.

How to Stitch on TikTok: Examples + Tips


For example, if you’re creating a dance video , you could Stitch together different parts of the routine from different people. Looking for Stitch examples and inspiration? Here’s an example of what you’ll see if you search “ #stitch @notoriouscree.”.

10 Brilliant Examples of Brands Using Livestream Shopping

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Check out these ten examples from brands that are already leveraging the power of shoppable video streaming: 1. The post 10 Brilliant Examples of Brands Using Livestream Shopping appeared first on Social Media Strategies Summit Blog.

Instagram Marketing for B2B Companies: Eight Best Examples to Follow

Webbiquity SMM

If you’re considering using Instagram marketing for business promotion, check out these eight inspiring examples of B2B companies killing it on the platform in various creative ways. Instagram Marketing for B2B Companies: The Eight Best Examples to Follow.

B2B 214

6 B2B Marketing TikTok Examples (That Are Actually Done Right)


6 Examples of B2B Marketing Done Right on TikTok. Once considered a novelty social media platform for trendy dance videos, TikTok has taken the internet by storm since its inception in 2016.

B2B 94

Instagram Adds New Examples of Top Brand Creative to its Professional Dashboard Element

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The examples will help inspire your own creative thinking around Instagram content

Meta Updates Privacy Policy with New, More Illustrative Examples and Language

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The updated policy documents provide more context as to how each clause relates to your usage

37 Thought Leadership Content Examples for Success

Sociallyin Insider Blog

Thought Leadership Content Examples. 35 More No BS Thought Leadership Content Examples. What is an example of an Entrepreneurial Thought Leader? Thought Leadership Content Marketing Marketing Examples

Best B2B Chatbot Examples

Ignite Social Media

B2B Chatbot Examples. If you’re working on building a bot for your website, Marketo is a good example to look at for natural language that does not feel overly automated, even though it is. The post Best B2B Chatbot Examples appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. Artificial intelligence is all around us.

Example: Reach Optimization and Conversions

Jon Loomer

Today, I want to give you an example of just how powerful this approach has been for me. The post Example: Reach Optimization and Conversions appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital. Last week, Charlie told you about how to use the Reach objective for Facebook remarketing campaigns.

Facebook's Developing a New Way to Re-Create Text Styles Based on an Example Image

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Facebook is working on a new process that would enable users to re-create text from image examples

10 Great Social Commerce Examples to Get Inspired

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Either way, here are 10 real-world examples that demonstrate the vast potential of social commerce. — Are there any social commerce examples you’ve been impressed with? Social commerce is big business. How big?

7 Excellent Employer Branding Examples to Inspire Your Campaigns


In this article, we’ll take a look at seven of the most powerful employer branding examples for companies to be aware of in 2022. We’ve got seven excellent employer branding examples to help guide you through your journey. 7 Employer Branding Examples to Inspire You.

Social Media Storytelling Done Right: 6 Examples


The way our audiences consume content has changed a lot in the last couple of years. The way stories are told earlier has changed too. How people interact with your personal, brand stories is way different now.

How to Write More Effective Press Releases with 6 Examples


Press releases are a staple of the PR professional’s world. Simply put, they help bring visibility to a brand. However, some are written more effectively than others.Let’s take a look… Read More >>>. PR & Comms Media Outreach

10 Impressive Examples of AI in Marketing

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Examples of AI in Marketing. To help you get started, we’ve compiled 10 impressive examples of AI in marketing. For example, one digital ad written by humans read: “Access cash from the equity in your home.” Starbucks is one example of a brand that is using its loyalty card and mobile app to collect and analyze customer data. What impressive examples of AI in marketing have you seen lately?

New Study Looks at Optimal Hashtag Usage in Instagram Feed Posts, Based on 18m Examples

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How many hashtags should you include in your IG posts? Some new insights to consider

Twitter Shares Examples of Top Agency-Originated Ad Campaigns from 2021

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The examples could help to get you thinking on your own Tweet marketing strategy

10 Creative ‘We’re Hiring’ Social Media Post Examples

Sprout Social

10 ways to say ‘We’re hiring’ on social media (post examples). For example, you might need someone with a keen eye for detail, while job seekers might prioritize companies with a hybrid work model. For example: “At Liceria & Co., We’re hiring’ LinkedIn post example.

Example: Use URL Parameters to Verify Facebook Ads Results

Jon Loomer

Today, I want to walk through an example of it in use. An example might look like this: [link]. Now, let’s look more closely at an example of how I’m using URL parameters.

URL 129

12 Brilliant Twitter Giveaway Examples And Ideas | Audiense


Successful Twitter marketing strategies begin with a robust content plan, and what better way to make your content fun than to have a contest or giveaway. Not only do they add some excitement into the mix, but they are also a really simple way to engage your audience.

5 successful crisis communication examples brands can learn from

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To that end, we’ve rounded up a handful of successful crisis communication examples and synthesized them into a list of lessons marketers can learn from them. Successful crisis communication examples from the last five years. This is a textbook example of crisis communication done well.

Digital Marketing Strategy Examples: A Guide to Your BRAND Success

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You’re ready to grow your business online–or maybe you HAVE, and you’re prepared to make improvements on your hard work. Either way, a good, thorough digital marketing strategy is critical to your success. social media strategy Digital Marketing Strategy

Google My Business Messaging 101 (Includes Examples)


Google My Business welcome message examples. Bonus: Google My Business Messaging welcome message examples. Here are a few real Google My Business Messaging welcome message examples. Example 1: Google Merchandise Store. Example 2: Phone Repair Philly.

Facebook Groups for Small Businesses in 2022: The Benefits + Real Examples

Buffer Marketing

We’ll cover the benefits of a Facebook Group for your company and share examples of businesses that have benefited from investing in this kind of community. This is a great example of users in the community bonding over a shared interest.

Instagram Live Collaborations: Tips and Examples to Inspire You

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Check out these how-to tips and examples of Instagram Live collaborations. . In this article, I’ve rounded up my marketing agency’s favorite examples of Instagram live collaborations. Good examples include gyms and beauty salons. Examples of Instagram Live Collaborations.