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The Power of a Team Begins with Exceptional Leadership

Spin Sucks

The power of a team starts with its leader. Here are some simple, yet great leadership lessons Corina Manea learned from a phenomenal leader and the great team Gini Dietrich put together. The post The Power of a Team Begins with Exceptional Leadership appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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Tips to Help a One-Person Marketing Team Succeed

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How can a one-person marketing team succeed with all there is to do? The post Tips to Help a One-Person Marketing Team Succeed appeared first on Spin Sucks. Kara Vanskike shares a few tips to make any marketer's life easier.

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Losing a Valuable Team Member is Hard

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I just had to get those two things out before I got to the subject of the day: Losing a valuable team member. It’s very exciting when someone new joins your team. Lindsay joined our team in September of 2013. Losing a Valuable Team Member. By Gini Dietrich.

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Performance Metrics: Why Your Team Doesn’t Measure Up

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After all, success is a team effort and in order to achieve the aggressive goals we put in place for our clients’ or our own organizations, our team has to be fully engaged. What causes team members to not be fully onboard in achieving the same goals? By Laura Petrolino.

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Seven Questions to Ask Your Team Consistently

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The post Seven Questions to Ask Your Team Consistently appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories A One-Week, No Email Challenge Shut Up: How Great Leaders Listen Seven Ways Leaders Listen to Build High-Performing Teams.

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How Stories About Your Workplace Shape Team Culture

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The content and tone of your workplace stories are powerful tools that can weaken or strengthen your team culture. There are countless examples: Ask your team about something great that happened. . By Sean Glaze.

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Successful Team Involvement in Content Creation

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You manage team content creation, but struggle to get all the different voices and writing styles focused, engaged, and organized into a solid and effective content creation and marketing program. Team Content Creation: Tactics that Work. Content Creation Strategies for Your Team.

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Pros and Cons of your Social Media Team Structure

Ignite Social Media

With different clients comes different social media team structures that we work with. Social media teams are structured depending on how the brand divides their internal vs. external resources, and there are pros and cons to each approach. In-House Social Team.

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Slack: A Communication Tool Every Team Should Use

Spin Sucks

Some of you may already know about this tool—it’s a favorite of developers and start-up teams that work virtually. There is a tool called Slack that is billed as, “a messaging app for teams. As many of you know, I run a virtual team. With a team that crosses U.S.

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Meet Team Sprout: Brian, Platform Engineering Manager

Sprout Social

There’s no simpler way to sum up the priority we place on growth—for every member of Team Sprout, for our products and for our company as a whole. Writing code helps me as a manager, because I have a better understanding of the challenges my team is working on.

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Implementing Internal Change: Don’t Forget Your Team

Spin Sucks

I asked directly of the team and I asked mid-level managers how their teams were holding up. The team had to see that we were moving toward the plan. Figure out ahead of time how you’ll talk with your team about that. Your team is counting on you.

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Seven Ways Leaders Listen to Build High-Performing Teams

Spin Sucks

There is one thing that high-performing teams have in common: They are led by people who listen. The post Seven Ways Leaders Listen to Build High-Performing Teams appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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The 6 Ways to Organize a Content Team

Convince & Convert

The 6 Ways to Organize a Content Team. According to the survey, content teams are organized in one of these constructs: 1. Digital Content Team. Dedicated team that produces all online and offline content and creative. Channel Teams.

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The Most Popular NFL Teams On Facebook


As I was noticing posts from the NFL about pre-season games, I began wondering who the most popular teams were on social media. If your team didn’t make it, perhaps they need to do a little work on improving their Facebook game. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Why I Bet On a Pro Poker Player to Lead My Marketing Team

Spin Sucks

Here is how this former poker player became a successful leader on a marketing team. The post Why I Bet On a Pro Poker Player to Lead My Marketing Team appeared first on Spin Sucks. focus on skill sets good leader hiring jackpot key poker skills poker and marketing professional poker player programmatic programmatic media buying recruiting and hiring successful leader team leader unorthodox hiring practicesWhen hiring, focus on skill sets rather than education or experience.

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Firebelly begins work with Team USA


We’re excited to announce that we have recently started working with Team USA—specifically U.S. Synchronized Swimming. Synchronized Swimming, also known as USA Synchro, was established as a nonprofit organization in 1979 and is the United States national governing body for the sport.

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The Three Email Bombs Sending Your Team into a Tailspin

Spin Sucks

The post The Three Email Bombs Sending Your Team into a Tailspin appeared first on Spin Sucks. Email is one of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace. And it's often the fault of the leader. Gini Dietrich says there are three email bombs you must stop sending right this very second.

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Team 54

Three Business Lessons from Our Team

Spin Sucks

Laura Petrolino discusses three lessons she's learned from three members of the Arment Dietrich/Spin Sucks team, and how they can improve your professional development as well. The post Three Business Lessons from Our Team appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook: Two-Year Growth Rates

Adam Sherk

With a new baseball season underway I thought I’d check in on the 30 MLB teams on Twitter and Facebook. Which teams are seeing the most growth? MLB Teams on Twitter. First the teams’ official Twitter profiles. MLB Teams on Facebook.

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Meet Team Sprout: Arlo, Lead UI Designer

Sprout Social

This is the question that stood out to me when I first spoke to Arlo Guthrie, Lead User Interface (UI) Designer, for Meet Team Sprout. Now, as the Lead UI Designer at Sprout, I get to focus on one really great product as part of a team that thinks every day. Team Sprout

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10 Book Recommendations From Team Sprout

Sprout Social

As 2016 draws to a close we asked members of Team Sprout to share the best things they’ve read this year. Extreme Programming Explained” is a thorough but quick introduction to the XP management philosophy and walkthrough of how to involve the whole team to get buy in on said philosophy. Even if you don’t subscribe to all of the tenets of XP, reading “EPE” is a worthwhile exercise in checking your processes as a team. Sprout Engineering Team Sprout

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Build Core Strength with a Modern Marketing Team


Core strength yields benefits in productivity and agility as teams work together to drive recruitment, engagement, and retention. Core strength is made up of culture, human and data assets, and team structure. Multiple team members can step in to send communications.

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NFL Teams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Weeks 16-18

SocialTimes Facebook

Social marketing firm Unmetric analyzed all of the NFL teams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from Dec. Readers: Is your favorite NFL team still alive in the postseason?

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Overcoming Communication Barriers: A Team Effort

Spin Sucks

Yet.they placed a big, fat obstacle in front of me which brings the question to: Does the whole team understand what Spartan Culture is supposed to represent? Make a habit—say, once every quarter—to send a survey to measure how aligned your team is with the company’s values.

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Local TV News Teams Having Fun with Pinterest

Adam Sherk

In preparing for the Pinterest portion I took a look at the pinning activity of local TV news teams. local scenery and special events; news and weather; meet the team and behind the scenes photos; and contests and promotions.

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Meet Team Sprout: Arnita, Senior Product Manager

Sprout Social

As social media evolves, Team Sprout is constantly working to enhance our platform and build new features to help organizations streamline their social media management. Sprout’s Product Team leads the charge by working with our partner networks and teams across the organization.

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Facebook, Google Team Up on Subsea Cable Across Pacific Ocean

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook announced that it is teaming up with Google and Pacific Light Data Communication to build a state-of-the-art subsea cable under the Pacific Ocean. Facebook announced in May that it teamed up with Microsoft and Telxius Cable on MAREA , a similar project beneath the Atlantic Ocean, with completion expected in October 2017.

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Critical Strengths of a Leadership Team - Graphic

Engaging Brand

What are the strengths of leadership teams? What do they do that others don''t?

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Leading Leaders: PR Pros Need Sharpened Leadership Skills

Spin Sucks

How Stories About Your Workplace Shape Team Culture. entrepreneur Leadership education empower your team leadership skills leading a team leading leaders PR Professionals teamIt's time for PR pros to become leading leaders.

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Meet Team Sprout: Katy, Office Manager

Sprout Social

From welcoming visitors to knowing everyone’s name to maintaining our ridiculously well-stocked snack room and fridges of LaCroix, Katy is one of the operations team managers who keep our space and team in top shape. Say hi to the ops team! Team Sprout

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Hey Sports Teams Quit Telling Me to LIKE your Facebook Posts

Adam Sherk

Sports teams are among the biggest offenders: Now don’t get me wrong. Brands of all shapes and sizes do it, but as I mainly follow news organizations and sports teams on Facebook it is the teams that negatively caught my attention.

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Five questions your marketing team should be asking about location-based technology

Visually SM

Now consider the gray area your marketing team will want to explore in the future. In this post are five questions every team should ask as they think about opportunities with location-based marketing.

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What to Consider When Building Your Social Media Team

Simply Measured

How to Build a Better Social Media Team Download. Copywriters & Content Marketers – my (awesome) team is hiring! Their passion is also infectious and this provides a boost to the rest of the team, like a breath of fresh air.

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Google’s Search Algorithm is Like a Soccer Team

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This algorithm can be explained by comparing it to a soccer team. The post Google’s Search Algorithm is Like a Soccer Team appeared first on Spin Sucks. Google’s search algorithm was created to help users effectively and efficiently find the content they are looking for.

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Top 8 Reasons Your Earned Media Team Is Failing 


If you’re thinking about investing in earned media efforts, you need to ask yourself — how can I do something that is interesting TO MY AUDIENCE? The concepts that are interesting to you, and the concepts that are interesting to your audience are not always the same concepts.

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Planning a PESO Strategy with Integrated Teams

Spin Sucks

So I thought it might be valuable to walk you through a typical “day in the life scenario” of the Arment Dietrich team as we plan an integrated strategy. Sometimes, if needed, we have a second team meeting to talk through some of these issues.

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How to Create Assets Your Sales Team Will Actually Use

Convince & Convert

The sales side may see marketers as creative types who don’t have an eye on the bottom line, and marketers are sometimes tripped up by the sales team’s focus on living quarter-to-quarter. The goal of your team is to create content that can be applied to many, many sales conversations.

Team 46

Enduring 2016 Team Building Activities


Creating an inspiring, and productive work culture requires more incentives than a generous salary. This… Read More.

Can Social Media Management Work with a Remote Team?

agora pulse

The following post is written by Rachel Go at Hubstaff — a company that really makes social media management work as a remote team. Social media is an online realm in itself, so it makes sense that a completely virtual team can manage a brand’s social media presence.

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Meet Team Sprout: Blake, Head of Infrastructure

Sprout Social

As an engineering manager and Head of Infrastructure, Blake Smith often works on projects that customers will never actually see—but his squad’s work helps our engineering team work faster and smarter to build the always-evolving Sprout platform. Blake places a strong focus on individual, team and company growth. In this Meet Team Sprout interview, we talked about what keeps him motivated, why he loves living in the suburbs and his advice for new software engineers.

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