What Are the Top Social Media Platforms for SMBs?


Wondering what the top social media platforms for SMBs are? If you’re a small business just getting started with social media marketing , it can be challenging to know which platform will help you tap into the right audience – especially if you’re a time-strapped solopreneur!

TikTok Opens its Self-Serve Ad Platform to All Businesses

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TikTok is opening its platform up to all advertisers with its new, self-serve ad buying platform

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LinkedIn Announces Tougher Measures Against Inappropriate Content on its Platform

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LinkedIn has outlined a range of new initiatives to improve its rule enforcement efforts and ensure that its members feel safe in engaging on the platform

Google Announces Expanded Launch of its 'Fundo' Virtual Events Platform for Creators

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Google has launched a new platform to facilitate monetizable virtual events for creators

LinkedIn Sells SlideShare for eBook Publishing Platform Scribd

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LinkedIn has sold off its presentation platform SlideShare, which it acquired in 2012, to eBook publishing platform Scribd

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YouTube Launches 'How YouTube Works' Explainer Platform to Share Information on Platform Policies

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YouTube has launched a new hub of information on its various platform policies, and how they're implemented

TikTok Launches 'TikTok for Business' Platform for Marketers

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TikTok has launched a new 'TikTok fo Business' website, which is a hub for news and information around how marketers can make use of the platform

How Social Platforms are Responding to the #BlackLivesMatter Protests Across the US

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Social media platforms have been posting their support for those calling for action across the US

TikTok and Teespring Partner on New Integration to Enable Creators to Sell Merch On-Platform

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TikTok and Teespring are partnering up to provide a new way for TikTok creators to sell merch direct on the platform

A Comparison of Social Media Live Video Platforms

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When you think of live video, Facebook may be the first platform that comes to mind. But, there are plenty of other platforms that are worth considering. Each platform comes with their own unique features and capabilities, so it’s important to carefully consider which one would best fit your goals and your brand. The answer depends on what platform you’re using. That depends on the platform, but Facebook takes the cake on this one.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Location-Based Small Businesses

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The right social media platforms can help you get customers through your front door. But, which platforms are right for you and your needs? Use this feature to repurpose videos you’ve created for other platforms, or teach and/or educate your audience about your industry.

LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How to Make Best Use of its Platform

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LinkedIn has published a new guide to help social media managers make the most of the various tools at their disposal on the platform

China imposes New Rules Which Could Halt TikTok Sell-Off, Triller Enters Bid for the Platform

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China has announced a new set of rules on the export of proprietary technology, which could stop TikTok from being sold to a US company

Why Engagement On Your Social Platforms Is Important For Your Next Trade Show

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Through social media platforms , attendees and businesses can share content and experiences from the event. In this article, we take a look at why engagement on your social media platforms is so important. One of the most important reasons to aim for enhanced engagement on your social media platforms for your next trade show is so that you can use those platforms to deliver key pieces of information. Guest post by Reno Macri.

France Announces Tough New Content Removal Requirements for Social Platforms

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France has announced a new set of laws that will require social media platforms to remove pedophile and terrorism-related content from their platforms within an hour

Facebook's Civil Rights Audit Raises Significant Concerns with the Platform's Political Policy Approach

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An audit of Facebook's approach to civil rights has raised serious concerns with the platform's policies, in particular, it's decision not to fact-check political ads or take action on comments from political leaders

Facebook Reveals New Changes On Platform | Mindjumpers


In addition, the changes will possibly entail that we communicate, socialize and update our status even more – which is the entire purpose of the platform – since we can now choose to communicate with specific segments of friends.?

It’s the people not the platform

Direct Marketing Observations

I shot back, “It’s the people not the platform”. The platforms where social business may take place i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Blogs-They’re solid and the people that flock to them? Largely it fails because the expectations are so huge and because they are measured against other companies that invested time, resources, and people first strategies and the platform last. People define platforms. Social platforms social media platforms

Snapchat Looks to Expand Off-Platform Sharing Options to Expand Audience Reach

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Snapchat is working on some new ways to share content, both within and outside the app itself

Facebook Rolls Out Updates for Live Producer Streaming Platform, Including Graphic Overlays for Broadcasts

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Facebook is rolling out some new updates to its Live Producer live-streaming platform, including graphic overlays and feature links

Facebook's Outlines its Efforts to Protect Upcoming Election in Myanmar, A Key Inflection Point for the Platform

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Facebook has published a new overview of the various measures its taking to protect the upcoming Myanmar election, where the platform has huge influence

10 Best B2B Webinar Platforms for 2021


B2B Webinar platforms offer tools that allow the audience to participate and engage in a personal and personalized way with the speakers and audience. We’ve collected the top 10 webinar platforms that offer a wide range of features to match your business needs. Top 10 Webinar Platforms. WebinarNinja is one of the fastest solutions to implement, and they promise that you can have your platform up and running in under a minute. Remember conferences and meetups?!

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New Report Looks at Social Platform Performance Benchmarks by Industry

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The team from RivalIQ has put together a new report on social platform performance benchmarks, based on analysis of over 2,000 brand accounts

Wordpress.com Vs Wordpress.org: Which Is The Best Blog Platform

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Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging and web hosting platforms. Users can make modifications to the code and customize the design as per their requirement and taste with this platform. Each of these platforms come with a host of features depending on the package you choose.

Introducing Shoploop: A Shoppable Video Platform Made for Brands & Influencers


Introducing Shoploop: Google’s very own shoppable video platform! Created by Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120 , Shoploop is a mobile shopping platform that helps consumers discover products in an entertaining, informational, and snackable video format. .

Facebook Begins User Testing of New 'Horizon' VR Social Platform

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After announcing its coming 'Horizons' VR social world in September last year, Facebook is now moving into the beta testing phase for the feature

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Boutique Businesses?

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Which social platform is best for your company? Here are some expert tips on the best social platforms for boutique businesses

LinkedIn Publishes Data on Latest Content Engagement Trends on the Platform

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LinkedIn has shared some new insights into how the COVID-19 conversation has evolved across its platform

4 Emerging Social Media Platforms To Watch In 2019

Social Media Strategies Summit

And the decision for a brand to invest in a new social media platform is a big one. Social media platform decisions should align with goals and trends both within your organization and industry-wide. Below, we take a look at the overall direction of social media and how four emerging platforms address those trends. Gen-Z favors ephemeral platforms over highly-produced social media, changing the way marketers create and think about content.

MIT Professor Develops Search Model for Product Rankings on Online Platforms

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Product Rankings on Online Platforms. Negin Golrezaei developed a new search model that learns consumer preferences to optimize product rankings for consumers, sellers, and the platform. However, the decline is sharper when the platform’s ranking was used.

How Social Media Platforms are Marking Juneteenth, Which Commemorates the End of Slavery in the US

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Social platforms are today commemorating Juneteenth, marking the day when slavery ended in the US

Snapchat Publishes New Guide for Auto Marketers on the Platform

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Snapchat has published a new guide to help auto marketers make the most of its platform's ad tools

The Best, and Worst, Social Media Analytics Platforms

Ignite Social Media

The analytics tools behind some of the most popular social media platforms can be surprisingly limited. With an increasing number of businesses using social media for marketing, many platform analytics leave something to be desired. While some platforms excel in certain aspects of analytics reporting, others fall short. Here are how the most popular platforms rank in terms of social media analytics: 1.

New Report Looks at Social Platform Performance Benchmarks by Industry

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What qualifies as good social platform performance in 2019? Check out this new report from the team at Rival IQ

YouTube Removes Option to Share On-Platform Activity to Twitter

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YouTube is removing the ability to auto-share your on-platform actions to Google+ and Twitter

LinkedIn Acquires Data Personalization Platform Drawbridge to Improve Ad Targeting

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LinkedIn has announced its pending acquisition of data analytics platform Drawbridge, which will provide new tools to help improve LinkedIn ad targeting

Facebook Announces its New Oversight Board to Guide Content Rules on the Platform

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Facebook has announced the first members of its new Oversight Board which will help it make decisions on what content should be allowed, and removed, from its platforms

Community platforms do not equal community


Featured Open Community Presentations community platforms Events open community white labelWe had the opportunity to present a session to IAEE ‘s Expo! conference in New Orleans about “Building Your Tradeshow Community Online&#. The slides are below.

A Timeline of Facebook's Legal Actions Against Platform Misuse [Infographic]

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In this infographic, we go back to early 2019 and outline every legal action Facebook has taken since in the fight against platform misuse

Survey: Social Media Platform and Content Plans for 2020

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We can try to predict the future direction of social media, but what strategies are marketers actually planning to implement in the coming year? We conducted a new survey to find out

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Instagram Outlines Steps to Address Potential Areas of Racial Inequality on its Platform

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Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has outlines a range of steps the platform is taking to address concerns around racial inequality

It’s Not About the Platform

Justin Levy

Now that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr are out ahead as the major social networks, it becomes harder to debate social platforms, though it definitely still occurs, especially with location-based platforms. One area that has never ceased to die down and has continued to be hotly debated is blogging platforms. Other blogging platforms such as SquareSpace, TypePad and MovableType enter the discussion too but the main focus has been between the big 3.

Microsoft Announces Shutdown of Mixer Gaming Platform, Merges Mixer Users into Facebook Gaming

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Microsoft has announced that it will shutter its Mixer gaming platform, and merge Mixer into Facebook Gaming