Top Five: social networks push new shopping features

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5 Great Homepage Galleries Featuring Shoppable UGC


The homepage features a gallery of the best images uploaded by Instagram Old Navy fans, as well as an upload tool that users can use to upload their own pictures from their computer, mobile device or Instagram account.

UGC 65

Facebook Testing Find WiFi Feature

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Some users of Facebook’s flagship iOS application are part of a test of a new feature enabling them to locate nearby WiFi networks. The feature is currently being tested in select countries. Readers: Would you like to see Facebook roll this feature out?

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: New Feature

Jon Loomer

” As is the case with most new ad features, Facebook campaign budget optimization rolled out slowly. Clearly, this is a feature that is most beneficial when running campaigns with multiple ad sets. This feature is eligible for all objectives.

How to Use Facebook’s New Placement Asset Customization Feature

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you should try Facebook’s new placement asset customization feature. The new placement asset customization feature allows you to tailor your creative to the most effective format for your placement options. How to Use the New Placement Feature.

Top five: New features tools and services from the ‘Big Three’ (plus Pinterest)

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I’m bringing back the weekly top five that was such a popular feature on this blog many years ago. Top five: New features tools and services from the ‘Big Three’ (plus Pinterest). This is going to be a popular feature for many (I’m looking at you Donald ), including brands.

Linkedin Replaces Applications With Features

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You’ll still be able to add content through their new rich media feature. Long time power users of Linkedin have been using Linkedin Applications to enhance their profiles with deeper information and sharing opportunities.

4 Must Have Features of an Online Shopping Cart

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4 Must Have Features of an Online Shopping Cart. Online shopping cart software should be able to keep track of that for you, so make sure that is one of the features available on the package that you select.

New Feature: Facebook Creative Split Testing

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Creative split testing of Facebook ads just became a whole lot easier with the update of Facebook’s built-in split testing feature. Don’t confuse this update with the dynamic creative feature (which is also amazing). Have you tried out the creative split testing feature?

Feature Friday: Musing about Mobile Networking

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Tweet Share The following is a feature article by Rob the Web Guy. Any better suggestions? -- Ari Herzog thanks you for reading Feature Friday: Musing about Mobile Networking on his blog. Related articles you may enjoy: Feature Friday: Is Social Networking Making Us Less Social?

Twitter Releases Featured Stickers for Thanksgiving

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To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Twitter released new Thanksgiving-themed featured stickers for mobile users. Put a turkey on it with featured Thanksgiving #Stickers. Twitter has previously released featured stickers based on Pokemon , the 2016 U.S. To access these stickers, mobile users can add pictures to tweets and tap the smiling-face button on the bottom-right corner of a picture to access the stickers menu.

Best iOS6 Features for Business Users


It has loads of impressive features which are best suited for business professionals. are few features which can help this operating system to get nominated for “Best OS for business” this year. There is a saviour for you, VIP Mail feature. Other Fabulous Features for Business.

6 Facebook Features Marketers Overlook

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Popular Facebook features like Pages, News Feed and a suite of advertising tools have made this network a must-have for marketers and advertisers. Since 2004 countless new Facebook features have been released for you to use to meet your business objectives.

WhatsApp Introduces New Camera Features on Android

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WhatsApp announced the launch of several new camera features in its Android application. WhatsApp said these new camera features are now rolling out on Android devices, and that they will come to iPhone soon. Readers: What do you think of these new features?

Facebook Introduces Rio 2016 Features

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Facebook introduced a host of features in advance of Friday’s Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Users can add temporary profile picture frames to their profiles to support their countries.

Up, Periscope: New Features for iOS 10

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Readers: What do you think of Periscope’s new features for iOS 10? Twitter’s Periscope livestreaming application jumped on board the iOS 10 train.

3 New Features On Pinterest


However, there are 3 features that have been added that all users will benefit from. Below are the features that will both improve the user experience, and expand Pinterest’s user base. . Over the past couple months, Pinterest has made a few changes to its pin-tastic platform.

The 6 Best Features of iOS 7

The Social Media Incubator

After a few failed attempts and then finally a successful installation, we have our 6 best features of iOS7. Now that you have heard our favorite features of the new operating system, leave a comment below with your favorite feature!

Feature Friday: How to Increase Web Traffic

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You will soon enjoy your hard earned traffic. -- Thanks for reading Feature Friday: How to Increase Web Traffic by Ari Herzog. Features searchTunnel picture by pixelplacebo. The following guest article is by Steven Papas. Nobody can survive as an internet marketer without traffic.

Facebook Reader a welcome feature

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Facebook Featured Headline Social Media Facebook Reader Google Reader News aggregator Google will soon shelve Reader and this has created a lot of panicky online noise from ardent fans. However, I am largely unconcerned. I have had a Reader account for several years now, but hadn’t really ever used it. I did, at one time, make use of an RSS reader called BlogBridge. I liked that it had the ability to search through feeds to find specific content.

2 New Features Have Been Brought InTo TSU May8Friday2015

Social Media Network Marketing

2 New Features Have Been Brought InTo TSU May8Friday2015 They are: Activity Feed and Popular. See in the image below.

Facebook Removes Maps From Nearby Friends Feature

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Facebook’s Nearby Friends feature is providing less specific information these days. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing this feature. Readers: What do you think of Facebook’s changes to its Nearby Friends feature?

Facebook Testing ‘Send a Wave’ Feature Within Nearby Friends

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Readers: Would you like to see Facebook roll this feature out? Poke + Nearby Friends = Send a Wave?

Facebook Ads Feature: Customize Creative Assets by Placement

Jon Loomer

If you have this feature, you may now see this message when setting placement at the ad set level… Let’s take a closer look at why this was needed and how to use it. The post Facebook Ads Feature: Customize Creative Assets by Placement appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital.

Buzzlogix Feature: Sentiment Analysis


Buzzlogix offers a comprehensive set of features to deliver effective social media management and monitoring. Buzzlogix Feature: Sentiment Analysis. What is Buzzlogix Sentiment Analysis.

New Twitter Features Summed Up


As you use Twitter, the feature will be better at serving you content. Social Network Twitter brand page customer service new twitter design redesign twitter app Twitter features Twitter for brands Twitter for businesses

Facebook Testing Slideshow Feature in Android App

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Some Android users are starting to see the Slideshow feature Facebook introduced for its flagship iOS application last June (pictured to the right).

Sendible – Content Curation Suggestion Feature

Proactive Report

Their content suggestion feature now feeds content right into the dashboard. This is just one of the many features that make Sendible my choice of Social management dashboard. Content curation is a vital part of social media content strategy.

Buzzlogix Feature: Posting Queues


We’re all about creating efficiency and developing features to help your team while you focus on developing your social media strategies and marketing plans. Today, we are excited to announce our latest time-saving feature: POSTING QUEUES. Buzzlogix Feature: Posting Queues.

12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Use


Mastering hidden Facebook features will help you get ahead of your competition. The team at Post Planner created the great infographic at the bottom of this post that highlights some secret Facebook features that you can leverage to avoid being overwhelmed.

12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Use


Mastering hidden Facebook features will help you get ahead of your competition. The team at Post Planner created the great infographic at the bottom of this post that highlights some secret Facebook features that you can leverage to avoid being overwhelmed.

Facebook Adds Campaign Planner Feature to Business Manager

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook’s Business Manager introduced a new Campaign Planner feature. As the name suggests, Campaign Planner enables brands to plan their Facebook ad campaigns and arrive at predictions for reach and frequency, which can be shared with clients and co-workers via links or email.

Twitter Debuts New Customer-Support Features for Brands

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Social media users who are dissatisfied with customer support from brands often cite lack of response , and Twitter Thursday introduced two features to help businesses combat that perception. Readers: What do you think of Twitter’s new customer-service features?

Facebook Testing Rooms Feature for Messenger in Australia, Canada

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The Rooms feature in Messenger that Facebook began testing in September has been rolled out to users in Australia and Canada. Readers: Would you like to see Facebook roll this feature out globally?

Buzzlogix Feature: BuzzRespond Automatic Posting


We are continuously updating our features to help save social media specialists time and keep social media management stress-free. BuzzRespond is an automation feature, similar to BuzzAlerts, that keep you ahead of the game by posting automatically to Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook Adds Slideshow Feature to iOS App

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook Monday introduced a feature for users of its flagship iOS application , Slideshow, not to be confused with the ad unit of the same name that debuted last October. Readers: What are your thoughts on this new feature?

How to Use the Facebook Ad Split Testing Feature

Jon Loomer

That changes with Facebook’s new split testing feature. Here’s how Facebook’s split testing feature works: 1. This new split testing feature will help you isolate which audience is most effective. Have you started using the new split testing feature yet?

Facebook Slideshow Ads Get Several New Features

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook introduced its Slideshow feature last October, allowing brands to create video ads out of groups of still images, and the social network announced a host of new Slideshow features Tuesday.

Twitter Expands Mute Feature to Notifications, Updates Safety Initiatives

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Twitter updated its efforts to enable users to avoid seeing abusive content and content they have no interest in , highlighted by expanding its mute feature to notifications.

3 Cool Features from Windows 7


The 3 cool features from Windows 7 compiled here are just a short list, but there definitely many more to learn and explore. Tech & Gadgets action center homegroup windows 7 windows 7 features windows 7 tips windows search