New Features for Snapchat Location Ads

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Snapchat location ads have been around for about a year, but they recently added additional features for brick and mortar locations. New Features for Location Ads. One of the exciting new features that Snapchat has added to location ads is retargeting previous visitors to their stores.

Top Five: New social media ‘stories’ features

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The new CTA sticker suggestions are based on the CTAs already featured on the page. Now the feature is rolling to eligible YouTube channels with more than 10,000 subscribers. Google is rolling out a new search feature: “your related activity.”

New LinkedIn Features Aim to Drive Engagement

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Recently, LinkedIn has introduced some new engagement features with the goal of improving user experience and encouraging engagements. The post New LinkedIn Features Aim to Drive Engagement appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency.

7 Exciting Instagram Features Coming in 2019


Instagram Feature #1: A Brand New Camera for Instagram Stories. With more than 500 million active users, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest feature announcements at this year’s F8 conference were for Instagram Stories.

10 Key Marketing Automation Features You Should Know

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Feature #1: Analytics. Feature #2: Email marketing. Feature #3: A/B testing. Feature #4: Contact management. Feature #5: Efficient dashboard. Feature #6: Social Media. Feature #7: Landing pages. Feature #8: Automated customer journey.

LinkedIn Announces New Groups Features, Catering to Increased Group Engagement

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LinkedIn has announced some new features for groups, with group engagement on the rise

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What Brands Need to Know About Instagram’s Checkout Feature

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On this week’s edition of Ignite Your Week, our focus is on Instagram’s new in-app checkout feature. Although it’s still in beta testing, what we have heard is that Instagram expects to make about 10 billion dollars on this feature. Instagram’s Checkout Feature.

Instagram Launches New Nametag Feature


It’s been in the works for some time now, but we’re happy to report that the Instagram nametag feature is finally being rolled out globally! Details about the nametag feature first came out in March and April and were later confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson. .

Top Five: Tidal Wave of New Social Media Features

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Top Five: Tidal Wave of New Social Media Features. This week's must-know news from the world of social media includes new features and functions from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn and Twitter. New features for Twitter apps. Four new features for LinkedIn.

Facebook Reader a welcome feature

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Facebook Featured Headline Social Media Facebook Reader Google Reader News aggregator Google will soon shelve Reader and this has created a lot of panicky online noise from ardent fans. However, I am largely unconcerned. I have had a Reader account for several years now, but hadn’t really ever used it. I did, at one time, make use of an RSS reader called BlogBridge. I liked that it had the ability to search through feeds to find specific content.

Top Five: social networks push new shopping features

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Top Five: social networks push new shopping features. Facebook introduces new shopping features. The post Top Five: social networks push new shopping features appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. REPORT. Sherrilynne Starkie. Owner. items . followers . votes . views.

Facebook Adds New Groups Features, Including Expansion of Mentorships

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As part of its latest Communities Summit, Facebook has unveiled a new list of updates for groups

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3 New Features to Help You Achieve Online Sales on Pinterest

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The post 3 New Features to Help You Achieve Online Sales on Pinterest appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency.

Periscope Adds New Features to Boost Replay Engagement

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Live-streaming app Periscope has added three new replay features as part of version 1.23 of the app

[Solved] Getting The Pinterest Embed Feature To Work In WordPress

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Featured Pinterest Social Media Tech best practices conversion convert csv excel file format social tech tipsEmbedding A Pinterest Board In Your WordPress Blog Post Is Not As Easy As It Should Be. Sometimes stuff just doesn’t work like it should.

New Twitter Features Summed Up


As you use Twitter, the feature will be better at serving you content. Social Network Twitter brand page customer service new twitter design redesign twitter app Twitter features Twitter for brands Twitter for businesses

Google Accidentally Reveals Disappointing Google Photos Feature Cancellation

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Google looks likely to remove one of my most-used Google Photos features

How Instagram Influencers Use the Paid Partnership Feature

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Instagram’s “Paid Partnership” Feature. You’ve probably seen a mega-influencer like Kendall Jenner post using this feature (for example, boasting a paid partnership with tods ).

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: New Feature

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” As is the case with most new ad features, Facebook campaign budget optimization rolled out slowly. Clearly, this is a feature that is most beneficial when running campaigns with multiple ad sets. This feature is eligible for all objectives.

Twitter Details Plans for Beta Testing of New Conversational Features

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Twitter is running a new beta test of its 'conversational' updates, which could significantly change the Twitter process

Facebook Launching Community Actions Feature To News Feed

Facebook is all set to launch Community Actions, an interactive News Feed petition feature, that will allow users to support political and social causes that matter to them. The feature was rolled out to the U.S.

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Facebook Rolls Out Messenger 'Unsend' Feature to All Users

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Facebook is now rolling out its 'Unsend' option in Facebook Messenger to all users after testing it in selected regions

Instagram's Testing New Account Features Specifically Aimed at Influential Users

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Instagram is reportedly testing a range of new features for high-profile users, helping to increase appeal with influencers

3 New Features On Pinterest


However, there are 3 features that have been added that all users will benefit from. Below are the features that will both improve the user experience, and expand Pinterest’s user base. . Over the past couple months, Pinterest has made a few changes to its pin-tastic platform.

Top five: New features tools and services from the ‘Big Three’ (plus Pinterest)

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I’m bringing back the weekly top five that was such a popular feature on this blog many years ago. Top five: New features tools and services from the ‘Big Three’ (plus Pinterest). This is going to be a popular feature for many (I’m looking at you Donald ), including brands.

New Feature: Facebook Creative Split Testing

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Creative split testing of Facebook ads just became a whole lot easier with the update of Facebook’s built-in split testing feature. Don’t confuse this update with the dynamic creative feature (which is also amazing). Have you tried out the creative split testing feature?

Instagram Adds GIFs in DMs, Video Tagging and is Testing a Range of Other Features

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Instagram continues to add and test new features, providing new interactive and engaging options within the app

Facebook Updates Life Events with New Features and Prominent Profile Placement [Infographic]

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Facebook is updating its 'Life Events' listings with new, interactive features and a new section on your main profile page

How to Use Facebook’s New Placement Asset Customization Feature

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you should try Facebook’s new placement asset customization feature. The new placement asset customization feature allows you to tailor your creative to the most effective format for your placement options. How to Use the New Placement Feature.

RIP: Social Media Networks & Features that Died in 2016

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This post will revisit some of the social media networks and channel features that didn’t make it to 2017. In September, Instagram killed off the photo map feature. This feature allowed users to see a map of where a someone’s photos were taken, if they tagged a location.

7 LinkedIn Mobile Features That Accelerate Relationship Building and Lead Gen

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Are you making best use of these features within LinkedIn's mobile app

[New Features] ?? Summer time and deliverin' is easy.!


After weeks of hard work changing the audiense connect offer model , we are pleased to announce all the new features that have been going on behind the scenes at Audiense. New Features Audiense NewsWe always love to hear your feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly. Blog post soundtrack ).

Linkedin Replaces Applications With Features

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You’ll still be able to add content through their new rich media feature. Long time power users of Linkedin have been using Linkedin Applications to enhance their profiles with deeper information and sharing opportunities.

Google Adds New 'Follow' Feature for Businesses in Google Maps

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Google has added a new option which enables users to follow businesses on Google Maps and get updates for coming events

15 Essential Features for eCommerce Websites [Infographic]

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Make sure you maximize your eCommerce opportunities with these website tips

Facebook Plans To Build New WhatsApp Payments Feature In London

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Facebook plans to add around 100 people to its WhatsApp teams in London and Dublin

What New Social Media Management Features Did Agorapulse Release in 2018? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Let’s take a quick break from our planning for 2019 to reflect on the different social media management features that Agorapulse launched in 2018 that helped make managing social media easier and more efficient. You may discover a feature that you overlooked during your busy workday.).

Valuable LinkedIn Features To Nurture Your Relationships

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These valuable LinkedIn features make it easy for you to nurture your network

LinkedIn Features I Wish Existed

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LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform and would be even more valuable if included these career development features

Five Facebook Advertising Features You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Here are five Facebook advertising features you haven’t tried yet. Check them out and see what these features can do for your business. This unique feature allows you to showcase multiple products or services at once. Feature videos. Guest post by Mike Bird.

Youtube Makes User-generated Feature Film


The most compelling footage will be edited into a feature film to show a cohesive story of a single day on earth.

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Skills: another new LinkedIn feature | Sherrilynne Starkie

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Twitter Releases Image Editing Update for Desktop, New Features for Events

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Twitter has rolled out a couple of new tweaks for image uploads on desktop and for Events pages