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A Privacy-First Digital Marketing Landscape

Dave Fleet

We are in the midst of seeing a privacy-first digital marketing landscape emerge which is going to have a big impact on our ability to reach and influence audiences, and the need for that landscape is – mostly – our fault. Privacy is mainstream. Privacy-related topics have never been more mainstream in society than they are now.

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Facebook Launches New 'Privacy Center' to Facilitate More Control Over Privacy and Data-Sharing Options

Social Media Today

The new Privacy Center will provide more oversight and control over your various data tracking options.

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Facebook Outlines Evolving Privacy Tools on Data Privacy Day

Social Media Today

Facebook has outlined its evolving data privacy tools on Data Privacy Day, including its off-platform activity listing and improved log-in alerts.

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Meta Prompts Users to Review their Privacy Settings for Data Privacy Day

Social Media Today

Data Privacy Day is being held on January 28th.

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The Implications of Privacy Updates on Social Media Performance

Ignite Social Media

Digital Privacy Takes Center Stage in 2021. As the digital space continues its evolution, two very important privacy situations are unfolding that can fundamentally change the marketing landscape. Apple took a strong stand on user privacy with its iOS 14.5 What Privacy Updates Mean for Social Media Marketers.

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LinkedIn Announces New Privacy-Friendly Ad Targeting Options for B2B Brands

Social Media Today

LinkedIn's developing a range of new options to ensure it aligns with data privacy regulations, and is still able to drive value for ad partners.

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Google’s new privacy policy

Sherrilynne Starkie

Most Gmail users will have received at least one message from Google this week (I received ten) explaining the company’s new privacy policy. The company has more than 60 privacy policies tied to its various products and services and so, in March 2012, it will be streamlining this all down into one policy. VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

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