Facebook Outlines Evolving Privacy Tools on Data Privacy Day

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Facebook has outlined its evolving data privacy tools on Data Privacy Day, including its off-platform activity listing and improved log-in alerts

Digital Data Tracking and Privacy: The Future Implications of COVID-19

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Both Facebook and Google are now contributing location tracking data to help combat COVID-19, but privacy advocates have warned that there are dangers with this approach

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Google’s new privacy policy

Sherrilynne Starkie

Most Gmail users will have received at least one message from Google this week (I received ten) explaining the company’s new privacy policy. Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (emmanuelch.wordpress.com). New Google Privacy Policy (takeovathasouth.wordpress.com).

Facebook Simplifies Group Privacy Settings to Clarify Exposure

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Facebook is looking to make clearer what its group privacy settings actually mean by reducing its privacy options to 'Public' and 'Private'

Amidst New Privacy Scandal, Facebook Releases Bumper Q4 Report

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In the midst of a new user privacy controversy, Facebook has released its Q4 2018 earnings report, showing an increase in users and beating analysts estimates on revenue

Twitter Launches New Privacy Center to Better Communicate Platform Rules and Processes

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Twitter has launched a new Privacy Center, which will help users connect with the platforms various privacy tools and resources

Evolution of Privacy on Facebook


During the last couple of years, Facebook’s default privacy settings have become more and more permissive – and often with great confusion to the users. I have found this chart that illustrates Facebook’s evolution of privacy from the early days in 2005 up until recently.

Facebook Releases Updated Privacy Tools and Settings

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Facebook has released its updated privacy and data tools, which provide more clarity on how the platform uses your data. But will they help

Privacy Is About Control, Not Anonymity

Dave Fleet

Tweet Seth Godin says you don’t really care about privacy : “If you cared about privacy you wouldn’t have a credit card, because, after all, they know everything you spend money on. Tags: privacy

Facebook to Appoint New Privacy Oversight Roles in Deal with FTC

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In an investigation over privacy and data breaches, Facebook is looking to provide more assurance to regulatory bodies

Facebook Sharing and Privacy Tips (Video)

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What you may not have noticed are the significant updates in how you manage your privacy, along with other new features and changes. How do I customize my privacy settings so only the right people see my information? Facebook Tips Privacy security trust

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy to Comply with GDPR

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Twitter has decided to update their Privacy Policy to help users feel more in control of their data and to comply with new GDPR regulations

Zuckerberg Faces US Congress on Libra, Privacy and More

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been grilled by US Congress over its Libra currency, user privacy concerns and various other issues

Facebook Identifies Significant Privacy Flaw in Messenger Kids App

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Facebook has identified a permissions flaw in Messenger Kids which may have exposed some children to chats with unapproved members

Privacy vs Progress – Who Will Win?


Privacy vs Progress from Amy Vernon. The post Privacy vs Progress – Who Will Win? I know you will love this as much as I do. By the fabulous Amy Vernon. ———— ( photo credit ). More like this.

Consumer Privacy Takes Priority in 2020

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Here are a few predictions on how this consumer call for action will (and should) be a catalyst for greater privacy, identity protection and security in 2020

When Does Online Privacy Not Matter Anymore?

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Are we becoming a nation or a society that is devaluing certain aspects of online privacy? SEO/SEM data privacy personal data privacyAs more and more of our lives become intertwined with online networks we become desensitized as to what is private and what is not. Take for example the liberties or assumptions that Live-Hive would like with your personal information. CtoCloud Application is requesting permission to: Manage your contacts. Manage your calendars.

Implementing Privacy On Social Media

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Given how technology has evolved, let's take a look at some measures to implement to help improve your overall security in addition to those you love

Facebook Announces New Privacy Education Initiatives for Businesses and Developers

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Facebook is looking to help businesses and developers understand their privacy obligations with new education courses

A Little Privacy, Please! Your Rights and Social Media Policies


Your privacy is important to us. Your privacy is important to us. Read our privacy policy.”. If social media websites really did respect your privacy, would policies be so littered with jargon that the entire document reads like fine print?

Social Media Killed Our Offline Privacy Too

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Social media has led to the loss of privacy in the offline world, as historical norms around privacy and respect have been replaced with a paparazzi-like expectation of privilege to film anyone anywhere for any reason and broadcast it to the world

Facebook Launches New Privacy and Data Hub to Help Businesses Understand its Policies

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To mark Data Privacy Day, Facebook has launched a new website which provides easy access to its data usage policies, and notes on how to protect people's information

Surveillance Technology And Cultural Notions Of Privacy

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How has the surveillance and storing of biometric data impinged upon our right to privacy? This article examines new technology and the larger political and ethical questions surrounding biometric data collection

Will Attitudes Towards Digital Privacy Change in 2019?

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2018 was the year that we all became aware of how much digital platforms are tracking us - but has that changed user behavior

Facebook Updates its 'Privacy Check-Up' Tool to Clarify Which Elements You Can Control

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Facebook has updated its 'Privacy Check-Up' tool to better clarify how user data can be accessed, and what users can do to limit exposure

Firefox Confirms New Security and Privacy Features

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Firefox is adding a number of privacy and security features, some of which will be enabled by default. Here’s what you need to know

Coronavirus Could Infect Privacy And Civil Liberties Forever

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Not only are governments adopting new economic and public health measures to fight the coronavirus and its impact, but they're harnessing big data in ways that, while potentially saving lives, will also reduce our privacy and civil liberties

Facebook Privacy & Employers: 5 Must-Reads


Here are 5 must-reads related to Facebook privacy and employers that we don’t want you to miss. Facebook Privacy Debate a Passionate One. It seemed to be an outrageous privacy incursion, but on closer examination it seems to me to be too much ado about almost nothing at all.

The 2012 Social Networking Privacy Policy

Webbiquity SMM

If you were to do a Google search for some of the top social networking sites , you’ll almost certainly stumble across a news story concerning privacy issues with user data. Guest post by Athena Newton.

Zuckerberg Outlines New Privacy Focus and Tools for Facebook's Family of Apps

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has outlined the company's new focus on privacy tools in alignment with the shift towards messaging

Facebook's Fake Pivot To Privacy

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Mark Zuckerberg just made a lengthy announcement that has been described as a privacy pivot. Zuckerberg’s plan is a pragmatic move of a hyper-focused, obsessive CEO and little to do with privacy; it is not even a pivot; it appears tone-deaf as it gives ammunition to those who criticize Facebook

Social Networks and Privacy

Janet Fouts

I’m a bit more pragmatic than some of my co-panelists on what privacy we can actually have in this day and age. I’m trying to keep my focus in this case on activists and their issues with privacy online. Tags: Social Media in Action Privacy Social Media Twitter

5 Essential Privacy Features Introduced In Apple iOS 13

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With the release of Apple iOS 13, consumers are now provided with some new features to enhance their privacy while using their devices

Apple 102

The New Tech Culture Of Privacy Today

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The notion of privacy has been shifting in recent decades, especially where internet use intersects with capitalism. This article examines the blind faith in tech privacy today

Is Privacy Important?

Small Business Mavericks

Copyblogger podcast radio host Robert Bruce interviews Copyblogger CEO Sonia Simone about privacy and other content matters. So the question is, is privacy important for marketers and small business owners? But online privacy goes beyond your ability or willingness to share your clients’ information. Real privacy is also about protecting that information from all sources. That’s the deepest level of privacy protection.

FTC Releases Statement About Facebook Privacy #DeleteFacebook

Bill Hartzer

The United States Federal Trade Commission has issued a statement about recent privacy concerns of Facebook users. Tom Pahl, Acting Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, issued a statement about Facebook’s privacy practices.

Zuckberg Outlines New Privacy Focus and Tools for Facebook's Family of Apps

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has outlined the company's new focus on privacy tools in alignment with the shift towards messaging

[DATA] Teens, Privacy and Social Media


The latest research is out from Pew Internet Research on teens and their use of social media. See the full report here ; and of particular interest is some insights gleaned from their focus group interviews. ——————– ( photo credit ). Useful Data

How To Protect The Privacy of One’s Mobile Device

The Realtime Report

How to Protect the Privacy of One’s Mobile Device. However, not many people realize that mobile devices have even more data privacy concerns than computers,” said Ruby Gonzalez, Communications Director of NordVPN.

Is Internet Privacy Post-GDPR Merely A Theater?

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Internet privacy in the European Union set new levels with the adoption of the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation last year which commanded new levels of consent for internet use from harmonizing data privacy laws across Europe, to protecting and empowering all EU citizens data privacy a