Reddit Launches New Holiday Guide to Assist in Campaign Planning

Social Media Today

The new guide includes a range of key insights to assist in holiday campaign planning

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Facebook Launches 'Campaign Ideas Generator' to Help Businesses with their Promotional Efforts

Social Media Today

The new resource website aims to help guide your Facebook and Instagram campaign approach via a range of tools and prompts


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8 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas for eCommerce

Social Media Today

Check out these 7 holiday marketing campaign ideas for ecommerce brands that want to drive sales this holiday season

Snapchat Launches New Ad Campaign to Maximize its Growth Momentum

Social Media Today

The new ad campaign will run in various major cities and regions

Campaign Optimization Using Non-Prioritized Facebook Events

Jon Loomer

The post Campaign Optimization Using Non-Prioritized Facebook Events appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital. One of the biggest Facebook advertiser complaints related to iOS 14 changes and Aggregated Event Measurement is the limitation to eight events per website for optimization purposes.

Snapchat Shares New Research into How AR Campaigns are Driving Conversion

Social Media Today

Snap says that, already, AR campaigns are seeing significant audience response

Snapchat Shares Top AR Campaigns of 2020

Social Media Today

Snapchat has shared an overview of some of the top AR campaigns on the platform in 2020

Pinterest Launches New Ad Campaign, Updated Ad Account Management Tools

Social Media Today

Pinterest has launched a new ad campaign to better frame its key audience and use case

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: How It Works

Jon Loomer

Back in 2017, Facebook announced campaign budget optimization. They pitched it as an “easier way to maximize campaign results.” ” The purpose of this post is to explain what campaign budget optimization is, how it helps, and how to use it.

TikTok Launches New #CreateKindness Campaign to Combat Online Bullying

Social Media Today

TikTok has launched a new campaign to encourage positivity and inclusion in the app, while also combating online bullying

Monday Roundup: Campaigns

Waxing UnLyrical

Successful campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. From building trust, to damage control, to sales, a well-executed campaign can win you more supporters, clients and bragging rights! This week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on campaigns. Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign. Why: Has your business tried implementing an SMS campaign? Lee Odden showcases the best campaigns of 2014 thus far.

Facebook Abandons Mandatory Shift to Campaign Budget Optimization for Ad Campaigns

Social Media Today

Facebook has abandoned its push which would have forced all advertisers to switch to its automated Campaign Budget Optimization process

3 Pride Campaigns We Loved in 2021


So, what makes a great social media Pride campaign? Women’s body care brand Billie launched an Instagram campaign in honor of Pride Month that featured classic fairy tales that are rewritten to be body-positive, empower women, and center the LGBTQ+ community.

TikTok Launches New 'Re:Make' Campaign to Pay Tribute to Classic Ads

Social Media Today

The campaign will showcase how brands can make best use of the platform and community for their campaigns

What Behavioral Marketing Is and How to Apply It to Your Social Media Campaigns

Webbiquity SMM

What Is A Social Media Marketing Campaign? Social media campaigns are like a boost of high-octane fuel into your marketing strategy. It’s vital to time your social media campaign right, to catch trends at the perfect time and place. Guest post by Willi Mays.

#OtterBoxCityMeets Campaign


We’re so excited that the #OtterBoxCityMeets campaign is live and, may we say, looking awesome! Here’s a little taste of what happened: And it’s not over yet… The whole campaign story is coming soon to a website near you (that’d be the Mindjumpers site in case you were wondering). #OtterBoxCityMeets. Your streets. Your inspiration. In this collaboration between Mindjumpers and OtterBox, we got together with 6 influencers from 6 different cities across Europe and the UAE.

Award winning campaign for EDC

Sherrilynne Starkie

An award winning social media campaign allowed Export Development Canada (EDC) speak to their clients on a different level. Video content anchored the campaign, and a smart social media strategy promoted to great effect. Kelly Rusk, partner and digital director at Banfield discusses the campaign and why her agency participates in industry awards programs like the IABC Gold Quills. The post Award winning campaign for EDC appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie.

Top 5 PR Campaigns of 2019

Meltwater - PR

As PR pros look back on 2019, there’s a lot to study—but which brands stood out with their public relations campaigns, making a big splash both on social and in… Read More >>>.

Twitter Makes Frequency Capping Available for All Ad Campaign Types

Social Media Today

Twitter has added frequency capping to all ad campaigns, providing more control options for maketers

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Hashtag Tracking: How to Get a Detailed Analysis of Your Social Media Campaign

Webbiquity SMM

While campaign design is the flashy front end of the process, it has be supported by strong back-end measurement of the impact in order to be optimized. It’s also possible to track them, and doing so can help you find out how well your campaign has performed. Guest post by Shane Barker.

How Coca-Cola rules Christmas marketing: campaigns analysis


In this article, I analyze four years of Coca-Cola's Christmas marketing campaigns and attempt to figure out what makes them so successful and what marketers can learn from them

SMM pre-campaign around the Oscars 2021


The Academy Awards global pre-campaign started with surprises this time. Producers had to spark people’s interest in the event during the crisis of attention and the pandemic restrictions. Did they do it? In this article, you will find a detailed social media study around the Oscars 2021

Facebook Shares New Tips on Building Brand While Driving Direct Response Through Ad Campaigns

Social Media Today

Facebook has shared the results of a new study which highlights key considerations of building your brand while also driving direct response to campaigns

8 of This Year’s Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Strategies Summit

With the increased spending and pressure to make the 4th quarter count, consumers are inundated with social campaigns, ads, special offers, and email messaging. At their worst, these campaigns often fall into the noise without having much of an impact. Holiday Campaigns

LinkedIn Provides New Worksheets to Help Map Out Your On-Platform Ad Campaigns

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has published a new guide to help map out your LinkedIn ad campaigns

7 Brands With a Killer Social Media Campaign


Looking for social media campaign ideas to take your marketing strategy to the next level? More than ever, brands are setting themselves apart on social media with creative campaigns — and seeing big results. 1: Knix’s Community-building Campaign.

How To Make An Email Marketing Campaign Successful

The Realtime Report

Email Marketing Campaign. For such a campaign to achieve the best results, though, you need to employ the right tactics. It’s hard to pull off an effective email marketing campaign if you don’t have anyone to email. How To Make An. Successful.

Facebook Shares New Research into the Comparative Performance of Brand vs Direct Response Campaigns

Social Media Today

Facebook has published a new report which takes a look at the comparative sales performance of brand-building and direct response campaigns

LinkedIn Launches 'Do Business Where Business is Done' Campaign to Highlight Relevant Content

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has launched a new campaign to highlight the value of professional interactions on the platform

Twitter Outlines its Olympic Tie-In Tools, Provides Tips for Brand Campaigns

Social Media Today

The Games will kick-off this week, and could significantly disrupt the media cycle

TikTok Launches #CreativityForGood Campaign to Highlight Creators and Causes on the Platform

Social Media Today

TikTok has launched a new campaign to showcase how its platform can be used to promote charity causes

Snapchat Launches New Campaign to Highlight its Potential for Businesses

Social Media Today

Snapchat has launched its first-ever B2B marketing campaign, highlighting the promotional potential of the platform

B2B 131

How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Next Campaign


From monitoring relevant hashtags to searching for influencers who are already fans of your brand — finding the right influencers can help you level-up a campaign, build brand awareness, and reach new engaged audiences.

Snapchat Launches New Holiday Season Guide and Resource Hub to Assist with Campaign Planning

Social Media Today

Snapchat has published a new holiday resource guide for marketers to help you get started early on your campaigns

Three Must-Haves for a Successful Conversion Campaign

Ignite Social Media

We’ve run this campaign for several clients, one campaign for a fashion retailer saw a 51% increase in impressions and a 76% increase in online revenue! Another noteworthy campaign was for the 2018 Welcome to the Water campaign for Discover Boating. The primary purpose of the campaign was to drive referrals to boat manufacturers. So, what was the secret sauce for these campaigns: The campaign set-up — everything must start with a strong foundation.

Facebook Launches New, SMB-Focused Ad Campaign to Counter Apple's Coming IDFA Change

Social Media Today

Facebook has launched a new campaign to encourage people not to limit in-app data tracking

Apple 144

Google Announces New Advertiser Insights, 'Performance Max' Automated Campaigns

Social Media Today

Google is launching new insights tools for advertisers to highlight key trends and market shifts, while it's also rolling out new automated campaign options

How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Marketing Campaign (+ Free Checklist!)


The holiday marketing season is just around the corner, so if you haven’t started to plan your campaign yet, now is the time to get started! To help you stay organized this year, we created a holiday marketing campaign checklist (and a free downloadable worksheet!)

Pinterest Launches New Ad Campaign Highlighting the Platform's Expanded Discovery Opportunities

Social Media Today

Pinterest has launched a new promotional campaign which highlights how people connect with related interests in the app

How My Evergreen Facebook Campaign Works

Jon Loomer

How do you keep a campaign fresh? You can do this with an evergreen Facebook campaign. An evergreen Facebook campaign can utilize one ad or dozens of ads. First, a little refresher… What Are Evergreen Facebook Campaigns? Your campaign works great for a few days. Evergreen Facebook campaigns are effective because, while they might run for months at a time, you can limit how long each user is shown ads within it. My Evergreen Campaign: Durations.

5 of the Best Alternative Black Friday Campaigns


Alternative Black Friday campaigns are a great way to set your brand apart on social media. With a growing awareness of consumerism and its environmental impact, brands need to get creative with their Black Friday campaign ideas. The Shift in Black Friday Campaigns.

Top Social Media Campaigns in 2013

The Realtime Report

What were the best social media campaigns in 2013? Here are the top campaigns we published (based on traffic) this past year – and then one more for good luck. Orabrush for Dogs: Orapup’s Viral Video Gets 4 Million Views : Already highly successful with viral videos for their human product, Orabrush responded to consumer demand with a product for pooches, naturally accompanied by its own viral video campaign. What were your favorite social media campaigns in 2013?

Top Social Media Campaigns of 2019


The holidays are here and you know what that means—we're ranking our top social media campaigns of 2019. We know just how important social media is to your brand's overall marketing… Read More >>>. Social Social Media Trendspotting