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Do Not Use URL Equals for Meta Events and Audiences

Jon Loomer

In each case, the problem was caused by using “URL equals” when setting up events. The solution is simple: Use “URL contains” instead. And then I’ll explain why “URL equals” is causing problems and the best practices for using “URL contains.”

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How to Use URL Parameters for Facebook Ads Tracking

Jon Loomer

One tool available is URL parameters. While the use of URL parameters shouldn’t replace your Ads Manager reporting, they can provide a backup related to the traffic sent to your website from an ad (or even organically from your page or some other source). Let’s go… What Are URL Parameters? Ad Name: {{}}.

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Example: Use URL Parameters to Verify Facebook Ads Results

Jon Loomer

One approach is using URL parameters. I wrote a tutorial previously about using Dynamic URL Parameters with your Facebook ads for this purpose. First, let’s take a quick step back to detail what URL parameters are and why this is necessary. URL parameters add information to the end of a URL. Background.

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The 8 best URL shorteners for engagement and tracking in 2022

Sprout Social

Since the beginning of the World Wide Web, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) have been one of the primary methods for jumping from one webpage to another. Unfortunately, URLs become long and complex as subdomains, subdirectories and tracking codes are added. As social media grew in popularity, lengthy URLs began to present a problem.

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How to Edit the Facebook Ad Destination URL by Placement

Jon Loomer

There are reasons you may want to edit your Facebook ad destination URL by placement. Let’s walk through those steps so that you can run different URLs by placement, too. Create a URL with UTM Parameters. An easy way to do this is to use the Google URL builder. Facebook URL Builder. Edit URL by Placement.

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12 of the Best Link Shorteners That Aren’t the Google URL Shortener


But if you’re a URL, shorter is better, pretty much every time. That’s why URL shorteners are such handy tools. And unlike a certain kitchen cupboard, URL shorteners are in reach of anyone with an internet browser—social media managers, regular everyday Facebook moms, small business owners, and TikTok tweens of all heights.

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Google Launches New Domain Extension For More Unique URLs

Social Media Today

It could be an interesting way to drive more interest.

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