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Understanding the Inverse Cup and Handle Pattern


Technical analysis of chart patterns is a core technique used by options traders to identify trading opportunities. The inverse cup and handle pattern is an important formation that signals potential bullish continuation or reversal moves in a stock. What is the Inverse Cup and Handle Pattern?

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How Women Can Create Healthy Thinking Patterns to Reduce Stress

For Real Social Workers

Problems occur when we develop patterns that promote stinking thinking. These are irrational thought patterns that are based on biased perspectives. Dr. Burns work focuses on identifying and replacing distorted patterns of thinking with fact-based cognitions. This is when we connect two as if one caused the other.


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Creativity and Seeing Patterns


Applying creativity helps builds a unique and sustainable business, one whose products and services people will be eager to buy. Being creative is also a great way to reimagine the world in a way that you can create content about, deliver talks on, or build a consulting practice around.

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Uber’s Stock May Drop 15% After Forming A Bearish Technical Pattern

Forbes Social Media

Uber's stock may drop by as much as 15% after forming a bearish technical pattern known as a double top.

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Pinterest Launches 'Hair Pattern Search' Option to Boost Inclusion and Utility in the App

Social Media Today

The new process will enable users to find hairstye Pin matches based on their specific hair type.

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Global Social Media Usage Patterns

Net-Savvy Executive

So when somebody takes a good look at social media patterns beyond the US, I'm usually interested. I've been interested in things international a lot longer than I've been blogging international topics (just look up careers in international affairs ). Global view.

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How to Market in a Crisis: Finding Patterns in Travel Influencers’ Content


From the surface, being a travel influencer (literally) looks like the best job in the world. After all, they get to see incredible sights and stay in luxurious hotels and take eye-catching photos of their experiences.