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Thoughts on Poken & Off-line Social Networking

The Marketing Blog

Fast forward to 20 September 2010 i.e. today where I just finished reading Kapil Ohri’s latest write-up on which talks about Poken – a USB enabled pen drive type social business card device. The device allows users to exchange their contact details and social networking profile within a few seconds.

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10 Ways to Use Social Networks for B2B Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

Social networks are essential for expanding your web presence —not only for creating social signals now a key component in search engine rankings, which makes your website and blog easier to find in search, but also by giving you more places to be found online. This also applies to other professional / social networks (e.g.


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The Serious Goings-On Behind The Social Networking Scene

Waxing UnLyrical

I saw consistency in quality of character and communication across multiple social channels. Because of it, I felt reassurred that the Smart Professional would fall within the same patterns in real life. The Serious Goings-On Behind The Social Networking Scene. Don’t mistake consistency with routine.

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Capture, Categorize, Create: A System for Capturing Your Ideas and Using Them To Create Content

Buffer Social

At the same time, I kept an ongoing Apple Note with different ideas I had for social posts, and I would sometimes start a post directly on a social network and then save it as a draft. Social Network: Finally, you'll want to categorize each idea by the social network where you plan to share it.

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Global Social Media Usage Patterns

Net-Savvy Executive

So when somebody takes a good look at social media patterns beyond the US, I'm usually interested. Vincenzo Cosenza's world map of social networks (shown above) gives a different kind of high-level summary. Global Publics Embrace Social Networking , Pew Global Attitudes Project (Dec 2010). Global view.

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How Social Media and Smart Devices Impact Consumers’ Buying Decisions [Infographic]


This brilliant infographic by Symphony Teleca entitled “The Meaning of Like”, illustrates how mobile devices and real-time access to review sites and social networks impact consumers’ buying decisions and overall retail experience. Social networks influence buying behavior. Transform the retail experience.

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Content Sharing: How, When, Where and Why [infographic]


In order to understand when people share content on the web, when do they click on content, the sharing pattern, the bookmarking and sharing service AddThis have on the occasion of their fifth birthday examined this. Content Sharing Pattern on Social Media [Study].

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