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Pinterest Expands Self-Help Exercises to Nine New Regions

Social Media Today

Pinterest is giving more users access to its mental health and wellbeing exercises, with the tools now being made available in nine new regions.

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How to: Find your Passion with 5 Creativity-boosting Exercises

Koka Sexton

“Man is only great when he acts from passion.” – Benjamin Disraeli (19th century British Prime Minister) As an entrepreneur, The post How to: Find your Passion with 5 Creativity-boosting Exercises appeared first on Koka Sexton.


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Dr. Joel Bennett and the Quest for Presence

Janet Fouts

Since then, we’ve become friends, and his five-book collection, Quest for Presence offers a deep look at our own relationship with time and uses philosophy, poetry, science and exercises to better understand this relationship with time and with ourselves. Have a listen to my chat with Joel on the Mindful Social podcast!

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Pinterest Update Wellbeing Exercises, Announces Safety Improvements on Mental Health Day

Social Media Today

Pinterest has provided an update on its efforts to help users struggling with mental health issues.

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Social Media Exercise: Hoyts Cinema

Laurel Papworth

An exercise for social media students and practitioners – what do you do when someone goes on a Twant (Twitter rant)? I chose Hoyts for this exercise cos I believed and had experienced every word (the rant came first, post second). Use the diagram covered in 8 ways to deal with negative comments as background.

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#452: Earth To Amy: How To Stay Grounded When You’re Wearing A Million Hats

Amy Porterfield

If you’re overwhelmed in your business – you’re not alone, these exercises can help. I absolutely love being an entrepreneur. I love the variety, the challenge of it, the people I get to learn from, and most importantly, the people I have the honor of teaching. I’m also incredibly grateful for the fact that I […].

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Time Management Tips for Adults Going Back to College

The Realtime Report

Dedicate specific hours to attend classes, study, engage in personal hobbies, exercise, and spend time with loved ones. Incorporate regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and adequate sleep into your routine, as these factors contribute to your overall well-being and help combat stress.

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