Pinterest Expands Self-Help Exercises to Nine New Regions

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Pinterest is giving more users access to its mental health and wellbeing exercises, with the tools now being made available in nine new regions

Pinterest Update Wellbeing Exercises, Announces Safety Improvements on Mental Health Day

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Pinterest has provided an update on its efforts to help users struggling with mental health issues

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Social Media Exercise: Hoyts Cinema

Laurel Papworth

An exercise for social media students and practitioners – what do you do when someone goes on a Twant (Twitter rant)? I chose Hoyts for this exercise cos I believed and had experienced every word (the rant came first, post second). Online Communities public relations social media Social Media Exercise social networks Twitter hoyts negative comments social media exercise

How to: Find your Passion with 5 Creativity-boosting Exercises

Koka Sexton

“Man is only great when he acts from passion.” – Benjamin Disraeli (19th century British Prime Minister) As an entrepreneur, The post How to: Find your Passion with 5 Creativity-boosting Exercises appeared first on Koka Sexton. Social Selling Strategies

How to: Find your Passion with 5 Creativity-boosting Exercises

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“Man is only great when he acts from passion.” – Benjamin Disraeli (19th century British Prime Minister) As an entrepreneur, finding your passion is key to a successful business. So how do you find your passion…try these 5 creativity boosting… Continue Reading → Sales skills

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Exercising with Cats


Exercise with Cats. Exercise with Cats. You''re reading Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Exercising with Cats , originally posted on Kikolani and copyrighted by Kristi Hines, freelance writer and professional blogger. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup.

Brain exercise

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The keyword here is exercise. Just the way you need to do exercise to maintain and enhance your body, similarly, for the brain you need brain exercise. What is brain exercise? You need lots of skill to get your writing to a higher level. This is feasible. Yes very much possible. So, how does one do this? Simply put it is a constant effort to keep your brain active and ‘in shape’. What this means is that the cells in the brain need to have a good interchange of fluids.

12 Essential SEO Exercises New Website Owners Need to Implement [Infographic]

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Looking to maximize your SEO efforts? Check out these tips to cover off on all your opportunities

A Simple Exercise to Help You Write Effective Sales Copy


and you’re stuck on how to write things that will encourage people to purchase, then you might want to give this exercise a try. This exercise could also be useful in a whole heap of other places. The post A Simple Exercise to Help You Write Effective Sales Copy appeared first on ProBlogger. and you’re stuck on how to write things that will encourage people to purchase, then you might want to give this exercise a try.

Empathy and Marketing: How to Turn Your B2B Prospects Into People

Webbiquity SMM

As you utilize the empathy map exercise and brainstorm with your team, possibly a few times, you will gain deeper insights into your customers and the way you can provide them with better service. Social Media Marketing b2b marketing Brooke Cade customer service empathy map exerciseGuest post by Brooke Cade. Social media has changed the way we interact with each other. Not only on a personal level, but also of course in business.

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Frustrated by Blogger’s Block? Try this Exercise!


I’d love to see links below to the posts you write after doing this exercise! Try this Exercise! Feeling frustrated today about a lack of ideas to write about on your blog? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s another technique that I use to overcome it. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post here on ProBlogger that gave a tip for fighting blogger’s block.

3 Do-at-Your-Desk Exercises to Avoid Becoming Chair Shaped


The good news is, you can prevent these unwanted changes from becoming permanent by taking a couple minutes a day to perform these simple exercises. Check out this video of the exercise so you can see how it’s done. It’s also the most important exercise on this list if you spend more time googling and blogging than you do standing upright. Some of these exercises will give the overworked blogger immediate relief.

How I Was Inspired by a “First-time Voter”

Waxing UnLyrical

I figured there wouldn’t be much of a crowd (it was just past noon), I’d exercise my franchise, and know I’d done all I could to get my candidate in the door at 1600 Pennsylvania, NW. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn How I Was Inspired by a “First-time Voter” Career Development exercising your franchise presidential election taking action votingYou may remember that we have this thing called the U.S.

A Powerful Exercise inside Google Analytics to Set You Up for a Successful Year of Blogging


Today I wanted to share with you an exercise that I do on my blogs at the end of every year that helps me to grow my blogs in the year that follows. It’s an exercise that I do over the last week of 2014 and the first week of 2015 but is also something you could spend just 10 minutes doing and still get some value from. But bear with me – the numbers are just the starting point for this exercise and not the main thing!

What Do You Want People to Say About Your Blog? A Blog Branding Exercise


Here’s a quick exercise that I’ve done recently that gave me a lot more clarity about what I’m building. When I recently did this exercise for myself (I did it for my main two blogs), it gave me a lot more clarity about the types of brands I’m attempting to build. A Blog Branding Exercise. “A brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.&# —Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder.

A Three Week Check-In

Waxing UnLyrical

For me, this means making some form of exercise a regular part of my day, whatever shape that exercise takes, getting enough rest, and eating better food… which means I have to cook more, and cook regularly. Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali A Three Week Check-In January 22nd, 2011 Tweet One of the things I wanted to do more of this year was to pay more attention to wellness.

The Top 20 Health and Fitness Social Networks

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But nevertheless, Exercise TV has a clean UI with video, blog, community, Facebook, Twitter and iphone app integration all working towards engaging the user at every touch point. One of my clients, a very large sports drink company, has indirectly nudged me into taking a look at the state of what I drink, and ea, on a daily basis. As well, it’s opened my eyes to what we all eat and drink.

Multitasking Doesn't Work. Task Stacking Might.

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Up until May of this year, it had been a long time since I had any formal exercise regiment in place. Both the lack of exercise and book reading was eating me up inside. I want to have some kind of regular exercise in my life. Daily exercise and listening/reading a book at the same time. exercise. I can't multitask. I just can't. Can you? Successfully? When I try to do two things at the same time, I often find that it's a fail.

Keep Calm And Carry On - 5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

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" It''s easy to tell someone to talk their way out of how they''re currently feeling, so I came up with an exercise for those who think it''s as simple as "calming yourself down." exercise. Are you feeling a little stressed? Anxious? Having a panic attack here and there? We all deal with stress and anxiety in a multitude of ways. People will often comment on how calm and collected I seem.

The George Costanza Approach To Getting Things Done

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It could come in the form of productivity tips, New Year''s Resolutions, self-help books, perspectives on diet and exercise and beyond. exercise. Do the opposite. Do you remember that Seinfeld episode when George Costanza decided to do everything the opposite of what he had done to date? Watch this: Do the opposite.

The Deception Of Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk

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I didn't have an appetite for exercise and I didn't have an appetite to give up on my appetite. On top of that I needed to exercise. I decided to start doing some light exercise as well. As great as I was at losing the weight, exercising and taking care of myself (I'm proud to say that, to this day, I have not put the weight back on - which is, actually, the real hard work in the process), I realized that it just wasn't my thing. exercise.

Better Ways To Get Inspired

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Wake up an hour earlier to stretch, exercise or journal. exercise. artandcopy austinkleon classicalmusic coffee documentary drawing exercise headspace helveticadocumentary inspiration inspired jazz journal journaling madmagazine music notebook photography psfk sethgodin skillshare stretch thetragicallyhip tompeters walk woodstock writing youtubeNeed some inspiration? Try this. Read old copies of MAD Magazine (from the late seventies and eighties, preferably).

Stop Sharing. Start Listening (To Yourself)

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So, how do they deliver a message like this in a world where's we're not only obsessed with those smartphones in our pockets, but we're also training with these devices (and others) to track, share and optimize our exercise? Can we exercise without the technology? exercise. There's a new trend taking shape: listen and think. Maybe it's not so much a "new trend," as it is a reboot of something well-worn and well-known.

How to Use Free Online Tools to Write Better Content

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Here's an exercise using two free online tools that will transform any piece of writing in minutes On a mission to create better content?

BDC’s cultural transformation

Sherrilynne Starkie

“A cultural transformation is frightening for most people, so the rebranding exercise that we undertook was a way to help our people to understand what we wanted to stand for in the marketplace and how we could act differently, take bolder steps, be out there. BDC , Canada’s only bank devoted to entrepreneurs, undertook a nine-month rebranding exercise which changed people’s perceptions, both internal and external.

Quarantine Fatigue? Yes. It’s a thing.

Janet Fouts

Please let me know if the 3 Breaths exercise was helpful. If you would like to explore more mindful exercises and articles, I invite you to join the Nearly Mindful Facebook Group!

How To Combat Anxiety In The Workplace

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Learn to combat your anxiety through prioritizing your tasks, unplugging, talking through your feelings and breathing exercises Anxiety in the workplace can hinder on productivity, creativity and performance.

Get In Shape With These Home Workout Apps


Curated by some of the best health experts and athletes, you will be able to start from the basics and gradually move to the more advanced exercises. With best home workout apps no matter what device you have (iOS or Android) or no matter what muscle group you want to target, you will be able to exercise just as you would in a gym. The routines and exercises in this free workout app are curated by experts, so you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Peloton Tweeted Real-Time Updates About A Service Outage. It’s Almost Enough To Make You Forget About That Weird Peloton Wife Commercial

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Owners of the popular exercise bike and treadmill, and users of the standalone app, were not able to access the live feeds or access the on-demand classes

Your Selfies Tell A Story, Prepare To Get Creeped Out


Places you’ve gone, things you’ve eaten, exercise routines you’ve started, ballgames, concerts, movies, vacations, on, and on, and on. Think about all the photos you take in a week, in a month, how about the last six months. Think about all of those pictures, not just of you, but of your friends. Now think. Blog brand Facebook Firebelly Instagram Marketing selfie Social Media Twitter

7 Quick Reads to Help B2B Marketers Stay Sharp at Work


Top athletes must exercise on a regular basis to maintain peak physical fitness and win competitions. Award-winning musicians and actors are constantly rehearsing their craft to ensure their performances make audiences cheer, laugh, and sometimes cry. Yet even for elite performers, practice alone doesn’t make perfect. High-performing professionals in every industry learn from recognized thought … Content Marketing Marketing Tips

Why are more companies seeking group leadership coaching? Because it works!

Janet Fouts

We might do any number of exercises such as “just like me”, active listening practices, or group exercises where people self-identify with various topics (dog lover, cat lover, runner, was adopted, was bullied as a child, bullied others as a child, etc, etc). Movement exercises can be quite revealing as well. These exercises are successful because they take us out of our usual rut in the office.

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Parkinson’s Foundation Pivots To #VirtualMovingDay Walk May 9

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Saturday’s Parkinson's Foundation virtual walk will feature exercise demos, messages from the Foundation’s staff and partners, and personal stories to help continue the organization's fundraising efforts. CMO Network /cmo-network Leadership /leadership CMO Network /cmo-network Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media leadership

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #326

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There is - no doubt - a direct correlation between exercise and the creative process. exercise. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

Motives behind Lance Armstrong’s confession

Sherrilynne Starkie

None received the expected reputational boost from the exercise. Perhaps the confession was supposed to be the first step in a reputation rebuilding exercise in the hopes that someday people will forgive him and that his long-term legacy will not be one of disgrace. More likely the object of the exercise was to set the scene that will open new and lucrative business opportunities for Lance.

Your One Thing

Waxing UnLyrical

A simple exercise. Exercise = work. The best exercises are, I think, simple. The thing is, the best exercise in the WORLD is not going to make a darn difference if you don’t actually do it. Thank you to all our veterans, every day, but especially today. You are remarkable. The 2016 presidential election is over. Some of us are ecstatic, some of us are distraught.

The Future Of Work Is Wide Open

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This future is not theoretical or an imagination exercise but the beginning of reality, we shouldn't discuss it in a vacuum as an intellectual work-out but in a results-driven, every day sleeves-rolled mindset and see it for the holistic chance for First Principles design that it can be

One Fifth Of Society Suffer From “Eco Anxiety”

The Realtime Report

But just because you don’t have gym equipment in your home doesn’t mean you can’t keep fit and exercise regularly. Whether it’s doing pull-ups, lunges or cardio exercises, many studies have linked exercises such as this to positive effects on your mental health. It demonstrates the importance of maintaining an exercise routine, even if you are in isolation. One Fifth Of Society Suffer From “Eco Anxiety”.

Post-Holiday Fitness Series: Workout Plan

Justin Levy

These are the exercises, foods, supplements, vitamins and music that work best for me to achieve my current goals. I’m not able to do exercises such as squats, leg extensions or other movements that put extreme stress on my knee. In fact for several years I didn’t do leg exercises at all because of the pain it would cause me. You may choose to break out legs into a single day and add several more exercises to your plan. Exercise Ball Leg Tuck : 3 x 25.

Senior Care and Metabolic Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment

They are early warning signals that you need to make some changes to your lifestyle, such as changing what you eat, exercising more, cutting out smoking and losing weight. Regular physical activity : Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, such as brisk walking.

#296: How To Set Boundaries And Create Massive Personal And Professional Success This Year

Amy Porterfield

It's crucial that we put boundaries in place for ourselves, to have offline time, exercise and sleep, time with loved ones and friends and family that's not tethered to a screen. “Machines are built to work 24/7, but not human beings. That's how we can start to get into the dance between being effective and […]. The post #296: How To Set Boundaries And Create Massive Personal And Professional Success This Year appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert.

Which 9 Businesses Are Thriving During The Pandemic?

The Realtime Report

A lot of people have probably had their normal exercise and activity levels switched up, and paired with an increased amount of stocked-up snacks around that could mean they need to adopt an at-home exercise program stat. Which 9 Businesses Are Thriving. During The Pandemic?

Tips for Mountain Climbing Preparation

A good place to start with bodyweight training is with a variety of basic exercises that work all your muscles, including your core. Any mountain climbing exercise regimen should include both aerobic and anaerobic endurance training. It can be helpful to do some serious long distance exercise where you have to push through the tough times. Are you planning to take on a mountain in the near future? If so, it is a good idea to get yourself in shape for the adventure.

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