PR vs. Journalism: Why Rivalry Hurts Both

Waxing UnLyrical

For as long as journalism and public relations have existed, there’s been rivalry between them. PR vs. Journalism: Why Rivalry Hurts Both. Communication Guest Posts Matt LaCasse Media Public Relations fighting journalism rivalry working together

Become Healthier By Keeping a Food Journal

Justin Levy

Start a food journal. And if you decide to not change what you’re going to consume, you can easily send that photo to Evernote or any one of a dozen food/diet/health apps which will help you to keep a digital food journal. Question: Have you kept a food journal before?

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Social Media Platform MeWe To Add Journals To Premium Features

Forbes Social Media

MeWe, the social media platform that calls itself the “Anti-Facebook” will add a new “Journals” function to rival the “Stories” found on Instagram, Snapchat and other apps.

Social media and journalism: how to effectively reach the public

Sprout Social

Social media and journalism are one and the same these days. 9 best practices of social media and journalism. So much of social media and journalism boils down to looking the part. Social media and journalism are about more than just dropping links to articles.

Increase Productivity with a Bullet Journal

Cody Ward

Then I discovered the Bullet Journal a few months ago and it completely changed how I take notes. It works with any notebook but they do sell an official Bullet Journal for $20. The post Increase Productivity with a Bullet Journal appeared first on Puzzle Marketer.

Journalism Is Not Content Marketing

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I didn't consider that "true" journalism. I always held journalism to a higher standard. The power of journalism has shifted. What's going on with journalism today? Journalism is here to act as a bridge between government/corporations and the citizens of a society.

Facebook May Add a Separate News Tab to Promote 'High Quality, Trusted' Journalism

Social Media Today

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is looking at new ways to ensure accurate information is shared on Facebook, which may include a new, separate news tab

How to Write a News Release in the Modern Age of Journalism


The past decade has brought many changes to the journalistic scene. Among other things, this… Read More.

The New Journalism

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This is an amazing story (and you can watch the video that started it all below), but it's also another shot against the bow of traditional journalism as we've known it to date. The new journalism (and the new Marketing) is about having a nose for news. The new journalism (and the new Marketing) won't be a as heavily reliable on the traditional media channels, because now we have other ways to get stories to spread and reach critical mass. This is the new journalism.

Convergence of Marketing and Journalism is a Recipe for Better Content

Convince & Convert

In this week’s Baer Facts, Kyle Lacy from ExactTarget and I talk about a recent blog post by social business smartie David Armano that illustrates an emerging marketing team structure that includes journalism/editorial guidance.

How Journalism School Taught Me To Be a Better Blogger


I went to journalism school, which just might make me a “better” blogger. What else did I learn in journalism school? So there’s a bit of what I learned in journalism school. Here’s why I think so.

Journalism and Wikipedia – Wanky Balls

Laurel Papworth

Journalism and Wikipedia – Wanky Balls is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy. Technorati Tags: big chill , humor , journalism , Online Communities , social media , social networks , the independent , wanky balls , Wikipedia.

Digital Journalism and PR

Proactive Report

It’s hard, but we have to figure it out and learn how to produce better journalism.”. Online PR digital journalismJim Brady on the Changes in News Consumption. Ten years ago the Internet was in its infancy and most people read newspaper and watched TV news. We were all accustomed to a 24-hour news cycle. Newsrooms are still under financial pressure as they see their circulations dwindle and ad revenues go up in smoke.

M-Journal Subverts Academia By Morphing Wikipedia Into A Reliable Source

Forbes Social Media

M-Journal is a new project from MSCHF Internet Studios that seeks to subvert Academia by turning Wikipedia into something that resembles something that could be cited in a research paper.

The Future of Journalism and PR

Proactive Report

Two events held recently focused on the future of journalism and the education of journalists: The second World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC2) in South Africa and Journalism as News Providers: Challenges and Opportunities held in Denver.

The Sherrod Case & Why Citizen Journalism Sucks


If you haven't followed the story, USDA official Shirley Sherrod was fired after Fox News* blogger Andrew (not so) Breitbart, in an attempt to make Sherrod appear to be a racist, posted, out of context, a portion of Sherrod's remarks made at a meeting of the NAACP. In defense of Sherrod, the

Citizen Journalism: Who is a Journalist Today?

Proactive Report

Citizen journalism doesn’t only apply to major political events or disasters. Citizen journalism is one of the hottest buzzwords in the news business right now. Many newsrooms are implementing some sort of citizen-journalism initiative.

Great journalism – impartial but not neutral?

The Way of the Web

It’s sad in some ways that a lot of great writing and journalism has been inspired by tragedy and loss, but at the same time, it often allows some good to come out of the events by providing insight and inspiration. Three articles I’ve read recently reinforced that, along with also highlighting an interesting point from a book I’m currently reading on media ethics which states that journalism should be impartial but not neutral. Journalism: Impartial not Neutral.

The impact of social media on journalism and PR

Social Email Marketing

Tags: Research Social & PR crowdsourcing group blogs Holger Schmidt influencers journalism 2.0

Top Journalism Techniques for Smart Bloggers


Go ahead, pick up the New York Times , Wall Street Journal , or the USA Today. Top Journalism Techniques for Smart Bloggers. This guest post is by Matthew Brennan of

Will A Brands Next Big Move Be A Journalism Department?

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Flipping from content marketing to journalism. I was thinking about citizen journalism. Maybe the reason this Blog has some level of success is because it's more like journalism than it is about what Twist Image offers and sells (I prefer to write relevant articles about this industry). Is the world ready for real Brand Journalism? brand journalism. citizen journalism. journalism. journalism department.

Media140 Sydney: Social Media Twitter & Journalism

Laurel Papworth

Somehow she never got around to addressing what the event was actually about SOCIAL MEDIA and traditional journalism. Media140 Sydney: Social Media Twitter & Journalism is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy.

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

Buzz Marketing for Technology

MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. Blogs are online journals organized chronologically. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching , 3. (3), Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges , 109-116. Search JOLT. 4, No. 2, June 2008. Wikis as a Tool for Collaborative Course Management. Mark Frydenberg. Senior Lecturer and Software Specialist. Computer Information Systems Department. Bentley College. Waltham , MA , USA. Abstract.

Journalism And The New Media With Jay Rosen

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My professional career started off in Journalism (this was prior to becoming both a Publisher and Marketer), so yes, I have a soft spot for all things Journalism. There's also an important link between Journalism and Marketing. There are few who are looking at Journalism and the New Media with a sharper eye than Jay Rosen. Rosen teaches journalism at New York University , where he has been on the faculty since 1986. journalism.

Forget Facebook and MySpace – Wall Street Journal Shares Your Information Too

Stay N' Alive

It seems like every other day Wall Street Journal is talking about some other Social Networking site that is revealing all your information to 3rd party advertisers. Tags: Facebook MySpace Technology social Personally identifiable information privacy policy Social network service Wall Street Journal zynga First they talked about Facebook and the fact that their apps like Zynga’s Farmville are revealing personal data about users to advertisers.

To-Learn List " Learning Journal

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Learning Journal. Thoughts on Learning in Organizations. About me. Learning Environment Design. Categories. Uncategorized. Archives. June 2008. May 2008. April 2008. March 2008. January 2008. December 2007. September 2007. August 2007. Blogroll. Links. Kapp Notes. Learning Matters. ADDIE. assessment. constructivism. design. development. evaluation. implementation. informal_learning. learning_environment. learning_suite. Objectives. performance. reflection. RSS Feeds.

When Journalism and Blogging Collide: 7 Reporters’ Tactics to Make You a Better Blogger


Journalism appears to be a dirty word in 2014. None of this means journalism skills aren’t a great way to separate your blog from the competition. When Journalism and Blogging Collide: 7 Reporters’ Tactics to Make You a Better Blogger.

Journal Writing: A Prescription for Good Health

Social Media Network Marketing

But did you know that keeping a journal might aid in your recovery? There's also some evidence that healthy people who keep journals report a greater well-being and fewer medical problems. When your body is sick or injured, you probably seek medical attention and follow a regimen of prescriptions, bed rest, and even physical therapy. The reason is very clear. All that clutter in your mind is poured out. It is like de-stressing yourself.

Newspaper journalism - makings of a freelance writer

Social Media Network Marketing

You need to keep up with the people you met throughout your journalism career, whether they are fellow reporters, editors, or the woman who used to empty the rubbish bins at the end of the night. A little-known fact for you: in newspaper journalism, excellent writing isn’t the most important quality to have. In this business you have to be ready and alert.

Great journalism makes great business for The Atlantic

Sherrilynne Starkie

He was speaking at SXSWi 2014 about the business of journalism and how The Atlantic has successfully bucked the downward trend that is plaguing many traditional media publishers. The Atlantic’s success is based on what Havens calls t the ‘virtuous cycle of journalism sustainability’.

#314: Become The Most Decisive Person You Know

Amy Porterfield

Business Mindset amy porterfield become decisive business mindset decisive entrepreneur how to make a decision journal podcast solution-basedCan I let you in on a little secret? If you become a decisive entrepreneur early on in your journey, it’s going to serve you in the long run.

New Report Suggests Facebook Ignored Research Which Indicated That it Contributed to Societal Division

Social Media Today

A new report from the Wall Street Journal has suggested that Facebook failed to act on findings that it had contributed to societal division

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine Discusses Space Fandom With Me!


Marketing the Moon Public Relations Case Studies Marketing Newsjacking Brand Journalism FanocracyNASA is a rare government agency with a massive fan base!

How NASA Sold the Science and Glamour of Space Travel


Marketing the Moon Case Studies Newsjacking Brand JournalismNASA used marketing strategies to gain support for its space missions, leading up to the moment Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon on July 20, 1969 (50 years ago today). But soon after, the American people's doubts returned.

Rebekah Keat Grows Coaching Business by Marketing to Beginner Triathlete Buyer Persona


Social Media Buyer Persona Case Studies Marketing Brand Journalism Best Practices Master Newsjacking courseGosh I love when somebody takes my ideas and runs with them (pun alert) to grow their business.

Team 100

Amazing Content Marketing History: My Apollo 11 Press Kits Now Digitized


Press Release Content Marketing the Moon Media Relations Brand JournalismIt's taken me fifteen years of collecting to amass what I believe to be the most complete collection of Apollo 11 press kits in the world.

Are You Creating Marketing Assets or Just Generating Marketing Expenses?


New Rules of Marketing and PR Marketing Brand Journalism Corporate bloggingA modification in how you think of your marketing, simply changing your thinking from an expense to an asset, is a powerful reminder to build marketing that will help your business grow.

Gillette #MeToo Newsjacking Film Fails Because It Promotes Gillette Products


Newsjacking Brand Journalism Research and Analysis Marketing Case Studies Viral Marketing YouTubeSeveral days ago, Gillette , the company known for men’s shaving products, released a short (a bit less than two minutes) film titled We Believe: The Best Men Can Be.

Film 80

New Report Suggests Facebook Ignored Research Which Suggested That it Contributed to Societal Division

Social Media Today

A new report from the Wall Street Journal has suggested that Facebook failed to act on findings that it had contributed to societal division

IBM, Omega, and Hasselblad Celebrate Apollo 11 fiftieth Anniversary with Exclusive Content


Marketing the Moon Marketing Newsjacking Brand Journalism Corporate blogging FanocracyApollo 11, the first lunar landing, was fifty years ago this month. It was the most audacious adventure humans have ever accomplished and deserves celebration.

Nike Video Featuring Women And Sport In Mexico: Unstoppable Together


Buyer Persona Marketing YouTube Advertising Brand JournalismI really like the recent short film by Nike Mexico called Juntas Imparables (“Unstoppable Together”). The film showcases women overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals in a fun and humorous way.

How Creative Commons Helped Spread My Ideas To Millions Of People!


Viral Marketing Case Studies Crowdsource Newsjacking Brand Journalism Best Practices Master Newsjacking courseI'm a huge fan of Creative Commons , a nonprofit organization that makes it easy for people to both share their original work with the world and build upon the work of others.

How To Write A Free Ebook To Grow Your Business


Viral Marketing ebooks writing copywriting Brand JournalismFree ebooks with no registration required are one of the most effective forms of new marketing.

eBook 79