New B2B Targeting Options for Facebook Ads

Jon Loomer

Meta announced new B2B targeting options for your Facebook ads. Here are the definitions from Facebook… IT decision-makers: A B2B audience segment that targets ads to people who are IT decision makers based on their job titles.

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Instagram Marketing for B2B Companies: Eight Best Examples to Follow

Webbiquity SMM

The best part is that Instagram isn’t only a perfect place for consumer brands—it can work really well for B2B companies, too. Why Should B2B Companies Use Instagram Marketing? 75% of B2B buyers use social media to discover new products and services.

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5 Best Social Media Platforms for B2B Businesses

Ignite Social Media

91% of B2B marketers use social media networks to achieve top-of-the-funnel goals like reaching their target audience and driving sales. . Today, use our expertise at Ignite to help you discover the five best social media networks for your B2B marketing campaigns.? .

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Meta Launches New B2B Advertising Audiences to Help Marketers Reach Key Decision Makers

Social Media Today

The new audience segments will provide another way for B2B brands to reach key decision makers across Meta's apps

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6 B2B Marketing TikTok Examples (That Are Actually Done Right)


But surprisingly, TikTok has emerged as a powerful tool for B2B marketers. billion users by the end of 2022, the time for B2B TikTok marketing is now. The high-reach potential of TikTok is one crucial factor for B2B marketers choosing the app. B2B TikTok Marketing Best Practices.

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How to Build a B2B TikTok Strategy from Scratch!


Dani Sayag goes Behind the Post to reveal the intricacies of building a B2B TikTok strategy. Need to build a B2B TikTok strategy from scratch? Dani dives deep into the social metrics every B2B Social Media Manager should be tracking, and what social media success means to her.

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B2B Employee Advocacy Best Practices


Why Employee Advocacy Matters for B2B. It can take months for a B2B marketing team to build up a company’s presence and credibility online. Why Employee Advocacy Matters for B2B. Usually, B2B marketers choose to focus on these goals and metrics: Brand Awareness.

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Effective B2B PR Measurement is Possible, Here’s How


B2B PR measurement is definitely hard, but it is possible. Deciding what B2B PR metrics to focus on is a big part of the battle, but we heard from a number of experts that shared their tips on getting B2B PR measurement right.

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Breaking Down Social Listening for B2B: The Full Guide


There is no shortage of imperative marketing tactics that if you don’t do right now, your B2B organization will crash and burn. In this piece, we’ll break down social listening, how it’s different from social monitoring, and the benefits and ways to use social listening for your B2B brand.

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Paid Social Media for B2B: Strategies that Get Results


There are few things in a B2B marketer’s toolkit that can deliver as much ROI as paid social media marketing. If you haven’t already, you should consider joining the 72% of other B2B marketers who have experienced faster results using a paid social media marketing strategy.

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How to Succeed with B2B Facebook Ads


Though it’s still the most widely-used social network in the world , B2B marketers don’t always see it as a viable platform for generating leads. Easy, but wrong — because with the right strategy, Facebook is a viable channel for B2B marketing.

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Conversation Gained-How to Determine Influence in B2B Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

Now B2B marketing? B2B influencers? The bottom line is this: Influence is a nebulous but nevertheless, powerful “thing” in B2B social media , and you my dear marketer, need to understand how to determine it, identify who is influential within your space, and then decide what you’re going to do about it. Pro Tip #2: You don’t need any tools to do B2B social media marketing effectively.

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How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing


LinkedIn is now a powerful business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales tool. We’re highlighting 5 ways to level up your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy in this blog post: What Is LinkedIn B2B Marketing? B2B marketing does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Dad Jokes: The B2B Marketing Edition


So to honor them… We’ve gathered some of the funniest B2B Marketing Jokes from around the web and sent CEO, Daniel Kushner and Managing Director EMEA, Colin Day , into battle to tell some of the best B2B Marketing Dad Jokes around. How Does a B2B marketer make her boat go?

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Customer Marketing: The True B2B Game Changer


Many B2B businesses have nailed the lead generation and conversion parts of the sales cycle. Customer marketing is becoming a necessity in the B2B world. How to Build a Great B2B Customer Marketing Strategy. 4 B2B Customer Marketing Trends You Can Use. B2B Marketing

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B2B vs. B2C Influencer Marketing: Platforms, Practices, and Packaging

Webbiquity SMM

As co-founder and CEO of Paladin , he oversees the B2B marketing of a B2C influencer marketing tool. So who better talk to about the similarities and differences between B2C and B2B influencer marketing? The Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for B2B and B2C.

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Natalie Binns on the State of B2B Marketing


Listen to the podcast: For more straight-forward thoughts on the state of B2B marketing, check out our Radically Transparent podcast on Apple Podcasts , on Spotify , YouTube or LinkedIn. Catch the Recording: Want to hear more from leaders on B2B marketing?

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Reduce B2B Lead Generation Costs

Your Escape From 9 to 5

B2B marketers love the notion of getting more qualified leads while spending less, whether it be pay per click campaigns, email marketing or print advertising. Some sites provide a list of alternatives to Pardot side by side along with their ranking to help B2B companies make the right software purchase. This tactic is rarely mentioned when there’s a talk about reducing B2B lead generation costs.

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B2B Marketing’s Editor-in-Chief on Making Community the Secret to Success


Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief at B2B Marketing takes on community building. Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief at B2B Marketing, sits down with host Jennifer Gutman to shed a bright light on why more B2B brands are leveraging community.

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B2B PR Measurement: 14 Metrics to Measure Success


Picking the right B2B PR metrics to collect will depend on the main goals of your PR efforts. Here are some expert-recommended suggestions to consider. Audience Intelligence

10 Tips for Success with B2B Marketing on Twitter


Marketing is a critical function for a B2B organization of any size. Social media marketing has seen rapid growth, with Twitter following close behind LinkedIn as one of the top two most-used social media platforms for B2B marketers. Why Should You Use Twitter for B2B Marketing?

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How Social Media and Influencers Have Radically Changed B2B Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

Social media and influencer marketing have each significantly impacted the work of B2B marketers. But the two combined have changed B2B marketing in profound, evolving, and still not completely understood ways. B2B vs B2C: Different Influencer Marketing Worlds.

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B2B Social Media Strategy for a Post-COVID World


B2B marketing has felt these shifts as much as any other field. For B2B marketers, the big news about the pandemic-inspired social media renaissance isn’t about vibing on TikTok, but about what’s been happening on LinkedIn. B2B Marketing Social Media Marketing

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Best B2B Chatbot Examples

Ignite Social Media

Today, we examine the best B2B chatbots being used to drive business objectives. B2B Chatbot Examples. If there’s one B2B brand that’s investing in chatbots, its HubSpot. The post Best B2B Chatbot Examples appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. Social Media Strategy Social Media Tools B2B chatbots ChatbotsArtificial intelligence is all around us.

Making Sense Outta B2B Social Listening


Ever wonder why B2B social listening is considered a black hole in terms of ROI? Saif amazes us with his compendious knowledge of B2B social listening. Radically Transparent is one of Oktopost ’s popular original podcast shows on our channel, B2B Marketing Now.

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The Biggest Milestones in B2B Social Media [Infographic]

Social Media Today

A look at how social media has emerged as a key B2B marketing tool

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Marketing mistakes in working with social media in B2B


In this article, you will find the list of common B2B social media marketing mistakes that all marketers sometimes make. If your social networks are not effective, you need to analyze your recent activities carefully.

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The Top 11 Best B2B Marketing Podcasts for 2022


It’s no wonder that savvy B2B marketers are taking advantage of this popular and portable format to create value-packed audio programs. B2B podcasts are a powerful form of outbound marketing. Jump to Best B2B Podcasts. What is a B2B Podcast? The Top 11 B2B Podcasts.

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SOLUTION: Your Epic B2B Social Media Marketing Sales Guide

Sociallyin Insider Blog

Searching the internet late at night or even in the office trying to find a solution to your B2B sales problems? Social Media Marketing Social Selling Social Selling Assistant B2B B2B Marketing

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How to Measure Social Media ROI for B2B Brands


B2B Growth Marketing, Demand Generation, Field Marketing—however you badge it, it’s a numbers game. We are here to drive revenue. We are judged by results and the decisions we make about where to invest to get the highest return. The last few years have been tougher than ever.

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What is Social Selling? A Full Guide for B2B Brands


While some B2B brands are still committed to more traditional sales methods, social selling can be even more efficient. In this article, we’ll take a look at the process of social selling and how it can help B2B companies generate more leads (and ultimately more revenue).

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Top 7 Best YouTube SEO Tools for B2B Marketers


For most B2B marketers in 2021, content is changing. With that kind of lead gen, it’s no wonder that YouTube is a high priority among B2B marketers. . In this post, we’ll examine why you should be prioritizing YouTube for your B2B marketing.

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5 Ways Boring B2B Brands Can Kill It With Content

Convince & Convert

B2B brands have the challenge of engaging fans despite boring content. These illuminating examples prove that B2B can have fun with content marketing. Social Media Strategy 3M b2b marketing GE how to make b2b sexy humanize your brand ISS Social Media Marketing storytelling visual storytelling

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LinkedIn Ads VS Facebook Ads: Which is of Greater Worth for B2B?

Sociallyin Insider Blog

Paid Advertising Facebook Linkedin facebook ads B2B Marketing LinkedIn AdvertisingWhether you’re trying to determine what is most likely to bring in the most return on investment or you’re compiling a plan for the future, picking between LinkedIn ads VS Facebook ads can feel a little daunting.

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How B2B Tech Marketing on Twitter is Changing (Research)

Webbiquity SMM

Twitter and LinkedIn remain the top two social networks for B2B marketers. Twitter offers some specific capabilities (such as lists ) that make it uniquely valuable for B2B companies. That said, there are some disturbing signs developing for Twitter (and the B2B marketers who rely on the platform). Per recent research , though 77% of B2B marketers say they use Twitter to distribute content, Twitter use is down 8% since 2014.

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Top 10 Data Analysis Tools for B2B Marketing


It’s safe to say that 2020 has become the year of data-driven marketing with 83% of B2B marketers focusing more on data analytics this year. 89% of B2B marketers agreed that data quality is becoming increasingly critical for marketing and sales success. B2B Marketing

The Top 10 B2B Marketing Software Solutions


With multiple diverse platforms to target, intense competition, and jaded audiences, it’s not getting any easier out there for B2B marketers. Customer-centered content delivered in the most-relevant formats — like video, which more than 70% of B2B customers use for purchasing research.

Best Social Media Platform for B2B Marketing: Can Twitter Stay #2?

Webbiquity SMM

LinkedIn is, of course and unquestionably, the Tom Brady of social media platforms for B2B marketing. But in B2B social media as with NFL quarterbacks, the interesting battle is for second place. 4/15 #digitalmarketing #influencermarketing #b2b #contentmarketing #SEO #PPC #hashtags.

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Agile Marketing in B2B

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Agile Marketing Content Marketing Innovation Strategy agile marketing B2B Marketing ITSMA Lean Processes MEA Awards Platinum Marketing Excellence AwardAgile marketing increasingly is being recognized as a powerful key to content effectiveness. Buyer interest and trends can change in the blink of an eye, in particular as social and other media drive the news. Breaking news creates windows of opportunities, but only if marketers are quick and smart enough to take advantage of them.

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5 B2B Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs to Use

The Realtime Report

5 B2B Marketing Strategies. With business-to-business (B2B), it’s important to use the right strategies to generate leads. That said, it’s still crucial to come up with a B2B marketing plan that makes you stand apart from the competition and gets you noticed.

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