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10 Compelling B2B Influencer Marketing Statistics for 2023

The Social Media Hat

Statistics To Help Make The Case For B2B Influencer Marketing. The post 10 Compelling B2B Influencer Marketing Statistics for 2023 appeared first on The Social Media Hat.

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LinkedIn statistics marketers should know in 2023

Sprout Social

These LinkedIn Statistics will show you why it is the network for professionals, especially B2B marketers, to target motivated audiences in 2023. We will provide statistics and data from trusted sources, including the Sprout Social Index™, Social Media Trends for 2022 & Beyond. No statistics were provided for users aged 35–54.

LinkedIn 135

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74 Artificial Intelligence Statistics to Guide Your Marketing Plan


74 artificial intelligence statistics for marketers Artificial intelligence growth statistics The pace at which businesses and individuals are adopting AI has not been seen with other emerging technologies. Source: World Economic Forum Artificial intelligence usage statistics So artificial intelligence use is growing fast.

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Mocktail Industry Growth Statistics and Trends

Sociallyin Insider Blog

As the mocktail industry continues to gain momentum, it's time to explore the remarkable growth, pertinent statistics, and emerging trends that are shaping this dynamic sector.

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How Do Statistics Help in Business?

The Realtime Report

How Do Statistics Help in Business? This is exactly where statistics come into the picture. It’s time to explore how statistics can help in business. The most obvious and common way in which statistics are used by businesses is to make informed decisions. Statistics Are Used in Census Surveys that Shed Light.

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The social media video statistics marketers need to know for 2022

Sprout Social

In this article, we’ll share the latest social media video statistics from the Sprout Social Index™, Edition XVII: Accelerate and other reputable sources to help you make sense of video’s value and feel confident incorporating it into your social media strategy. Social media video marketing statistics. Facebook video statistics.

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29 Employee Advocacy Statistics for 2022


In this piece, we’ve compiled a list of compelling employee advocacy statistics that make the case for implementing your own employee advocacy program. Jump to a section: Top Employee Advocacy Statistics. Statistics on Social Selling and Thought Leadership. Statistics on Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition.