Monday Roundup: Email Metrics

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Email metrics can open your eyes to what works and what doesn’t. 5 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking (But Probably Aren’t). And while these fundamental metrics are important to note, there are actually a lot more to consider,” writes Bella Wu for HubSpot.

Social Metrics, Digital Metrics, Brand Metrics, and the Difference

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Metrics like engagement, followers, and mentions are great awareness, or social, metrics. If your sole purpose as a social marketer is to drive greater awareness of your product and/or service, then these are the metrics you should primarily focus on.

Facebook Announces More Metrics Fixes

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Facebook announced more metrics updates Friday, this time affecting estimated reach, Reactions counts on posts and a discrepancy involving its like and share buttons. Note that this tool does not reflect reach for campaigns that have already run, nor does it affect any other reach metrics.

Facebook Ad Metrics Updates: Clarification and Removal

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Facebook announced several changes to Facebook ad metrics that will impact the results advertisers see and how they see them. Let’s take a closer look… Labels on Metrics. Facebook metric among marketers, as an example for explaining estimated calculations.

Monday Roundup: Measurement and Metrics

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5 Shifts to Fix Your Social Media Metrics. Why: Social media metrics aren’t about social media, they’re about business. The always brilliant Jay Baer shares excellent tips on improving social media metrics and the reporting thereof. Happy New Year!

Monday Roundup: Best Practices for Social Media Metrics

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This week’s roundup introduces you to some best practices for social media metrics. 5 Social Media Metrics You Can Stop Tracking Yesterday. From likes to leads: The new metrics for B2B social selling. Know the Difference Between Your Data and Your Metrics.

Clickthroughs: Metric Or Miscount?

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Those are the ones who are your true actionable metrics. Therefore, it’s not a metric. Pay only for a response metric. Tracking & Analytics clickthroughs metrics qualified reach reachIt seems that most marketers are still counting clickthroughs as if that is all that matters. While clickthroughs can tell a lot about your content and your visitors, I like the idea of counting “heads that performed a specific action.&#. It’s called Qualified Reach.

One Idea For Metrics Analysis

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Have you seen that post on Moz about One Content Metric To Rule Them All ? I bet Trevor Klein is a Tolkien fan, but he also is a good communicator of the process Moz went through to combine the various metrics for their blog and create one, easily digested, almost-completely-automated scoring metric. But the most important takeaway from this very informative explanation (with a One Metric Template, no less) is the caution box he put into it after discussion in the comments.

Facebook Metrics Update

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Some important changes are taking place on Facebook around the way the site measures how popular and therefore worthy of being seen by your fans your posts are.

4 Steps to Refocus PR Measurement on Metrics that Matter: Part 1

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How do you start to soothe your panicky conscience that is having an anxiety attack over being pulled into the AVE graveyard despite its best efforts, and start to complement your meaningful work with equally meaningful metrics?

Which Instagram Metrics Really Matter?

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Instead, to care or not to care is the question when it comes to Instagram metrics. The post Which Instagram Metrics Really Matter? To be or not to be… that is not the question today. Like all social media, there are plenty of things we can choose to monitor, track, and claim as successful marketing. And, yet, we often find ourselves scrambling […]. appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

Possibly the Most Important Metric of All: Your Gut

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The good news in all this (WHAT?!) – is that my concept of metrics of “success” are dramatically different than they have been in the past, when the world was equally shitty, and I went through equally (if not more) traumatic times.

Metrics That Matter | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 040

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What are some important metrics to look at when you’re looking at your social media data? Facebook metrics are really important. Look at that referring metric and also look to see what are the top places on your website that people are clicking to and sharing the most.

Five Marketing Metrics that are Definitely NOT “Worthless”

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Online marketing activities preovide marketers with a wealth of metrics; actually, too much information. Marketers just want the competitive and multichannel metrics they need to make informed decisions, nothing more.

10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics

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When you’re wondering if your efforts were worth it later, or speculating over whether you’ve done a good job, these metrics will be there for you, answering your questions, providing proof, and cheering you on to greater altitudes. 6-10: Additional Proven Metrics.

Facebook’s (Confusing) New Video Metric | Social You Should Know

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A week after the news broke that Facebook over-reported video view lengths, they release an updated metric in which average view length can actually be longer than the video itself. Facebook Updates Video Metrics, Continues to Confuse.

5 Important Facebook Metrics and How to Improve Them

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Determining the success of your Facebook activity isn't hard—you just need to know where to look, and what your metrics are telling you. Social Media Strategy facebook marketing facebook metrics facebook strategy social media metrics social media strategy

Don’t Sell Your Brand’s Soul to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm and Vanity Metrics

Pam Moore

Mark also highlights that engagement is a key metric. Instead we look at different metrics that determine how engaged our audiences are. There is no doubt 2018 is going to be a year of massive fear, shock, change and wasted time for even the smartest business and marketing leaders.

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One Social Media Metric to Rule Them All

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Please excuse the nerdy headline—I’ve been on a real “Lord of the Rings” kick recently—but if I can borrow some of Mr. Tolkien’s flare for the dramatic, I will say that there really is one social media metric out there should be monitored more closely than the rest.

Happy 4th Birthday, #measurePR: The Queen of Metrics Returns!

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Here’s some of what we talked about: On changes in the measurement industry: @shonali #measurepr Q1: Biggest change is arrival of truly integrated metrics. Media + Google Analytics + behavior metric on one dashboard #measurepr. Do you know what Feb. 2nd was?

The Latest Facebook Performance Metrics; How Does Your Brand Compare?

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In 2017, Facebook introduces new metric: Zombie Reach” Video Content Reigns With Reach. Fan acquisition was a leading KPI up through 2014; however, as Facebook drastically cut organic reach and shifted focus on quality content and engagements it became a less important metric.

Facebook Insights Changes Its Metrics Reporting

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I think you’ll be impressed with the new metrics reports. For the longest time, I wondered just what the PTAT metric was supposed to measure. That metric has actually been split into several other measurements, all of which are much more helpful for Page admins. The new metrics categories include: Page Likes. The new Facebook Insights also shows you some benchmarks on the important metrics.

Consumptions: The Hidden Facebook Engagement Metric


There is a less obvious — but equally important — engagement metric you can’t see by looking at your Facebook page or status updates alone. Gil C / Interactions — likes, comments, shares — are only half of the engagement story on Facebook.

5 metrics to track on Twitter

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But is number of users the best metric to track? Now, as I said in an earlier blog post, you should use several different metrics to dig deeper into your audience and see what’s really happening with the content your sharing. But here are a couple of metrics to monitor your Twitter efforts how you apply these metrics will be determined by your strategic goals. Here are 5 metrics to measure on Twitter. They aren’t the only metrics and.

All of the Social Media Metrics That Matter

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Did you know that when it comes to social media metrics, there are hundreds you could be analyzing? In this post, we’re going to look at the metrics you can gather from the top social networks and which ones matter most for your business. What Are Social Media Metrics?

#SproutChat Recap: Metrics That Matter

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Without looking at metrics, there is no way to tell if a marketing campaign is working. As a marketer, uncovering which metrics correlate with your overall business goals will help you tell a complete story to your clients or stakeholders. But before you can measure your social ROI, you need find out which social metrics matter. Different Metrics for Different Platforms. A1 For me (read: all of us) metrics that matter are tied to your goals.

KPI Dashboard for Social Media Metrics

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Stay Akamai: Since our last blog post, you should have identified the goals and metrics on the Social Media Strategic Plan template. ” The WHAT: Now identify your metrics. Metrics will be the tool by which you evaluate success.

5 Instagram Metrics That Truly Measure Your Efforts

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With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest, you have plenty metrics to measure the success of your campaigns. Thankfully there are some Instagram metrics you can (and should) track to measure your efforts. What this metric tells you: How engaging is your content.

The #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 033: Metrics That Matter on Facebook

Katie Lance

Today we’re talking about metrics that matter on Facebook. Engagement, in my opinion, is one of the number one metrics to really follow when it comes to your Facebook business page. Obviously, metrics matter.

Are There More Important Metrics Than Traffic?

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So what metrics should you measure if you aren’t measuring traffic? Here are six important website metrics you should pay attention to before you concern yourself with traffic. Inbound links – The number and quality of your inbound links is another metric that is easy to measure from Day One. Page views and bounce rates – Onsite metrics are also important. Social metrics – How many likes, shares, tweets and retweets, +1s, pins, etc.

The Two Most Important Marketing Metrics Online

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When it comes to marketing online, there are plenty of “gurus” and “experts” willing to tell you what metrics to pay attention to. They’re either all SEO related or social media related, but those aren’t the most important metrics. So what are the most important metrics that determine your online ROI ? These are important metrics for telling how successful you are in presenting your brand to your visitors.

How to Develop Content Marketing Metrics & KPIs


No matter how large or small your marketing budget is, if you want to optimize… Read More.

3 Metrics More Important Than Keyword Rankings

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What metrics should you look at instead? Here are three metrics I suggest paying closer attention to: Total Reach – This includes traffic from all sources and can even be broken down into social media reach for each of your social media accounts. These are all important metrics and you measure them for different reasons. Tracking & Analytics endorsements google keywords KPI metrics reach SERPs web citations

3 Marketing Metrics for Savvy Content Marketers

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Metrics are what businesses and digital marketers around the world use to determine how effective their marketing strategy is. Measuring metrics can actually become intimidatingly complex, especially for the inexperienced digital marketer.

4 Important Snapchat Metrics Your Brand Should Be Measuring

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Fortunately, as we’ve built our Snapchat analytics tool, we’ve put together some of our findings from this year and distilled then into the four key metrics that will get you started. Make Time for Snapchat Metrics.

David Fischer Responds to Facebook Video Metrics Flap

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Suzanne Vranica and Jack Marshall of The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the social network disclosed the glitch in a post on its advertising help center several weeks ago, admitting that it only included video views of more than three seconds, which artificially inflated its data for average time watching videos, and Facebook said in a statement to the two reporters: We recently discovered an error in the way we calculate one of our video metrics.

Facebook Metrics: New Ways to Measure Ad and Page Engagement

Jon Loomer

Facebook has announced several metrics that will give marketers better insights into user engagement with their ads and page. These metrics will roll out over the coming weeks, though no specific timetable was provided. This may be the most useful addition of the new metrics.

How To Do Content Marketing Metrics Wrong

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And this brings us to the problem with content marketing right now: Volume of content is not a content marketing success metric. If you are using content volume as a metric, you are celebrating that you made hundreds of videos. Image via

The Single Most Important Social Media Marketing Metric

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We know we need to measure results in order to actually get them, but all too often we’re measuring the wrong things—especially when it comes to social media metrics. It’s easy to fall into the trap of using “vanity metrics” to measure social media marketing. The End of Vanity Metrics.

One Social Media Metric to Rule Them All

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Please excuse the nerdy headline—I’ve been on a real “Lord of the Rings” kick recently—but if I can borrow some of Mr. Tolkien’s flare for the dramatic, I will say that there really is one social media metric out there should be monitored more closely than the rest.