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The Uber Issues Cannot Be Fixed by PR

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After I finished, Rob Biesenbach and I were commiserating over the latest Uber issues. Having just read how they’re (again) acting out against women , I said I thought this was a business/operations issue, not a PR issue. And, still, I think it’s a business issue.

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Likable vs. Successful: The Issue Women Leaders Face

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When Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave a TED talk in 2010 , one of the issues she talked about—and later expounded on in her 2011 commencement speech at Barnard —was likability. The post Likable vs. Successful: The Issue Women Leaders Face appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue

Waxing UnLyrical

It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue. Ed: Did you do a double take? Yes, you get TWO guest posts this week. I’ll be back in the blogging saddle next week.

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Five Crisis Communications Tips from the Paypal Venmo Issue

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While the reason isn't a PR issue, there certainly are crisis communications tips we can take away from it. The post Five Crisis Communications Tips from the Paypal Venmo Issue appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Crisis idek issues management paypal venmo zignal labs

Legal and Ethical Issues in Marketing

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By Monique Goodyer The concept of marketing has existed since the start of time, but it recently has become an area of high contention where legal and ethical issues in marketing are dubious and ill-defined. However, consent is another ethical issues in marketing grey line.

Facebook Adds Ability for Users to Endorse Candidates, Issues Tab

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook quietly added the ability for users to endorse candidates in the 2016 presidential election , as well as issues tabs on those candidates’ pages.

Report: How Twitter Users Discuss Mental Health Issues

SocialTimes Twitter

People are becoming more vocal about mental health issues on social media, and this year, Twitter users posted 65 percent more mental-health-related resolutions than in 2015.

Facebook Business Manager: Common Issues Explained

Jon Loomer

Over time, many of its tasks were simplified, many bugs fixed, and now Facebook has created good support platforms and groups to help marketers with the issues they find. Here is a list of some of the most common issues and questions that cause users headaches when using Business Manager.

Does Your Content Suffer From Performance Issues?


In a world gone crazy over content, smart marketing people are asking a deeply existential question – what happens to my content once I set it free? The questions include: Does it arouse interest from your audience? Is it able to penetrate your target demo?

Fertility Issues and Gratitude

Geoff Livingston

Because of a prior pregnancy earlier in my life, I was certain the issue had to with my wife Caitlin, who was 39 at the time. The issues span beyond straight-forward conception. If you are a man with fertility issues, you probably don’t want to comment.

What Is Public Relations? We Have a Perception Issue

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But my point is this…until we have leaders at the very, very top in the biggest and most powerful firms and corporate senior leaders at the Fortune 500 companies who really get it – I mean really get it – we’ll always have a perception issue.

The Communication Industry Has a Perception Issue

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The communication industry has a perception issue. He thinks communication professionals have a perception issue ; that there are bad eggs in our profession, just like every other industry. Danny Brown disagrees with me. Sort of.

It’s Not Just Pinterest RE: Copyright & Legal Issues


First about the use of affiliate links, and now about copyright issues in relation to items saved (or “pinned”) by users. Because Pinterest is the hot topic of social media, it has come under a lot of scrutiny.

Instagram Scheduling Issues: All You Need to Know

The Social Media Hat

Scheduling posts to Instagram isn't like other networks. Many of the most popular scheduling tools like Hootsuite, AgoraPulse and MavSocial require you to use a mobile app to push the post out. Here's why

Six Ways to Use Social Listening in Crisis Communications Planning

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In the second of our three-part series on using data and analytics for crisis communications planning, Gini Dietrich walks you through social listening and how to build a dashboard that will help you predict future issues.

More Metrics Issues for Facebook; Instant Articles and comScore This Time

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook announced yet another metrics issue , this one involving Instant Articles and comScore. In an update to last week’s Facebook for Business post –which detailed fixes to metrics affecting estimated reach, Reactions counts on posts and a discrepancy involving its like and share buttons—the social network wrote: We’ve uncovered an issue for a small group of Instant Articles publishers that impacts reporting in comScore.

Technology Adoption Issues

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I'm sure we can all relate to this

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Penalized or Banned in Google? Don’t Issue a Press Release Like IGXE Internet Gaming Exchange

Bill Hartzer

As a result, instead of admitting that they did something wrong, they issued a press release telling others that they should not hire network marketing companies. Here is some of the text from the press release that IGXE issued today.

The Big Question: What Constitutes a Brand Apology?

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On this week's Spin Sucks Big Question, we asked, "What are your tips for an authentic and effective brand apology?" Here’s what you had to say. The post The Big Question: What Constitutes a Brand Apology? appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments These are all good–it's great advice.

The Dark Side of Social Media

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And there is a perception issue. If they don’t match your behavior with email, phone calls, and offline meetings, you could have a perception issue on your hands. Planning Social Media foursquare Hootsuite LinkedIn perception perception issues please rob me

Abandonment Issues – What To Do with Content Archipelagos

Convince & Convert

Abandonment Issues – What To Do with Content Archipelagos is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. If you viewed your content marketing operations from a 35,000 foot level, what would they look like?

Reputation Management: Eight Steps for Online Repair

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And reputation management always comes down to this: When there is a bad situation at hand, is it an issue or does it become a crisis? Reputation Management through an Issue. It should be someone who has deep and intense experience in managing an issue or crisis.

Get a Bad Review Off the First Page of Search Results

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Because of that, I have had the opportunity to help some organizations with some interesting cases of both issues and crises. They are issues that could be blown into crises if not handled well, but they can be handled.

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10 Controversial Twitter ‘How To’ Issues


Here are 10 tweeting issues that are subject to the biggest arguments: 1. 10 Controversial Twitter ‘How To’ Issues. I’ve been using Twitter for over two years. I’ve noticed a few things in that time: There’s no specific, agreed etiquette; One user’s potion is another user’s poison; Your tweeting technique WON’T be liked by everyone, no matter what you do. This causes difficulty, since there’s no standard to work from.

What You Can Learn from Honda to Prepare for a Crisis

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Communication Crisis acura recall agnes day airbag malfunction crisis management honda recall issues management media monitoring melissa agnes zignal labsHonda continues to have to recall cars with faulty airbags, which has created a crisis for them for years.

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3 Tips for Issuing a Last Minute Social Media Agency RFP

Ignite Social Media

Issue a boilerplate Request for Proposal (RFP), then head out the door to enjoy the holiday season. Finally, go ahead and issue the RFP before the holidays are upon us. It’s that time of year again.


What Motivates People to Share on Facebook? (Infographics)

SocialTimes Facebook

48 percent of respondents to the Fractl survey said they shared content to entertain their friends, while 17 percent shared to express themselves on issues they cared about. Both men and women like to share content to inform their Facebook friends about issues they feel are important.

Facebook Faces More Potential Privacy-Related Legal Issues in EU

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook continues to face pressure in the European Union over transferring data from customers there to the U.S. for processing. Fortune reported that the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland will investigate a complaint by Austrian law student Max Schrems over the practice. Facebook’s European headquarters is in Dublin. A similar court skirmish last year scuttled the Safe Harbor agreement between the U.S.

Crisis Communications: Have a Plan for Success

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Issue vs. Crisis. So the first thing we did is talk through the difference between an issue and a crisis. Most of us face issues every day…they are things that can be avoided and can be managed fairly efficiently and easily. Decide if it’s an issue or a crisis.

Employee Engagement: Prepare for Environmental Factors

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Communication Internal employee engagement environmental factors external factors external factors impact internal success how to overcome environmental issues at work how to protect against external factors

How to Succinctly Report a Blog Issue to Tech Support


You discover an issue with your site, or one of your community members emails you to tell you about it, and soon you start to see tweets about it too. So it’s important that you get the issues rectified as soon as possible, and get the show back on the road. Can you replicate the issue?

How to Manage Issues on Social Media


Sometimes you don’t have to have enemies to get issues. Spelling mistakes, incorrect facts, or unhappy customers can turn into a big issue, and worst of all a crises that can damage your company and it’s reputation. Everything is closer and goes faster in the world of social media.

We Make Our Own Fairy Dust

Waxing UnLyrical

Business Marketing Shonali Burke Women''s Issues ann bevans business development fairy dust international workers day may day sales The one thing that I’ve realized is that in business and life, there is no such thing as fairy dust. Scratch that. There is; but we make it ourselves.

How Milaap’s #HopeProject Gives New Life to Former Devadasis

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Community Building Events Shonali Burke Women''s Issues #HopeProject devadasis forced into prostitution milaap sex workers

Donald Trump’s Temperament Was Top Social Moment on Facebook, Twitter During Debate

SocialTimes Facebook

The top five issues differed somewhat on the two social networks. The five issues discussed the most on Facebook were: Taxes. Racial issues.

Twitter Needs Stronger Conversations, Not Longer Spam

Geoff Livingston

The real issue is how can Twitter break out of a slump that has the social network stymied with no growth, quarterly losses, and lackluster engagement. Links to useful information aren’t bad, but what Twitter has become as a result of the links, well, that’s another issue.

To, For, and Of Women on International Women’s Day

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But at least the day helps to call attention to notable issues surrounding women – half the world’s population. business tax issues (as a WBO myself, I can tell you this is something I think about a LOT, and it’s not fun). Happy International Women’s Day!

Research Shows Work-Life Integration Key to Defining Success

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After nine years of conducting this global research it has become a powerful tool and a way to define how companies can best address workplace and career issues. Career Guest Posts Women's Issues Accenture international womens day work life balance work-life integration

Want To Eliminate Customer Service Problems.Read On!

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You leave the office happy.then when you get in the next morning and another customer service issue is waiting for you.frustration flows through your veins, the morning disappears while you sort it.and yet again you are working in the business rather than on the business.

Facebook Vote Planner Feature Prepares Users for Election Day

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8, Election Day , as well as information on where candidates stand on issues. You can view their issue positions (information candidates have provided about their policy positions), their endorsements, recent posts and their website.