Best Discount Travel Sites


Most people love using travel sites, as these are companies that know a lot more when it comes to great deals, and they always claim to offer them the best. Key Features to look out for when using an online travel site. Best Discount Travel Sites.

BatManStream Alternatives & Similar Sites


The desire to have live streaming of your beloved sport at the click of a button is one thing that sends many to online live streaming sites. However, BatManStream is not the only live streaming site out there. There are plenty of alternatives and similar sites.

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Best Anime Streaming Sites


That said, to help you cherish your hobby, we compiled a list of best anime streaming sites to help you enjoy your favorite stories and keep up with your heroes’ adventures. AnimeFlavor Alternatives And Similar Sites. One of the longest-standing sites.

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Best Backpage Alternatives & Similar Sites


On the site, registered users could list ads for their dating services on the adult services section, and they could also include a wide range of other services offered. The closure of this site has not been reversed since. With the site, you can hook up with someone in a few hours.

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LetMeWatchThis Alternatives And Similar Sites


For the longest time, LetMeWatchThis ( Primewire ) was one of the top movie streaming sites in the world. The site featured arguably the best and most functional interface of any free streaming site. The site came complete with a rating system and a playlist feature.

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Anilinkz Alternatives And Similar Sites


Anime lovers face many difficulties finding a reliable website for streaming their favorite anime series, especially due to major ISP restrictions and sites shutting down. Top 10 Anilinkz Alternatives And Similar Sites. AnimeFlavor Alternatives && Similar Sites.

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Five Tricks to Take the Most of a Dating Site


When you’re ready to settle down onto an online dating site, the most important thing that you can do is to market yourself to your potential mates. Here are five ways that you can make the most out of a dating site.

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Best KickassTorrent Alternatives And Similar Sites


That said, nothing guarantees that one site may be up forever, or even the next day. That day, we crafted a list of the best KickassTorrent alternatives and similar sites for you to explore. 1337X Also featured in Best TorrentKing Alternatives And Similar Sites.

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18 Best Online Streaming Site 2019


Or have you relied on torrent sites that move all the time because they skirt the law and put up with their slow download speeds because cable was just too expensive? The post 18 Best Online Streaming Site 2019 appeared first on

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Top 20 Tech Sites That SocialFish Follows


They operate their own platform site called CrunchBase which was launched in July 2007. The platform site consists of investors, startups, funding information, founding members, leadership positions, events, industry trends and many more. TechCrunch and Crunchbase have targeted different audiences by having their own platform site and updating the most up to date tech products and news happening around the world. What made this tech site recognized on the top 20 list?

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Social Media with Romona

How To Install Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress As a small business owner, you should be paying attention to how people are finding your… Read more. The post HOW TO INSTALL GOOGLE SITE KIT PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS (A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO SITE KIT BY GOOGLE) appeared first on Social Media Workshops | Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia | Social Media How To's with Romona.

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Best Trans Dating Sites & Apps for Transgender


I have compiled a list of almost 20 dating sites for Transgender people. 18 Best Transgender Dating Sites. It is inclusive and anonymous and the ideal dating site for anyone who wants to maintain their privacy. This is yet another trans-friendly site that offers free services.

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OurTime Review: Best Dating Site for Men and Women Over 50


Thankfully, niche sites like OurTime and SeniorsMeet now exist that cater specifically to this demographic, offering you a welcoming platform to meet like-minded mature members and establish connections. OurTime: Online Dating Site for Men and Women Over 50.

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3 Recipe Sites’ Social Strategies


Sometimes, it can seem like the internet was made specifically for food content.Aspirational, yet obtainable, recipe-focused content showcases beautiful, delicious food and it’s ingredients. Not sure what to cook tonight?… … Read More >>>. PR & Comms

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Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles For Free In 2020!


Smart Sites to Download Movie Subtitles. series and amazing shows across the world and subtitles are added by users and site owners. This site updates the latest movies and their ratings that will help you to understand which movie is worth watching. .

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How to Turn Site Visitors into Paying Customers

While your efforts have certainly helped to increase the amount of traffic your site is receiving, that traffic isn’t leading to the conversions you hoped it would. Another effective way to convert site visitors to paying customers is by improving your pitches.

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CouchTuner Down? Here Are The Best Alternatives And Similar Sites


More often than not, however, the site is exposed to legal attacks and thus often gets shut down. However, if you have difficulties finding the TV show you need, this site offers built-in alphabetical search which helps you find the desired show easier. Best Anime Streaming Sites.

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The Most Popular News Sites on YouTube

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Most Popular News Sites on YouTube by Adam Sherk on August 31, 2010 YouTube is both a major opportunity and an interesting challenge for news sites. Just discovered your site and am really enjoying it!

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Is Your Site Self-Service?

Small Business Mavericks

The observation is that today’s “digitally native customer” (those who are comfortable and competent with technology) prefers a site that is self-service to working with an agent. If I want an answer about a company’s service or product, I’d much rather go on the site and get the information immediately. How Can A Site Enable Competent Customers? If customer forums are a logical extension of your site, do them right.

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10 Things That Expose Good Sites to Google Panda

Adam Sherk

Google Panda was designed to go after sites with a high volume of thin or low-quality content (among other things) in an effort to improve the overall strength of the search results. Here’s an example of site that was hit by Panda 4.0

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5 Social Sites That Aren’t Facebook

Waxing UnLyrical

These sites are visually so much more appealing than anything on Facebook, and the pictures of the products are themselves inspiring. Its deficiencies have illuminated opportunities, but its very existence is to be thanked for the rise and success of many of these sites.

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New Video Sharing Site is Launched


The visual sharing company called 23 wishes to make all this easier and now launches a video sharing site globally. 23 Video has already existed for about a year in Denmark and now has 180 video sites hosted at their service.

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7 Ways To Differentiate Your Site

Small Business Mavericks

If your business site isn’t what the consumer and search engines are looking for, there’s not much reason to pick you over your rivals. So how can we differentiate our site? Every single one of the features on Armando Roggio’s list are features that a user will appreciate when they come to the site. The absence of several of these features might be what takes that user to a competitor’s site. The Most Important Way To Differentiate Your Site.

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Did your site survive Mobilegeddon 2015?

Saying It Social

The post Did your site survive Mobilegeddon 2015? 5 easy steps to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and will be ranked higher in Google's mobile SERP following the April 21st algorithm change, also known as Mobilegeddon 2015. appeared first on.

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25 Major News Sites Ranked By Page Speed

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk 25 Major News Sites Ranked by Page Speed by Adam Sherk on April 13, 2010 Now that site speed is officially a Google ranking factor, site performance and page load time are important for SEO as well as usability.

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5 Sites to Boost Your Local SEO


Local searches allow businesses to get their names noticed by customers in their area, but taking advantage of local searches can be difficult for business owners that are unfamiliar with local sites. This site is the online equivalent of the paper product.

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Does Your Business Site Need Decluttering?

Small Business Mavericks

How many times have you gone to a site for information and found outdated content? If that site has been around for any length of time, there will be a lot of stuff on it — which is good for SEO because you have more reach — but that content could be clutter. closed membership site registration. It wouldn’t surprise me that anyone who has had a business site up and running for more than a few years starts having at least one of this kind of clutter.

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Movember Madness: 5 Great Sites About Moustaches


Below are five stellar sites that focus on facial hair. By far the manliest site on the Internet, AoM helps remind us how to be a perfect gentlemen on all accounts; including health, grooming, finances, one off man-tips, and of course moustache content galore.

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On-Site Vs. Off-Site SEO: Which Is Better?

Small Business Mavericks

For most of Internet history there has been a growing battle between on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Put another way, marketers have debated the relative value of on-site content and off-site content ever since the advent of the World Wide Web. If you ask some online marketers, they’ll tell you that off-site SEO tactics such as link building are more important than anything else. Other marketers will sing the praises of on-site content.

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Why millions of WordPress sites are at risk


A good example of why occurred with the public disclosure that the TimThumb.php script (an image resizing tool used in many themes) was vulnerable, and had been used by hackers to gain access to a large number of sites using the system.

5 Actionable Steps to Improve the SEO Performance of Your Site

Social Media Today

Here are some actionable steps you can take to help improve your Google search rank

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[SOLVED] Getting Rid Of Those Annoying Facebook Messenger Pop-Ups On The Desktop Site

SocMed Sean

As a result of that post, though, another user mentioned that they weren’t so much frustrated with the Messenger notifications in the mobile app as they were with the annoying Facebook Messenger popups that occur when you are browsing the desktop site.

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6 cool curation sites you may not have heard of


So my new thing is curated news sites. During my time off of blog reading, I discovered (or rediscovered) a bunch of new curation sites, some of which have now become my “morning newspaper time” I though you might be interested in checking them out for yourself.

Twitter's Testing Ads within Timelines Embedded on Third-Party Sites

Social Media Today

Twitter's trying out a new ad option which would enable businesses to reach visitors to third-party websites which use embedded Twitter timelines

Bookmark! Check your permissions on social sites


And thank you to the awesome Avi Charkham who took it upon himself to figure out direct links to all the permissions settings pages (some of which are buried deep – Facebook I’m talking to you) for these sites. Go here: MY PERMISSIONS. Start cleaning.

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Real-time Search Optimization for News Sites

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Real-time Search Optimization for News Sites by Adam Sherk on March 16, 2010 The major search engines are making real-time search a priority, resulting in good visibility opportunities for news sites especially for breaking news.

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Stock Photo Sites To Fuel Your Social Media Content

Jason Yormark

Finding reliable stock photo sites with great images for all of your social media and content marketing needs can sometimes be quite the pain. Over the years I’ve spent countless hours researching different stock photo sites for great images, and while it can be enticing to just do a Google search for what you need, you don’t want to get into copyright issues. The post Stock Photo Sites To Fuel Your Social Media Content appeared first on Jason Yormark.

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Coleman Campsite: The Original Social Networking Site


» July 13, 2010 Coleman Campsite: The Original Social Networking Site "We're not saying that  Facebook and Myspace got their idea from us, but we're not saying they didn't either."

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Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement?

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? by Adam Sherk on September 17, 2009 Now that the improved Facebook Pages have been around for a while I wanted to check the level of engagement that major news sites are achieving with them. Some news sites are supplementing content links with direct questions and comments to users, but this does not appear to be happening in any significant volume.

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Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement?

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement? So which news sites are getting the most out of their social media efforts? So I ran 30+ news sites through the tool. on their site).

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