Bloggers important in PR

Sherrilynne Starkie

Bloggers are increasingly important in public relations, according to a white paper published today by DWPub. Eighty-two per cent of PR professionals work with bloggers to provide coverage for clients, while 98% find bloggers useful or invaluable. Results of the survey of 252 PR professionals conducted in March this year accompany a new whitepaper called ‘The smart PR’s guide to blogger outreach’. 54% said they have built a rapport with bloggers.

Blogger relations – you’re doing it wrong

Dave Fleet

At least I was in the “to” line, but there was no effort whatsoever to address me personally – even a “Dear Blogger”, which still triggers the “delete” button for me, would be a step up from this. blogger relations communications pitching pr public relationsI don’t usually write posts outing other PR folks, but a pitch I received this morning from another PR agency roused my blogging tendencies from their slumber.


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5 Things Every Blogger Should Have on Their Laptop for Security

SocMed Sean

Bloggers need to take great measures to protect their data and their devices to ensure they can continue to work remotely with a sense of security. The post 5 Things Every Blogger Should Have on Their Laptop for Security appeared first on SocMedSean - Social Media Sean.

The wine blogger kerfuffle

Sherrilynne Starkie

The issue of blogging ethics came to the fore recently when prominent Canadian wine blogger, Natalie MacLean was accused of copyright infringement by the US wine magazine, Palate Press. Natalie is a much respected blogger and her reviews have been features in wine books and several top-tier mainstream media outlets; the Ottawa Citizen and The Guardian are among these. Trusting bloggers as journalists. Can we realistically expect bloggers to live up the same standards?

Blockchain: Bloggers, Influencers and Branding

The Realtime Report

Blockchain: Bloggers, Influencers and Branding. Blockchain Impact on Bloggers And Brands. Thus, perhaps it’s a typical situation when we talk about Blockchain influencing bloggers. It proves to be very valuable both for the bloggers and for the brands.

How to be a Successful Sponsored Blogger

Janet Fouts

So, you’re a blogger and you want to attract brands to sponsor posts, send you free stuff or pay you lots of cash? The thing is, there are a zillion bloggers who want this too and don’t make the cut. We work with hundreds of bloggers through our influencer outreach programs and here’s what […]. social business Social Media in Action blogger outreach

How To Become An Ethical Blogger


Therefore, bloggers should be made aware of the do’s and don’ts of blogging, both, the new and seasoned ones. Fulfilling this need, I bring forth a framework of the norms of ethical blogging to inspire every blogger, especially the newbie, to help become ethical bloggers. Are you an ethical blogger? Before even trying to answer the question you must be thinking what in the world is an ethical blogger? Bloggers may define or interpret them differently.

2022 Genius Bloggers Toolkit


The post 2022 Genius Bloggers Toolkit appeared first on ProBlogger. Every year thousands of bloggers buy The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit because it represents unbelievable value for a massive compilation of extremely useful blogging resources.

How to Own Your Blogger Outreach Process

Convince & Convert

At GroupHigh, I have worked with both brands and agencies on blogger outreach strategy. No matter the goal or the end result, a blogger outreach strategy that works has key components and crucial ingredients. Because I live in the world of blogger outreach, I’m always asking what other marketers are doing in order to see outside my world and stay an expert. Why Bloggers? Bloggers are active on many social channels to stay relevant and to promote themselves.

Why Paying Bloggers For Posts Changes The Game

Dave Fleet

Tweet There’s been a lot of debate back and forth around bloggers (generally mommy bloggers , although they’re certainly not the only ones) receiving direct payment for posts over the last little while. With that out of the way, on to the crux of the matter… To put it simply, bloggers accepting (or demanding) payment for posts changes the game for them in several ways: You shift from earned to paid media.

Top tips for bloggers and brands

Sherrilynne Starkie

Bloggers too, are being taken seriously as true influencers by marketers and are being courted by brands and the PR agencies that represent them. Here are some tips for new bloggers to help get the best out of brand relationships: Seattle-area Blogger Meetup Group Photo (2) (Photo credit: Chris Pirillo). This is the key to building credibility with readers and that, in turn, gives a blogger the influence that brands are looking for. Have a blogger media kit.

A New Resource For Bloggers Everywhere

The Social Media Hat

Over 100 articles, resources and guides to help bloggers new and old have been migrated, organized and assembled. All-new planners and posts are available too

10 mistakes even professional bloggers make and how you can avoid them right now

SocMed Sean

Be sure to avoid these pitfalls and mistakes that even professional bloggers mistake. The post 10 mistakes even professional bloggers make and how you can avoid them right now appeared first on SocMedSean - Social Media Sean. Are you looking to continue to grow your blog traffic?

Annual Social Media Budget Planning For Companies And Bloggers

SocMed Sean

Whether you work for a Fortune 100 company or a blogger who relies on revenue from your content to supplement your income, it’s important to think about what goes into your social media headcount. On the other end of the spectrum, individual bloggers are often hesitant to allocate some of their hard-earned monetized earnings toward ad spend or new social media tools. For the blogger who wants to increase your ad revenue by ~$500/month.

4 of the Best Blogger Outreach Strategies

Convince & Convert

Image via I’ve been writing about, participating in, and talking about blogger outreach for years. My favorite posts and topics of conversation revolve around actual examples or case studies of blogger outreach done well. The other day, I published a definitive guide to blogger outreach in order to make sure marketers of all levels have a good foundation for this very effective influencer marketing strategy.

Two Examples of What NOT to Do When Asking Influential Bloggers For a Link


Editorial in-content links, the most valuable kind of links today, are impossible to get without contacting people; even if you have a few friends among influential bloggers in your niche that you can ask for a favor to guest post on their blog or just to insert an anchor text link to the existing post, eventually you will run out of them, and new backlinks will be waiting to be made.

Google To Rebrand Picasa, Blogger

Small Business Mavericks

Mashable is reporting that Google is planning to rebrand two of its largest Web products – Picasa and Blogger. But what about Blogger? The proposed new name of Blogger is Google Blogs. So if Blogger isn’t going to change in nature, will changing the name to Google Blogs make much of a difference among those who use it? In case of Picasa and Blogger, they’re popular and good services as they are. Branding blogger google Picasa rebranding

Picasa 133

Blogger Burnout

Twist Image

I found myself feeling very sad for all of the bloggers that were featured in this post (most of them designers in the house and home space). What made me the most sad about reading this article, is that none of these lapsed bloggers even mentioned a passion for writing and sharing. To earn money, many bloggers have had to embrace sponsored content, breeding distrust among readers. blogger. blogger burnout. It''s not just blogs.

2022 Genius Bloggers Toolkit


The post 2022 Genius Bloggers Toolkit appeared first on ProBlogger. Every year thousands of bloggers buy The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit because it represents unbelievable value for a massive compilation of extremely useful blogging resources.

Bloggers Unite! A 10-Point Guide for Blogger Collaboration

Convince & Convert

Here’s a blogger collaboration guide to get you started: Note: If you’re already doing some blogger collaboration, check your activity against this list. Click to read more » Blogging and Content Creation andy crestodina blogger collaboration blogging content creation social networkingWeb marketing isn’t a solo endeavor. In fact, the entire goal is connectedness: businesses to prospects, brands to brand advocates, people to people.

How To Get Results From Your Blogger Outreach Campaign


Bloggers are a unique breed. This is precisely why conducting a blogger outreach campaign can be the most difficult type of social media campaign. Part of the strategy included reaching out to bloggers in the nonprofit space in hopes that they’d write a blog post about the grant. Knowing that nonprofit bloggers are change-makers who prefer direct participation in changing the world, we created the “Bloggers Choice&# award.

How This Fashion Brand Found the Sweet Spot in Blogger Relations

Convince & Convert

Either they work only with blogger networks or agencies, or they own their blogger relationships in-house. In fact, according to this case study, it’s possible a blogger outreach sweet spot may exist in the middle of these two schools of thought. A huge part of this brand’s marketing strategy is blogger outreach. They do an exemplary job of fostering ongoing relationships with bloggers. How Lorna Jane Does it with Bloggers. The Pros of Blogger Networks.

Tailwind Officially Launches Tribes To Help Bloggers Expand Their Reach

The Social Media Hat

One of the biggest challenges facing bloggers is getting other people to share your content. Tailwind Tribes can fix that

How Bloggers and Brands Create Successful Partnerships (New Research)

Convince & Convert

At GroupHigh, we are on the forefront of blogger outreach and have worked with hundreds of brands and agencies on influencer marketing. Naturally, we have seen some exemplary marketing partnerships with bloggers. We have also seen a lot of disconnects in the way marketers approach bloggers. To shed some light on this grey area in blogger outreach, we went straight to the source: We surveyed 4,000 of the most influential bloggers on their marketing partnerships.

Presenting as Shock Jocks… Or Bloggers?

Waxing UnLyrical

Blogging Events Shonali Burke Social Media Speaking #bweny alienating your audience bloggers blogworld presentation skills shock jocksMuch has already been written about BlogWorld at which, for the most part, I had a really great time. While there have been a ton of recap posts, here are some from Arik Hanson , Justin Goldsborough and Chuck Hemann to get you caught up. The session that probably generated the most chatter was the much-hyped “New Media LIVE!&#

Break down bloggers block

Janet Fouts

I know I know, I just wrote a post on how important it is to be a regular blogger and here I am not having blogged in days! So here’s their advice and some of my own ideas on how to get past what I call Bloggers Doldrums. Most good bloggers really are writers. If so, write that blogger and thank them! Tags: Social Media Tips and Tricks blogger blogging social media coach writers block

125 Fearless Female Bloggers


I am totally psyched to have made’s list of Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers. I know a lot of “fearless female bloggers&# in our association industry too – smart women like Shannon Otto , Shelly Alcorn , Deirdre Reid , Maggie McGary , Kiki l’Italien , Peggy Hoffman , Elizabeth Engel , Leslie White , Stefanie Reeves , Ellen Behrens , Lynn Morton , Cynthia D’Amour , my awesome SocialFish partner Lindy Dreyer , and more.

Blogger Integrates With Google+

Small Business Mavericks

Well, that integration is happening right now for Blogger, the Google blogging platform. I’ve kept it no secret that I’m a fan of WordPress on your own domain name, but there are still people who would rather use Blogger as a free blogging platform. If you are a Blogger user and a Google+ user, then I believe integrating your two accounts will cause a big boost in your blog. Blogger has done a lot to help new businesses go online.

8 “First Step” SEO Tips for Bloggers


The post 8 “First Step” SEO Tips for Bloggers appeared first on ProBlogger. Much has been written on the topic of search engine optimization for bloggers – but let me give you a few basic first steps: 1.

SEO 38

Facebook Will Now Let Users Transfer Posts and Notes to Google Docs, Blogger and Wordpress

Social Media Today

Facebook has added a new data portability option, with the capacity to transfer posts and notes to third-party platforms

8 Questions for a Big-Time Marketer Turned Influential Blogger

Convince & Convert

Recently I conducted and published a survey capturing the input of 4,000 of the top bloggers on marketing partnerships. One of the key takeaways was that the majority of bloggers want to work directly with the brands. Bloggers don’t want to be used as a campaign or marketing asset—they do their best work when they are a part of the brand. To dive further into this topic, I chatted with one of my favorite bloggers, James Hills, who runs a very successful travel blog.

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Ari Herzog

Please continue reading Guest Bloggers Wanted and leave a comment if inspired. You used to read guest blog posts every Friday. Veteran and amateur writers sent me proposals and I worked with them to publish articles that inspired you to read, comment, like, and share. Among the more popular: How Social Networking Makes Us Less Social by Christopher Roberts. How to Choose the Best Comment System by Danny Brown. Why Negative Blog Comments are Needed by Jeannie Chan.

Four (of the) Worst Practices for Pitching Bloggers

Webbiquity SMM

Brands that are successful at pitching their news and stories to bloggers increase their online presence, gain credibility, and score those coveted “earned” backlinks that Google values as a factor in search rankings. B- and C-list bloggers receive fewer (though still not an insignificant number) of outreach emails, but also are typically written by part-time bloggers who cover fewer stories.

Case Study: Blogger Outreach for Oxfam America’s International Women’s Day 2012 Campaign

Waxing UnLyrical

You might remember my telling you about this ; long story short, we were asked to provide digital support for the campaign; specifically, to engage bloggers with the goal of raising awareness for the campaign and the work that OA does to empower women around the globe. Since OA already has a robust social media presence, our task was not to add to its social media plan, but to supplement it via blogger outreach.

Basic SEO for Bloggers


I’m always impressed by bloggers who can relate their posts to seemingly irrelevant images, like Dan Schure’s post in SEOmoz. The best bloggers I know are writing constantly. You're reading Basic SEO for Bloggers , originally posted on Kikolani and copyrighted by Kristi Hines, freelance writer and professional blogger. This is a guest post by Derek Mabie. Most of us understand how to search online.

SEO 111

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam, viruses and other forms of malware. Push-Button Publishing You're about to be redirected The blog that used to be here is now at [link] Do you wish to be redirected? Yes No Home | Features | About | Buzz | Help | Discuss | Language | Developers | Gear Terms of Service | Privacy | Content Policy | Copyright © 1999 – 2010 Google

Top 15 Editing Tools for Bloggers


There are many talented bloggers worthy of admiration, but no one has ever written an absolutely perfect first draft. It’s important to maintain your reputation as a good blogger when you write on social media, so this tool will help you on that mission. Bloggers usually get carried away and write more content than planned, but that doesn’t mean the posts get better. The bottom line is: better editing makes you a better blogger.

How to Market with Mom Bloggers

Convince & Convert

Therefore, brands of every genre are teaming up with mom bloggers and reporting awesome brand lift and campaign results. From fashion brands to food to travel, any brand that has moms as even some of their consumers has been at least dabbling with mom blogger partnerships. When I don’t, it’s usually because a team is attempting partnerships with mom bloggers but aren’t as informed about this outreach marketing strategy as they should be. Work with each blogger’s strengths.

Dispelling Misconceptions About Bloggers


I’ve been reading a variety of blog posts and reactions to them recently about how bloggers should be doing this but should not be doing that that. I’ve come to realize that there are a few major myths about bloggers circulating out there that are just wrong. Here are some things about bloggers that should be obvious, but obviously aren’t. Bloggers Do Other Things Besides Blogging. Bloggers Cannot Spread Themselves Too Thin & Must Prioritize.

Blogger Outreach Changes the PR Timeline Forever

Convince & Convert

PR behemoth Ketchum (the PR agency of record for ConAgra) caught it’s foot in a bear trap of its own manufacture recently, when it thunk up and perpetrated a bait and switch blogger outreach program. Evidently, Ketchum invited a group of bloggers to a restaurant in NYC, where they would enjoy a “delicious four-course meal”, a food trends discussion from an analyst, and an unexpected surprise. Bloggers Are Not Reporters. And the same is true of bloggers.