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PESO Model: Implement and Measure the Four Media Types

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Anna Lebedeva makes the case on why every marketer should use an integrated approach of the four media types, also known as the PESO model. The post PESO Model: Implement and Measure the Four Media Types appeared first on Spin Sucks. When it comes to the digital marketing, the term media relates to different channels a business can use to attract visitors and customers to their site.

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Four Types of Blog Posts Proven to Generate Organic Traffic

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Here are four types of blog posts that are most successful at attracting organic traffic. The post Four Types of Blog Posts Proven to Generate Organic Traffic appeared first on Spin Sucks. To increase the number of organic visitors to your blog you need to produce content that is so compelling to your visitors that they deem it worth sharing.

The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All

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Here, then, are the 15 types of social media know-it-all, as described by you (and some named by me). The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All. It’s one thing to educate yourself, including on social media. Education is a good thing. ” 2. O.M.G.

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Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

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» Types Of HTML 5 Content Since 1998, the widely accepted generation of HTML in use has been HTML 4. While HTML 5 will still require the use of other programming languages, it is intended to enhance the use and deployability of these content types within those languages. About Us What’s a Maverick? In that regard, it’s a huge step up from HTML 4. With Web 2.0

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7 Popular Types of Social Media Fans [Infographic]


Many different types of people follow you on social networks. The folks at ReachLocal , a localized-marketing agency, have illustrated the 7 popular types of social media fans in the infographic below. 7 Popular Types of Social Media Fans [Infographic] is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. Here’s a quick take on these different personas: 1.

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Two Types of People Who Need Micromanagement

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High performers hate it when you micromanage them, but there are two other types of employees who need it. Even with these two types, micromanagement is best doled out in moderation and for a finite period of time. entrepreneur Leadership Two Types of People Who Need MicromanagementToday’s guest post is written by Monica Wofford. . Employees Who Need Micromanagement .

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The 7 Types of Social Media Users and How to Engage Them


But understanding the differences between each type of user who follows you can also lead to an increase in awareness and sales. This is the type of user who has liked you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter, but they rarely engage with you. These types of users may become more disgruntled if you don’t respond quickly—you want to show that you put your customers first.

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Social Media Has Created Two Types of Users

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These are the brand ambassador-types. Today’s guest post is by Tyler Orchard. Some of you were probably driven to this post by a cleverly crafted tweet from the brilliant Gini Dietrich. Others will simply retweet that original post because it’s coming from a credible source. Social media is an ingrained process that now owns a segment of our personal and professional worlds.

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105 Types of Content to Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar

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That’s why we recently launched a new feature for our content marketing editorial calendar tool that helps marketers plan any type of content they could possibly want to publish. I also like to mix up our content types to keep our editorial calendar fresh for our audience. What Types Of Content Will Help You Tell Your Story? Video is a vast type of content. Really!

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4 Types of Content That Persuade Customers to Purchase

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The following are four types of content you should produce and curate for customers at the bottom of your sales funnel. By creating these four types of content, you can rest assured that prospects are going to be more willing to make a purchase and become loyal customers. Prospects are interested in your products. Customer Testimonials on Product Pages. A Follow Up Email and Discount.

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Gin and Topics: A New Type of Lip Sync Battle

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The post Gin and Topics: A New Type of Lip Sync Battle appeared first on Spin Sucks. By Gini Dietrich Alright, spring! Let’s do this. I think today is going to be our last 40 degree day for a while. I only see 60s and 70s on the 10-day forecast. We can do it! We can dooooooo eeeeeeet! Springtime! Springtime! Springtime! Don’t you love how excited I get about every season? No way.

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10 Types of Visual Content That Go Viral


It’s easier than ever to create and share content.In fact, we all create and share… Read More.

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6 Types of Iteration Every Content Strategy Needs

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Media Types. You don’t need to have all six of these iteration types running all at once—just keep an eye on all of these aspects of your campaign, from the landing page to social media posts, and always be looking to discover another way to hone and improve. A seasoned pro can make reasonably informed guesses about what a given target audience will respond to. Post Timing. Frequency.

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7 Types Of Awesome Social Media Content Your Brand Can Be Creating Right Now

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By continually introducing new content types into your social media lineup, you’ll keep your audience members on their toes and engaged. If you’re eager to explore, but not sure where to start, check out this list of seven awesome types of social media content you can be creating right now. And which content types would you add to the list? Humans crave variety.

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The 3 Types of Social Media Metrics That Matter to You

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Marketing is often referred to as a combination of art and science, a balance of creativity and analysis. This combination is what routinely draws marketers to the field and it is no different when applied to social media marketing. Well-defined metrics allow marketers to defend their efforts, push for greater budgets, track progress, and optimize for continued success. Business Metrics.

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Survey: Pinterest a Great Source of Links for Publishers. What Types of Sites Get the Most Links?

Adam Sherk

What types of sites get the most links from Pinterest? As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity and usage it is becoming not only an important source of traffic and engagement for publishers but also a good source of links. I spend a lot of time auditing websites which means I am regularly in the Google Webmaster Tools profiles for a variety of sites. Average Links Average Linked Pages.

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Learning About Creativity By Watching Creative Types

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Observing creative types is an amazing way to think more creatively. creative type. Next week, I'll be spending the majority of my days attending a global conference called, C2 MTL (our agency, Twist Image , also handled some of the social media marketing). It should be quite the event (and it's probably not too late if you want to attend). c2mtl. clay shirky. cognitive surplus.

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Drive Sales and Increase Conversions With These Types of Content

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Producing the following types of materials will raise your brand’s visibility and empower your sales team to close more deals: Bylined Articles. This type of content builds clients’ trust and earns their full buy-in, not just a tentative agreement to try it and see. This strategy will get your emails sent directly to the trash, not to mention drive many a PR-weary journalist to drink.

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5 Facebook Ad Types That Improve Mobile Engagement

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Use at least one the following five Facebook ad types to improve mobile engagement and effortlessly build trust with your brand. If you’re a marketer and you’re struggling with new Facebook ad types, there is only one way to win the battle: test them and never give up! The post 5 Facebook Ad Types That Improve Mobile Engagement appeared first on Agorapulse. Canvas Ads.

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Twitter Adds Read Receipts, Typing Indicators, Web Link Previews to DMs

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Twitter announced three new features for its direct messages: read receipts, typing indicators and web link previews. Direct Messages are more dynamic than ever with read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews. When DM recipients are the process of typing replies, three dots appear next to their profile pictures. Desktop users will not see read receipts or typing indicators, although replies to DMs sent via desktop will generate read receipts. — Twitter (@twitter) September 8, 2016.

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Types Of Your Audience Personalities - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

When you handle a Social Media Page for your Brand or Business you need to keep in mind the type of audience that you have. The types of personality that you will encounter could also be clustered based on the responses that you would receive on your Brand / Business Social Page. Lets see the type or persons that you would encounter on your Social Media Page: Joining All Recommendations or The Obligating Types: These are the obliging types. Silent Type or The Dead Group: They have joined your Page. They are more the relevant types for you.

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How to monetise your influence type: Platform-Specific Superstar


Different influence types means there are different ways to monetise your influence as well. In this series we’ll take a look at which monetisation strategies better suit your influence type. In each context (or type of Influencer) we’re going to look at influence based on two factors to help inform the best ways to monetise: a) where is your traffic is coming from?

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What Happens When You Type Into a Web Browser?

Bill Hartzer

What technically happens, “behind the scenes” so to speak, when you use your keyboard, type into your web browser, and hit the enter (return) key? And thanks to lots of people’s contributions, we actually are close to having the correct answer: What Happens When You Type Into a Web Browser? Well, have you ever actually thought about it?

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Here’s What 9 Personality Types Say About Your Team Decision-Making Abilities


“By the time you’re 30 years old, you’ve probably noticed there is a relationship between… Read More.

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Link Building: Four Types of Backlinks to Pursue (And Three to Avoid)

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You can often find the most authoritative (in the eyes of the search engines) directories specific to your type of business simply by searching for them. What other types of businesses are listed? Editor’s note: a version of this post originally appeared on Relevance is determined by the subject matter of a website and on-page optimization techniques (e.g.,

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Are Creative Types Just A Bunch Of Slackers?

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When you think of creative types, what do you think of? Through the decades, each and every one of these creative types took time - every day - to go for a long and/or vigorous walk. creative types. It''s not wrong to say that creatives are often given a bad rap. For the most part, their reputations are often summed up in one word: slackers. It''s simply not true. Hard work.

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10 Types of Questions That Get Shared on Social Media Like Crazy

Rebekah Radice

Want to learn how to use questions to your advantage and what type of questions you should be asking? Let’s take a look at the top types of questions you can use to boost your social media engagement! 10 Types of Questions That Get Shared on Social Media Like Crazy. Use this type of question across social media to offer insight into you and your business. Now frame it.

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Top 5 Facebook Promotion Types

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Pretty powerful metrics for any type of business. Common Promotion Types and When to use Them. The type of campaign you use depends upon your goals. Courtesy of Wildfire, following are a few different types of campaigns you can run and the considerations for each: Sweepstakes. Running a social promotion on Facebook is easier than you might think. source: Wildfire.

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How to Monetise Your Influence Type: Micro-influencers


Welcome to the next post in our series on monetising your influence type. Also consider the value of the product and the level or type of commission being offered. The post How to Monetise Your Influence Type: Micro-influencers appeared first on ProBlogger. Last time we looked at Platform-Specific Superstars – a small percentage of all influencers. of 1,000.

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The 6 Types Of Twitter Trolls

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" While Twitter definitely has people like this engaged in the online social network, I've decided to expand the definition (sue me) to nefarious, self-involved types of people on Twitter that, ultimately, make people collectively groan in disappointment. The 6 Types of Twitter Trolls: The "Calling You Out" Troll. I'm also a big fan of actually being on a conference call with these types of Trolls and seeing them tweet while they're supposed to be paying attention to what's happening in the meeting. You know, people who - to be blunt - very annoying. brand.

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Which of these 3 Types of Business are you?

Engaging Brand

Entrepreneurship Leadership business management types of business competitor Google business ideas business opportunities business idea social media outliers Business management I always think falls generally into three approaches. . There is a greater focus on internal meetings, internal conversations. There is no one business model that works for all.

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3 Types of Audiences That Drive Word of Mouth Marketing Success

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It’s important to distinguish the different “types” of influential audiences that exist, and how they vary. Here are the three types of audiences that are assets to your social strategy. Image via If you’re a social media marketer, then odds are you’ve heard of word of mouth (WOM) marketing. However, the path to WOM mastery doesn’t happen overnight. Influencers.

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3 Essential Email Marketing Message Types

Social Email Marketing

It’s easy to bore your customers to death with email: just send them the same type of message repeatedly and you’ll succeed. Email marketing email marketing email marketing message types email marketing tipsWe’re often guilty of this when we send our e-newsletter and little (or nothing) else. And while a newsletter absolutely has a place as a staple in your email marketing.

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Why You Should Think Before You Type

Social Media Citizens

Human nature is a very complicated thing and many times our emotions can rule our actions. I’m sure everyone, at one time or another, has had an awful day and snapped at someone at the office, on the phone or even over the dinner table. Now, these instances happen in real time, where the interaction is not documented (unless there is a hidden camera at the water cooler). So if you make a mistake, you can apologize and smooth out the situation. Many times you can even improve on a poor first impression. But when it comes to online interactions, it isn’t as simple. They are totally wrong!

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The 4 Types of Content Metrics That Matter

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This is the most fundamental type of content metric, and is unfortunately also the place where many programs both start and end. This is the metric type that probably gets too much love, because it’s often public which drives up the sexiness factor like cologne with bits of real panther. Consumption Metrics. The key is to not stop your metrics train at this depot. Sales Metrics.

Four Types of Status Updates for Improving Social Media Engagement on Facebook and Twitter

Laurel Papworth

So I’ve put together four types of social objects for you to play with. Four Types of Status Updates for Social Media Engagement. That’s not really engagement – none of these 4 types of udpates can sit in isolation. Just because you’ve got a Facebook Page and Twitter Account doesn’t mean anyone is interested in what you have to say. Social Media.

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Top 5 Facebook Promotion Types

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Pretty powerful metrics for any type of business. Blog Facebook Social Media Marketing Tools and Resources facebook contest facebook promotion types Facebook promotions facebook sweepstake how to run a promotion on facebook interactive contests interactive promotions social media promotions viral promotionsIf you have a Facebook Page for your business, you should strongly consider running a social, interactive promotion on your Page. And running a promotion on Facebook is easier than you might think.

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183: 9 Types of Questions to Ask On Your FaceBook Page to Get More Comments


Further Resources on 9 Types of Questions to Ask On Your FaceBook Page to Get More Comments. If you have them, your Facebook groups, and other types of social media as well. It makes sense for us who want to reach those types of people to have a presence in this platform. Those type of reactions are one type of engagement that Facebook lets you get.

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Four Facebook Deal types and what they mean for your nonprofit


REI creating a deal type called “Charity Deal”. There are currently four types of Facebook Deals: Individual Deal - This rewards a customers when they check in. A survey conducted in February of 2010 by MerchantCircle found that roughly 32% of small businesses are using Facebook Places to market their businesses. The best off for this Deal is a discount or a gift with a purchase.

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Play the Halloween Candy Communications Strategy Challenge

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This fun game will help you put that candy to good use, while developing an integrated communications strategy which brings together the four media types. Communication Planning communications plan communications planning communications strategy four media types Halloween halloween candy laura petrolino