11 Types of Marketing Strategies


In this type of strategy, communication between a company and potential client is done directly. It astonishes the number of marketing strategies out there. Therefore, it’s not difficult to choose what strategy to apply for any business. Here is a list of 11 of them with brief discussions.

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Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

» Types Of HTML 5 Content Since 1998, the widely accepted generation of HTML in use has been HTML 4. While HTML 5 will still require the use of other programming languages, it is intended to enhance the use and deployability of these content types within those languages.

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The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All

Waxing UnLyrical

Here, then, are the 15 types of social media know-it-all, as described by you (and some named by me). The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All.

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5 Content Types That Can Attract More Readers

The Realtime Report

5 Content Types That Can Attract More Readers. Articles taking on a list form, or ‘listicles’, are some of the most popular types of written content that you’ll see on the web today. The post 5 Content Types That Can Attract More Readers appeared first on The Realtime Report.

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Which Types of Content Perform Best on Instagram?

Jenn's Trend

The post Which Types of Content Perform Best on Instagram? We all wanna do our best and put our best foot forward on social media. Instagram is no exception. And, being such a highly visual platform, creating the best content is key! But, how do you know what will perform best on Instagram?

10 Types of Posts to Help You Stand Out Online [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Engagement is the name of the game in social media marketing, and these post types can help you boost interaction and response

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44 Content Types for Promoting Your Product, Service, Business - and Even Yourself [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Check out this list of post ideas and types Need inspiration for your social content?

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What Type of Blog is Right for You?

Peg Fitzpatrick

What type of blog is right for you? With all kinds of different types of blogs popping up almost every single day, it can be tough to decide where to start on your own. Choosing which type of blog… The post What Type of Blog is Right for You?

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7 Popular Types of Social Media Fans [Infographic]


Many different types of people follow you on social networks. The folks at ReachLocal , a localized-marketing agency, have illustrated the 7 popular types of social media fans in the infographic below.

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3 Easy Content Types To Write With Ranking Potential

Small Business Mavericks

These are not the only types of content that will rank well for your keywords, but these three types of content are easy to write and have high ranking potential if approached in the right way. These three types of content are easy to write and have great ranking potential. SEO for Small Business blogging content evergreen content search engine rankings types of content website content

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Top 5 Facebook Promotion Types

Harp Interactive

Pretty powerful metrics for any type of business. Blog Facebook Social Media Marketing Tools and Resources facebook contest facebook promotion types Facebook promotions facebook sweepstake how to run a promotion on facebook interactive contests interactive promotions social media promotions viral promotionsIf you have a Facebook Page for your business, you should strongly consider running a social, interactive promotion on your Page.

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10 Types of Visual Content That Will Improve Your Marketing Efforts [Infographic]

Social Media Today

This infographic share 10 affecting visual content you can use to improve your marketing strategy

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The 6 Types Of Social Media Users


At this point, no single customer engagement channel can deliver marketers a complete picture of consumer behavior. Google knows what you’re interested in, but not what you’ve done. Facebook knows who your friends are, but not what you buy. Pinterest knows what you share, but not how you act on it. Foursquare knows where you are, but [.]. Social Media

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5 Facebook Ad Types That Improve Mobile Engagement

agora pulse

Use at least one the following five Facebook ad types to improve mobile engagement and effortlessly build trust with your brand. If you’re a marketer and you’re struggling with new Facebook ad types, there is only one way to win the battle: test them and never give up!

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3 Types of Software Nonprofits Should Be Using


Because nonprofit companies have a unique set of needs, software that targets these types of organizations— such as accounting, grant management, or volunteer management — is becoming more popular. Guest post by Jenna Puckett. ————-.

10 Types of Visual Content That Go Viral


It’s easier than ever to create and share content.In fact, we all create and share… Read More.

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The 5 Types of Social Media Content You Need to Create

Rebekah Radice

To do this, you need to stop serving up the same old thing, and begin introducing the right types of social media content. I’ve pulled together the 5 types of social media content you need to create, along with an infographic from Condiment Marketing.

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Why You Should Think Before You Type

Social Media Citizens

Human nature is a very complicated thing and many times our emotions can rule our actions. I’m sure everyone, at one time or another, has had an awful day and snapped at someone at the office, on the phone or even over the dinner table. Now, these instances happen in real time, where the interaction is not documented (unless there is a hidden camera at the water cooler). So if you make a mistake, you can apologize and smooth out the situation.

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3 Types of Video You Should Create to Build Your Brand

Rebekah Radice

You need to be strategic with your video marketing strategy, and that includes the type of video you create. In the latest installment of the Brand Authority Podcast , I walk you through the 3 types of video you should be creating today.

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Twitter Adds Read Receipts, Typing Indicators, Web Link Previews to DMs

SocialTimes Twitter

Twitter announced three new features for its direct messages: read receipts, typing indicators and web link previews. Direct Messages are more dynamic than ever with read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews. When DM recipients are the process of typing replies, three dots appear next to their profile pictures. Desktop users will not see read receipts or typing indicators, although replies to DMs sent via desktop will generate read receipts.

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Gene therapy restores normal blood glucose levels in mice with type 1 diabetes

Sherrilynne Starkie

A study demonstrates that a gene therapy approach can lead to the long-term survival of functional beta cells as well as normal blood glucose levels for an extended period of time in mice with type 1 diabetes. The researchers used an adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector to deliver to the mouse pancreas two proteins, Pdx1 and MafA, which reprogrammed plentiful alpha cells into functional, insulin-producing beta cells

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The 7 Types of Social Media Users and How to Engage Them


But understanding the differences between each type of user who follows you can also lead to an increase in awareness and sales. This is the type of user who has liked you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter, but they rarely engage with you.

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Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel AND Buyer types

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The other version of this is the mapping of content to your buyer types and this too is one I have ignored for a while … until now! What’s been your experience with mapping content to the sales funnel or buyer types?

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Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel AND Buyer types

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The other version of this is the mapping of content to your buyer types and this too is one I have ignored for a while … until now! What’s been your experience with mapping content to the sales funnel or buyer types?

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Snapchat Rolls Out New Lens-Based Ad Type, Continues to Tweak New Design

Social Media Today

Snapchat's launching a new, direct call to action ad unit within its popular Lenses, while they continue to refine their new app layout

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Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Debuts New Ad Types, Vine Gets Direct Video Messaging

The Realtime Report

Coming to your Twitter feed: 15 new types of ads – Twitter is debuting 15 new types of ad products, including ‘app install’ ads, which have proven successful for Facebook; the ads are designed to appeal to e-commerce companies and mobile-game developers (WSJ, re/code ).

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Slide Share updated Account Types

Social Media Network Marketing

At Slide Share previously there was just one type of account, namely an Individual Account. Hence now we can select the type of Account we have from the below: New Account Types: Company Non Profit / Gov Ad / PR / Marketing Agency University / School Professional Speaker Presentation Design Firm Event OrganizerNow the team of Slide Share have realized that there is more to it. That there are companies, NGOs etc all onboard.

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Leveraging 4 Key Types of PR Data

Proactive Report

Below are four of the main types of PR data you should start using right now. How to leverage: With this data type, you qualify your KPIs. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of PR data. But we encourage you to use these four major types of PR data as a starting point to begin organizing your insights and strategies. Guest post by Leta Soza AirPR. Data collection and evaluation are (or, at least, should be) integrated into the daily rituals of PR pros.

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The “other” types of social media users

Direct Marketing Observations

What other types of users are there that I could add to this? This is such a transcendent time isn’t it? I’ve been thinking a lot about how people use social networks and why.

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Types Of Your Audience Personalities - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

When you handle a Social Media Page for your Brand or Business you need to keep in mind the type of audience that you have. The types of personality that you will encounter could also be clustered based on the responses that you would receive on your Brand / Business Social Page. Lets see the type or persons that you would encounter on your Social Media Page: Joining All Recommendations or The Obligating Types: These are the obliging types.

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What Types Of Conversations Lead You Towards Trust?


What types of conversations lead you towards trust? Various types of conversation that lead to trust. source: [link]. I was at IUPUI’s New Media program recently speaking about building a personal story and activating social networks. I asked the class two questions.

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The 3 Types of Social Media Metrics That Matter to You

Simply Measured

Marketing is often referred to as a combination of art and science, a balance of creativity and analysis. This combination is what routinely draws marketers to the field and it is no different when applied to social media marketing.

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105 Types of Content to Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar

Convince & Convert

That’s why we recently launched a new feature for our content marketing editorial calendar tool that helps marketers plan any type of content they could possibly want to publish. I also like to mix up our content types to keep our editorial calendar fresh for our audience.

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2 Common Types of Pillar Pages - and How they Boost SEO

Social Media Today

In this post, contributor Bob Carver looks at two common types of pillar pages, and explains how they benefit your SEO efforts

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250: 9 Types of Killer Filler Content that are Easy to Create


This week I’m sharing a list of content filler types you can use for your blog. Links and Resources for 9 Types of Killer Filler Content that are Easy to Create: Pat Flynn: AskPat podcast. Examples of 9 Types of Killer Filler Content that are Easy to Create.

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Link Building: Four Types of Backlinks to Pursue (And Three to Avoid)

Webbiquity SMM

You can often find the most authoritative (in the eyes of the search engines) directories specific to your type of business simply by searching for them. What other types of businesses are listed? Editor’s note: a version of this post originally appeared on ChamberofCommerce.com.

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4 Types of Content That Persuade Customers to Purchase

Convince & Convert

The following are four types of content you should produce and curate for customers at the bottom of your sales funnel. By creating these four types of content, you can rest assured that prospects are going to be more willing to make a purchase and become loyal customers.

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Which of these 3 Types of Business are you?

Engaging Brand

Entrepreneurship Leadership business management types of business competitor Google business ideas business opportunities business idea social media outliers Business management I always think falls generally into three approaches. .

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5 Types of Content Calendar and Social Media Planning – Sydney Australia Course 2018

Laurel Papworth

Here are the 5 types of social media planners you need. What worked, what didn’t what time of day, day of week and content type worked on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram?

3 Types Of Research You Shouldn’t Ignore

Small Business Mavericks

Here are three types of research you should conduct to ensure your online marketing is everything you expect it to be. When it comes to research, you should make sure you are being thorough. Your goal is to gather information you can use in your marketing, information that is actionable. Competitor research – Your competition is not going to wait around for you to get your marketing in order. They are out there right now conducting their own marketing campaigns.