Kimberly-Clark uses social quiz to woo talent

BOO ve over Silicon Valley , Austin , TECH xas, and the Big Apple ; welcome original thinkers to Neenah, Wisconsin , where young creative chemical and product engineers can find the job of their dreams. A re you an original thinker? You can quickly find out by taking the Welcome Original Thinkers Quiz (WOTQuiz) —I’m an Adaptor: “You enjoy exploring every side of an issue and like a wicked great maestro you tease out the positive in each approach.

The 5 C's of nurturing the Human Element in Social Media

Josh S Peters

D o you remember that chemically fueled commercial which states, that good ol’ Hu (as they refer to it on quick little graphic during the beautifully shot marketing video) is fundamental?


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Firebelly Begins Working With Real Purity


Real Purity is an environmentally-conscious cosmetics company that has been developing and producing all natural, organic and cruelty-free body care and cosmetic products for chemically insensitive and environmentally conscious consumers for four generations. We’re excited to announce that we have started working with cosmetics company Real Purity.

11 Green Practices Which Can Have a Huge Impact on Our Planet

The Realtime Report

Going green can greatly benefit our health, not only does is reduce exposure to chemicals, because items are natural, is also gives us cleaner air to breathe in. Products that are mass-produced typically produce more toxins, chemicals, and waste. New books take a lot of ink (which isn’t good for the environment) and other products being made may contribute to accumulating chemicals and toxins in the air. 11 Green Practices Which Can Have a Huge Impact on Our Planet.

US Govt. Social Media Keyword Watch List: Don’t Use These Words on Social Media Posts

Bill Hartzer

Chemical spill. Chemical. Chemical burn. Chemical agent. Chemical fire. Chemical weapon. A list of keywords that the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses to watch all social media accounts has been revealed. If you use one of these keywords on one of your social media posts, there is a chance that it may cause the DHS to start monitoring your social media accounts.

The Positive Impact of Recycled Water On Business

The Realtime Report

In general, the majority of the water that’s treated stems from industrial wastewater, sewage run-off, and stormwater, each of which may contain a variety of chemicals that many business owners may want to avoid during their manufacturing process. The majority of people will realize that recycled and treated water can have a variety of health benefits, thanks in large part to the fact that harmful chemicals are removed during the water recycling process.

Super Immune Boosters for Seniors

When you look for supplements, you want no additives and chemicals added in. A few decades ago, most people had never even heard of free radicals before, but today, they are looked upon as a major part of disease progression.

Common House Fires and Ways to Prevent Them

Keep curtains, chemicals, and other flammable items away from the stove, oven, and other hot surfaces. Your home is regarded as a safe place where you can rest and relax after a long day’s work.

Turn Back Time with DEFEND Hyaluronic Serum with Apple Stem Cells

The Realtime Report

The best part is that there are no added chemicals in it. Turn Back Time with DEFEND Hyaluronic Serum with Apple Stem Cells. Are you someone who wants to know how to treat your skin well? Do you want to find out about a product that will change your skin for good?

Apple 91

The Wonderful Health Advantages of Using Cannabis

Cigarette smoking is exactly the opposite because of all the destructive chemicals it contains, which causes premature skin aging. Cannabis use has so many benefits in the health area. Whether you want to look younger, live healthier or just feel better, cannabis can probably help you.

How Nano-Coatings Began and Where They Are Headed


It is a chemical and will actually lower the surface energy of the product. A British military was seeking for a product that would protect their soldiers’ uniforms from any type of liquid, including chemical agents. Everyone knows someone who has dropped their phone into a toilet, if they haven’t done it themselves. The problem is that electronics are not water proof.

Google Trends Adds Top Charts Lists

Small Business Mavericks

Chemical Elements. Just in case you need a new search tool, Google has added one. It’s called Top Charts and it’s a part of the Google Trends project. Top Charts allows you to search for the top searches in a variety of categories by region and by month. It goes back to January 2004. Categories you can view top searches for include: Actors. Animals. Athletes. Actors. Baseball Players. Baseball Teams. Basketball Players. Basketball Teams. Books. Business People. Car Companies.

List 97

Here Are Four Cutting Edge Careers in Germany

The Realtime Report

Available engineering jobs can include roles in chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical and software engineering. Here Are Four Cutting Edge Careers in Germany. Living and working abroad is an experience many Americans dream of having.

Why is Storytelling Biologically Important for Survival?

Convince & Convert

Oxytocin, or the moral molecule , and its acute, chemical effect on the brain. Steps to build stories that have a distinct chemical effect on the brain and influence others. Tear Jerker: The Moral Molecule and Storytelling. Dr. Paul J. Zak is a fascinating man.

Making the Case for Ongoing KYC: Why the Time for Change Is Now

The Realtime Report

in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, modeling big data sets on supercomputers. Making the Case for Ongoing KYC: Why the Time for Change Is Now. John O’Neill.

5 Industries Regulated by the FDA

The Realtime Report

They regulate things like: Chemicals, metals, and pesticides in food. 5 Industries Regulated by the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the U.S.

How to Promote Non-Visual Brands on Instagram


Chemical Guys car cleaning products are often featured alongside visually compelling UGC to boost engagement with each product and increase sales from Instagram images. Travel, fashion, cosmetics, fitness: what do these industries have in common? They all thrive on Instagram.

IABC 18: Collaborative Leadership through Communications with Carol Kinsey Gorman

Sherrilynne Starkie

For example, she said, chemical problems at GE are almost never solved by a chemist. One of the most interesting sessions at the IABC World Conference held in Montreal last week was by Carol Kinsey Gorman Ph.D., who is an author and executive coach that focuses on collaborative leadership. Her informative and entertaining session looked at how communication powers effective collaboration.

5 Food Styling Tips for Better Instagram Photos


A good rule of thumb is to shoot fresh food fresh, and to only let desserts with a lot of sugar (the more chemicals the better) sit out, excluding ice cream of course. There’s no shortage of food photos on Instagram. In fact, #food has been used over 300 million times on the platform—with brunch-goers, influencers, and food brands alike, all competing for consumers’ attention.

Understanding how weed vaporizers work

Therefore, vaporizing is widely regarded as a much safer alternative to smoking weed, since the temperatures used by vaping devices won’t produce harmful chemicals. It’s no news that cannabis consumption has been increasing in recent years.

16 unexpected ways to use WhatsApp for business

Sprout Social

BASF Group , a German chemical production company, uses WhatsApp to engage potential recruits. Conversational marketing is on the rise, driven largely by consumers’ increasing expectations for convenience and tailored digital experiences.

How to Apply Neuroscience to Business, Teaching, and Storytelling

Convince & Convert

“The good news is that when you are learning or hearing a story, you get a little rush of chemicals that make you feel good. It’s the same chemicals that fire when you eat chocolate or have an orgasm.” Feed Your Brain Story. Margie Meacham teaches multinational corporations how to apply neuroscience to their learning processes to better connect with employees and customers.

10 Practical Ways to Make Your San Diego Business More Eco-Friendly

The Realtime Report

A clean workplace is a happy workplace, so whether it’s you rolling your sleeves up, or you hire cleaners, there are tons of chemicals in most cleaning products which are known to have a harmful impact on the environment, as well as your health.

Report 115

How Organic Valley Plans to Save the Bros

Convince & Convert

To save these rare specimens and encourage them to fuel up with Organic Valley’s new Organic Fuel, a new high-protein milkshake with all the protein bros love—without the “chemical junk.”. Image via Have you ever met a bro? He’s the overly muscled dude, frequently found at the gym bench pressing and fist pumping at the club à la Jersey Shore. He’s also the star of Organic Valley’s new campaign, Save The Bros. Yes, you read that correctly: Organic Valley and The Bros.

What Can Make Your Brand’s Instagram Stories Stand Out From the Crowd?

agora pulse

Danielle’s audience is concerned about getting natural, chemical-free ingredients. Everyone loves a good story. Especially an Instagram Story. But with so many good stories out there, you need to make sure your brand’s Instagram Stories outshine the competition’s.

Command Attention by Telling Your Company’s Story

Waxing UnLyrical

They work on our brain in a unique way , triggering the release of chemicals that lower our natural defenses and make us more agreeable. Guest Post by Rob Biesenbach. It’s an old story: PR people are often terrible when it comes to our own PR. I recently attended an industry event featuring a group of agency leaders who were clearly smart, successful people.

Creating A Movement That Matters

Akamai Marketing

It’s clear, what fuels movements is more art than science and not everyone has the advantage of chemically inspired insanity. Whether your a nonprofit with a cause or a startup with an idea, at some point, I’m sure you’ve wondered whether your passion would ever catch spark with others. Creating a movement that matters is more important today than ever before.

19 Twitter Best Practices That Show the Real You

Ari Herzog

Afterward, visit my guest blog post on SteamFeed that explains why Raytheon, Dow Chemical, Jay Leno, Britney Spears, and others tweet among the best. You may not know I curate a Twitter list that includes over 300 social media managers and marketing professionals at some of the world’s most well-known organizations. I frequently peruse the list to get inspiration. Among those represented are Jetblue, Sony, McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Keurig, Walmart, MTV, and Coca-Cola.

How eCommerce Is Helping The Environmental Cause

The Realtime Report

Not only does the way they are produced harm the environment – felling huge numbers of trees for the paper, chemical waste from the ink – but you end up throwing most of it away when you get home. How eCommerce Is Helping The Environmental Cause. By Victoria Greene. eCommerce exploded onto the scene in the early Nineties, and has only grown from strength to strength since then.

Report 110

Writing About the Science of Kissing

Ari Herzog

In fact, when we’re engaged, our bodies release a cocktail of chemicals related to social bonding, stress level, motivation, and sexual stimulation. I like to kiss. There’s something about brushing my fingers across her hand, her hair, her ears as I kiss her lips. Looking at her eyes like she is a birthday present I’m about to unwrap drives me crazy. My oxytocin rises, as do my dopamine and serotonin levels.

How eCommerce Is Helping The Environmental Cause

The Realtime Report

Not only does the way they are produced harm the environment – felling huge numbers of trees for the paper, chemical waste from the ink – but you end up throwing most of it away when you get home. How eCommerce Is Helping The Environmental Cause. By Victoria Greene. eCommerce exploded onto the scene in the early Nineties, and has only grown from strength to strength since then.

Report 100

7 iPhone Apps To Pick The Best Make-Up


It turned out that the brand was a knockoff, despite the price, and used a chemical ingredient that was horrible for sensitive skin like mine. I have a full blown addiction with beauty products, but especially when it comes to cosmetics. I love makeup, and my bathroom is a testament to this fact. I have an entire storage cart with seven drawers, four of which are nothing but the various makeup items I have purchased over the years.

iPhone 146

The Hidden Environmental Costs of Downsizing an Office: What We Learned


A typical desk chair alone contains dozens of different materials and chemicals, which are hazardous to the environment if the item is not disposed of properly.

Best YouTube Documentaries


Victims to this drug would enter the state of “Chemical Hypnosis” and end up losing complete control over themselves, despite being completely awake. Many people love watching documentaries, and if you’re one of them, you’ll be surprised at how many there are on YouTube. YouTube’s documentary rabbit hole hosts a great variety of documentaries that bring incredible value to their watchers.

How to Make Video Testimonials That Boost Sales


Auto care brand Chemical Guys has a robust YouTube following, so the brand encourages fans to showcase their products in-action and their praise for the brand through tutorial videos on YouTube.

UGC 52

Competition: Win your copy of ?No Cape Needed?

Sherrilynne Starkie

The Grossman Group’s client roster represents a wide range of industries and includes some of the world’s leading companies such as AOL, Astellas, CVS Health, DuPont Pioneer, Eastman Chemical, GlaxoSmithKline, Hill-Rom, Heinz, HTC, Johnson Controls, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Lockheed Martin, MassMutual, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Motel 6, Symantec, Tyco and Virgin Atlantic, among others. A new reader competition!

Sparkle and Shine: 7 Must-Have Tips for Starting a Cleaning Business

The Realtime Report

Some may ask you to avoid using harsh chemicals, especially if someone in their home has respiratory issues or allergies. Sparkle and Shine: 7 Must-Have Tips for Starting a Cleaning Business. More than three million people work in the cleaning services industry in the United States. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the country right now with revenue projected to top $175 billion within the next three years.

Why Social Media Is Like Getting Stoned

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

People who use social media correctly tend to exhibit some of the more overt characteristics of people chemically influenced (and those who use social media badly exhibit either characteristics of teetotalers or people over-chemically influenced).

Discovering New Applications for Data and Analysis

Net-Savvy Executive

You might even think of it as a chemical reaction: social media + sentiment analysis -> value for marketing. Do you have any of those mix-and-match books that let you remix parts of their pages? It's ok; you can claim they're for your kids.) We once bought a story starter for my son (see, like that) that combines an opening quote, a character, and a situation. Put together a random grouping, and you have the beginning of a story. That's sort of how I look at data and analytical methods.

How Paleo Eating Embraces Your Inner Caveman

Ari Herzog

Silk is a popular manufacturer and their ingredients have the fewest chemicals. Growing up, we were told by doctors, teachers, and our parents that it is unhealthy to eat too many eggs because of their saturated fat and cholesterol levels. They lied to us but it’s not their fault. Science tells us that a large egg has 2 grams of saturated fat and 212 milligrams of cholesterol – but regardless how many of them you eat, you will never get heart disease.