The Importance of Construction Turnaround Services


Construction turnaround services are needed on a variety of jobs that are intended to renovate an existing building. This could involve an intensive remodeling process, and the construction turnaround company can oversee the refurbishment of the interior to ensure the building looks new.

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Social Media Citizens

Why Are Weather Delays Such a Big Issue in the Construction Industry?

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Hurricanes and beyond have ripped apart all kinds of construction and infrastructure and plenty of areas in the US face rebuilding: Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico. Weather that is too hot or cold poses threats to construction sites. Construction

The Re-Branding of Me: Website Under Construction | Almost Savvy

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14 Responses to “The Re-Branding of Me: Website Under Construction&# Silouan says: June 6, 2009 at 9:30 am Site looks nice and crisp.

“Social Media Citizens&# is under construction

Social Media Citizens

Well the new year is coming along with the new face for Social Media Citizens. If you are reading this blog don’t mind a few changes which will take affect in a few forecoming weeks. thank you for your patience, Giedrius.

‘Freedom Within A Framework’: 4 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Constructing The Optimal Social Media Content Strategy

Ignite Social Media

The post ‘Freedom Within A Framework’: 4 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Constructing The Optimal Social Media Content Strategy appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency.

Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality at

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Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality. Pragmatism , reality , Research , social construct , society , thesis , William James. It is a social construct that has gained some momentum by its explanatory power in the face of technological change that has left some bewildered by the abilities of one generation with respect to another. Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality. Skip to content.

Living The Heretically Productive Life [Redux]

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A while back, I was asked by the estimable Thursday Bram to contribute to a blog post on Constructively Productive that would focus on “heretical’ productivity. That’s constructively productive.

Connecting 2 the World: Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill?

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Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill? I have been reading "Constructing Grounded Theory" by Kathy Charmaz for my dissertation. The idea came to me, as I was reading, that I could use the framework presented in the book to help develop analytical skills in my students and to help them to learn to construct knowledge from data by: learning how to collect relevant data. Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work.

7 Valuable Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Construction Workers


Did you know there are similarities between blogging and construction work? I also took notes about how the construction lessons I was learning applied to blogging. This post is a collection of those notes and reveals valuable lessons that bloggers can learn from construction workers to become better bloggers. Construction workers aren’t typically reading types. On a construction site, tools are a worker’s best friend.

Google Wave: Thoughts after an hour of testing

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Right now “settings&# is under construction, so I wasn’t allowed to add extensions.

Heavy Equipment (construction/agriculture) blogger needed - NVM LLC


Who Will Become the Tesla or AirBnB of the Home Category?

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Miscellaneous airbnb brunner building supply construction Hardware HBS HBSDealer home sharing economy tesla uberThis post originally appeared in the August 2015 issue of Hardware + Building Supply Dealer. .

2018’s 5 Top PR Campaigns


2018 was a banner year for brands who were able to think outside the box when it came to their PR campaigns.Those that constructed PR campaigns that looked beyond advertising… Read More >>>.

Criticism is Good

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For that to be the case, it needs to be informed and it needs to be constructive.&#. One is constructive; one is unhelpful. Yesterday I published a post (ok, fine, a rant) about people who sling unconstructive criticism at others and the effect it has.

Finding Social Media Professionals

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A warm welcome to the latest social media agencies and consultants on the Constructing Social Builders listing added over the past week, including: Social Media Consultants: A warm welcome to the latest social media agencies and consultants on the Constructing Social Builders listing added over the past week, including: Social Media Consultants: Liquid Wireless : An emerging media consulting company Digital Response Marketing Group : A consulting, blogger relations and consulting group.

Lessons learned from a PR life

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Providing constructive feedback is an investment in future excellence. Sometimes the work week flies by so quickly that at the end of the week, I’m not sure what I actually accomplished. Sure, I know how many hours I billed and how many new contracts came in.

Just how to Apply to University

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Writing an essay isn’t so easy and it’s vital that the pupil receives the construction right before beginning to write. For the 2nd endeavor I Have pasted an article construction that’s ideal, it really is taken from the Hong Kong University Pdf that is a amazing manual. Authorship an university level composition may be a challenging procedure but it doesn’t must be.

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How-to Research for a Approaching Examination

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Use this complete article construction to create a detailed outline on your own documents. Don’t let the syntax professional essay writing services and wrong sentence construction screw up your article. You actually need to keep thorough records, and recall that you’re not just required to write a definite composition, there will be others, so be detailed notes that will direct you towards additional composing.

My Team Makes Me Uncomfortable – And That’s A Good Thing

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It can be uncomfortable at first, but in time encouraging that kind of constructive conflict can be immensely beneficial – and can help to avoid group-think. Want to try uncomfortable? Our team turned a streetcar into a concert venue. Seven years. It’s a long time in the agency world.

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Armchair Quarterbacks: Don’t Be That Troll

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A quick thought (or ten) for anyone who is thinking about armchair-quarterbacking someone else’s PR or social media execution without anything constructive to add… When you criticize things from the outside, you: Don't be this guy.

Mythbuster: Tweets Are NOT Going From 140 To 280

SocMed Sean

As always, I’m open to comments and constructive criticism via the comments. People. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE before you tweet! Be sure that you understand what information you’re sharing. It’s important.

Vertical Video: Changing How We Perceive Imagery


Telling people what kind of human they are, and what kind of human you can be, is an important and pressing social construct that has taken over our lives. Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between an image’s width and height. Seems simple enough, right?

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Big Data for Small Businesses [Infographic]


For example, Google Maps is an amazing tool that can be leveraged efficiently by small businesses in the real estate, construction, architecture, and engineering fields. One of the biggest tech buzzword from 2014 was big data.

Realignment #3: Value Propositions Are Not About You


Without an outside-in perspective, you cannot discern the true market value of your assets and, hence, construct meaningful value propositions, beyond recitations of programs and products. From the new book: The Demand Perspective: Leading From the Outside.

Realignment #3: From Passive Knowledge to Collaborative Discovery


Picture a workplace in which you don’t have to labor to artificially construct programs and products on the themes that your board arbitrarily decided would be this year’s strategic priorities. CEMEX is an innovative global construction materials manufacturer in Mexico.

New Nonprofit Workforce Study from Work for Good


Communicating clear expectations, constructive feedback, and genuine appreciation. Guest post from Work For Good. Clearly a topic near and dear to my heart. Anyone working in the nonprofit world knows the magnetic draw of doing good for others and their communities.

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[ANSWERED] How Do I Hide My Facebook Posts From Friends Without Unfriending Them?

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If you have a better way to doing this or comments (constructive ones please) about this process, feel free to share in the comments below. Believe it or not, I get asked this question A LOT.

When Is It Appropriate To Hide, Block Or Delete On Social Media?


Another instance when you should consider blocking someone is if they are a regular troll who never offers constructive criticism. As a social media manager, you are bound to come across unsavory comments on your social channels.

Who Is Reading Your URL?

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Consider organizing your content so that URLs are constructed logically and in a manner that is most intelligible to humans (when possible, readable words rather than long ID numbers). But I want to talk about a phrase in that paragraph: constructed logically and in a manner that is most intelligible to humans . “A site’s URL structure should be as simple as possible.

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Awesome Association Marcomm Jobs – Week of July 24


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. .

What Should I Do with Negative Reviews on My Facebook Page?

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If the review is critical yet constructive, acknowledge the customer’s point of view and try to get to the bottom of the situation. Not all negative reviews you get will be constructive. Even the best businesses get negative reviews.

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Professional Project Management

The Realtime Report

With this in mind, we have put together a list of why it is essential that any work is supervised with good construction project management by a company that has experience in the field. Professional Project Management.

Make Your Team Social-Media-Educated with ProProfs


Tests & Quizzes : The ProProfs Quiz Maker tool allows you to quickly and easily construct quizzes in order to allow you to test your trainees’ comprehension of training materials. Everywhere one looks, technological advances are changing the ways that we communicate and do business.

‘Tis the Season for Facebook Gifts Giving


The bottom line is that with a billion users and still growing, every revenue stream that Facebook can construct can add to the bottom line, potentially turning Facebook from a flop to a homerun stock. Facebook Gifts rolled out in the U.S. just in time for the holiday shopping season.

6 Ways Social Media Helps People

Some constructive uses of the platform have been consistent with sharing some ‘Do It Yourself’ videos which can be vital at home or work. Social media has grown to become of the greatest social tools at our disposal today.

Marketing Is Made Easier With A Great Website Design

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This principle also extends to the technical aspects of how your website is constructed. Marketing Is Made Easier With A Great Website Design.

Facebook For Business Tip #6: Profile Image “Billboards”


Below are examples of Facebook billboards we’ve constructed for a client to promote various efforts: Think you don’t need to modify your profile image because you already have a custom welcome tab ? The profile image on your brand’s Facebook Page is valuable real estate.

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How to Prevent Trolls on Your Instagram Account

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Trolls aren’t hanging out on your brand page to have an actual conversation or give your constructive feedback. With over 500 million eager people logging in every single day, Instagram attracts users, marketers, and brands from every corner of the internet.

Tips for Marketing a Service Business

Copy that is constructed of original content and long-tailed keywords can help you rise in the rankings. Do you have a service business that you are struggling to market effectively?

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4 Ways To Use Social Media to Promote a Good Cause

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In practice, there’s not much difference in constructing a vibrant social media campaign for a business as opposed to a charitable organization. 4 Ways To Use Social Media to Promote a Good Cause.

The Ambient Conversations of Twitter

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The gist being that what we call our network on Twitter is very loosely constructed and defined. Last week I wrote about the diminishing return of relationships on Twitter. This week, I want to focus on the ambient nature of most conversations in Twitter.

Creating a Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign – step by step

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But knowing this from the outset will change the way you construct and set up your campaign. “Remarketing” is a common phrase associated with Google AdWords and other PPC advertising providers. Often remarketing can be defined in a way that reduces the value it can have on a business.