Building Your Business: 4 Tips for Running a Successful Construction Business

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Building Your Business: 4 Tips for Running a Successful Construction Business. To successfully run a construction business, you have to think deliberately and create a strong marketing plan to promote your business and stand out from your competition.

The Importance of Construction Turnaround Services


Construction turnaround services are needed on a variety of jobs that are intended to renovate an existing building. This could involve an intensive remodeling process, and the construction turnaround company can oversee the refurbishment of the interior to ensure the building looks new. Business & Marketing construction turnaround services When businesses are planning on making changes to their facilities, they need a business that can turnaround everything for them.

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Why Are Weather Delays Such a Big Issue in the Construction Industry?

Construction Marketing

Hurricanes and beyond have ripped apart all kinds of construction and infrastructure and plenty of areas in the US face rebuilding: Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico. We break down many of the weather delays all construction firms will encounter and why they so negatively impact the progress of a project. Weather that is too hot or cold poses threats to construction sites. The post Why Are Weather Delays Such a Big Issue in the Construction Industry? Construction

Cameras Construct Reality Rather Than Capture Truth

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With more cameras than citizens, why do governments still find themselves unable to catch criminals and why do we as a society still struggle to define the “truth” about what really happened in major societal events

The Re-Branding of Me: Website Under Construction | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

14 Responses to “The Re-Branding of Me: Website Under Construction&# Silouan says: June 6, 2009 at 9:30 am Site looks nice and crisp.

3 Steps to Construct a Lucrative Social Media Strategy for Your Business [Infographic]

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Looking for ways to maximize your social media marketing efforts in order to generate more leads? Check out this graphic

‘Freedom Within A Framework’: 4 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Constructing The Optimal Social Media Content Strategy

Ignite Social Media

The post ‘Freedom Within A Framework’: 4 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Constructing The Optimal Social Media Content Strategy appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. With so much to think about in the creation of a sound social media content strategy, one can easily find him or herself overwhelmed by all of the nuanced considerations.

"The Chappys": How a Utah Construction Manager Built His Own Trending Awards Show on Twitter

Stay N' Alive

It turns out it's even more simple than I thought - The Deseret News (owned by the company I work for ) wrote today about a local Utah construction manager who created his own Twitter awards show called "The Chappy Awards". I've talked before about how growing a Twitter audience is simple.

7 Valuable Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Construction Workers


Did you know there are similarities between blogging and construction work? I also took notes about how the construction lessons I was learning applied to blogging. This post is a collection of those notes and reveals valuable lessons that bloggers can learn from construction workers to become better bloggers. Construction workers aren’t typically reading types. On a construction site, tools are a worker’s best friend.

Living The Heretically Productive Life [Redux]

Waxing UnLyrical

A while back, I was asked by the estimable Thursday Bram to contribute to a blog post on Constructively Productive that would focus on “heretical’ productivity. That’s constructively productive. Business Career Shonali Burke back yard squirrel constructively productive cw bulletin heretical productivity iabc lateral action thursday bram Ed: WUL will be back next week with brand new posts, but for now enjoy this post that originally ran on July 14, 2010.

Connecting 2 the World: Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill?

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Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill? I have been reading "Constructing Grounded Theory" by Kathy Charmaz for my dissertation. The idea came to me, as I was reading, that I could use the framework presented in the book to help develop analytical skills in my students and to help them to learn to construct knowledge from data by: learning how to collect relevant data. Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work.

Heavy Equipment (construction/agriculture) blogger needed - NVM LLC


Who Will Become the Tesla or AirBnB of the Home Category?

Social Media Strategery

Miscellaneous airbnb brunner building supply construction Hardware HBS HBSDealer home sharing economy tesla uberThis post originally appeared in the August 2015 issue of Hardware + Building Supply Dealer. . Rethinking your relationship with your customers might be what’s needed to avoid becoming the Tower Records of the home category.

Google Wave: Thoughts after an hour of testing

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Right now “settings&# is under construction, so I wasn’t allowed to add extensions.

9 Key Mistakes to Avoid in Chatbot Marketing

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With chatbot usage on the rise, its important to note some of the more common, key errors that marketers make when constructing their bot flows

How to Build a Data-Driven Content Strategy in One Day [Infographic]

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Check out this simple guide to constructing an effective content strategy Looking to improve your content approach?

2018’s 5 Top PR Campaigns


2018 was a banner year for brands who were able to think outside the box when it came to their PR campaigns.Those that constructed PR campaigns that looked beyond advertising… Read More >>>.

Social Media Platforms Will Increasingly Define 'Truth'

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As private companies increasingly define “truth” we are heading towards a frighteningly Orwellian world in which a handful of unelected digital dictators will construct our reality. Even Orwell could not have imagined a more dangerous dystopia

Finding Social Media Professionals

Bare Feet Studios

A warm welcome to the latest social media agencies and consultants on the Constructing Social Builders listing added over the past week, including: Social Media Consultants: A warm welcome to the latest social media agencies and consultants on the Constructing Social Builders listing added over the past week, including: Social Media Consultants: Liquid Wireless : An emerging media consulting company Digital Response Marketing Group : A consulting, blogger relations and consulting group.

Can AI Think Ethically? [Infographic]

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With artificial intelligence and machine learning infiltrating more and more aspects of daily life, its worth considering how such processes are constructed, and what that means for the future

How to Use Free Content to Sell Your Course

Amy Porterfield

Well, if you’re constructing a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield to attract a legendary baseball player, then sure. If you build it, they will come, right?

Gender And The Technology Of Simulation: ?A Brief History of Gender Theory

Forbes Social Media

In order to understand how gender ideology is what it is today, I shall turn here to all three writers at the epicenter of academic critique of gender in an attempt to review certain historical “givens” of gender that have been constructed throughout the twentieth century

What Are Osha Training Requirements? A Complete Guide on What You Should Know

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There are two main OSHA certifications: a certification for those in the construction industry, and a general industry certification. Construction Training Requirements. For those who work in construction to maintain their OSHA certification, they must refresh employees on general safety and health provisions, as well as occupational health and environmental controls. What Are Osha Training Requirements? A Complete Guide on What You Should Know. Every year, 4.6

Criticism is Good

Dave Fleet

For that to be the case, it needs to be informed and it needs to be constructive.&#. One is constructive; one is unhelpful. Happily, the people who read my post and took that meaning from it (again, my bad) chose to do so in a constructive way and made some constructive points in return. Yesterday I published a post (ok, fine, a rant) about people who sling unconstructive criticism at others and the effect it has.

Minow's 'Wasteland': How The Web's Problems Are Those Of Television Half A Century Ago

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Looking closely at the rise of television and its devolution towards unadulterated commercialism, we see the trajectory of the web bears much in common with its predecessor and that our modern debates of whether the web is constructive or destructive for society and democracy are right from 1961

Could Compliance Scoring Replace Content Moderation?

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Perhaps the answer to riding the Web of toxic speech is not to simply follow after toxic users cleaning up their messes, but rather to take a chapter from the real world’s educational system, gently nudging users from the very beginning towards the most productive and constructive behaviors

Lessons learned from a PR life

Sherrilynne Starkie

Providing constructive feedback is an investment in future excellence. Sometimes the work week flies by so quickly that at the end of the week, I’m not sure what I actually accomplished. Sure, I know how many hours I billed and how many new contracts came in. These are the success metrics of PR agency life. But this week, I’ve been trying to take the time for closer observation. I’ve been taking notes (Google Keep) about lessons I learn (sometimes relearn) each day.

How to Create and Use Custom Metrics in Facebook Ads Manager

Jon Loomer

Now you can construct your custom metric with a formula. Consider it like a simple math equation or a formula that you may construct in a spreadsheet. Facebook offers dozens of metrics to measure performance within Ads Manager. But, what if those metrics aren’t good enough? Facebook now allows you to add columns for your custom metrics in Ads Manager. Until now, this was a feature in Ads Reporting , but that’s a section that many advertisers neglect.

Creating Engaging Content For Sports Team's Social Media


Subtle differences in shot construction for brand and lifestyle imagery can make a big difference in performance. One epic move can change up the dynamic of any sports game, and if it takes place during the final game in a championship series, it should be a no-brainer to capture that visual of a big three court shot, impressive defensive blocking and/or the star player being handed the trophy.

What If The Web Had Been Subscription-Based Instead Of Today's Ad-Supported Surveillance State?

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The vast surveillance state that stalks us across the digital world, harvesting our every interest, hoovering up our every post, hoarding our every behavior and hawking it all to the highest bidder is not the inevitable outcome of the construction of an online world, it is a choice

Top Five: What’s your (Instagram) story?

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5.Humour helps ease the pain of city construction. This week’s top 5 social media news for marketing and communications professionals! We feature the new Facebook Messenger Unsend. See some how-to info for Instagram Messenger. Get information from Facebook on fighting fake news. Learn about Pinterest’s smarter search. See Ottawa’s effective street signage. Facebook’s Messenger Unsend Feature Is Now Available.

What You Need To Know About Wear Blocks

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With that in mind, a solution needed to be found that allowed construction workers to create this amount of pressure still while not damaging the blocks. This was because these blocks would be needed in other parts of the manufacturing or construction process further on in the process. Because of that, they’re highly disposable for many construction workers despite playing such a valuable role. What You Need To Know About Wear Blocks.

Getting Your Business Underway: 8 Platforms for Buying and Selling Heavy Equipment

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This makes it more convenient to sell an item as bulky as construction machinery and the seller is well catered for in this arrangement as inspection reports, photos, and supporting documentation are all available beforehand, so you can make an informed decision whether to bid in the knowledge that the paperwork and condition of the item has already been verified. Getting Your Business Underway: 8 Platforms for Buying and Selling Heavy Equipment.

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Just how to Apply to University

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Writing an essay isn’t so easy and it’s vital that the pupil receives the construction right before beginning to write. For the 2nd endeavor I Have pasted an article construction that’s ideal, it really is taken from the Hong Kong University Pdf that is a amazing manual. Authorship an university level composition may be a challenging procedure but it doesn’t must be.

How-to Research for a Approaching Examination

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Use this complete article construction to create a detailed outline on your own documents. Don’t let the syntax professional essay writing services and wrong sentence construction screw up your article. You actually need to keep thorough records, and recall that you’re not just required to write a definite composition, there will be others, so be detailed notes that will direct you towards additional composing.

Project Management: The Education and Skills Needed for Success

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A project manager working in the construction industry will need certain skills. Project Management: The Education and Skills Needed for Success. Project managers are in demand. Some reports show the profession growing by millions of positions in the last few years.

Mythbuster: Tweets Are NOT Going From 140 To 280

SocMed Sean

As always, I’m open to comments and constructive criticism via the comments. People. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE before you tweet! Be sure that you understand what information you’re sharing. It’s important.

How Brands Can Approach Authenticity, Diversity, and Pride


In June of 2020, it became abundantly clear that any individual or brand with a platform must use it constructively or face public scrutiny. This concept is increasingly more important: brands cannot fake authenticity and diversity. With UGC and influencer marketing, they don’t have to. . The Duty to Represent Authentically. An aptly titled article from RetailDive sums up the impetus for brands to embrace social change: Consumers want retailers to do the right thing.

Top 10 Behaviours of Self-Sabotage

Twenty4 Social

They are not willing to fix things and they usually do not take any form of criticisms constructively. Top 10 Behaviours of Self-Sabotage. There are a lot of individuals who have themselves as their own enemy. You may even be one of them.

Why Elena Joined Pixlee


I was tasked with supporting the B2B new website construction and deployment. Editors note: At Pixlee, we feel that our team is our biggest strength. We also feel that individual stories are incredibly powerful.

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8 Steps to Success with Manufacturing Marketing


All this comes down to constructing your buyer personas – pseudo-realistic representations of your ideal customer (or customers). It is worthwhile to construct buyer personas for the different decision makers involved in the buying process in each organization. This information will help you construct a data-driven digital marketing strategy. .

[ANSWERED] How Do I Hide My Facebook Posts From Friends Without Unfriending Them?

SocMed Sean

If you have a better way to doing this or comments (constructive ones please) about this process, feel free to share in the comments below. Believe it or not, I get asked this question A LOT.

Make Your Workplace More Productive in 4 Steps

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Offer constructive feedback. If you motivate and reward your employees for the quality of their work, and provide constructive feedback to help them grow, you can trust they will work harder than ever to help your business reach its goals. Make Your Workplace More Productive in 4 Steps. If you want to boost your annual revenue, maintain customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement, you must aim to create a productive, efficient business.