Pinterest Launches 'Pinterest Havens' Mental Health Support Project

Social Media Today

The project aims to provide Pinners with tips and tactics to reduce mental stress

Meta Announces the Retirement of its ‘Neighborhoods’ Local Community Groups Project

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After originally looking to put the squeeze on Nextdoor, Meta's now stepping away from the project


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Facebook Takes the Next Steps with its Novi Cryptocurrency Project

Social Media Today

Facebook continues to push ahead with its cryptocurrency project, which could still yield significant results

Facebook's Troubled Cryptocurrency Project Changes Name Again

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Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project is still pushing ahead, though it continues to face challenges

Instagram Pauses 'Instagram for Kids' Project After Recent Media Reports

Social Media Today

Amid concerns around the mental health impacts of Instagram use, the company has decided to shelve its 'Instagram for Kids' project

Project 366

Waxing UnLyrical

But let’s not get all gloomy when we’ve just started 2012… … instead, here’s a fun project I came across yesterday that I wanted to share with you. My friend Stacy Lukasavitz (you should follow her on Twitter , she’s very funny besides being very smart), wrote a note on Facebook about “Project 365.” You could even join the 365 Project community , if you think you’ll have more fun that way. Project 366.

Reddit Launches $1 Million Community Fund to Support Nominated Projects

Social Media Today

The new program will help to support community-led initiatives, and make Reddit a more critical connective tool

Reddit 144

Facebook Commits to New Asia-Pacific Subsea Cable Project to Boost Global Connectivity

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The project will help Facebook connect the next billion users

Reddit Brings Back its r/place Communal Digital Art Project in April

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The project brings collaborative art to the Reddit community

Twitter Looks to New Crypto and NFT Projects with the Expansion of its Twitter Crypto Team

Social Media Today

Twitter has already launched several crypto projects, and is now looking to expanded applications throughout the app

Twitter Announces New Lead for its bluesky Social Media Decentralization Project

Social Media Today

The bluesky project takes another step forward, though the outcome remains largely unclear

Professional Project Management

The Realtime Report

Professional Project Management. With this in mind, we have put together a list of why it is essential that any work is supervised with good construction project management by a company that has experience in the field. Project Management Benefits. Budget – Project management is not something that is learned overnight and takes years of practice to get to a level where you can be comfortable with your skills.

#425: Project Planning Mastery: A Step-By-Step For How To Stay Organized

Amy Porterfield

Master The Project. But our project plans…? So in this episode, I’m walking you through the exact steps of how I create a project plan in my business from conceptualization […]. Follow The Plan. My team is incredible but I can be reasonable.

Snapchat Launches New AR Art Project Which Places Digital 'Monuments' Across LA

Social Media Today

Snapchat has launched a new digital art project, with a series of AR monuments viewable through the Snap camera

Meta Abandons Several Projects, Including Smart Watch and Consumer Portal Devices, In Order to Cut Costs

Social Media Today

Amid tightening market conditions, Meta is looking to reduce costs, in various ways

Cost 154

Meta's Novi Cryptocurrency Project Launches New Trial on WhatsApp in the US

Social Media Today

Meta's crypto project moves to the next stage of testing, which could help build the case for the option

Twitter Partners with Variety on New Project to Track Trending Film Engagement

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This could help you decide what to watch at any given time

Film 130

Meta's Crytpo Project Loses Top Executive, the Latest Blow for the Company's Digital Payments Push

Social Media Today

Meta's troubled Novi project looks set to remain troubled for some time yet, with its top executive moving on from the company

Reddit Launches New, NFT-Like Avatar Project, Enabling Users to Purchase Custom Reddit Avatars

Social Media Today

Reddit's new artist-created avatars will be made available for purchase, for use both on and off Reddit

Avatar 136

Facebook Announces Expansion of 2Africa Subsea Cable Project to Connect the Next Billion Users

Social Media Today

The project will connect more regions to the web, and bring more users to Facebook's apps

Meta Looks to Sell Off its Diem Cryptocurrency Project Due to Ongoing Challenges and Restrictions

Social Media Today

Meta's troubled crypto project may be entering its end-stage, with the company looking to move on from the initiative

The Solopreneur Project

Jon Loomer

The Solopreneur Project was created to tell that story. Subscribe to the Solopreneur Project Now!]. The foundation of this project is understanding why you are doing what you’re doing. The Solopreneur Project is for people with a business model similar to mine. This project is for people who deal with the unique challenges of being a solopreneur. What Is the Solopreneur Project? The Solopreneur Project is a simple email campaign.

Twitter Announced New Lead for its bluesky Social Media Decentralization Project

Social Media Today

The bluesky project takes another step forward, though the outcome remains largely unclear

Facebook Launches New Research Project to Assess the Impact of Social Media Engagement on Political Behaviors

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new research project that will examine the impact of Facebook and Instagram on key political attitudes and behaviors during the US 2020 election

Meta Announces New Activations for Pride Month, Including Stickers, AR and VR Projects

Social Media Today

There's a range of ways that you can show support and engage in various Pride-themed events

Meta Launches New 'Meta Prosper' Project to Support Asian and Pacific Islander-Owned Businesses

Social Media Today

The program will provide training, networking events and support initiatives for API-owned businesses

API 132

Wrike Project Management Software: Tailor-Fit to Your Business

Your Escape From 9 to 5

Wrike ’s collaborative project management software does just that. Your to-do list and your work tool can all be in one software for project management, Wrike. It can allow you and your team to work together in real time, or collaborate across departments (even continents) on cross-functional projects. It is one of the most flexible project management tracking tools since it helps you organize and execute work.

Facebook Updates Ad Reach Estimates. Moving Away from Specific Audience Projections

Social Media Today

The change will move Facebook's ad reach estimates into broader potential ranges

Facebook's Cryptocurrency Project Could Change the eCommerce Landscape

Social Media Today

New details have emerged about Facebook's cryptocurrency exchange project, which could become a major consideration in the near future

Facebook Establishes New Metaverse Project Group as it Focuses on the Next Connectivity Shift

Social Media Today

Facebook's making the Metaverse a key focus as it eyes the next stage of digital connectivity

Facebook Shuts Down Project Analyzing the Impact of Misinformation in Political Ads on the Platform

Social Media Today

The decision will restrict research into the potential impact of misinformation in political ads on the platform

Reddit Publishes New Guide to NFTs, and Launching a Branded NFT Project

Social Media Today

The 41-page guide provides an overview of the current NFT marketplace and opportunities

Facebook Joins 'Project Protect' to Combat Child Exploitation Online

Social Media Today

Facebook has joined a coalition of 15 tech companies on a new, collaborative approach to combat the exploitation of children online

Children and Social Media Project

Direct Marketing Observations

I’m starting a new project. I have no time to really be doing this but it means that much to me; and I know it will have an impact, so I’m doing it. First the backstory. It started with an email I sent to the superintendant of our school system. It went unanswered.

Meta Announces Events for Black History Month, Including a New, Metaverse-Aligned Project

Social Media Today

Meta will host a range of events, including AR and VR activations

Facebook Announces New Projects to Improve its Approach in Policing Misinformation

Social Media Today

The new program will help Facebook expand its efforts to reduce the amplification and impact of misinformation

8 Open Source Projects from Google


For many Google has become the patron saint of open source, and the number of open source projects Google supports or directly develops seems to increase every day. Some of Google’s own open source projects, like Android, have become as common as their proprietary competitors, yet many do not even realize they are using software with free and open source components.

Facebook Abandons Aquila Connectivity Drone Project

Social Media Today

Facebook has abandoned its Aquila project, which aimed to bring internet access to remote regions via drone flights

Weekly Roundup: Project Happiness

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Weekly Roundup: Project Happiness September 5th, 2010 Tweet When I wrote yesterday’s post, asking, “ Are you happy ?&# Ten tips for being happier , from the Happiness Project.

Facebook's Next Major Shift is Likely to Come via its Blockchain Project

Social Media Today

Facebook's secretive blockchain project could be key to the platform's next big shift